It was a warm summer evening, my wife and son to the rest of Turkey, and we were left alone with the mother. My mother-in-law petite woman

45 years old with a good figure and a bad character, it's over and I decided to play a trick. She came around midnight and leaving the bag in the hallway

He asked me to make her tea. While she was changing in my room, I put it neatly in half tea pill Viagra, stir well, and for greater certainty that she will not notice added to a slice of lemon. Mother-in-law came in bathrobe and smiling took a cup of tea went to him. I pretended to go to sleep that came to my room and began to wait for the result of the experiment. Half an hour later when I vseutihlo stealthily went up to her room and gently opened the door. What I saw shocked me - a nightlight burning in the room naked and mother-in-law was lying on her back legs apart and part of the movement moaning fingering her pussy, her eyes were closed and his chest heaving.

Before that I had never seen my mother-naked and felt that her body is not so beautiful in fact. At this point, it

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I lay down stark naked half-sheltered thin sheets. My cock stood like a stick, as time passed and you did not come. I matured plan-

in the corridor in the base was home phone and I dialed from your cell at home. As soon as the phone rang mother-in-law got caught

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member before his mother-though at the time I saw it as a simple woman who can take and keep any existing


She took off her robe and sat down with his legs apart on me. He kissed me on the lips she slowly began to descend over my body. When she kissed

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