At such moments, I froze, hidden behind the trunk of a nearby tree, and admiring from afar - the girl was damn good. Long black hair flowed over her shoulders until wasp waist, tight jeans emphasized the strong elastic ass - oh, I love these ass, this is not any flat board, which is impossible to determine where it goes in the back. Easy front white blouse exciting raises, unable to hide the young succulent breasts. He ... It bothered me the least. The typical student, intelligent, bespectacled, and that only the girls in such finding. With this no problems - clearly not a hero.
A couple deepened further in the park, obviously not paying attention to the deepening twilight, nor the fact that long ago left behind the city lights with random passers-by, the same fans outdoor activities. - Well, perhaps that's enough to pull, - I thought, when she once again hung from the gentleman in his arms, and a leisurely pace toward them.
They noticed me when I was just three steps. The girl screamed in terror of surprise, recoiling.
- What do you need? - The student, adjusting the nose points a finger, tried to block it with his frail little body.
- Hero ... - I thought, grinning, and abruptly, without swing, hit him in the face. The boy screamed, bent down and grabbed the broken nose hands out from under them a creek bleeding. Grabbing his hair, just to be sure I put him on the knee. Making sure that this side of the resistance is no longer in sight, I slowly took out a bracelet, pulled his back to a tree, and the head of his hands by the barrel, snapped the handcuffs on them. After these manipulations, I turned to his friend, who watched in horror for a while, unable to move from fear. Squatting down, I lit a cigarette, staring at her. Hmm, so it will not work, it would be necessary to withdraw from the stupor - I got up and lazily walked up to her and slapped across the face with a sweep. The girl screamed, tears streamed from his eyes. Well, we aggravate the effect - I got a large predatory species knife and held it to the tip of her face.
- You will do all that I say, or less often on small pieces of both, understand?
She nodded, her cheeks large hail tears rolled down.
- Well, that's fine, I know that we will understand each other - I removed the knife. - What's your name?
- Natasha - a barely audible voice she murmured.
- Well, Natasha, let's not waste time. Undress.
- Undress? What for?
- Strange question, girl - I grinned. - How to say it .. In general, today we're going to have sex. I make myself clear? Simply put, I'm going to fuck you. So take off your clothes, do not waste time. Oh, and advice - Folds neatly clothes, if you behave well, she'll still need. On, glotni. - I gave her a flask of brandy.
After a few sips, she calmed down, her cheeks flushed.
- Drink more! So ... Well, now much better. Undress, undress, then you wait, you think you can help your knight?
Upon hearing this,