And filled with the most incredible of her dreams - he last came up to her at a party thrown by her friends, invited to dance, and at the end of the evening offered her home to spend. Veronica was on top of bliss. Friends envious glances accompanied her as she carefully in his hands thrown a cloak said goodbye to them to get away with his arm. And what is most incredible, already saying goodbye to her at her door, he offered to go on holiday with him on his dachu- only two of them. From the thought Veronica soaked panties and she can not cope with the excitement that gripped her at the thought of what they will be engaged in two days at his dacha, just opened the door and ran to the bathroom to under running warm shower to remove the incredible excitement.
Finally, a taxi ran came home Friday and she just waiting for the end of the day, to have time to tidy himself up for his arrival. He drove as he had promised her at eight o'clock and they went to his dacha. The place was velikolepnoe- dense forest, standing alone on the high bank of the river two-storey house.