All! Enough! Tired! Tired!
New life, the purpose of which the acquisition of inner freedom and harmony of the senses. On the wing! Only forward! The only catch - gravity, but it has no power. She was weak. Deviator already adamant. He is, and this must be considered! Is considered to be one and the same gravity! Overcome!
On the wing! In flight! Freedom rages in the breast. The whole body - one in a rush. Heart excited but confident in his ch¸tkom rhythm! Delight from the frenzy of fearlessness. No barriers, no problem! To hell with the problem, the devil obstacles! Laws - a chimera! Perversions - nonsense! Dull commandments - nonsense! Sanctimonious advice - insanity! Only in flight to the unknown earlier, its hidden, but this Munk heights of imagination.
Takeoff, the last touch and everything. Deviator took an ocean of air space! Flight! It's so cool! Freedom! It is wonderful! Spirit freezes delight offense. As inspiration! I am free! I decided! Once at altitude, and here it is, the long-awaited! Flight.
The flight deviator!

"Most of my ...