At such moments, I froze, hidden behind the trunk of a nearby tree, and admiring from afar - the girl was damn good. Long black hair flowed over her shoulders until wasp waist, tight jeans emphasized the strong elastic ass - oh, I love these ass, this is not any flat board, which is impossible to determine where it goes in the back. Easy front white blouse exciting raises, unable to hide the young succulent breasts. He ... It bothered me the least. The typical student, intelligent, bespectacled, and that only the girls in such finding. With this no problems - clearly not a hero.
A couple deepened further in the park, obviously not paying attention to the deepening twilight, nor the fact that long ago left behind the city lights with random passers-by, the same fans outdoor activities. - Well, perhaps that's enough to pull, - I thought, when she once again hung from the gentleman in his arms, and a leisurely pace toward them.
They noticed me when I was just three steps. The girl screamed in terror of surprise, recoiling.
- What do you need? - The student, adjusting the nose points a finger, tried to block it with his frail little body.
- Hero ... - I thought, grinning, and abruptly, without swing, hit him in the face. The boy screamed, bent down and grabbed the broken nose hands out from under them a creek bleeding. Grabbing his hair, just to be sure I put him on the knee. Making sure that this side of the resistance is no longer in sight, I slowly took out a bracelet, pulled his back to a tree, and the head of his hands by the barrel, snapped the handcuffs on them. After these manipulations, I turned to his friend, who watched in horror for a while, unable to move from fear. Squatting down, I lit a cigarette, staring at her. Hmm, so it will not work, it would be necessary to withdraw from the stupor - I got up and lazily walked up to her and slapped across the face with a sweep. The girl screamed, tears streamed from his eyes. Well, we aggravate the effect - I got a large predatory species knife and held it to the tip of her face.
- You will do all that I say, or less often on small pieces of both, understand?
She nodded, her cheeks large hail tears rolled down.
- Well, that's fine, I know that we will understand each other - I removed the knife. - What's your name?
- Natasha - a barely audible voice she murmured.
- Well, Natasha, let's not waste time. Undress.
- Undress? What for?
- Strange question, girl - I grinned. - How to say it .. In general, today we're going to have sex. I make myself clear? Simply put, I'm going to fuck you. So take off your clothes, do not waste time. Oh, and advice - Folds neatly clothes, if you behave well, she'll still need. On, glotni. - I gave her a flask of brandy.
After a few sips, she calmed down, her cheeks flushed.
- Drink more! So ... Well, now much better. Undress, undress, then you wait, you think you can help your knight?
Upon hearing this,
All! Enough! Tired! Tired!
New life, the purpose of which the acquisition of inner freedom and harmony of the senses. On the wing! Only forward! The only catch - gravity, but it has no power. She was weak. Deviator already adamant. He is, and this must be considered! Is considered to be one and the same gravity! Overcome!
On the wing! In flight! Freedom rages in the breast. The whole body - one in a rush. Heart excited but confident in his ch¸tkom rhythm! Delight from the frenzy of fearlessness. No barriers, no problem! To hell with the problem, the devil obstacles! Laws - a chimera! Perversions - nonsense! Dull commandments - nonsense! Sanctimonious advice - insanity! Only in flight to the unknown earlier, its hidden, but this Munk heights of imagination.
Takeoff, the last touch and everything. Deviator took an ocean of air space! Flight! It's so cool! Freedom! It is wonderful! Spirit freezes delight offense. As inspiration! I am free! I decided! Once at altitude, and here it is, the long-awaited! Flight.
The flight deviator!

"Most of my ...
Oh, I do not be fooled about the fact that it will be easy. And anyone would be afraid of looking at them - warriors Circle! And I looked, without fear, but wary, ready at any moment to recoil back, if someone still saw me against the sun and raised his crossbow. But they did not notice me, and probably not even aware of my presence. Even huge wolfhounds is not choking, barking, happily lapping icy water from the creek ...
There were six - only a fraction of the detachment, defeated the four days ago, our last stronghold on the border of the desert. Escape could just - I have long carried on the hands of Tolva, dragged to the last breath, even when he had already died. Rain of arrows is not even hooked up after me, and light scratch on his thigh (I, like everyone else, did not leave his post without a fight) has dragged the crust. I was alive, healthy and full of energy, and I left them four days. But today, when I finally managed to break through to the hot line, I will not run on.
Monks again warily surveyed the neighborhood and began tossing phrases. The voices did not reach me, but it was clear without words - decide to go now on, or stay the night. As they go, it was not difficult to guess. Wolfhounds firmly took my track that I specifically did not confused now, only once by clicking the creek. None of them had no doubt that at dawn tomorrow they would get me, powerless chase and hunger, wounded and sick. Well, many times I have sprinkled their traces of blood sucked out of the gums. And on soft ground in the marsh trail left lame. No one suspected that all is not as it seems ...
Seeing as the camp began to equip the bottom, I cautiously stepped over the stone, and sat with his back. I have thought of everything to the last detail, how I would act, so to prepare a plan of attack was no need. Just wait until dark ... I closed my eyes.
I thought of our little castle, rustling night gardens, long hours of military exercises, gentle breathing Tolva and his muscular chest. He carried me in his arms to the river, he called me to his fiancee. We both waited Initiation, after which - the happiness - will be able to become husband and wife. Do not come true ... I buried him at the edge of the forest, and walked away from the grave only when she heard the dogs behind. Shroud of rage stood before my eyes, I wanted to take off his sword and stand in their way. Gone ... rage was evident enough, and reason crushed it under itself. To survive, I ran on. Survive and revenge - first six of these, and then all the rest. Now it was time to start a business.
In the last rays of the sun flaming I ran away from the cliff down, stepping carefully over the rocks smashed the order leather boots. Now I was below them; stream overflowed here is wider, squeezed laterally impenetrable thicket of underbrush. The wind was blowing from them to me, and the dog did not hear me. I gently parted the branches and entered the water.
The ice cooled the water stuck to the feet per day. I looked at my reflection and thought I would never be able to go to the mirror and then just to admire himself - and with what pleasure I did it always, at any time of the day ... Tolv called me beautiful, I was skeptical about their own wide hips, powerful arms and large (even a bit too big) breasts, did not believe him. But my face has always been like a spring, washed by the dew of the dawn ... I had many beautiful and she knew it. Now Breaching fresh folds forehead and eyes hunted wolf repelled rather than admired. I saw it clearly even in the twilight. But I did not care. Tolva no, and no one will be for me to them. And I do not belong to myself, and my name now - the Revenge.
Driven away extraneous thoughts, I perebrela creek and a snake slithered into thickets. The sword was previously moved to the belt, and not cling to the branches crosspiece. Between me and the enemy was no more than a half perestrelov, but the road was still distant: it was necessary to bypass the swamp formed by the creek; and yet, I had to withdraw from the battle of the two dogs. Wolfhounds no tie - they are damn clever, these ruthless killing machines. They will not run anywhere without a team or a fox squeak or howl of a wolf, which I was able to baffle other dogs, not distract them. But it could help more ...
From the pocket of his leather jacket that was on top of my chain mail, I got a tiny pouch. Running in his fingers, he held themselves in clothes and hair ... indistinguishable to the human scent smell horrendous at any quadruped. Now, they do not rush me, even if on the other hand they yawn, dog, hell. Run away, barely sensing - tails between their legs, and will for a long time to rest up in the thicket ... and do not come back, because the return will not be to anyone.
I moved at a slow pace. Neither branch is not cracked under the cautious foot, no bird fluttered from the nest. I lived movement, I felt the forest in front and behind, and there was no need to stop and listen. Both my throwing knife was in his hand - I'm really hoping to quietly remove the time, if the pick up on the right before you throw the dog uchuyat. And if not - well, then there will be a number of other targets. I have no illusions that prevail against the six at the same time - to be sure, the uninitiated is almost two. Nava all of them together, I'm sure nesdobrovat. But on my side it was the night and surprise.
He grew up as if from under the ground, the two-meter giant in the deaf black chain mail and the same cloak with a hood, barely visible in the dark. Even my cat's eyes nearly watched him lurking in the branches of the hazel. He chose the best place - to the other side of the camp clothed swamp, and go quietly there could be no one. And by the brook, and even more so - where the rock broke off ...
I was merged with the tree, and tried to calm the beating of the heart. In my plan revealed an irreparable breach ... I could not assume that bastard will get up a tree. Catch a falling body with a knife in the throat guileless task, but falling from a tree, it will wake everyone. And then - five ...
I thought not for long - as long as the dog yelped, sensing my poison. Oh, damn it squeal! All turned his head, and the blade of my knife - soundly honed blade, smoked over the fire, so as not to otsverkivat in the night - did not find the target. Instead of greedily drink blood from the opened throat, it creaked wedged in Mail links headband. throw Force did not have to break through them, and I realized with horror - alive. The second blade lunged after him, but the monk, like a huge bat, pushed by a spring branch and once in flight deftly caught my knife on the handle extended to the base of the blade. How else to snatch time ... I splashed a bunch of white sparks, and a knife was thrown to the side. Other I do not have.
I'm a monkey rolled to his feet and waved a sword, aiming at the abdomen. Again failure - steel clanged against steel, my sword was thrown to the side, and I myself had already been forced to beat the strike. Said vaguely heart-rending howl wolfhounds - well, at least something has gone according to plan ... Another brief exchange of blows, and, bristling with steel around me grew dark shadows ...
I beat off blows in a circle, no longer thinking about the attack. Never before had I so tight as it is now. At the same time, I was horrified to realize that if they wanted to kill me, I would not have held out even for a moment. They wanted another ...
Biting whip braided armed my hand, I felt a kick in the head sword handle and sank limply to the ground. Already we caught the remnants of consciousness, as I tied up his hands behind his back, like being dragged to the fire. Then they all disappeared ...
I woke up a few minutes later. In the face dripping water that poured over me from a leather bucket. I lay bound hand and foot, and they stood over me - implacable as fate. Six. What is waiting for me, I had already guessed. I prayed to light, so he sent me to death ...
They released me from the chains, stretched on the ground, like a star - two held my arms behind his back, the other two legs jerk divorced. Roughly grabbing the hair, pinned to the ground and his head. I knew that when something like this, helpless as a fish in the net, I will curse your virginity? Pity that pushed Tolva hands that did not yield to him, overcoming his own desire? To know if a man shall take me instead ...
After removing the mask, he brought his face to me, and I absently, the edge of consciousness thought he was handsome. How I hated him, what bestial anger tormented me now. Throughout his mind, I tried to keep the anger aside, dull consciousness, to break out of the body, which is not owned more than me! But all was in vain. She started the hand by the collar and forcefully pulled the chain mail, tearing it with his bare hands. Acute units dug in the chest. Another spurt mail flew with me, and greedy hands gripped me so much that I cried out against their will. I did not scream. My cry aroused him, adding his pleasure ... He grabbed her nipples and fingers and I cried again. It was unbearable pain.
Meanwhile, those who held me by the feet, tore off my pants. Corner of my eye I saw them romp - lustful males, swallowing saliva in anticipation of pleasure. They gripped with superhuman strength in my full hips, spreading them apart, and one that was me, leaned back a little. I closed my eyes ...
This is my cry heard, perhaps, the whole forest. He brutally broke into me and getting through the underbelly has truly inhuman torture. Arched all over, I threw back her head, against the will of trying to adjust to his motion so that they could somehow endure. With each of his invasion, I moaned and screamed, tears streaming down his face. His farm, a huge and thick, moisturizing of my blood, but the pain did not abate for a moment ...
Now they are no longer held me by the hair and legs. I could not resist the fact that, even think about resisting. Wriggling and crying, I felt like he was finished, and I left my body. I jerked to his feet, another monk approached from the front and stuck into me, brutally tearing hands my buttocks. I did not feel the pain because it hurt everywhere, but when I grabbed the back of the second and stepped into my ass, tearing him with his huge rod - I finally realized that before that there were only flowers. I have not cried in the rhythm of their movements; I cried, without ceasing, without pausing for a moment.
The one that was behind, put his hand between me and the second and the wild squeezed my breasts. He kneaded it like dough, tearing me frequent pelvic movements. I felt like they rub against each other inside of me ...
I lost consciousness when they have changed for the third time with each other. It is no longer heard the whistling arrows and, after a short battle, six mutilated bodies were thrown into the creek. I saved those who escaped with me from the fortress. I was cured in a remote forest stronghold. I was able to survive in the most terrible battle of my life.
When she was brought back, I did not know what it is The Whistleblower - it is then Owl told us: boys can do with it what you want, just do not kill - sit down, they say ...
Guys it was covered in the entrance and dragged - sneakers fell on the road and she was in white socks, a skirt and some blue blouse. About bra is not know; in the face of such a lovely girl, black-haired, black-eyed, plump lips. She was frightened of course. Called Larissa, she was scared of course, the beginning of the corridor screaming and ran Owl and says the boys, do not be so loud, hear.
Then Titus so tenderly says:
- Larisa, Larisa become calm.
She tears calmed down ... And then Titus kicked her, kicked well, with the sling in the stomach. Well, it is so strange sobbed and bent. Then we Titus dragged her into the bathroom; the bathroom was small, white tiles. With the girls we pulled off her skirt, blouse and bra. There was even the Loch because he saw her as a plump girl's chest where the nipples barely noticeable pink bumps bristled, then cleared his throat and began to pull off her jeans.
Larissa was in the bath on her knees in white panties on his thin body and white socks; crying and covering his hands is still small breasts, firmly, boys, I'll give you a good, do not do not have to torture me. But Titus said she, and so will. Then Loch said:
- How, Larissa old are you?
She cries:
- Eighteen.
- In the mouth take, he says.
The girl looked at us anxiously, Loch almost undressed and stood naked to the waist, the bad, his gun swayed. Then he hit Larissa's face:
- Will you?
She fell to the bottom of the tub and out of her mouth started to bleed.
- Will you?
She sobbed and somehow rising, bath smeared with blood from broken knees and lips - I'm on my knees are often viewed in the park when the girls from the left bank riding on a swing-boats, and I knew that some day a girl will these trembling knees , zoom in to the red face, a powerful member of Loja, and strands of hair will close her cheek wet with tears ...
It can be seen never took back in the mouth, and therefore could not stand the Loch. She just kissed a member of caution, obviously kissing her an unknown boy, yes indeed, we of ...
- Why are you the same bitch, tickle it, suck it, I say! - Yelled Loch and Larissa grabbed by the hair, pulled the girl's head on; she cried, it was probably the first serious pain her that night, and she did not know that there will be more ...
She sobbed, but continued to suck, sweet Loch screwed up his eyes. Titus said that he, too, perhaps undress. We milled undressed in the bathroom, and Larissa pressed her face against a member of Loja and he swayed, moaning.
At this point, I looked into the room owl, she was stripped naked and went in stockinged feet and shoes, and her neck was a necklace that girl ... owl wished us success. I looked at her tanned, brown breasts with dark nipples, who knew probably have no man, and he felt a burning desire. We've all hot: it was interesting - in fact we were given a living toy, a soft downy skin, weeping, and warm - and the children's thirst for breaking woke us with unprecedented force ...
Members have been sluggish, then began to rise; Loja has pushed. Titus got into the bathroom; Larisa has been pressed to the bottom of the bath and Titus, almost sat on her ... She was breathing hard, sweat on her forehead, moistened hair ...
She Larissa worked on glory. But Titus, laughing put his hand on her bare left breast, heaving at hand. Titus felt probably the soft skin; and after he had worked as a loader and began to squeeze it.
The girls became sick and she could not stand broke: Member of Titus, already the strained, poured his white splashes on her chest ... Titus cursed. Larisa lay on the bottom of the tub and twisting his mouth, looked at us asking for, is not necessary, they say! Then I rushed to the bathroom and yelled Loch:
- Give me this bitch!
He was still only in a shirt and becoming a bath window, sent a member of the girl. She felt something, but it was too late: Loch peed on it!
A stream of yellowish water poured over her bare breasts and panties - she recoiled, but slipped and fell. Titus and I, smiling, walked to the edge of the bath ...
Now heavily smelled of toilet ... Now she, Larissa was repugnant to me, disgusting; and oddly we did not have our nasty fun. We were normal tough guys - I, Loch, Titus, and even the Powerpuff Girls Owl, and this was the last scum, The Whistleblower.
So Owl told us ... I was pleased to humiliate the naked girl and I took her by the hair and poked in the face gathered at the bottom of a pool bath, but I'm a little too far: because I broke her nose and a pool that was painted pink. Breathing was difficult; the boys decided to wash everything and Titus resorted to boiling water bath. He got to her feet in socks and it first so piteously and hoarsely screamed - burned.
Then I took a shower and took Titus doused her with cold water - in the air hung spray was fresh ... The boys smoked.
- And let's give her "dancing till midnight!" - Titus said.
Larissa pulled out of the bathroom. On the face of it already had several bruises, wet hair ... we tied her hands and feet to the battery and then Loch noticed that she still has not removed any panties or no socks. They pulled and I thought that she had a very beautiful legs - thin ankles, fuzz of hair on the calves, strong but soft feet, and pink fingers. Good girl ...
Titus came first, threw a lit cigarette and hugged her, clung to her naked, crucified on the battery body, a convex protruding breasts. Titus smiled, he carefully introduced cock and suddenly, with a cry pushed it right deep into the body of Larissa. I saw how she moaned like a spasm ran through the slender bare legs. And Titus began to shake dick harder and harder in her womb; He kissed her roughly and greedily, muffling her moans. She has breathed hoarsely, he squeezed it, causing the bend:
- Ahhh ... Ahhh !!
Then I realized that her wrists and ankles start to burn hot battery; and now a member of Titus chuckled inside a jet and it went limp ... Her eyes were closed, beneath the bruises - lips something incoherent whisper ...
Between hair groin trembling clitoris, poor thing. And then I leaned on it. I felt the warmth of her body. His trembling. I was pleased that she is helpless, was this something bestial, dark and so - attractive. I felt the breath of her bare breasts. I tore it inside, where it was the most sacred and it fed my movements, I do not know pain or sweets.
When I kissed her lips weak I was even a little sorry for her. The girl was almost unconscious but it was good and so I pressed again to her bare stomach, roughly squeezed her thighs and groaned all, I let the seed that I took her imperiously, without asking permission, as a man should. Her legs brought another spasm; I walked away and I succeeded Titus, then Loch, then again I ...
Larissa almost rolled his eyes, splashed cold water on her. Tearing himself away from the girls, crucified on the battery, we smoked hurriedly and Owl in the next room we fanned towels. And we argued how this girl will stretch and how much more will pass through it?
All spoiled the Loch. While Titus used Larissa, he ran the Loch with a box of matches and cotton wool that he began to push between the fingers of pink girl's legs. Titus saw it and shouted:
- Come on, come on!
When Loch burned wool, bad smell and the girl start to wiggle his fingers, but the burning wool does not fall out. She began to scream, and it will further provoke Titus: he likes it when women cry ...
In short, it is quite limp, her breasts became flabby and Titus all tired. He stepped back; Larissa almost hung on the battery, and her eyes stopped. And Titus began beating her. Bill he skillfully; She untied her and Titus beat her in the groin, so we all hit her in the groin, at least once, and it was nice to kick it in the place that just gave us pleasure; and at each blow she cried ... We pushed her to the floor and began to trample; and then Titus had brought waders and we take turns trampling her, pressing the heels of her bare breasts and fingers ...
All this, in short, sick of it. We left it in the bathroom and turned on the ice-cold water. And they themselves have gone into another room to the Owl; where we smoked and drank vodka brought by Titus. Owl long walked among us; we are tired of the water, shock, and Owl was naked and fresh, and her hands so gently disturb our members.
And this is our true friend dropped me to my knees. Her hips were before my face, she smelled the shampoo ... and I first touched his lips with delight sin of our friends, then more and more pressed his lips to her bare crotch, reached the same to her slit ... and warm feet of our faithful Owls He began to move and I drowned in passion to disturb her body.
...Meanwhile, beaten Larissa still managed to get out of the bath and crawl on the ground, crawling down the steps of the spat. We caught up with her on the court; Titus again beat her severely and we threw her into the bathroom.
The girl was lying on the bottom, back and her legs were bruised and aspirated, blood was golden fuzz on the calves.
Only remained intact buttocks. Then Owl smiled and pushed Titus to the bath, thin fingers touching his penis. And Titus realized ... He got to the bathroom, leaned on beaten Larissa ... and pushed risen stake dick between her buttocks pristine white ... poor girl tried to stand up and scream. And our little girl, too, climbed into the bath to him and hugging, smiling, Titus, her sharp breasts teased him, and Owl, with a smile, looking at him, clung to him, it was declining ...
His eyes sparkled Loja and we then started to cut the skin of the buttocks at Larissa initial letters of our names; "L" turned out simply, but with a "T" had to tinker ... The girl is no longer screaming, blood running down her thighs, and it was then that she became not interesting. We are stuck between her legs a cloth so as not to bloodshed and left ...
I woke up with an owl. She slept on her chest still frozen moisture; the phone rang. I picked up the phone, called Lokhin said that someone we passed and he wound ... As I later learned, he did not have time ... I woke Owl; she dressed as cops went to our entrance ...
It was a warm summer evening, my wife and son to the rest of Turkey, and we were left alone with the mother. My mother-in-law petite woman

45 years old with a good figure and a bad character, it's over and I decided to play a trick. She came around midnight and leaving the bag in the hallway

He asked me to make her tea. While she was changing in my room, I put it neatly in half tea pill Viagra, stir well, and for greater certainty that she will not notice added to a slice of lemon. Mother-in-law came in bathrobe and smiling took a cup of tea went to him. I pretended to go to sleep that came to my room and began to wait for the result of the experiment. Half an hour later when I vseutihlo stealthily went up to her room and gently opened the door. What I saw shocked me - a nightlight burning in the room naked and mother-in-law was lying on her back legs apart and part of the movement moaning fingering her pussy, her eyes were closed and his chest heaving.

Before that I had never seen my mother-naked and felt that her body is not so beautiful in fact. At this point, it

She turned to the side and in front of me in all its glory appeared round her elastic ass is so attracted to him. plenty admired

Teschin games excited I went to my bed. I was sure that he would come to me, and especially before you go cowards removed.

I lay down stark naked half-sheltered thin sheets. My cock stood like a stick, as time passed and you did not come. I matured plan-

in the corridor in the base was home phone and I dialed from your cell at home. As soon as the phone rang mother-in-law got caught

poalekav tube and put it in place. After standing near the phone I heard it quietly began to open my door. The door opened and I saw the way she looks greedy eyes burning in my dick standing half peeking out from under the sheets. She still stood in dveryahi breathing deeply looked at me. To play along with it, I would like vosne slowly rolled onto his side to face her and sheet remained On the other hand. Now I was lying in front of her completely naked and my cock was a meter away from her. Mother-in-law she tiptoed to the bed and knelt gently stroked my dick hand. It could shake it overcame the situation and relish plunged my stick in your warm soft mouth. Sucking it cool, very gentle and not very fast. She sank my dick deep into her throat and tongue playing vypuskalaego from his mouth. I pretended to be asleep, and he reasoned if I finish my cum swallow it or not.

Mother-in-law at that time quite ohuev sucked with such gusto that I no longer control the situation and rapidly poured his seed into her sensual mouth. Almost choking it without letting my dick swallowed all the sperm and started licking my cock. I licked all the sperm she got up and went to her room. It was my turn and after a while

I reeled on bath towel went into her bedroom. Mother-in-law was standing in an open robe back to me near the open window, smoking a long, thin cigarette. I smoked it very rarely and only after that when there is unreal. Hearing my steps she turned and looked Mnev eyes asked-because it means you do not sleep? I assumed so, but believe me, I do not know what came over me but I really wanted to make you a blowjob. I was just unreal against all logic dragged on you, she said a weary voice. Extinguish the cigarette, she came to me and putting rukimne shoulders passionately kissed me. Kostya, take me, I really wish that you had me, she whispered and gently pushed me onto his bed. I willfully resisted, and gently landed on her bed. A towel left on the floor and I was in a rush to lie naked with excited

member before his mother-though at the time I saw it as a simple woman who can take and keep any existing


She took off her robe and sat down with his legs apart on me. He kissed me on the lips she slowly began to descend over my body. When she kissed

my belly, I grabbed her head in her hands and literally planted her mouth on your hot cock, and she did not resist began to suck my dick.

After playing oral sex, I took the wife's mother's shoulders and moved her to him. When our lips have merged in a searing kiss I turned

on its side so that the mother-in-law was under me. Involuntarily, I caught myself thinking that I am very pleased to kiss a woman who is older than me, her wet hot mouth and warm soft tongue. Kissing her, I felt her hands on his ass, she squeezed my buttocks and I got so carried away that did not notice how her mouth poured a decent portion of their saliva, it is a very deep breath and swallowed my gift. I really wanted to fuck her but I could not enjoy the prelude. One of my hand around her neck and the other worked on her plump shaved pubis. she looked at me, and in her eyes I saw a burning desire that lie and do nothing, I just could not. What do you want? - I asked her ... I want you, fool - she said, and lay back on the bed, just for you ... lick my pussy - poprosilatescha gently, and spread more widely their plump but shapely legs.

I turned to her, slightly reduced in the lap of her legs, and went directly to her against gladkovybritoy wet cunt ... it was beautiful ... I just went scrip from the sight ... swollen with excitement little dark lips and bulging juicy hump, and called me - well, as we lick more, come on, we want you ... and I can not hold back any longer and fell down before its expiring juices bud ... parted lips, I licked between them and began to caress the clitoris ... she arched like a cat and moaned, I licked, sucked and kissed her klitorok, bringing it to unconsciousness, mother-in-law was writhing on the bed and screaming with pleasure ... but that's because my boy, lick it, more, more, do not stop, zasun me his hot tongue into the vagina, but that's so, I'm all yours ... more, more, ... I unconditionally fulfilled all her wishes, I felt the muscles of her vagina contract when I put my tongue back and I drive them there. .. what is it was delicious, I was always ready to drink this juice, which flowed from her ... but she squeezed my legs pressed the head that has the strength and cried out surging at her orgasm, she struggled

on the bed without releasing my lips on her clitoris, and I felt like it implies whitish liquid ... it after a few minutes she let go of my head and sprawled on the bed, and I carefully licked her wet pussy ... Thank you, my little ... I was not so long ago had finished - she whispered ... Oh, you're ready to continue! - She said, looking at my excited and slightly quivering cock ... She turned and stood in front of me on my knees, legs wide apart ... Fuck me in the ass, fuck like the last bitch ... my ass for a long time has been no who fuck and she loves it ... I did not take long to beg, because my eggs were ready to explode from the sperm accumulated there. I was a little down and began gimlet tongue small brown ring that would generously lubricate it before to enter my dick ...

she moaned again, and even stronger than before. it seemed to me that she likes it even more than when I licked her little girl ... plenty enough of her anus, I straightened up and put his head turned red in her ass ... Come on come on, paste it there - she asked - I'm more I can not wait ... I pressed my head began to slowly sink into the hot crater pleasure ... yeah ... she whispered, still, let my boy Pierce me whole ... and now my head was inside ... gushed from me enjoying myself ... groaned and slowly began to insert his penis to the full depth of her wonderful ass ... I spread her buttocks from side to side, allowing deeper stick my dick ... and here I am all in her hot and embracing my cock magic came over me ... I stood inside and enjoy this moment ... Come on, fuck me baby, come on ... mother-in-law asked me ... I began to push his cock back slowly without letting the head slip out this wonderful ring of pleasure ... and then with the force drove him back on the eggs. Yes! like this! That's my boy - cried out in pain and pleasure it is ... and I suffered ... I started as a piston to drive in her ass his hot cock, not without stopping for a second ... Oh-oh-oh - but that's because, fuck me, fuck like the last bitch, I'm your bitch all yours, fuck, fuck me - shouting mother-in-law ... I felt her hand furiously plucking at the clitoris, I can not even imagine right now a heavenly pleasure she felt ... but I was in this time not before, I struggled on her pussy mokrenkuyu their eggs, vdalblivaya his hot cock deep in her insatiable ass ... Yes, my little, come on, come faster !, even faster! I'll come down scrip ... - She screamed, I want to come, please let Myung finish with you ... like, yeah !!!

I felt the sperm rising in my balls, ready to fill in the ass of my wife's mother, I hastened my pace to the chapel, and ... and then I grunted like a wild beast, pouring it flows his hot cum ... she screamed, pounding on me with his ass, dotrahivaya me unconscious and also finished, how many times do not know, because I went and went down into it without thinking about anything else ... She never fell asleep on my chest !! long time I could not sleep scrolling up and down his arms around the situation which happened this cruel and already home mother in law, learn guys!
And filled with the most incredible of her dreams - he last came up to her at a party thrown by her friends, invited to dance, and at the end of the evening offered her home to spend. Veronica was on top of bliss. Friends envious glances accompanied her as she carefully in his hands thrown a cloak said goodbye to them to get away with his arm. And what is most incredible, already saying goodbye to her at her door, he offered to go on holiday with him on his dachu- only two of them. From the thought Veronica soaked panties and she can not cope with the excitement that gripped her at the thought of what they will be engaged in two days at his dacha, just opened the door and ran to the bathroom to under running warm shower to remove the incredible excitement.
Finally, a taxi ran came home Friday and she just waiting for the end of the day, to have time to tidy himself up for his arrival. He drove as he had promised her at eight o'clock and they went to his dacha. The place was velikolepnoe- dense forest, standing alone on the high bank of the river two-storey house.
I have already passed half way to school, you need to cross the road, but I thought, I forgot about it and went ahead mechanically, not noticing anything around. I woke up by a loud cry of the signal and the sharp sound of the brakes. Ten centimeters of me stopped a minibus. I hastened to depart, and the driver thought it their duty to throw a few words in my direction:
- Girl, look where you're going! The machine does not know how to fuck because she only weighs!
By its nature, I could not help but respond to such rudeness, and blurted out:
- The machine can not fuck, it was not taught, but you masturbate even do not know how!
I know what to say stupid, but later did not regret it. The driver turned red with anger, and he was about to jump out of the car that would beat me on the spot, but then he signaled back, and, having got under way, he shouted:
- Well, you got bitch!
I smiled and walked on. I remembered that there are garages nearby, among which are rarely seen human, it was there that I was going to wait until the end of the lesson. And here I am on the ground, I sat down on the concrete slab and nothing better to do decided to check out the biology. But read what was written there, it was impossible to me, looking at a few pictures, again plunged into meditation. Through dreams he heard the sound of approaching cars. I looked up, and froze in anticipation of a major debriefing. I drove the same vehicle, the driver of which I gave a gentle word a few minutes ago. Out of the car came out, now slyly smiling, and the driver headed straight for me. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged her to the car. Shouting was useless around there was no soul. I confess that at that moment I was very scared, this turn of events, I did not expect. He pushed me to the bus, climbed up himself and slammed the door.
- Well bitch, to show you how you were wrong? Look what I can do!
With that, he unbuckled his pants, and there fell out, to put it mildly, rather big advantage. What I said next, from the look monstrously stupid.
- Forgive me, please, I accidentally broke. Let me go, I need to school.
- Well, yes, of course, you came here to learn lessons ... do not make me laugh a little progulschitsa, punished for mistakes, so shut up and be patient while I educate you:
From fear, I could not say a word. He grabbed my head and pushed to its members.
- Suck, not worse.
This has led not only to take into account the one when he almost hit me on the road, my thoughts were busy with pornographic scenes from the movie's new, that tossed me my girlfriend. Porn - was a hobby of mine, and although I myself was still a virgin, sex theory class I knew from before. To my great happiness the driver was not properly dressed and disgusts me. Once his cock buried in my face, I felt an irresistible urge to take him in her mouth and show this Zaznayka that I'm not so inexperienced as he thinks. I was wildly anxious to see the surprise in his eyes, mixed with with what not comparable pleasure. I gently touched the head of the language, as it were, teasing him and then plunged his phallus in her hot wet mouth. The driver grunted and more tightly planted my head on his cock. To save it from unnecessary movements I began to suck his own dignity deeper and deeper. Uchaschaya sucking, movement I began to fumble with one hand already swollen clit and the other was massaging his testicles. Then I took his penis out of his mouth and my tongue slid down to the ground between his penis and testicles. My
Soon I lost all hope. But late one night back sraboty I noticed my neighbor vkompanii her friends, yahotel pozdarovatsya come when he noticed something strange in their behavior, my neighbor was drunk and then it hit me. I walked a little away so we got to the entrance where she said goodbye to her friends for a long time and tearfully kissing and cuddling and began to climb the stairs. I caught up with her and took her pozdorovavschis locale and asking her about this and that started in his apartment. The fact that his wife worked night and Oksyn husband was on a business trip. When she realized where she was, she zaponyakovala but I convinced her that we just drink a cup of coffee with cognac and all. I was in the cheap detective added her sleeping pills mixed with the already drunk brandy and it turn it off immediately.
Here I have to step back and explain. I recently wanted her so many times and it was mentally that I no longer wanted the usual sex, not a lot of patience, and you (the woman so long excite us but kept at a distance) will see how far we can make it.
I gently freed her from the clothes are not paying attention to her simple, but so exciting underwear or her so long ago desirable body, all that I can be satisfied then if now I have all come out, moving her into the bath, I put on her collar, belt and the bracelets on the hands, feet, knees and elbows. All this I designed myself and it, allows to me to give it any position with a different degree of freedom. I stuck her hands to his waist and legs knee bracelets to the collar on his knees drawn up to his stomach Maxim. Taking an enema, I filled it with warm water, and wearing on her head with a long speculum I smear her ring anus cream became quickly enter a tip in her gut at the same time I opened the tap to the maximum so that the jet of water has helped me to realize our plans. And if while I was preparing Oksana she sleepily bormatala something trying to dismiss poorly here she suddenly tried to kick coming to himself, but as you get right say it was too late. I managed to enter the tip to the extreme and pumped expander on the end of it in tight stalled. Now neither he nor water from the enema can not go out with her anus until I depressurised. And finally, this delightful moment her stomach begins to fill with life-giving moisture. Knechno-she has become to recover, though not quite understanding what was happening, began to pull his arms and legs, even tried to scream, but prusmotritelno inserted gag prevented her. I'm in no hurry, I knew that even some 2-3 minutes and the amount of water in her bowels will not bring her the inconvenience that she feels now, and the pain that nastayaschy skazhdym push or attempt to escape will continue to grow, so it shall be otogda she is ready to talk . I carefully IP huge excitement looked at her. I know for myself how painful and unpleasant first enema, because much of what she now will experience (though to be honest gently) I poprobyval on myself because at first I like it, and secondly to know what it feels . And this moment was her eyes were huge as she began to fade so it is always a flat belly swelled considerably and I reduced pressure. Although it poured while only about a liter of water for the first time it's a lot because there are more of her feces and even then it is too tight and rampaged (fool does not understand yet that it is necessary to calm down and relax, and it will be easier Well, nothing time there and it More time to put a personal record for the number of received water. it is a pity not skem arrange tote as-is it a couple of hours can safely take, then there for most of the pain will have to play with the water temperature and additives) STOP STOP STOP not bude get ahead as they say more no evening. we just forgot mine Oksanen. She is filled with Exact time as the ball. AGA its beginning nauseated I shut the water tried to explain sney but that's really the only woman ka came a little relief she jerked back and began to shine through the eyes. Nothing I opened again at full capacity tap oyasnyayas with it. Sweetheart Ochs me if you have not realized fully aware of the situation and can bring you such torment of which you have no idea, When in use, you are faster with this svykneshsya. . I do not have time to finish the pressure made his eyes deloiz proud neighbor, tears running gag through saliva probivaetsya and dripping down his chin, and lo prisposoblenchistva it slowly so as not to shake the water, arching her insides nodding my head ...

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Turning sharply, I said to two of his murids
- Abdullah Saeed, and our life in the hands of Allah, but we dearly give life in all its glory, are you ready?
- Mr. Ready, guns loaded, our swords are just waiting for the blood of these dogs papists.
-Well, the innkeeper papist, start with him, and will keep the defense at the door. We descend down my friends.
Silently stepping holding swords and pistols at the ready we went down to the pub.
The innkeeper was quite pyan-
- And the emir, join us, we now drink blood gugenotov.-
In the hands of the pig was a rusty sword, and there was blood on it. Looking closer, I saw that he is in krovi- standing over the corpse of his neighbor, lying outstretched legs, with a wide wound on his back.
I knew the dead man, it was not the old man, but rigorist, an expert on the Bible and Aristotle, we often argue, and I visited him at home.
He had two adoptive daughters, or rather the daughter of his late brother, they always participated in our conversations, starshaya- Helen had acute independent mind, she was twenty-five, it was a big connoisseur of Jewish texts, fifteen Jeanne longer listened eagerly, sometimes inserting relevant remarks.
It could be called a worthy man, and if at all you can say about the wrong dog, but it is, in my opinion, was too hard on his players: poor dress, prayer, endless posts. Frankly speaking, it was unduly harsh and stingy. But he was already ...
- He thought he was an honest ligist help him, ha! She brought their hungry whores, so we pozabavimsya-
innkeeper looked stupid with sleep in a corner. There, still as a statue at Notre Dame, were girls.
- Right now come to the neighbors, the butcher and the shoemaker, uh, well, right now we are whores Rastel, stroll, and then paste them into the pussy cola, cut out of the uterus. Damn Huguenot, try our cocks in every hole, before he died!
He swayed and put his foot on the head of trupa- Schass ...
My saber flashed and he was wheezing and covered with blood down beside his victim.
- Quiet - I crushed starting noise of women and on tiptoe ran up to the door- there approached.
Cannonballed it, the door opened
- Hde whore - the room spinning yuloy dropped hog butcher to have dropped down his pants. Right behind him in a dirty cap and halberd, headfirst, he staggered completely drunk shoemaker.
The three of us with Abdullah Saeed and a pair of ductile again swung his sword, and it was all over. A delicious smell of blood and steam room was quiet, just vomited in the corner of the younger girls. The street cries moved on.
I ordered
- Stay on guard if they will shoot a lot, I'll be down. But single chop without sound, run and chop.
Approaching women, I said,
- For me, the top, quickly!
They glancing at the corpses, seeds began to climb the stairs.
The room I drew the curtains, lit a few candles, and turned to the girls, holding hands tightly.
- Do you have relatives or friends that you can trust?
- No, we have no one no- replied Helen,
- Then I have for you, there are two ways, first - I quickly and painlessly kill you, second- I take you both as a wife and you are coming with me to Africa and on to Arabia and .... Shambhala. Decide only fast.
- As a wife? Who are you to decide for us? Why do not we just leave alone?
- I will not leave decent and educated women at the mercy of the crowd cattle, and the better I'll kill you. If I'm responsible for you, then you have to obey me implicitly. And this is possible only if I'm going to master over your bodies and souls. Every word I say to you should be the law.
- I am ready to die, but my sister ...
- I do not want do not want do not want to !! - Jeanne clung to her sister and began to shake.
- If you want your sister to remain alive and consent you-
I amused
From the very first day he introduced very strict rules. All the boys had to be cut short. We nashellsya one guy who did not want to shear off his long hair and because of this there was a constant conflict between him and the military instructor.
But is not the case, and that the military instructor often thrown to replace other teachers if they were absent and could not hold a lesson. Mabe took up the replacement of any lesson. This is usually turned into what he first 10 minutes just reading from the book the theme you want, and then ask for it. And the answer is correct, it is estimated by one of its only known system. And most of all, if he had a little cut one in what he gave us, the estimates were very low. If the old forest was dark for him, such as physics, we can safely hang him complete nonsense and he had no choice but to put a good estimate, even complete Losers.
He could, for no reason at all to shout, come and hit on the head with a ruler, the one who cheated his neighbor. His character was unpredictable and explosive.
Exit on a small need, it was practically impossible with his lesson. And this is how it once was a lesson in literature and the replacement we put Alexander Stanislavovich. It has been half of the lesson, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, Lera Bryukhanova raised her hand. Ljerka was 14 years old, she was of medium height, with a great slim figure and pretty face. Cute And so that all the boys in our class were secretly in love with Ljerka potions. But the most important advantage Lerkinym Ljerka, was her chest. Boob larger were only Katka Samoilenko, but Katya was very thick on myself here boobs were her great. Ljerka same was slender and looking at her breasts under a blouse, it was possible to finish even just from the sight. It complements it all red hair to the blades and that Ljerka always wore skirts, which further emphasized her femininity and sexuality.
-What do you want?
-Allow me to please leave. (Usually one of the teachers of men could not refuse Lerke almost anything. Even if Lera missed a lesson, it was worth it to go to the teacher and his cute smile at him just smile all the questions reshaly at the same moment)
-What more. The lesson is over, and then go out.
-Well, Alexander S., please I very much want the toilet.
-And I want to fuck very much, so what do I do?
In general, it does not differ Meybaha high culture. He sometimes slipped abusive words when he was very angry.
After 5 minutes, Lera raised her hand again.
-Alexander S., please allow me to leave. I very much need.
-Be patient. Here I am in the army has suffered, and now you will suffer.
I do not know what to think Ljerka, but she just put the notebook and textbook in his bag, he got up and walked to the exit.
-Where are you going this coming? Mabe rebelled. -I Command you to leave not give.
But Ljerka calmly answered
-This is not the army. You can not make me carry your stupid orders.
-Yes, I love you in a powder erase, stupid snotty.
-Fuck you nafig. Said Lerka and Meybaha passing by, came the class door.
-Well, I'll show you! Skazla enraged Alexander stanslavovich. Having one big step, he was at the Ljerka behind and grabbed her by the hair and then pulled them over so that Ljerka fell on her back.
-I'll teach me to be rude bitch.
Mabe, firmly grabbing her by the hair, dragged her to the teacher's desk, standing at the window.
-Let me go, yelled Ljerka.
-Shut up bitch.
Military director Ljerka dragged to the teacher's desk and let go of her hair. Ljerka rose from the floor and stood up on his feet.
-I complain to you Director.
-Yes, even I memorized. You got me a bitch. I'm in the army like you greenhorns, girls delal.Skazal Alexander S., and all of a sudden, with all his strength struck her in the face with his fist.
Everyone in the class gasped. Mabe caught lying on the floor Ljerka shoulders, lifted and laid on his stomach on the teacher's desk, so it is completely laid on the table face down and only his legs hanging off the table.
-Knockout. He said military instructor and opened a drawer and took out a rope tied his hands deft movements Lerke to the legs of the table.
-Well, what a bitch, you'll know how to argue with me.
Mabe Lerke walked to the back lying on the table. A sudden movement, he grabbed the edge of the skirt lifted her up. On Lerke wore lace panties. Gripping the edge of the panties he pulled them down, and all the boys gasped seen.
We all saw Lerkinu pussy. Labia and clicking between them.
Ljerka already pulled myself together by the knockdown and zakvopla.
-What do you do, let me immediately.
-Shut up, or I'll stop up.
Mabe grabbed a rag, which wiped the chalk and plugged Lerke mouth so that she could only mumble.
Mabe Lerke walked to the back and began to paw hand Lerkinu pussy.
-You're already wet, he said military director and immediately withdrew his hand.
Ljerka stsala. From her pussy trickle leaking urine.
-Stsykuha smelly. When finished Ljerka stsat, Mabe pulled down his pants, underpants and all the girls gasped, seeing his rampant cock.
Holding hand on his penis, military director began to stroke the head of a member Lerkiny labia.
Ljerka probably realizing that it now vyebet front of the class, quickly began to wag his ass.
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