- You have not seen my green hairpin? - Asked once Olga at Svetka.
- No, I have not seen. You're the same yesterday put it on the nightstand.
- That's what put. And now I can not find.
For the third week, they rested in a student camp on the beach. They and four other girls lived in a small cozy house, which in the set were scattered on the mountainside above the sea. Within two weeks they had pretty decent tan (repeatedly visited on a wild beach), go for a swim in the sea and try other attractions typical of the student camp. Now, a change was coming to an end. Ahead of waiting for the 3rd course.
For some time Olga began to notice the loss of small things. That small coins somewhere disappear, then an apple. At first she did not give it much importance, but today lost her favorite barrette. They were in the house together. The rest of the girls went to the beach, and Olga decided to share his suspicions with Svetka. It turned out that Sveta also noticed missing any detail.
- Well, what do we do? Maybe in the lockers to see?
- You what? Crazy, climb into other people's bedside?
- So, in my same one I used to climb!
- And you want as well?
At this point their argument interrupted. The door opened and entered into the house Julia. On collar T-shirt she hung Holguin green barrette. Sveta nudged Olga, that she was silent. Julia picked up something from the bedside table and ran away again.
- Did you see?
- Here's your answer.
- I must say the girls.
In the evening, before lights out, when we all gathered in the house, Olga went to Julia, and casually asked:
- Yuille, have you seen my green hairpin?
- N-no, - he said Julia stumbled slightly.
- I saw - Sveta went to Julia's bedside table, opened a drawer and pulled out a hairpin.
- Wow - Lena also looked into the box - but my nail clippers.
All the girls gathered around Julia. She sat on the bed with her face in her hands.
- So, here is where disappear galoshes, - tried to joke Larissa - Well, well, my friend, tomorrow go to nachlagu - Julie tore her hands from her face.
- It is not necessary to the head. I was also kicked out of the camp.
- Aha! And from the institute, I think, too, - Larissa said. Julia began to cry.
- Girls, I'm sorry, I'm not anymore:
- And more and do not.
- Previously, it was necessary to think, instead of tears is now casting - Everyone was angry and agitated and threatened to move the conversation in a banal fight.
- So, what do we do with it?
- To the chief. Let it understands.
- Please do not to the chief!
- Can you imagine what would be a scandal?
- Let it be! But get rid of this: thieves!
- There is another way - suddenly said quietly Sveta. All at once fell silent and looked at her.
She asks in her hand the envy of all the girls - long, handmade, braided leather strap. Once she bought it on opening day. The belt was nearly round, about two meters long. Usually, going to a disco, she asks tying it with some nice host. Now she was holding a folded several times a belt in his hand, and waved them in no uncertain terms. At the sight of the eyes of Julia wide. She even stopped crying.
- You want me to beat? - It is not immediately found a word.
- Do not just beat him, and punished - explained she asks. All nodded - so what to choose: either it - Sveta showed strap - or the chief.
- And how many times will you? .. - Julia's voice was trembling.
- Well, I think - Sveta looked at the others, - five times is normal.
- Twenty five!? - Julia was ready to burst into tears again.
- Yeah. Or Head - Julia began to cry again. A minute passed:
- I agree:
- Then take off your clothes.
Julia stood up and shaking hands began to take off his shirt. Then followed shorts. When it was the turn to shoot a swimsuit, Julia looked around, looking for sympathy, but they all looked at her in anticipation of punishment. She sobbed and pulled the straps of her bra. Then he slowly withdrew melting and froze, one hand covering her breasts and the other - the pubic hair. Unlike the other girls, Julia does not light up on a wild beach and now trail by swimsuit stood milky white skin against the backdrop of sun.
- Lie down on his stomach on the bed, - commanded Sveta.
Julia knelt beside the bed and lay down on her chest.
- You hold or you yourself? ..
- Keep:
The two girls took Julia's hands, two legs. Before that Larisa has invested in her mouth folded several times a sanitary napkin and covered her wide piece of adhesive tape.
- To the teeth are not broken, - she explained. Julia obeyed.
Sveta got up from the side, turned the belt so that it turned a kind of lashes with a few tips, widely swung and struck the first blow. Draw an arc with a whistle, belt with a resounding slap down on Yulia's ass. Several pink stripes splash a line triangle of white skin. When the pain reached her consciousness, she snapped, her eyes opened wide and she screamed loudly. More specifically I tried to scream. Gag and acted instead of crying only got a low moan. Sveta hesitated a little, watching as pink stripes gradually poured redness, swung, saw how Julia's buttocks are compressed in anticipation of impact, and struck again. After each hit Julia jerked all over, her eyes rolled tears. If not for the gag, she would have screamed out loud. Having five strokes, Sveta gave way to Larissa and execution continued. So, with a few interruptions, until the girls were changing, Julia received twenty blows. The last beat Olga. By the time the priest was covered Julia chaotic interplay of pink, red and purple stripes. Olga was very angry with Julia because of its pins, so I decided to "diversify the menu". She folded the strap so that it is longer. Legs Julia were spread wide. Olga swung and hit below the buttocks. Belt grabbed his leg and hit the inside of the thigh. Julia, crying incessantly now howled. The second blow fell on the other foot. Then the same thing happened. When it was the turn of the last strike, Olga went around the bed and stood, hugging her legs Yulia's head. She took the belt from the one long loop. All watched with interest for its preparations. Olga widely swung and struck the final blow. Belt, slipping between divorced buttocks, reached the most intimate places. Mad with pain Julia jumped up with such force that the girl has not been able to keep her. The punishment was over.
- Well. Now just - Sveta said.
Feeling that her hands are free, the first thing Julia, tore the gag from her face. Then she tried to touch his burning ass .... This caused a new twinge, and Julia sobbed, burying her face in the pillow. So she cried a few minutes and already started to calm down, suddenly got a new charge of pain. She screamed into my pillow, and tried to close his hands, but found only a wet towel on his ravaged ass. About half an hour later she calmed down and was able to go to bed.
The next morning Julia's revision tables has been arranged. Many things that were considered lost, were found. Days until the end of Julia not bathed change. Even on the beach she was lying in a long skirt of light, slightly opening the legs and pleading "women affairs".