There are in our city one cafe. It so happens that in this cafe, exclusively female staff. Across the street is a private security agency, so that a permanent guard at the cafe was not needed. We sat in the cafe, one day, three women: blonde, brunette and redhead. It was late, and besides them there were no visitors. The waitresses were sitting at the bar and waited for the completion of the working time ....
The door to the cafe opened, and a drunken young man entered. Looking around the room with misty eyes, he went straight to the three attenders. Sitting on the empty chair, he began rudely and clumsily glued to them. The waitress came and asked the guy to leave. But to her surprise, the ladies looked at each other and asked to allow a guy to stay. Surprised the waitress walked away. Soon, however, they called her and ordered vodka. Then the order was repeated a couple of times. Half an hour later, the guy was drunk. The blonde leaned wearily and said:
- To us, it's time to leave. Payback for that drink. The boy's face fell, redhead smiled and said:
- And, there is no money? Well there is. We will pay for you, you only station we strip.
- Come on, come on do not be shy. - Blond Man patted on the shoulder. The guy stood up and began to undress.
- No no. Not so - you laughed bryunetka.- to the music and on the table. Girls can we music. Began to play fast music, man climbed onto the table and began to undress ...
After finishing the dance, the guy jumped on the floor, loudly clicked on the parquet floor bare feet. Covering little hands his dignity, he looked around in search of clothes.
- Looking for your stuff? - Red-haired bad smiled. - Rags you have to work with.
- Girls who leave us, please. We have some fun with him an hour or two, and you have to repay the donations, and this will leave it for his odyozhku lot to do. Dipping something in the street will not go. Waitresses, looked at each other, closed the door with a key, Dim light, took clothes guy and went to the kitchen to drink tea.
- Get up to his knees, he pulled the boy blonde finger and pointed at the guy place his feet. The guy shook his head in response, and mumbled something. The blonde got to her feet, and strongly kicked a guy between the legs. The boy sobbed, sank to his haunches. Redhead immediately kicked him in the back. The boy rested his hands on the floor to keep from falling. Ginger sat on his back, holding his head between his legs and grabbed the guy behind the hair, began to rub his face on the sole of shoes blonde:
- Language vysuni, stronger, harder said. The brunette stared at it, from his seat, enjoying expensive French wine. The blonde took off her shoes and big toes pressed fellow eye. The boy cried out in pain.
- Painfully? And you try to best skis.
The blonde took her fingers Man eyes. Frightened man began diligently working language. - Between the fingers do not forget. For ten minutes the guy licking fingers blonde, then she stood up, grabbed him by the hair, and gestured to his red chair.
Man Putting his foot on the head, she let go of his hair and pressed the sole guy to the floor head. Ginger handed feet shod in shiny black boots to her lips kid, and demanded priudarit them (lips) toe. The guy grabbed her lips toe boot, took it in his mouth as he could and began to suck,
- So good. Now another. - Ginger dramatically pulled out of his mouth Man boot, causing his lips clicked loudly. - We'll break with drink right now, due to the girls, rag grazing! - Redhead stuffed in her mouth guy heels, and began to rotate the foot, knock Man soles on the nose.
- So now, take off my boots. No, do not dare to touch them, you are not worthy to touch her hands female legs Woman Man kicked in the chest. - Work your mouth, teeth. Grasping teeth tongue lock pawl, the guy began to lower his head, undoing the zipper, then clamped his teeth heel, pulled off his boots with his legs, and then also took the other. Redhead immediately put her right foot in his mouth all the way,
- Shire mouth open! Shire said my leg your teeth in the way. Taking out a foot from his mouth, foot stroked his head, and put in his mouth two big toes, stretched lips guy and shook his head from side to side.
- Crawl to me. - Brunette left his glass and put the bare feet (shoes she shot herself). The guy on his knees crawled to a new mistress, received in the course of kicks in the ass by red and blonde. Pausing, the guy looked up at the brunette. She nodded. The boy began to kiss the feet of a girl caressing fingers. The brunette smiled, took off the table a plate of strawberries with cream, put it on the floor in front of the guy down at her foot and wiggled her fingers:
- Let's eat. Bending down, he became tongue to lap up the cream. Brunette pulled the leg out of the bowl, between the fingers was squeezed strawberry.
- Open your mouth! The boy opened his mouth, the brunette lifted to his mouth berry and opened her fingers. - Rui.
To feed a couple of berries, black hair stood up, unbuttoned her jeans and let them down a little with the panties. Man opolz her from behind and put his head on her panties, the girl picked up the jeans loops for belt and pulled up. Man's face tightly pressed against her crotch.
- Lick. The guy became gentle movements led by its juicy, already soaked pussy.
- Language to thrust deeper! a guy got hit in the side. From what he could not see, his eyes closed the entire labia and pubic girls. Frightened, the guy put the language as deeply as he could and began to rotate them, then just sticking out from the vagina, then inserting again. As weary sighs the girl, the guy realized that doing something right. Discharge girl irrigated all his face, they were cut to his nose, a thin stream trickled down from the chin to the neck. Ten minutes later, the lady let pants are down and bared beautiful legs and a flushed face guy between.
- To me. - Ginger patted her leg. Crawling man approached her. She lifted her skirt, it is widely spread her legs, left arm pulling her panties, and pressed his head right guy to her pussy. - Start slowly and smoothly. I love the softness of movements, and then come in deeper and deeper! From redhead pussy it smelled just amazingly well, and before you start to caress her boyfriend filled his lungs wonderful, feminine fragrance. First, the most tip of his tongue, he spent on her slits, then he increased the pace a little, and stuck out his tongue a little more. Redhead released him in fifteen minutes. The boy reluctantly pulled away from the pubis to the shaved hair of the red-haired butterfly. The girls cheered. The blonde grabbed the guy behind the hair, unexpectedly sharply and strongly pulled him to her pussy, put his head chin on the edge of the chair, ordered to put out language and then have it become a pussy in my mouth. At first, her movements were soft, accurate, and distributed only in the mouth. Then, she began to step up the pace, moving more aggressively. Now she has a face like masturbating guy. Before the eyes of the guy swept little scratchy pubis, the juicy pussy. Very sigh lady pushed the guy's face away. The guy does not stand on his heels and fell on his back.
Brunette pulled from her purse starpon.
- No, no, do not worry. We have no interest to fuck you in the ass. We love to receive pleasure themselves. The blonde leaned over and put starpon the guy's head. Then she grabbed a Man introduced sticking out of his mouth starpon her vagina and, leaning over the back, having got his hands behind his head ordered:
- Work. The boy began to move his head, input and output starpon. Ten minutes later the lady huddled in orgasm, then went limp, and gestured at the red-haired guy. Redhead gently taking the strap with two fingers introduced him to himself. Tired man moved his head slowly.
- Something I did not like the way you work. Oksana, can you help him? The brunette stood up, walked over to the guy put his foot on his head and began to push it, then let his head. ... Ginger moved her hips to meet. Soon she began to moan and bite her lips.
- Cumming! - She shouted. The brunette took her leg, grabbing the guy behind the ears, pulled out starpon girlfriend and dragged a chair, put on his head Man. Then he turned his back to the guy, starpon introduced into his anus. Soft she put on him, sitting in pairs on the face. After sitting for a few seconds enjoying it slowly rose up and sank. Then again. Soon her anus widened, and the movement is no longer afforded her former not strong pain. Then she abruptly inflated rate, and began furiously fuck yourself in the ass. Each time with a little slap, hitting the buttocks on the guy's face. Soon she had finished. Rising from starpona girl dressed, peremignuvshis already dressed girlfriends, she called the waitress. Having a girlfriend wad of banknotes, the ladies retired. The boy sighed and tried to get up, but was stopped by a waitress hands.
- Do not hurry, baby. You want my clothes back? We'll have a good try. From the service space left eight naked girls, and with smiles on their beautiful, the people of predators went to the boy, who was lying pinned to the floor of the first leg of the waitresses.
- You have not seen my green hairpin? - Asked once Olga at Svetka.
- No, I have not seen. You're the same yesterday put it on the nightstand.
- That's what put. And now I can not find.
For the third week, they rested in a student camp on the beach. They and four other girls lived in a small cozy house, which in the set were scattered on the mountainside above the sea. Within two weeks they had pretty decent tan (repeatedly visited on a wild beach), go for a swim in the sea and try other attractions typical of the student camp. Now, a change was coming to an end. Ahead of waiting for the 3rd course.
For some time Olga began to notice the loss of small things. That small coins somewhere disappear, then an apple. At first she did not give it much importance, but today lost her favorite barrette. They were in the house together. The rest of the girls went to the beach, and Olga decided to share his suspicions with Svetka. It turned out that Sveta also noticed missing any detail.
- Well, what do we do? Maybe in the lockers to see?
- You what? Crazy, climb into other people's bedside?
- So, in my same one I used to climb!
- And you want as well?
At this point their argument interrupted. The door opened and entered into the house Julia. On collar T-shirt she hung Holguin green barrette. Sveta nudged Olga, that she was silent. Julia picked up something from the bedside table and ran away again.
- Did you see?
- Here's your answer.
- I must say the girls.
In the evening, before lights out, when we all gathered in the house, Olga went to Julia, and casually asked:
- Yuille, have you seen my green hairpin?
- N-no, - he said Julia stumbled slightly.
- I saw - Sveta went to Julia's bedside table, opened a drawer and pulled out a hairpin.
- Wow - Lena also looked into the box - but my nail clippers.
All the girls gathered around Julia. She sat on the bed with her face in her hands.
- So, here is where disappear galoshes, - tried to joke Larissa - Well, well, my friend, tomorrow go to nachlagu - Julie tore her hands from her face.
- It is not necessary to the head. I was also kicked out of the camp.
- Aha! And from the institute, I think, too, - Larissa said. Julia began to cry.
- Girls, I'm sorry, I'm not anymore:
- And more and do not.
- Previously, it was necessary to think, instead of tears is now casting - Everyone was angry and agitated and threatened to move the conversation in a banal fight.
- So, what do we do with it?
- To the chief. Let it understands.
- Please do not to the chief!
- Can you imagine what would be a scandal?
- Let it be! But get rid of this: thieves!
- There is another way - suddenly said quietly Sveta. All at once fell silent and looked at her.
She asks in her hand the envy of all the girls - long, handmade, braided leather strap. Once she bought it on opening day. The belt was nearly round, about two meters long. Usually, going to a disco, she asks tying it with some nice host. Now she was holding a folded several times a belt in his hand, and waved them in no uncertain terms. At the sight of the eyes of Julia wide. She even stopped crying.
- You want me to beat? - It is not immediately found a word.
- Do not just beat him, and punished - explained she asks. All nodded - so what to choose: either it - Sveta showed strap - or the chief.
- And how many times will you? .. - Julia's voice was trembling.
- Well, I think - Sveta looked at the others, - five times is normal.
- Twenty five!? - Julia was ready to burst into tears again.
- Yeah. Or Head - Julia began to cry again. A minute passed:
- I agree:
- Then take off your clothes.
Julia stood up and shaking hands began to take off his shirt. Then followed shorts. When it was the turn to shoot a swimsuit, Julia looked around, looking for sympathy, but they all looked at her in anticipation of punishment. She sobbed and pulled the straps of her bra. Then he slowly withdrew melting and froze, one hand covering her breasts and the other - the pubic hair. Unlike the other girls, Julia does not light up on a wild beach and now trail by swimsuit stood milky white skin against the backdrop of sun.
- Lie down on his stomach on the bed, - commanded Sveta.
Julia knelt beside the bed and lay down on her chest.
- You hold or you yourself? ..
- Keep:
The two girls took Julia's hands, two legs. Before that Larisa has invested in her mouth folded several times a sanitary napkin and covered her wide piece of adhesive tape.
- To the teeth are not broken, - she explained. Julia obeyed.
Sveta got up from the side, turned the belt so that it turned a kind of lashes with a few tips, widely swung and struck the first blow. Draw an arc with a whistle, belt with a resounding slap down on Yulia's ass. Several pink stripes splash a line triangle of white skin. When the pain reached her consciousness, she snapped, her eyes opened wide and she screamed loudly. More specifically I tried to scream. Gag and acted instead of crying only got a low moan. Sveta hesitated a little, watching as pink stripes gradually poured redness, swung, saw how Julia's buttocks are compressed in anticipation of impact, and struck again. After each hit Julia jerked all over, her eyes rolled tears. If not for the gag, she would have screamed out loud. Having five strokes, Sveta gave way to Larissa and execution continued. So, with a few interruptions, until the girls were changing, Julia received twenty blows. The last beat Olga. By the time the priest was covered Julia chaotic interplay of pink, red and purple stripes. Olga was very angry with Julia because of its pins, so I decided to "diversify the menu". She folded the strap so that it is longer. Legs Julia were spread wide. Olga swung and hit below the buttocks. Belt grabbed his leg and hit the inside of the thigh. Julia, crying incessantly now howled. The second blow fell on the other foot. Then the same thing happened. When it was the turn of the last strike, Olga went around the bed and stood, hugging her legs Yulia's head. She took the belt from the one long loop. All watched with interest for its preparations. Olga widely swung and struck the final blow. Belt, slipping between divorced buttocks, reached the most intimate places. Mad with pain Julia jumped up with such force that the girl has not been able to keep her. The punishment was over.
- Well. Now just - Sveta said.
Feeling that her hands are free, the first thing Julia, tore the gag from her face. Then she tried to touch his burning ass .... This caused a new twinge, and Julia sobbed, burying her face in the pillow. So she cried a few minutes and already started to calm down, suddenly got a new charge of pain. She screamed into my pillow, and tried to close his hands, but found only a wet towel on his ravaged ass. About half an hour later she calmed down and was able to go to bed.
The next morning Julia's revision tables has been arranged. Many things that were considered lost, were found. Days until the end of Julia not bathed change. Even on the beach she was lying in a long skirt of light, slightly opening the legs and pleading "women affairs".
Rab quickly crawled to the steam room, the past month, he has learned more bearable move on his knees. He lay on the shelf wet sheets, which lay Mrs. Good steamed, Mistress came out of the steam room and plunged into the pool with clear water. Rab helped Lady out of the pool, threw on it a large towel. She sat in a chair, a servant gave her a glass of cold kvass. With a gesture, she showed a servant, that he fell to the floor. Sergei knew what to do, until Mrs. rest of steam, he began softly and gently massaging her feet. Rabu had to learn over the last month professional massage, he read a lot of literature, as Victoria Pavlovna loved the massage.
She immediately put Sergey conditions that he must learn how to expertly massage. At first, he had not really happened, but more cruel vice, and four sleepless nights, when the Lady's orders it almost by heart, learned allowance massage. And Mrs. tested the theory by looking at the book, and if the answers did not correspond to the slave, should have a strong punishment. Gradually servant moved higher and higher on the leg. He tried not to miss a single millimeter of the divine feet of his lady. Ms enjoy massages and pushed his foot.
- Then went on, they went into the steam room, I was cool.
She once again warm up, it plunged into the pool, lay on a special banquette and slave Mistress began to massage the body. He did about an hour massage, relaxation by Ms. even dozed off. After she repeatedly went to the steam room, then a slave carefully washcloth washed it completely. Then back in half an hour rubbing her body in a variety of lotions and creams.
- I was so relaxed after the bath and massage, I covered the bliss that the most I do not want to go, take me in his arms and carry them to the house.
Rab carefully took the Lady, in her arms as an expensive burden and carried it into the house. Despite the fact that Victoria Pavlovna weighed about fifty-five kilograms, Sergei was not an athlete, and it was too difficult to bring his valuable burden from the sauna to the house, the last meters were given to him very hard, he was staggering with fatigue. Lady saw that the slave power running out, encouraged him:
- The creature, if you damage or put me, sorry, that came into this world.
Sergei knew that Madame was not joking, and he will receive the most severe punishment if it disobeyed the order. He sighed with relief only when put on the sofa Lady.
- Bring dinner, and I was hungry.
- Madam, I had not fully prepared him, I just started and you have arrived.
- Mraz, on what does not fit, your happiness, that I am too lazy today even put a few lashes. Especially today I've already punished, in advance. But the next time the punishment, I will remember you this. Go quickly to finish dinner, and shalt deliver it here. Give me the TV remote. While Madame was watching TV, a servant prepared a dinner and gave it to Lady. Victoria ate, and Sergei stood in front of her on his lap and swallowed saliva, his food was very poor, mostly in the morning, he cooked himself kakuyu-nibud porridge on the water, which is cooled, he places it in the dog's bowl and in the presence of Mrs eaten. By porridge was attached a piece of stale black bread, sometimes a bowl of porridge Lady told her to pour the urine. During the day, the servant sometimes fall to the scraps from the table Lady and Mistress remnants dinner in the evening and then not always.
- Go take the dishes to the dining room and quickly come back here, I want to sleep, otvez¸sh me on his bed.
Slave devices quickly carried her into the kitchen and returned to the Lady. He got down on all fours in front of a sofa, Madame sat on it, as on a horse and it pov¸z her into the bedroom. The most difficult thing was to climb the stairs to the second floor, where the bedroom was a Lady. With some difficulty climbing the stairs, he delivered Mistress's bedroom. Straightening to her bed, a servant humbly knelt and looked down at the floor. Victoria Pavlovna took off her robe and lay down in the soft bed, the slave has covered her with a blanket.
- Crawled under the covers, you know what to do to please me with his mischievous tongue, I have to get the most orgasms.
Sergei quickly put his head under the blanket and immediately reached the hip hostess. She had spread her legs, her pisechka already longed for the touch of the slave language. Sergei quickly mastered cunnilingus and did it masterfully. He stuck out his tongue and began to gently touch the lips sex. Gradually touch were becoming bolder and more confident. Language has quickly ran around the lips sex. He bit his lips, sucking them. The language began to penetrate into the cave of love, circular movements of the tongue, he was coming closer and closer to the tubercle of love. Finally he reached his ultimate goal, he began to suck and pull his tongue. Ms. moaning with pleasure, her pussy oozing juice that servant, also managed to take a. Now he is fully focused on the clitoris Lady, her body was shivering, her hands clutching the slave's head to his crotch, so tugging his hair, he has the pain was getting dark in the eyes, but Sergei was accustomed to this, however, never for a moment stopped caresses clitoris. He knew what a cruel punishment he would wait, if he is distracted, even for a moment at the critical moment. Victoria Pavlovna cried in a loud voice, her body was in the throes of orgasm, and a slave without a moment's distraction, he continued to caress her Mistress. When he had finished a few more times in the mouth slave, Mistress told him to lick everything dry. When the slave has fulfilled everything as ordered Mrs., she stretched like a well-fed cat on the bed.
- I fall asleep, you go and wash the dishes, clean the kitchen and you can go to bed. Sergei wandered into the kitchen, remove it, washed with cold water, lay down on the rug by the bed Lady, she curled up and fell asleep instantly. Ahead was a new day, who could not bring anything good for him.
Chapter four.
The investigator Irina, more rarely appeared in Victoria Pavlovna. They met by chance in a nightclub, then it turned out that they are studying in the same university, only Victoria studied at the Faculty of Economics and Law at the Irina. Both were from wealthy families, though Irina family had no such wealth as Victoria's family. The girls became friends, a lot of time spent together, often visited each other at a party. Victoria was a few years older, Irina, she is by nature always has been the dominant person. Gradually their relationship began to change, Vick appealed Ira as head of a subordinate. Irina was also imperious character, but not the same as that of Victoria. At Vika's father had a lot of friends in all walks of life, and Irina was well aware that she could make a brilliant career thanks to his girlfriend, and therefore suffered all the humiliation. Victoria also knew why she was subjected to Irina and decided to help make it a career, in exchange for that it will be her maid, and she could always be manipulated. And so it was, Ira became a slave through the power of Victoria Pavlovna, her whole nature revolted against it, but she knew that, if he refuses to perform Vikin whim on personal good will. After graduation, Irina wanted to become a lawyer, but Victoria has persuaded her to go to work in the prosecutor's office, she outlined her all prospects of work, during which she typed enough experience to work in the legal profession. Irina agreed completely with her, she knew that her father Quiz good friend, takes a great position in the Prosecutor General's Office and Vic will arrange her career. She settled in the investigator, the work she liked the district prosecutor's office, especially because it could indirectly affect people's lives.
At work, it is not particularly loaded knew under whose patronage it came. On the instructions of Victoria Pavlovna she performed small tasks. One of the assignments was to fabricate a case for Sergei Vasilyevich Nechaev, who worked in the Group of Victoria. What Irina coped well. It is not particularly fond of his role, the maid ... Victoria Pavlovna, however, when it came to the prosecutor's office intern last year at Law Institute, Irina decided to take the opportunity to win back the girl, for their humiliation. She was not that pretty, but pretty nice and a bit battered. She came to learn from a small provincial town, and despite the fact that live for the fifth year in a large metropolis could not get used to the big city life. This it decided to take advantage of provincial and Irina. As already stated before, she rigged the situation and enslaved the poor girl in the literal sense of the word.
Luba rented an apartment, it was first coming servant, maid type, but then Irina decided it would be better if Lyubka will live with it directly. She reveled in his unlimited power and came off on it to complete, especially in the days when Victoria came from or were in trouble at work. It completely broke the girl and turned into a slave and his limp toy. Irina did not take it as a man, for her it was the thing that carried out all her whims.
Irina still less tried to visit his mistress, and Victoria, when started the slave has lost interest in his slaves. She communicated with her mainly by phone, and the voice of Victoria, has heard no such team notes, they again become greater friends than Mistress and slave. And links them more and more business relationship. Irina also felt that Vick, also depends on her, from her work, as she helped her in many ways, settling its affairs and business acquaintances Victoria. Irina discussed with Victoria behavior of their slaves.
At Luba piled all the work around the house, she was cleaning the apartment, washing, preparing meals, doing everything ordered Mrs., except for domestic service, Irina demanded sexual services.
Irina already so accustomed to the status rabovladelitsy that did not want to, have to change their lives. She began to think about how to Luba threw Institute, despite the fact that she left to study quite a bit, only to protect the diploma. She thought, why should I slave with higher education, it is for the rest of her life, she will hold a slave. She decided to talk to her on the subject. In the evening, when she was at home, sitting comfortably on the couch, setting himself a slave to his knees and started a conversation with her.
- I decided that higher education is not what you, you do not care, it does not need. Later in life, you will remain a slave.
- Madam, You promised that I would be your servant just one year.
- I thought so too at first, but after you watch, I realized that you like to be a slave. It is a slave, not a maid. Tell me what I have not the right.
Lyuba was covered with shame embarrassment and quietly, almost inaudibly said:
- You're right, Mrs.
- Louder, I can not hear what you muttered under his breath.
- Madam, I want to be your slave.
- More loudly, bitch, or I on the night I will cover you in the closet, and will make the whole night you utter this phrase out loud, so you will not prevent me from sleeping, put a tape recorder to record, and in the morning listen to and for each false note will greatly punish.
Ljuba knew that Ira can implement its threat to life. She rallied and said:
- Madam, I want to be your slave for life, take me in slavery.
She uttered this phrase, but could not help the tears flowed down her cheeks.
- That's another thing, but I still think about your request. To become my slave, it must be earned. And you have tears flowing down her cheeks happiness ... .or I was wrong.
- Yes, Madam, I really want this.
She had no choice but to do as well to answer, because she knew that Mrs. mocks her and if she answered in a different way, she received a strong punishment. It was broken and mentally and physically.
- See how it all develops successfully, we agreed a year, and I can see that in my heart you want to remain my slave forever, but embarrassed to say this, so I decided to help do it.
- Thank you for taking care of Mrs.
- Tomorrow you will go to the university, write a statement about dismissal, if they ask, what is the reason, say family circumstances. Now proceed to his duties, I do not hold you to talk. Many began to talk, forget the knot.
She took her by the hair and pulled him to his crotch. Immediately I felt like a slave tongue penetrated her wet slit, she leaned back on the couch and started to have fun.
Finished pleasing mistress slave went to cook for her bath. She helped take Irina bathroom, washed her, wiped with a towel, then Mrs. settled into bed. Lyuba was no bed, she slept like a dog on the floor in the hallway, on a bed, without a pillow, covered with only a thin little blanket.
In the morning, prepare breakfast Lady, I fed her and helped her to come to work.
- Let's get ready, too, drop you to the institution as everything is done, call me and report how it went.
She drove up to the Luba University and went to work. Lyuba went to the rector's written statement, the teachers and the dean of the faculty were surprised Lubin act, it was not a bad student, rarely skips classes, all sessions handed over without tails. Especially Study is over, most of the items has been put, with only a few months to defend a diploma. They began to persuade Luba finish college and get a degree, but Lyuba was adamant. Then the dean of the faculty, persuaded her to go into a sabbatical for a while and said that if she wants to protect a diploma, can do so at any time. Luba succumbed to the entreaties and decided to apply for a sabbatical.
Coming out of the institute, she immediately decided to call his mistress and dialed the phone Irene. Irina as if waiting for her call, immediately picked up the phone and asked:
- You took the statement?
- Madam, I would like to do it, but Dean persuaded me to apply for a sabbatical.
- Well, then, you creature to carry out my orders, go home now, come the evening, I'll talk to you.
- Madam, I'll take away the documents.
- It no longer has any value, you get punished today for the full, just do not take the document at once, do not do that right now.
With these words, Irina disconnected.
Luba got on the bus and went home, she realized she had made a huge mistake, not exactly doing the bidding of their ladies. She knew that tonight it is waiting for the most severe punishment, Irina never regretted it, but had no idea how it will be strong at this time.
Irina came after work, went to the apartment in the hallway on her knees met a slave. She tried to help lift the Lady boots, but received a strong kick in the face and fell to the floor, Irina began to strike indiscriminately in the body slave. Causing a dozen strokes, she stopped.
- Get up, cow, take off my boots. You blyadina today seriously guilty, raising doubts about my order, the whole day I was waiting for this moment, I was ready immediately after your call to devour you, you are lucky that I am going away quickly.
She haunted eyes looked at the hostess and started to kiss her boots, then carefully began to remove them. She knew that Irina tells her the truth, and the main front of the penalty. Having dealt with the boots, she helped undress Mistress.
- Cover with my dinner, and I will eat, and then proceed to your punishment, but first let's go to the room to help me change.
Slave Lady dressed and went to the kitchen, cover the dinner. Madame told to put on a short red dress made of latex, it was very short, that barely covers her panties. Dress rested on thin spaghetti straps, chest were open, they were specially made for them the slot. On foot ... he told me to wear boots with laces, across the length and large platform. Irina went to supper with a slave in the room in which it is constantly produced punishment slave.
Velev her to undress completely, she took a thick rope, ordered to climb on a banquette, get on all fours, stretch his arms and legs in the banquette beginning to associate it. Hands she bound at the wrists, but not close to each other, each other, and stretched rope at the shoulders. The hair gathered back in a bun, tied a rope to it, missed it along the spine, coccyx at the level of its spread to the sides, tying her to one and the other hip. Knees it is also linked. Ankle she also tied with ropes. All these she tied the rope between them, a slave's body was professionally made bandage. Slave was completely immobilized and could not withstand the punishment.
- Lift up, bitch, your ass higher.
She took a wide, leather st¸k and began to apply heavy blows on the ass and back slaves. Then she took his fingers with long manicure, nipples on the breasts and began to twist them with a force trying to bring as much as possible the pain slave. After playing with the nipples, she picked up and delivered to the slave boots, lifting her face behind her hair, she struck her a few slap, then pressed her face to boot. Lyuba began to lick it, and Lady, meanwhile, struck at her ass, st¸kom. Slave as I could trying to lick the boots Mistress. Then Madame took the phallus, which is attached to a leather sling, one end of which, as a gag, she put in her mouth slave, buttoned straps on the back of the head device. Mouth slave stuck the other end of the strap. Mrs. turned his back to the slave, parted labia, put in her pussy strap and told her to fuck herself.
- Bitch, fuck me, as it should, please me and see that I liked.
Slave began to make reciprocating movements of the head, trying to make a member as follows, entrance to the vagina. Phallus getting out of pussy Lady a few times, for that slave immediately received several hard blows st¸kom.
- Gently work, do not forget, you have to give me pleasure.
Then she turned to Mrs. front of and behind the hair, taking a slave's head start on her stick. Ms. enjoyed, not forgetting to put on the back slaves, st¸kom blows.
Having multiple orgasms, she pulled out of his mouth slave dildo and pulled it over his head to the cave and told to lick it.
- Lick me, bitch, I'm all CURRENT accept me in my juices.
Slave, Mistress licking vagina, trying to give her as much as possible pleasure while doing it was not very comfortable, but still with his tongue she brought Irene to the next orgasm. After that, Ms. wearing a strap on and went to the back of slave, I put a member into her ass and began to fuck her. Artificial penis was rather big size, but Irina tried to drive it through the vagina slave. She put her hands on the hips Liubka, trying as much as possible to spread it on his penis.
- Podmahivat, such¸nka I, whether that will work for you.
Liubka permeated severe pain, she moaned in pain.
- Scum, stop whining, I have a headache from your moans.
She introduced the term in his victim at a furious pace, Irina was nice mock defenseless girl, realizing their own superiority over the slave. She decided to bring even more torment his victim. To the ceiling was zeroed special bar on which the roller mechanism, connecting rope connecting a slave to each other, she hung her to this mechanism, so that she related, was hanging in the air. Ms hung it so that the back was a slave parallel to the floor. Breast slaves were completely open and hostess took advantage of this, inflicted on him several lashes. Then she put a strap in her crotch and pulling a slave to his strung it on a dildo. She fucked his victim for about twenty minutes. She then decided to go on a slave, like on a swing. Irina sat down on his feet, suspended slave, put a member into the vagina and started swinging her how to swing, to fuck her again. Slave almost fainted from the pain, the whole body ached from the heavy load, it was suspended in the air by a rope that dug painfully into the body, also pressed her weight Mistress and had the feeling that the muscles will break into pieces. So much, Madam, it has never punished. Plenty poizmyvavshis over the slave, Mistress, lowered by a winch slave on the floor, freeing her hands.
- Then untie itself, not enough even to untie me you, I spent so much effort and energy is ebala you.
Irina, sitting on a chair, watching as slave rope unravels.
- Hurry up, animal, I do not want to sit here all night. If you think that the punishment is over, then you are wrong, we are now it will continue, so let's get on the ball.
Slave freed from the ropes, Lady rose from her chair, took her by the hair and bent legs led to the device standing in the corner of the room. This machine resembled a chair, on which the lecture, only on a large scale. Board at an angle of 45 degrees, which were made 2 holes at the bottom of the platform was. Putting the slave kneeling on the pavement, she told her to stick his hands back into the holes. Slaves were uncomfortable and painful to do so, with some difficulty, but she did it and immediately felt the body was stretched on the board. Ms. bypassed machine and snapped the handcuffs on the hands of slaves. If you look from the side, it created a feeling that the slave was crucified on the board, with no hands.
- How are you slut? We continue the punishment. Please insert in your mouth gag order not to hear the cries of your whorish.
Picking up the whip, she took one breast in his hand and began to put on her strokes. It is also made with the second breast. Then he walked away and began to cause frequent blows to the chest and abdomen slave, a long time she beat her until they started to speak bloody streaks. Finished punishment, she freed slave of the machine, it is the Kul slumped at her feet. He pulled the gag out of his mouth, asked Ms slave:
- You understand the creature, how to carry out my orders.
- Yes, Madam, more of this will not happen again.
- I wanted to punish you more, but I see that's enough for today. I went to bed, and you take away here, all bring myself up and crawled into my room. You get up on his knees beside the bed, and so will stand up in the morning until I wake up, and just try to go, today's sentence will seem like child's play in front of what is waiting for you if you disobeyed the order.
Irina woke up rested and in good spirits. What can not be said of a slave, she was on her knees beside the bed Lady. In her red, inflamed eyes from lack of sleep it was evident that she as she could, struggling to stay awake. The naked eye it was clear that she barely held not to fall, affected yesterday's beating and the accumulated fatigue. On it was terrible to look, the whole body was scarred, dried blood on the broken lips. My whole body ached a slave from torture, it was painful to make any movement, once the pain begins to give the entire body. Tomio reached out and put out a leg from under the blanket, lifting her chin slave Mistress said:
- Well, how do you get enough sleep, I hope your dream was calm today.
- Madam, I am for this night could not sleep.
- You're probably confused when I say sleep, then sleep, and you're trying to argue with me again.
- Madame, excuse me, please, I really had a good tonight, I slept.
Uttering these words, Lyuba almost wept with resentment. She knew that she did not say the truth, but she was afraid of another punishment Mistress. Irina felt like, what's going on inside Liubka decided to humiliate the girl to the end.
- So I had a great night sleep. And I, what you ordered, to stand all night on my knees beside my bed ... and not sleep, and you once again violated the order, this time in such a light punishment not get off. You still dare to tell me that disobeys me, creature.
The slave does not know what to say Lady, she was ready to faint from fear. Lyuba knew Irina knows no mercy. She did not even find words to protest Mistress. Seeing that the girl was much frightened, Irina decided to stop the game.
- Do not worry, I joked that she fell asleep - well done, although it can be at night and slept, but I did not see it, the main thing is that I opened my eyes, you are not asleep, and precisely executed my orders. Now come alive to the kitchen and bring me breakfast in bed, and then help wash up, get together to work out what to do next, I'll tell you later.
Liubka not believe his luck that everything is so well resolved, and besides, she was honored thanks Madam, that happened very rarely. She did not get up from his knees, crawled into the kitchen. But her voice stopped again Mistress.
- Crawl back, I did not went to the toilet.
Slave know what to do, she climbed into bed, held up her mouth tightly to power and began to take a warm moisture of his mistress. When the last drops fell into her mouth, and she licked dry pussy Mistress, she pushed her leg, said:
- Now go and bear breakfast and do not stay.
Lyuba brought breakfast in bed Lady. Madame had breakfast, then a slave helped her get dressed. Before leaving the house, when a slave worn on the legs Lady shoes, and Irina, meanwhile, gave her orders for the day:
- Pat the washed linen, uber¸shsya, prepare dinner, and you can rest for a few of hours, before I came to really fell. I must take care of their things, and even if you do not follow them, they will come in unsuitability.
With these words, she gently patted her cheek slave, left the apartment and went to work.
We have already met with Andrei year, when he decided to make me an offer. But I'm not going to disagree: I was only 19, I wanted to see the world and life. Creating a nest was not in my plans. And Andrew was already 26. As he said, "at that age men start to think about the family." The parents insisted on marriage. It was all about the money - my family will never show off, and Andrei - businessman, and successful. With him I would in no way needed. I had to agree. I myself began to adjust itself to the idea that we will live happily ever after, and that I will love him ... ever.
The wedding was scheduled for October, although the offer was made in February. During these months, Andrew wanted to finish the construction of our house, things put in order, to me then more time left. I began to slowly prepare for the wedding, accidentally met his first love school - Maxim ... We met when I was 15 and he was 17. It was a real romance: ice cream, flowers from the garden, a declaration of love, walking in the rain ... On Andrew everything is different: we went to the restaurants, to the boring buffets, I never could not put under him or his friends sneakers or chew gum. Darkness in general ... met Max, we remembered the old days, he invited me to visit on Sunday. We ate pizza, drank some soda trash, looked old photos and laughing. So much fun for a long time I was not there. Finally, Max seriously looked into my eyes and reached for my lips. I could not resist ... His body matured, his passionate eyes and hot breath ... They are in a moment made me insane! I began to eagerly dig into his mouth and neck. I pulled off his clothes, and when he was left without clothes, asked him to stand up in front of me:
- I want to look at you ... - I whispered and settled back on the couch.
Maxim was impossible not to admire the ... Over the past 4 years, I have not seen him, he straightened up to 180 cm in height, once he had hunched back, flat chest and a soft belly. Now in front of me stood a man. No one would have survived. I sat on the edge of the couch, Max got closer. Looking into his eyes, from the bottom up, I began to kiss his penis and then took it into his mouth and did not want to release. I helped myself tongue, lips, hands, drove head on the chin and lips, introduced the term in his throat and took out sharply, clutching stronger lips. I tried so hard to make it nice, that after 5 minutes my mouth tired, but Maxim could no longer wait. He knelt down, helped me take off my clothes, his passion was replaced by immense tenderness, so was even better ... I lay down on the sofa, and Max, still kneeling already on the side of me, slowly kissed me from head to toe, with without touching the most sensitive areas. I lay there with my eyes closed and moaning with pleasure: this is no comparison did not go with the way it happened with Andrew. Andrew was a passionate lover, but only to my first orgasm ... Then he apparently believed that enough already with me and finished, and I often went into the bathroom and masturbated in the shower, to release the energy that is not found exit of Andrew . And what wonders did Max, when I was doing cunnilingus! This was equivalent to that I had died and was born again!
When we went to the very sex, I was already in poluobmoroke. Max put me on the carpet and lay on top. I cried every time he abruptly introduced to me his cock, and moaned softly when he drove it slowly back and forth. He did not take his eyes off me, all the while staring into the eyes, watching my every emotion. But when I screamed, arched and clung to his shoulders nails, he held me in his arms and pressed tightly against his groin to my pubis. I experienced an orgasm and got a bit to recover. When I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Maxim. He looked at me as if it was the most pleasant female orgasm in his life! That evening, it was not our last sex, and not our last meeting ... On the whole 5 months, I forgot all about her upcoming wedding. All preparations took over the side of my future husband. I had sex with Maxim 5 days a week, and with Andrew only once. Sometimes I wondered why Andrew did not need more, but the thought of Maximus blocked all other thoughts.
Then came the wedding day. By this time, Maxim already knew everything, and even tried to dissuade me from the marriage, but it was too late and my parents would not want to even hear about it. When we drove up to Andrei registrar, I broke down and burst into tears. I said that I betrayed him, begged forgiveness, and Andrew suddenly said quietly: "I know the Light, I know everything. And about your Max, I know, and that out of the last six months it did not get out, and that he fucked you every day. In the evening, you saw me, as if nothing had happened. I know everything about you ... "I was sitting with a huge red-eyed unable to rationally understand what I just heard. And Andrew wiped the tears from my face and opened the car door. The whole evening I was not myself. I caught myself thinking that is not too well I know my husband, as a person ... I was greatly frightened, and for good reason ... The next morning I woke up from a headache. I drank a lot of champagne, not to think that Andrew aware of all cases. However, when I woke up and tried to rub her eyes, I felt pain in the wrist - my right hand has been linked chain, but fortunately, not bleeding. I've been in our new private house, in a room on the first floor, where the trainers were. Circuit looked familiar - it used to be on the neck huge watchdog breed Alabai Andrew home. I remembered Andrew saying that Rex release only when he dies. I'm eyeing the chain to find her weak point, and try to escape, but I found it just dried blood. I was frightened and began to examine himself - suddenly it's my blood? But I was still intact. Later I learned that Andrew had killed his Rex in the morning ... The room was dark, and suddenly from the opposite corner came a voice: "I woke up, Sveta" and turn on the light. He seemed to have blinded me for a while, but his eyes quickly returned to normal. In the opposite corner sat Andrew, as always calm, Business, confident.
- Andrew, what does it mean ?! Untie me!
- That'll show me how to fuck with her boyfriend, and, perhaps, have mercy.
I do not know what to think! His head ached, his hand hurt, the whole body ached from the dampness in the room. It seemed that the worse will be gone, but Andrew showed me the next day, that is just the beginning ... Soon I confidently concluded that Andrew - sexual pervert. You would think that he takes revenge on me for treason, but it seemed my infidelity has only been a way to with a clear conscience to torment and humiliate me after the wedding ... Since that day, I went naked with only a chain attached to his leg, preparing to eat, she herself was forced to have that thrown on the floor Andrey. If you would like, just I came back, put on all fours or on the wall, and was unceremoniously and raped. I have never engaged in anal sex, and when one day Andrew with all their might put my ass in his big already a member, I have bled. Called the doctor, I paid him more than you need, whispering that it should not go beyond the home. The doctor came almost every day for 2-3 weeks to heal me, and get a big overtime. Of course, Andrew did not stop only on this case, and a few more times to force forced anal. I struggled in hysterics, choked with tears, but would not repeat traveled. But he insisted on his and still accustomed to anal sex. More precisely, I had to overcome through force yourself to no longer hurt. However, Andrei as if specially made me worse each time. So week after week. I do several times a day, was forced to drink his semen to tolerate his love for hard sex. I slept in the fitness, also in chains. And when we left the house to visit us or someone came, I wore sweaters with long sleeves ... to hide the scars and bruises. I was very ashamed of the thought alone that I was raped by her own husband. My face did not touch Andrew, he said that "in love once in a person at first sight." I thought it a mockery.
He repeatedly quoted from 1 to 5 prostitutes in advance watered them to the pig squeal, so they did not resist him. They staged an orgy in front of me. He fucked them for hours, but they are just that and asked. Andrew forced them to engage in lesbian sex, masturbation, sitting in front of me. Or he hung hands one of them to a hook for boxing bag in the ceiling, and, without taking his eyes from me, raped for so long and with such force that iznemozhdennaya and semiconscious woman collapses to the ground when it untied. Once one putana tried to involve me in their orgies. She began to touch my breasts and thrust his hands between my legs (I still walked around the house naked or Andrew torn old shirt). Seeing this, my tormentor grabbed by the hair and the prostitute with the force pushed her away from me, shouting: "It is only my! If one more time at least one damn touches to it, I bury alive all together! "After these words, Andrew drove them, drank a bottle of vodka and went to sleep ...
I now and then there is an idea that we should say to him, but I stopped thinking, Andrew - known rich man; I, at the end of it all, very ashamed in front of his family, to the people. How will I look people in the eye ?! So went a whole year ... I for the year 2 times pregnant, but after two or three "sessions" rough sex, was bleeding and I lost the baby.
Once we were visiting his parents. Mom, I must say, was just ducky, treated me as a native daughter. Here it is something and saw my bruises on his wrists from chains and Andreev hands. Thank God, she did not hold intimate conversations with the little boy, and immediately called the police. After examinations by several doctors, psychologists, judiciary Andrew isolated from the society ... the court was, fortunately, justice has been done and money is not played a small role in this matter. Andrew gave (it seems to me, a little) 4 years of strict regime. I rehabilitated during the year. But there was a barren ...
Now Andrew again at liberty. I achieved that he was not allowed to approach me, and within gunshot. His fate do not know. But I have all began to build: we have been married for Maxim 1.5 years, we have a wonderful two-year-girl. We have adopted it a year after the wedding. Maxim does not give me offense, he treats me like a queen and does not do anything that would remind me of the past ...
In a typical Moscow family, wife collects husband on a business trip, not so long, only 2 days, but it will be enough this time to change his faithful husband, what she had said, and in the absence of a good time with your lover. Although her husband is very nice, and very good-looking in bed, she could not refuse further sexual life with their partners, such as it is. He, in turn, thinks that his wife was an angel, and can not just take her husband to change, resorting to casual sex. Although he is good beetle, he said that he was leaving for his work matters, and he plans to spend time with a cute charming girl in her country house.
But he went out the door, his wife had already grabbed up the phone to call the type with whom she recently carousing.
- What kind of nonsense are you n¸s¸sh that you can not think of any excuse for his beloved little wife. Say, for example, that you have to go to work in another city, for example, to search for new suppliers, you're just doing this and the nature of their professional activity.
- Something very primitive sentence, to leave the house. ... Yes, what you say about the party in the 800 packages every Tuesday, well, that we will discuss specifically during the meeting.
-Idiot that you talking nonsense.
- I observe the rules of secrecy, and now his wife came out of the bathroom.
- And now it is where?
- Released to a neighbor, Come hell with it, you will not mind if I'm already an hour with you.
-No, not at all, and even, on the contrary, we will have the opportunity to engage each other immediately. See my hero.
And I hung up.
And he had already prepared it for the arrival of his wife, how he would poison her stories about the expansion of partnerships, the release of their store on the big arena, and that for the next two days, it is a kind of circumstances would have to leave her.
He was able to inspire confidence in his wife, telling all available. My wife just said: "If required by your job, then nothing can be done"
Lastly, my husband said: "You can invite your friends and show our country house"
-You know, I probably will.
-Only only that, you will do better tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will come to my brother and his newly-wife to spend a honeymoon, so they probably do not want to interfere.
-Of course. Then we will come tomorrow afternoon and by the evening we will be gone.
After 2 minutes, the husband left the apartment, leaving his wife as much as 2 days.
How do I hand it to his trip, his wife thought, we're just going to my lover to go there. In addition, he proposed to go to the country, but instead we will be friends together to enjoy life and enjoy sex. So we agreed to meet at the park at 16:00, now twenty, it would be necessary to call him on the mobile.
-Cute circumstances add up the most favorable manner, drove up to me, and we now go to the country.
-Now I'll have you.
After 7 minutes, he was in her apartment.
-As you look great today, and by the way, is now some idiot almost knocked, she raced along the street happy. Any divorced. The hell with it. Come ma'am, carriage awaits.
They went out of the house got into the car and drove to the luxurious suburban villa. Huge plot of land of 2 hectares with a wonderful home with all the amenities waiting for them.
Walking up to the house, they first decided to swim in the pool and, among other things, to make love.
Throwing off all my clothes, they approached each other, and about 3 minutes kissed each other on the lips, occasionally glancing eyes. Then he wrapped his arms around her tender ass, lifted her in his arms and jumped into the water. Leaning it against the wall of the basin, and began frantically kissing her chest, she closed her eyes and just enjoyed his kisses.
When he lifted it and put on the floor the pool so that was convenient to fondle her excited pussy. Her husband never did it although she herself rarely licked his penis does not return for the same, so now she was excited as when any before. Therefore, at the moment she could do almost anything. He went up to her and wanted to continue, but she could not stand idly by and decided to take matters into their own hands. And he reached for his excited member. She grabbed his hand, presented it to his lips, and shoved it in there.
It was the most deep blowjob, she only did in his life. She simply enjoyed the presence of his cock in my mouth. Well, he has also experienced such pleasure as his wife did not trouble themselves so busy with her husband, and gave herself entirely, her lovers, her tongue polishing the surface of their members. And so both of them had a desire to do more soon prolonged sex. He stopped her, and as it should be the man he turned and placed in position, his back and tilting it forward. Without wasting a minute for free, he shoved his body into her vagina and began to make a reciprocating motion back, forward, and she just moaned and cried out: "¨sch¸" and occasionally "faster" or "sui on the eggs."
What he did, what caused the small claps on her ass. During this time he held her ass, and she caressed her breasts with his hands. He wanted to change the position, and he pulled it out of his excited phallus. She turned to him, she wanted to again and again to lick his manhood. But he was ahead of her, she joined to the place in which it fucked, leaning his lips and began to lick thoroughly. But not too long, because I had to fuck in a different position than he at once took up, he picked her up and put it on his penis and began to raise and lower it. She or what not to do but only to have fun, because her partner did almost everything himself: put in a position at some point in position and undertook to kiss her. But then he pulled it out.
-Baby think of something else.
And razl¸gshis on the floor, he waited to see what she would do.
It seemed that they were little more fucked, sat down to his dick and start sit up and sit down on it.
We heard excited shouts and sounds, but then he interrupted her, saying, "Now finish"
And she hurried off usizhennoe place. She immediately grabbed his penis as a microphone handle and waited for warm sperm will break loose, like lava from a volcano to catch her mouth, and as it should, then lick the remains on the penis.
There was the first release of sperm, which is almost all appeared in her mouth, while the second jet gushed and fell on her neck and chest, then she herself experienced an orgasm.
Now, we should take up a different kind of sex is called anal, and with the words road, popolzuyutsya me in the ass, put it next to a condom lying sat her ass on his cock. At first she felt a little trouble, because his cock Horny took a decent amount, but a few seconds later the discomfort was gone and she was just glad the presence of his penis in my anus. After 3 minutes, it is by combining two of her beautiful tits popped member in the gap between them, and at the same time it tried to lick it.
But this occupation he, for some reason did not like, and he decided to again better to fuck her in her pussy Horny. At this time, it just felt like a king, his position was at the top, and he fucked her with all the strength in her peretrahat only for today pussy. She screams were just outrageous, and he know himself, he continued. Then he stopped again, pulled out a member, finished second time on the surface of her body before the sexual orifice. A couple of times where he kissed and fucked, small kisses his lips began to move up the chest, neck to his lips. Then whispered in her ear that everything was fine, I splashed into the pool.
The whole rest of the night, they do not touch each other, then calmly went to ... sleep on one bed as a husband, his wife asleep, turning his head, from each other.
In the morning, as soon as they woke up, she said that tonight should leave the house because of her husband's brother will come in the morning with his young wife for a honeymoon.
- Oh, and your husband where you're his case at the time of our meeting.
- Yes, he went on a business trip for 2 days.
- Suspicious similarities are.
- What?
- I told my wife that I was going on a business trip for 2 days, your husband told you the same thing.
- What do you want to say that my husband is now your wife.
- Quite possible. As soon as I came out, she called him and invited him to her, and as I told her naplel that I was away on business, came up with the same excuse for it, just in 2 days, I'll have to come back, and as brothers soon perhaps he'll naplel in order to spend tomorrow here with my wife, so you should call his brother and find out whether he really will come here.
- Oh, he nit, he still dares me to change.
- But you is cheating on him with me, and what he is worse.
-In fact, I thought he was a decent family man.
- Nothing, my wife thinks the same thing.
She picked up the phone and called his brother.
- Listen, you definitely come to us tomorrow to the country with his wife.
- What makes you think that we have come, we are now on a honeymoon in France.
- And, so yes, okay, then is, I can then somehow explain.
- Well, what he said.
-Yes, it seems your prediction begins to slowly come true.
-Then we'll have to move back home to you, and spend a day with you, he said.
- Interestingly, they are thinking about what we guessed you.
- I did that. Okay, let's not argue. By the way, and he knows that you are now in the country.
- Yes, he offered himself to show my friends our cottage.
- All clear.
-What exactly.
- If he decides to test you, you call on the phone, one of your friends, and you are certainly not what they did not warn you. So immediately telephoned their friends and warn them, I hope they will not be given, but the worst thing would be if he had called them.
- Vryatli, I said that we will go during the day and that night leave.
In the same time, she dialed phone friends and asked them if her husband would call and ask where you are now, to say that in the country.
Fortunately, her husband did not think to ring up friends.
- It's all done, you can now do another, and do something that did not do yesterday.
- I'm in the shower, and then it will be necessary to start breakfast. You also did not hurt to do it, but then I came up with a fun thing for dessert.
After the shower, they went into the kitchen.
- Can I warm up a pizza.
- It is a suitable food for a romantic encounter.
- The pizza was just lovely, it's time to move on to dessert.
And untying the ribbon on her robe, he put it on the table.
He took from the shelf a jar of cream and began spraying it on the surface of her chest.
- You will like the birthday cake for a dear guest, 'he said.
The final stage in the cake was strawberry, which he decorated her pussy, putting her just the right place.
He started slowly and gently touched his lips to her nipples, licking with cream, and then only began to lick the surrounding end zone.
When all the cream has been thoroughly licked, he grabbed a bottle of champagne, and instead, to use a glass, he poured it into the hollow between her mouth-watering balls. After drinking champagne with her delicate body, he decided to have a snack, good at what was cooked strawberry that looked so good on her pussy surface.
- Oh, yes, yes, I have no words, she cried, fuck me, so as soon as possible.
He unbuttoned his bathrobe and threw it on the floor.
Then he brought his own penis to vagina, but before you put him there, he decided for fun, could move the head member on it for thrills. She could no longer tolerate, and commanded: "stick it, so deep, so as much as possible"
His gun, which he did not fuck a girl came into it.
Finally she waited that long-awaited moment, after that foreplay cream.
- More, more, more deeply inserted and faster.
It is inserted at the most 20 cm of nowhere his handsome, but her and that was not enough. Previous her lover had a weapon in 25 cm. And therefore satisfy her like no one else.
He pulled the gun out of her, at the same moment she climbed down from the table and rushed sucking it, that was now inside her. She loved scary lick cum from dick, and just suck it like a lollipop.
Performing this operation, it was not until the end satisfied and wanted more sex.
To do this, he had to lie on the floor to take up these cases there.
She sat on his dignity, and one might think that he did not fuck her, and she him.
Prolonged sex in this position did not work, because it's time for the men's release outside products.
She held up his hands and caught a jet of sperm in order to smear her body and lick his hand.
It's time to go back to the other pair of apostate.
As expected, an hour later he was at it.
- Imagine, so missed you, that slowly to you, almost hit by a car. Yes, even the driver, some idiot. Let's not talk about this. Well you shoved her husband.
- Yes, he went a little over an hour ago.
- I figured out how we will spend 2 days together. Tomorrow it will be necessary perekantovatsya you, and the next day, we go to my cottage.
- And why not tomorrow.
- Tomorrow there will be my wife, I asked her to show our newly rebuilt cottage her friends.
- Are you sure that the day after tomorrow it will not be there.
- Of course, as I naplel her that the next day there, at my invitation to come to my brother and his young wife on their honeymoon. So I have everything under control in advance. Therefore, before we go there, we have to have a little fun. Do you want me as well.
- And you still can doubt this.
- Maybe zaym¸msya this immediately.
- Let's go into the room. Here on this wide bed, comfortable sex.
They immediately took off his clothes and lay down on the bed, stroking each other in different parts of the body.
- If you want, I caressed your pussy.
- You know, my husband is so often does, that it has ceased to excite me.
- Do you often make him a blowjob.
- No, he did not even ask me about it, well, that I have nothing more to do a lick of his 20 centimeter "sausage" Well you though, can I receive this honor.
- Do not.
- Why, because the peasants like it a lot.
- Count up, my situation is identical to yours, my faithful wife so passionately doing this once a week, completely ceased to bring me. So it's time to ... ..
Did not finish until the end of the phrase, it just slipped her dildo inside. At that time, they were lying on their sides, and it is a gallant, gave her a place at the top, turning in bed in a certain way. Silently they enjoyed sex, making a smooth movement, without raising or lowering the rate. This would not slow nor fast. It was quite a long sex, but they did not dare to change the position or do anal.
After they experienced orgasm, and they were a few minutes staring at the ceiling. Then he began to kiss on the lips, because besides the fact that they both liked the sex, could not refuse the kiss, giving them a lot of attention.
He loved the beauty of the female body, not just boobs, ass and smooth pussy.
Therefore, looking up from her lips, he began to kiss her neck, stomach, gradually going down, lower and lower, caressing her thigh, and then your knees. Then she turned her stomach down, began ... prodelyvat the same procedure, but from the bottom up, getting to the neck only from the back side. When you have finished these steps, he began to stroke her back.
She has in life or when such was not, so having sex smoothly swims in banal affection. Before she liked to engage first classic in several positions, then gradually move on to the anal, but now everything was different, and she liked it less.
She initiated the desire to roll over and just hug him with the words: "Dear all just great, you showed me another side of relationships between individuals of the opposite sex. She was so happy, no matter how when life.
Rest of the day they spent together, but no sex.
In the morning they both had such a feeling that they should be together. Therefore, they no longer had to hide his sympathy, and foreign people, to pretend that they are absolutely not interested in each other.
Therefore, by mutual agreement, it was decided to go on a summer residence or as planned, but the day before.
He has already been pre-prepared speech, she looked about like this: "I met a friend, and I intend to spend the rest of her life"
But their great surprise was that when they came into the house and proceeded to the kitchen, found on the floor in an excited state, it is his faithful husband, which it believed it until now, and he his wife.
They immediately jumped up, put on a bathrobe and a few seconds in silence, with it all.
First it started "faithful husband": "Do you think you have caught, but I guess even in the morning, something is not clear, but still such coincidences, 2 days on a business trip for the expansion of partner relations.
- What we see unexpectedly, but still we've come for us to say that we will be together, and you are there to decide for themselves.
Our condition for a woman goes to the house of the man. That is, I'm with my girlfriend going to live at home, where he lived, and you go to him, referring to his wife.
- There is.
The newly-formed pair left for their homes and began to live as they lived, but seeing every day in front of the other partners. The only difference is that after the evening with numerous kisses the woman does not change his new chosen one, and he told her too. As for the other couple, they still lie to each other and spend a wonderful time at a distance from the other "princes and princesses"
- Alichka, Happy Birthday - sheptom Jura said. Ala ... - but she did not answer. She covered herself with a blanket and quietly wept. Why should I do that? I went with a girlfriend would be better in a cafe on morozhnoe or simply to esteem their lyubimyt love poems. This .. is a clouding of the mind. Albina choked bitter cry, she was terribly ashamed, all she wanted at the moment - it is to be in one room, all alone. Ala heard the door shut, but she still heard voices.
- Acne, but she bezbshennaya, idiot. She also no brains. You are what you like, and here I am no longer held up for a moment.
- Rit, well, no offense. Yes, all you have to do it, just ashamed to admit it. In dnyuha sister, we will lay the table and go to congratulate you. Climbed into a warm bed .... I lick your girl ... agree - the last words uttered by Vitaly accompaniment closing the front door. Acne grabbed his jacket and ran after Rita.
Albina could not cry, tears have dried up. The girl decided it was time to get out of their dens. The room was dim, only light sconces just above the bed.
Alya was completely naked, legs withered blood and grease. Slowly she bent down to pick up a banana, and then threw her disgust "penis" in a plastic bag. Albina felt on someone's opinion, she abruptly turned around and saw that Jura is sitting there - not the guy, and the dream of any 16-year-old sviristrelki.20 tall brunette with green eyes, his inflated body was the subject of many girls and women . Alya instinctively grabbed his shirt and tried to hide behind it, however, it turned out she is difficult, it is young, little kitty volosatenky was well covered. Jura stood up in silence to right to Ale, he walked slowly, it seemed an eternity. Albina is already looking forward to the sweetness of intimacy with this guy in an expensive suit classic.
And here he is close to the high naked girl. Jura hugged her waist and gently straightened the long black hair Albinki. And without saying anything pressed to her lips, he kissed her passionately while gently. And then he whispered:
- I want you ... - Alia for these words are equal icy soul. Alya mastrubirovala long time, fantasizing, but I could not imagine a real sex with a man. It is to escape from the open arms of the Jura and moved back to a small table that was in the corner. Alia felt zagnannosti kitten. Mentally she remained a virgin ...
- Do not do it, Please. I'm afraid. I do not know about.
- Albina. do not be a baby. I want you to be my woman. I like you for a long time very nravishsya and I want to give you a romantic night -. Yura quickly took off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt, trousers and fished rastegnul huge swollen cock podrachivaya it came to the Jura and Ale had a head on her lips.
- Open your mouth, it is tasty, - the guy smiled at all, as a child, and Alya believed him, she obediently bared her white teeth. The girl took the head, carefully obsasala her and tried to take deep, but issued nechlennrazdelny sound, apparently this has caused a gag reflex. The girl blushed, looked down "Sorry".
- Nothing, kitten, it happens. And now you must excuse me if you can - after these words the guy wound on his hand Alkino hair and began to fuck himself frightened girl. He zaosvyval very deeply, and Alia could not do anything, any movement caused terrible pain (hair was stretched). A few minutes later a member of the Jura took breathing deeply. Picked up, numbed by humiliation, Alu in his arms, and threw it on the bed, both hands spread her legs apart. For a few seconds he was admiring the charms of a young body, and then with all his rough went into her vagina.
Despite the fear of the girl was juicy and wet, she cried out softly, then embraced Yura for wide neck, kissed Man, their tongues intertwined in a mad dance of passion. His head was spinning, Alya moaned with pleasure
- Yet yes...
- More telling - and Jura with a malicious smile, took out a member and ordered the girl stand on all fours, he went into the wet, narrow CIMS behind his crotch rested on juicy buttocks, the guy could no longer restrain himself, thinking for a moment whether or not to take risks and to lower the girl vagina, Jura yet made a decision to remove a member. I masturbate a little bit, and poured hot sperm on the ass beautiful young girl Albina.
- Kitten, you finished?
- Not no
Jura skillfully perevrnul Alu on his back and began to lick her clit. He did it skillfully, competently. The clitoris was swollen. Jura ogololil maiden bumps and began vodtit tip of his tongue. Orgasm is not long in coming. A few seconds later, Alina pussy convulsed. The girl screamed loudly and ran from her eyes tears pure pleasure.
- You unmatched, cat. I'm gonna take a shower. Soon again I will be with you, my little girl ...
Alia did not want to go anywhere. She lay and enjoyed the idea that now Jura - her man, now they are always together. In my head for some 10 minutes a giddy girl scrolled script with a happy ending, estevstvenno, wedding. Alia found on the floor Yurynu shirt, wore it and start jumping around the room quite as rebenok.Nakonets a newly arrived "husband".
- Albina, anu-ka take off immediately, you're all dirty. Blurred because -. Girl hurt these words, she pouted and went back to bed. Covered with a blanket, she began to see how odevaetsya Jura as shirt buttons as straightens her hair in the mirror. Then he took the purse and otschitav few bills, went to Albina. He kissed her puffy lips and the words "The next time will be more" Put on the bedside table 500 rubles. Alina's eyes filled with tears. She did not remember how he left, but she knew that with him left her past life. Now she is an adult, and now she will not allow anyone to humiliate yourself like that.
After showering and wearing the most beautiful dress, Albina took the money, podozhila them into a large ashtray and burned. She watched with delight as the yellow flames killing the defenseless little girl ... Suddenly the door slammed. Alya went into the hallway and saw her joyful parents with lots of packages, to failure filled with food and gifts.
-That's ... my daughter. We reminded of your holiday and decided to go back for 3 days before. You have umnichka, excellent student. Vaughn gifts you bought.
Alya forced a cheerful smile, and thought to myself; "You have arrived at several alternatives hours earlier, would have known what zanimayutsya A student in his spare time ... but oh well ..."
Two years ago, after graduating from college, I got a job in a company. I liked the work, the team was good.
On duty, I had to communicate with the leaders of our business units. One of the leaders, his name was Oleg, I liked very much. He was 25 years old, single, tall brunette with brown eyes and a strong constitution. But, unfortunately, all my shooting eyes at him unnoticed. Once emboldened, I invited him to dinner. At dinner we talked to all possible topics. It was very interesting to talk to. Our joint dinners become a tradition. This went on for over a month. But all my hints about what would be, somewhere to go during off-hours, met with a polite refusal or excuses busy affairs. Very soon it has bothered me, and I asked bluntly - can we get something? The answer was vague and unintelligible. Angry, I threw the head of Oleg.
At work, we have continued to politely communicate in work items.
It took more than six months. Our company was the anniversary. The holiday was good. All the fun of the soul. After drinking a glass of wine, I felt dizzy, and I decided to go out into the fresh air. Having stood on the street for 10 minutes, I suddenly felt at his waist men's hands. And my ear someone whispered, "Come to my office in 15 minutes." Sharply turned around, I found myself in the arms of Oleg. He bit me on the mouth with a passionate kiss. His lips were soft and tender, and the tongue is very persistent. Pushing it, I left without saying anything. For myself, I firmly decided that will not go anywhere. I soon forgot about the incident and continued to have fun. Suddenly my phone rang. So how to talk in the room it was impossible, I went into the corridor. As soon as I finished speaking, next to the office door opened and Oleg grabbed me in his arms, dragged into his office, and then locked the door.
On my request to open the door, he just grinned. I asked: "What do you want?" "You!" - Oleg replied, stepping closer, and his whole body pressed me against the wall. He was completely sober. "Why would you suddenly woke up interest in me?" - I asked - "Are you so long did not notice me." "I've been on you go crazy, but I was afraid to come and hear failure," - said Oleg. His answer threw me into a state of mild numbness. He took advantage of my confusion and started to kiss me on the lips. I have not kissed him. Then he began to gently kiss my neck, held by her tongue. Oleg ran my hand under my jacket, and seeing that I was without a bra, smile, began to fondle my breasts. From my chest I broke groan. My knees buckled and I stopped struggling.
Again a grin, he tugged at my jacket and I heard a knocking on the floor torn buttons. Taking off my jacket, he stared at my lips, breasts. He gently nibbled my nipples tickle their language. I could hardly stand on her feet. It was divine.
Grabbing my hand, Oleg took and gently put me on your desktop. Continuing the tongue to play with my nipples, he lifted my skirt and ran a hand through her panties. They are already pretty soaked. Pulling it from me, he ran his finger between my sexual sponges, on the clitoris and plunged them into the vagina.
Looking up from my breasts, he began slowly, sprinkling my tummy gentle kisses, go down. Carefully conducted tongue between lips, kissed the clitoris, tongue penetrated the vagina, bringing me more and more fun.
I was already on the verge of orgasm, as Oleg abruptly stopped kissing me when he saw my astonished eyes, he just whispered that he wanted to extend my pleasure.
Putting my face to the table, he asked me to bend over and place her legs wide. I did as he asked. Oleg started kissing my back, tickling her tongue, I sank lower and lower. Having reached my buttocks, he began to gently nibble on their calling me a wave of new feelings. After playing with her buttocks, he gently parted them, and suddenly began to lick my anal hole. I must say that I was a virgin there. A little frightened, I tried to pull away, but he whispered: "Trust me," and I relaxed. He kissed and licked my anal hole, penetrating into the tongue and finger never stopped playing with the clitoris. My breathing quickened, and I was again approaching orgasm, and then Oleg abruptly entered my vagina. I did not notice when he had time to undress.
Velev me not to stop, Oleg reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled out some kind of jar. I was very surprised, but said nothing. Dipping a finger in a jar, he began to knead my anal hole, then brought his finger back. His cock was still in my vagina and less than a minute I had finished again. Then he came out of me, put his penis into the anus and slowly began to penetrate inside. He did it slowly and gently, trying to cause me the least possible pain. But I could not relax. He again began to kiss her neck and caressing my breasts. I gave my feelings, relaxed and did not notice how he came at me full and slowly began to move. After a while I got used and was beginning to ask myself the pace that gave me the greatest pleasure.
Oleg, meanwhile, started a hand to caress my clitoris. I finished several times. Feeling that he was too tense, and will soon be over, I jumped out of the chair, sitting nearby, quickly swallowed his cock. Stroking testicles hand, I caressed his bridle the tongue, lips, sucking his head and when he began to finish swallowed every last drop. He looked at me gratefully. I got up, got dressed, had her blouse buttoned to the 3 remaining buttons. Stepping into the hall, I called a taxi and went home.
The next morning, on the table lay my boss my application for dismissal.
I lost my virginity at 15 years ... After sex with Alena Rybin neighbor below, I changed radically. The memories of the first time were always in my head. Before having sex with her, I was just a lean fellow in shabby clothes, horoshistom, won Olympiad in mathematics. After sex, everything changed. On the money saved, I bought a very expensive multi-colored denim suit and shoes.
I went to the gym, swayed for several hours a day, regardless of the muscles. And, of course, very much like sex. I tried many times to meet with Allen, but no one opened. And after some time, they all moved, I do not know where. Two months after the elevator was not me at all to find out. I'm already a month went to the 11th grade, but not the least bit concerned about the study, and all to look at classmates. On my computer were almost exclusively pictures naked and half-naked retiring Anna Semenovich and Jeanne Friske.
On the girls I looked only at beautiful, with a large percentage of the naked body. But still most of my attention took the girl from a parallel class Vika Alekseeva. In October, it happened to me and quite an unusual story, although it could end tragically.
Vika Alekseeva was round excellent student, but the math has never let me ahead: she had a penchant for Russian language. However, the lessons do not interfere with her to flirt with all the guys, so it was very beautiful. It could be seen constantly kissing some guy, but an ongoing relationship, it will not start. Before sex with Alena we were friends, but then she met with the other. However, the first week I just went crazy. She never dressed vulgar. She was wearing a sweater and a skirt that covered, but emphasizes the chest and ass.
Slender legs could be seen only by a few centimeters between the skirt and boots. But there was something in it just drove crazy kids. However, it is not considered that flirting is not always safe.
These two months I was constantly at loggerheads with Igor and Kolyanom - two thugs in our class. They also were not virgins. Although this is no surprise, since they are all day somewhere wandered. They were down and out criminals and were registered by the police.
Igor was generally suspended sentence for causing moderate damage to health. Teachers have long They stopped paying attention to them. I swore to them constantly, but then became something similar to them. We even began to communicate normally, but one thing almost embroil us again. They are constantly stuck to Vick Alekseeva, and I could only watch and angry. The most offensive, that Vick is also beginning to reciprocate. If she knew better than those of goats, she nizachto would not do.
The day began as usual. Lessons were in the second shift, so I was sitting at home in the morning. By noon, I received a call from the post office and was told that the parcel arrived. It had wheels with porn, but no one knew, because the premise did not write anything. In it were the films "Young-green", "Sex on the TV show" and "Young Sportwoman". All of these films I watched before going to school. I should not have done it! A member in the pants was like a wound, and imagination too dispersed. And then there's as luck in gym Ksenia Morozova caught on the hook for the strap, on which hang the volleyball net.
In the fool! As a result, she fell out tit, all pootkryvali mouths and neighing, and I broke the fantasy again. And after school I still had to be on duty, that is to wash the board and the floor in the classroom. After duty I got angry and institutions.
I walked past the male locker room and heard a light laugh. Locker room was opened. It sucked Igor and Vic, Nick hugged her waist. I already gritted teeth. But then a strange matter. Igor Vick tried to push his hand under the sweater, and Nick all under her skirt. Wick snapped and walked away. She asked:
- Are you quite ofigeli?
Igor and Nick said:
- A Th, we zadolbalis licking. Maybe you already razdvinesh feet?
- And then we can get.
Here Vic first opened her mouth, angry and wanted to say something, but then I was frightened and went to the locker room. But Igor took her hand and firmly twisted behind her back. Vick tried to scream, but Koljan shut her mouth. Zalomannaya hand did not allow Vick to move. Kolyan, closing her mouth, tilted her head, Vick ducked, and then dropped it on the bench. He began pulling off her sweater. Vick shook her head and legs jerk, but Koljan held tight.
He pulled off the sweater, and Vic was in a black bra. Remove the bra there is no difficulty. When the bra was on the floor, Vickie became visible chest. I almost brought it to mind. Tits were similar to Alena boobs were not only huge, but just big, but still firm and elastic. Kolyan grinned. Igor just in case pulled off her boots, because they have high heels. Kolyan one hand clamped Vicki's mouth, and Igor with one hand wringing Vicki's hand. They remain clutched their hands and pulled her skirt down. Vick tried to resist. She lay in his shorts.
Her ass was very appetizing. I'm in no hurry to do anything. Kolyan took the elastic band of her panties and yanked down. Cowards, too, were on the floor. Vic lowed, she did not believe in all this. She was completely naked. They turned her on her back and spread her legs. Her pubis was seen very clearly. He was completely shaved, slightly pinkish color. Sexual lips slightly bristled. My cock instantly rose. Igor put his hand in her pussy. He began to feel slightly penetrate, and then stuck with the power to get two fingers. Vika from her eyes welled with tears. Kolyan also stuck two fingers in her anus.
Now she just lashed out tears. Kohl and Igor undid the straps and dropped his pants. Never have I seen a more comical spectacle !!! A member of Kolya was small, no more than 13 centimeters. Igor was also a member of a healthy 16-year-old boy: almost 25 centimeters. I ofigel. Vika's eyes widened. Igor smiled and drove his club into her vagina. Kolyan hissed, jerked his hand away from your mouth, from the bitten fingers bled. Vick started yelling, but Kolya force kicked her in the face, under the eyes.
Igor Vick took the waist and began to fuck her very hard. He fucked her frantic pace, a member came in and entered into her vagina. She moaned. A few minutes later, Igor finished and grinned. This smile does not bode well. He turned her on her side and pulled her leg. They both went into it: Kohl's pussy, Igor with his huge cock in the ass. Vic screamed painfully loud and scary. I wondered how it vahtersha not heard. She screamed, no one came. Then Koljan distracted, wanted to clamp her mouth, but he changed his mind: he thought that no one heard.
They began to fuck her together, my cock became wet. Vic yelled, but calmed down after a few minutes. They fucked her at least a quarter of an hour, then stopped. I was surprised they had not yet finished. They brought the contrast to the members of her mouth. Her legs lay at an odd angle on the bench. Her wet pussy gleamed. I broke down and went to the locker room.
Igor and Nick turned sharply.
- You Th doing here?
- On duty.
- You Th, saw it all?
- Uh-huh.
The two of them together hesitated, looked and asked:
- With us you will be?
I was dumbfounded. Vic pleadingly looked at me and moaned weakly. I felt sorry for her. A member said to me completely different. Vick was incredibly sexy, I like it. I changed the two months. So I nodded and dropped his pants. Her eyes went out. I approached her, gently turned and whispered: "Do not be afraid." I put the term in her womb and slowly began to fuck her, stroking her stomach. She took me with her thighs, it seems, she began to have fun, but not like this. Kohl and Igor stood there and jerked off. I went in and was a member of it.
I put his fingers in her ass ... but she jerked. The anus was all swollen. From pussy, however, did not appear bloodless. So she is not virgin? This idea excited me even more and I began vigorously to drive a stake through its hole. After a while my cock was warm. I quickly pulled out a member and held to her mouth. Kohl and Igor too quickly and put it on your own. From our members simultaneously spurted sperm, and very abundant, I could not stop. Wick choked, Kolya took her hair, opened his mouth and forced to swallow. She swallowed and swallowed. Her face was white liquid. We ended.
Kohl and Igor, without a word, got up, got dressed and left the locker room. I pulled on jeans and sat on the bench. Vick got up slowly, barely dressed and leaving, said one word: "Bastards."
On the way home, I realized that in fact is an accomplice rape. All night I could not sleep. The next day I was approached by Vick.
- Are you afraid?
I nodded as I realized what it was about.
- Do not worry, I will not give up. And after school we'll go to the toilet.
I looked at her in surprise. She smiled. I felt a weakness in the legs and tension in the penis. Well, not everything ends badly in life.
Do you believe in the virgin birth? Before, I did not believe, but now ...
She was 27, she had a four year old son, and she was a girl. But all in order.
This happened in 1995, quite heavy, post-perestroika. Then everyone rushed all want faster and earn more, everyone wanted to start their own businesses, but few succeed. People have lost the apartment, bursting financial bubbles, circle racket, anarchy, unemployment ... But I digress. My friend also had his business. He was the boss, because the money was his, and I - the brains and communication. We traded paper for offices and all kinds of stationery, I was manager of purchasing and sales at the same time, and along with the driver, that is, the goods were transported to customers. For these purposes, buddy-boss bought me a brand new "Gazelle" - then still a rarity, they have just started to produce.
I was returning home from the last delivery. It was a warm sunny summer evening. I went around the ring (at the time of his reconstructed and there were severe traffic jams), but I had to travel quite a bit - from the ruble to Volokolamke not shove the same across the city. I lived then in Mitino, and goods brought into the office on Rublevskoe highway. First ehalos fine, but then began a cork. A kilometer all became clear - in the left lane and the car broke down all her go round. "What a kid! - I thought. - Could not roll back to the sidelines. "
However, when I pulled up closer, I make sure that it is not at all a goat, and the goat. The fragile girl walked around "izhachka" -kabluchka open the hood and did not seem to know what to do. She was in her short little jeans and blouse, which opened drawn slim tummy and small elastic breast, not covered with a bra, she shone through it. I would kind of give her 20-22 years, although it turned out that she was already 27. Circling emergency "Izsak" I'm staring at the girl, the driver, and the rear has sounded impatient whistles.
She also looked at me with huge enormous eyes gray, and then waved me to stop. I took a left and stood in front of her. The girl went up to the cockpit.
- My car broke down, you do not drag me to the curb? I know how to ride on the rope!
I got out of the cab, pulled the rope and joined our vehicles. She kept staring at me, I even felt uncomfortable. Interestingly, it too embarrassing? After all, I looked at her with no less interest. Dragged by the wayside, "Izsak" I got out of the car, unhooked the rope and said:
- Let's see what your iron horse.
Check the spark plug, the fuel supply. Spark - Elephant kills, gasoline flowing river, the engine is still warm. Why did not he come? She hesitantly hesitated, then he asked:
- And you could not drag me home?
- Where do you live? - I asked, even though it did not matter. Beautiful girl I'm ready to be towed to the end of the world.
- Not far from here, in Krasnogorsk. Just ... - she hesitated. - Only I can not pay.
- We will understand.
- I can - she blushed and lowered her eyes, - you drink tea.
Clearly, she wants to pay in kind. Well, I do not mind, it's the right move.
She was a small one-room apartment. When we entered, she said:
- You sit here, I for Pavlik in kindergarten run over. It's fast, garden won the windows. I still kettle on, you watch, okay?
Amazing carelessness. Leaving an unknown man alone in his apartment ... Although steal something from it is nothing special - an old furniture, black-and-white TV, little dishes, all cup with a broken handle. But then, bad luck, we'll be at Pavlik is ... tea? Kettle whistled and interrupted my thoughts on a gas stove.
Then I come back and Masha with Pavlik. Yes, her name was Mary. But Pavlik - a funny little boy, four years old, very much like her mother. It seems that the Pope had - a pilot test or a polar explorer. At least during the absence of Masha, the traces of stay in the house another adult males were found me. She left Pavlik in the kitchen with me.
- Stay here, I am now.
She closed the door to the room, I could hear what she was saying to someone on the phone.
- And you make me ride on his gluzovike? - Said Pavlik.
- We will see.
- And my mother has gluzovik Tose. Only the ma-and-scarlet.
- I know. And you what car?
- Race, "Phelan". Right now, the show - he ran into the room.
They went together with Masha. Pavlik showed me a small machine, Masha said to him:
- Pavlik now on you will come Aunt Lena, you pobudesh her, she will feed you, and will include "Good night, kids." And then I'll come after you. Good?
- Holos!
Clearly, we have time - up to nine. Well, okay. Came Auntie Lena. I sat in the kitchen and did not see it, only heard them speak with Masha. Mary said that she had to drive off, Pavlik is no one to leave, I'm Lena seems to feel my presence and tried to peek into the kitchen, but she could not. Then she left and led to a boy.
- Do you want coffee? - Said Masha - I'm a good cook coffee.
Of course, I would. When Mary got out from the top shelf coffee grinder through the armholes of her blouse was visible to her chest, a small, attractive, resilient, divine breast. I could hardly restrain master this goddess right there. Masha conjured over the Turks, three times raised the foam, mix the maple stick, cinnamon and salt. Her flowing light brown hair hung down almost to his waist, out of them peeped fragile shoulders. God, what are you the driver? You - TV broadcaster, administrative assistant, do not know who else is there? For Centerfolds sprout too small, but you do not. You are divinely beautiful. How many men have you had? Twenty, forty-one hundred? Though what does it matter, now you - mine.
I walked up behind her and put his arms around, trying as ba inadvertently touch hands to chest. She turned her head towards me. Huge gray eyes shone with affection and tenderness.
- Wait a little bit. Let's have a coffee. Oh!
Pena crossed the edge of the Turks and ran to the white surface of the plate. But anyway, the drink has a divine. Or because it was preparing a goddess?
Then we went into the room and sat down on the sofa. Mary, as if by accident, undid the top buttons of her blouse. I took her by the arm and pulled her to him. And again, those eyes! Huge, gray. And in them - a little bit of confusion, some timid, almost frightened.
- You're beautiful! - I said, dropping his lips to hers.
Then I unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her blouse. So slow. Very slowly he stroked elastic breast, looking away toward the tissue. Then her lips cling to the papillae - right, left, back right, left again. Then he kissed the elastic tummy, descending lower, while unbuttoning his jeans. She raised her ass to make it easier to remove them. Panties she held her hand, all right, let's leave them for later. Typically, a woman really starts when it begins to caress through her panties. Continuing to kiss the tummy, with one hand, I stroked her breasts and the other - a hip, rising up to the crotch.
Touching fabric panties between the legs, I felt that it is dry. Masha has not started up. And I was already on edge, my jeans might just burst. I lifted her ass to lift the pants.
- Wait, - she said. - I'm scared.
- What are you afraid, Masha, darling? You're just a goddess, I want you! All will be well, now I will caress you, nobody caressed. And then we ... However, I'm very excited, first time, can not get ...
- And the second, too, - she said bitterly.
What did she mean? To doubt my abilities? Excitation of slightly subsided. Now you can kiss the most cherished. Again, I pulled down her panties, sliding her lips over her stomach. It still lifted slightly pelvis, helping to eliminate this barrier, as it turned out, not the last. Blonde pubic hairs covered cherished crack. Suprapubic scar - a trace of cesarean section. I kissed the scar, kissed ... hairs, spread their language, making his way to the lips. My hands caressed the meantime the thigh, the breast, the language I drove back and forth along the slits.
Mary was making quiet sobs and sighs that excites me. Finally, I could smell the secretion and language at the same time felt a sweet, both sweet and salty flavor. Now you can push the lips and tongue to wade deeper. It was all very narrow, even the language barely wriggle. Thumb I started to stimulate the clitoris and tongue often-often deepen and drag. Masha pushes her ass back and forth, her breathing quickened. I quickened my movements of the tongue, and very quickly vibrating finger pressing a little clit and making rotational movement. Masha screamed and seems to be finished, because it is no longer move her ass a bit limp.
But this can not be said of my body, he was eager to fight, it's time to let him go free. I continued to stroke the genitals with one hand machinery, so as not to have passed her excitement, the second hand unbuttoned his pants himself, releasing boyfriend free. Obviously, Masha too narrow gap, so all intercourse for it was very painful, so she resisted at first. I lifted and bent her knees slightly dotted them.
- So it will be easier - I said Masha, and her boyfriend warned - look, do not finish quickly!
Going down on top of Masha, I again saw the huge gray eyes. Funk was not in them, it was tense expectation. I kissed her lips and pointed head of the penis to the coveted hole. There was enough moisture, but to squeeze into my friend did not want to. I crawled to her divine, intoxicating smelling pussy, lick and a little poslyunyavil vagina, try again. With the effort failed to advance into the head, it is at once both the girth of the cam. It is necessary to stop and think about work, about debt, about something else, or finish.
Having looked at Masha, she said that she was a little wrinkled forehead, and his eyes, gorgeous gray eyes closed. I firmly imposed a member until the end - Masha gasped lightly - and earned: back and forth, back and forth. My Goddess opened her eyes and huge gray eyes was a joy and a pleasure. It is a little bent and touched his hand to my hip, as if the pressure of setting the rhythm. Through the parted lips she says quietly:
- More more…
A few minutes later she rolled her eyes, one hand, who asked me to pace, grabbed by the balls, and almost shouted:
- All!
I barely had time to pull his body out to blow away from the place that can not be irrigated with this fluid. My head was in front of the divine breast. I immediately fell to her lips. When we have acquired the ability to think and to say the words, she said:
- Get up, you have faded bedspread.
We got up from the couch, and it turned out that the blanket is not only the traces of my sperm, but ... blood. And the friend my blood.
- Do you monthly? - I was surprised.
- I lost my virginity.
I was speechless, but silently touched her scar above the pubis.
- But what is it? I could even think that Pavlik is your adopted son, but is it?
- Come on, you have to wash. Well, hot water yesterday included.
We bathed in the shower, caressing each other, she stroked my penis and testicles, I was excited and asked her to give back. She turned backwards and slightly bent. With its lower jaws dripping and not just because my kid there was slippery, warm and pleasant. Then we drank tea in the kitchen itself, and I listened to the story of the Machine.
- Pavlik gave birth to me. More precisely he endured. I grew meek and youth I did not care either boys or girls. After the ninth grade, I was in a camp. There we lived in a four-bed wards. Girls from my chamber engaged in masturbation, but I'm not excited, on the contrary, I tried to turn away, cover the head, so as not to see or hear anything. And they have some sort of hose adapted for this, and I want it to stick, but I did not give. One says: "You have to acquaint with a bit, he know how thick!".
And the boys with me for many staring, but I must have been a kind of terrible, no one dared to approach. At school, I also did not allow the passage of the guys, but I'm all otshivala. They did not like, and in general, instinct in me was still asleep, I just did not want it. After graduation two guys wanted to rape me. But when I was one of the Congress on the balls, and the second said, "Well it hard to get, let's go fuck Verka better." But first he said nothing. At the Institute, I also eschewed the guys, and the Faculty of Economics, then there almost alone the girls studied. Guys little girl for them squabbled among themselves.
And in the fourth year to have one guy in love, freshman. I decided, well, okay, even younger than three years, but loves. I decided that if he is serious - let. After all, once the necessary innocence to lose, not to go girl-century play the virgin. And when we came to sex - a man too inexperienced - I initiate it failed, put his gun to the hole, and fired. And after so embarrassed that more had not stood up. With this guy we are no longer met, but I have something horrible, I flew. I thought, thought, decided to give birth.
And then my mother was alive, says daughter give birth, and a grandson, I did not see. At the end of the term I have found some kind of pathology, and did Caesarean. Maybe pinned decided, in consultation and so all whispering and giggling: the Immaculate Conception. And then I also had no luck. One would like to have sex with me, too, could not, and even insulted, "You, - he says - frigid slut!". Cool, huh? And the other went to bed, told him everything, so I'm still telling you, he is close to and masturbates. I kicked him, Go, say, stop and get out to the toilet. And when you see, well, I think fate brought us together: you and only you.
She looked at me with huge enormous eyes, gray, enormous eyes divine. It was simply impossible to not kiss, long and eagerly.
- We'll meet again? - I asked.
- No. This moment, this happiness, this will not be. You are for me - my first mysterious man, my hero, my playboy. I'm dreaming, I will remember, but I do not want to become a holiday during the week. After all, you have a family, right? To me you do not leave. Even if he is gone, anyway, the holiday will be no more.
At nine led Pavlik. I said goodbye to his mother and left. But the memory remained so ever and huge gray eyes divine.
We met by chance on the bridge ... just stood and watched the ducks sailing past .... you came to me first and stood very close ... so close that I could smell the heady cologne for men ... ... I have not moved .... I did not move ... I just enjoy what you're such a strange and beautiful standing very close ...
Then we fed the ducks ... walked along the waterfront and decided to look together at the cafe ... We are totally unfamiliar ... .prishli in the cafe and sat at a distant table and the waiter came to offer a menu ... I study you, watching you ... .mne like the way you smile ... I rely entirely on your choice and you order for two ... ..
I look into your eyes ... long and hard ... I think that we have long been familiar ... .ty ordered red wine ... ... sweet ... I love this ... you figured it out by the gleam in my eyes and spilled into broader glasses .... lifted the glass to his lips to take a sip, but I pushed your hand and ring finger dipped in wine ... and brought it to your lips and whispered - Try it ....
You licked my finger ... ... I smiled and took a sip of wine and a little intoxicating just getting up from a chair lifted his lips to yours - Try it and compare the taste of ...
You spend gently on the lips lightly touching the tongue ... .... I feel that you're worried about me ... and it gets scary ... your tongue licking the upper lip, and then captures the lower lips, and you try the wine on my lips ... what are your warm lips
I stroke your head, palms rubbing neck ... ... and your wine turns into a kiss ... I move away and sit on the place ..... to us ... the waiter brought a cold snack ... embarrassed smile to you and you are rubbing their hands brush my warm fingers ... ..mne like your touch
Lodge your palm on your hand .... this warm and soft touch and feeling so close .... we can not eat ....... sometimes you sip wine and eat the eyes of me ...... I undid the top buttons on blouse ... and you could not help noticing ...
Your eyes were fixed in the neck, but I'm not embarrassed understand that you enjoyed it so much - my snow-white lace bodice ... you can not take my eyes ... I spend a hand on the cheek and asked - like .... your eyes meet ... Yes…
I sit in his place and watch the audience ... their eyes glued to us for a long time ... I like it ... it gets a little bit .... even begins to pinch fingers legs .... so nice ... you're stroking my .... hands higher ... higher ... caressing my elbows, palms ... everything is available to you right now ... you want more ... I can feel it ... catch in your sight ... in your warm shortness of breath .... I propose to go dancing .... playing pleasant music soft ... romantic ...
Invites me to dance ... to cuddle up to me at first hesitantly, feeling the curves of my body, even through clothing .... you catch you, I'm fine ... you fascinating folded my buttocks ... covered with rather short wide skirt you .... I like to give up, at the waist, then hug the buttocks .... I can not resist ... tighter to you pressing ...
I like to hold you .... your shoulders ... I hesitantly lips slightly touch to your lug ... breathe on it and heat the whole for you ... it is unexpected, but nice ... you're excited and .... excited ... through the fabric of your pants, I feel like your boy clung to my leg ... it gets me .... I want you ... circling in the dance with you ... your hands continued to wander ... you kiss my shoulder and waiting for me to brave decisions and actions ...
And I .... I kiss your ear ... tongue caressing abalone shell ... diving into the tongue and kiss-kiss ... I like that you're shaking ... sigh from my affection cautious and gentle ...
I turn to you face and kiss your lips ... not as much as the first time ... I feel that you wanted and waited ... I decided to carry out your wishes .... everything ... I whisper in your ear, I want to sit down at our table, I have an idea!
We sit down at a table ... brought hot .... smile and offer to taste our dishes and whispered with a wink, that force you need .... I feed you fingers ... crush delicate poultry meat and I present to you your mouth .... I agree that I fed and you like to lick my fingers .... I quietly sigh ... bastard, feed you ... leaf lettuce also followed in your mouth .... so delicious ... I want to kiss you .. .ele restrain ... just ... you feed me feed you cheer smile ..... you skillfully break off pieces and small portions giving me ... teasing ... I smile ... knowing that you're just playing ....
You are full of energy and desire ... I drop my earring on the floor ... especially) and get down under the table cloth .... so long, but this is the best .... I pretend that looking for my earring ... .I already close to your knees .... I feel that you're a little tense and I'm rubbing your knees, feeling like you relax ...... you will not see me ... just feel my hands ... my fingers ... I stroked you gently ... gently ... I want you ....
My Pen is already on your hill .... I stroked his palm and fingers nimble undo your belt ... your zipper ... .... a button is ready! Pen gets warm place ... what are you hot! rubbing your cock through the fabric of your clothes ... feeling like he is growing and gaining strength ... I'm pretty murkayu .... free you from the shackles and the feeling that your sweet already free ... squeeze your fingers desired, and lips kiss golovochku ... gently ... the tip ....
Pulls the skin up to the root, and laid bare your head .... I like to drive yazychrjv around her, feeling every crease, every zhilochki ...... you difficult to remain calm ... you know that everyone is looking at our table ... nobody sees nothing, but realizes that there is something ..... I can not let you go ... so tasty ... slightly open mouth, I swallow your cock ... moist warm and so tasty
Your scent drives me crazy ..... palm support your testicles and gently drive a tongue ..... it rubs against my cheeks ... was inside her mouth ... like you, I caress you while standing on his knees under the table draped with a tablecloth ... ....
.... And let you lick your palm trunk ... squeeze your wonderful and move rhythmically .... you stand over the edge .... barely suppressing groans, and my lips kiss you all, then covering completely, then slide polishing your magnificent .... you moan softly under his breath .... I went into a rage ... .I want you baby ... you feel a ...
Let you go again ... kiss ... there ... in the most delicious place ... I get up, forgetting about the earring ... vzlahmochennaya bit .... you look at me with eyes full of adoration ..... I come to you ... on the outside I have personally do not care ... I sit on your lap .... face to you ... to you curled up so tightly ...
Hug your shoulders, feeling your cock rubs against my pubis ... my girl is already moist, and all you, pushing your finger edge of panties and picked up my ass, I sit down and strung ... easily ..... I feel you I filled .... watching us dozens of eyes ... absolute silence .... someone came out, but the rest of the left, and we do not care!
Swinging on your buttocks rhythmically moving ... you're cool for me, speeding up the rhythm, the slowing ... I moan with yours, then soft, then pushes confident .... I bite your ears and your lips catch in motion ... I like what we are doing in front of the amazed public ... you smeleesh and unbutton my blouse
Lips caress nipple through the fabric ... just flying from the experience .... I rhythmically priprygivayu you ... I like your affection ... your pen on my waist ... gently stroking gently ... rising above my chest
I can not stop moving ... feeling your sweet concerns, then one stenochki my girl, then another ... as it penetrates deep and has a very bottoms utricle .... you sigh in unison ... my head is spinning .. .I feel that soon vzlechu
You help me ... make up hands under the buttocks and lifting lowered onto the trunk of his penis ...... I slip on you .... I'm so wet ... and you ... it's crazy like you kiss my breasts, fingers penetrating beneath the bodice ... it's not easy and you unbutton my bodice, freeing my breasts .... I like my freedom ... your fingers already squeeze my nipples rubbed them .... .... you're driving, then along my chest, then divorce in hand and compress again ......
Your tongue is already spinning on the papilla left breast, his hand stroking my cheeks .... I sigh louder .... you exciting nipple like a baby and gently suck ... biting his lips .... I ....... ..bozhe how I like ...
I feel that soon the end of our adventure ... I moan loudly and catch moments of blissful orgasm ...... you cum with me at the same time, pouring out their part of me .... I tail off on you, hugging you tight legs .. cafes silence ... all shocked by what he saw ..... I get up .... you smile .... kiss your lips, and we hear the applause ... I hesitate .... do not even know why ... and I leave the cafe, leaving you a lot of emotions and the smell on your hands ...
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