"Hello, come, Anastasia, is not it. Can I take your coat? Could you get up in the middle of the room and just slowly turn around. Very well, your snapshots is not fair to you, you're really very, very beautiful. Now let's deal with the necessary formalities and remove them from the road. Did you bring your birth certificate, is not it. Sorry, well, you understand that I can only work with adults over 18 years. So, all right, if I had not held him in my hands, I would have thought that you no 16. Are you sure that it does not belong to your senior SISTROM? Just kidding, just kidding, really. So now sign this form. It is simply said that you agreed to pose for erotic pictures and Me that will own all rights to the photo. So, right, sign here. And one last thing, I shut the door with a key, but not to keep you here, and not to let outsiders enter here. The key is in the lock, and you can leave whenever you want.
Well, let's start by looking at the lens, slightly above the face, legs crossed, hands on his knees, that's so good, now do me a seductive look. Excellent Nastya, now just unbutton the top two buttons on her blouse. No, I'm sorry, we need to unbutton another. Well, Now run inside his left hand and put it on the right breast. Oh, please, it's for the camera. Well, now look at me directly, and easy to portray displeasure. Super now pull up her skirt a little bit up, a little bit more and a little bit more, well, come on, let the camera see the edge of the gum on your stockings, you're wearing socks, is not it? Clever, super, tights look much worse than in the film. And the belt to stockings? Terrific! Now, just unbutton the last two buttons of her blouse and release it over the ends of the skirt, come on, the camera requires you to look tempting. Well, now open your blouse and pull the ends to him behind his back. So, I'm sorry, I just replace the film in the camera.
Okay, now turn your back on me. Look at me over his shoulder, and now just come down blouse and bared one shoulder, just below, come on, it's for the camera. Now on the other shoulder and down to the middle of the back, super, and now smile, you know you have a very charming smile. Now go down to the bottom of her blouse, so that it is kept only on the palms, come on, you're a big girl, what kind of erotic if we do not see a little bit of open body? That done, simply drop it on the floor. Now look at me, come on smile. Well you look simply fantastic.
Now, just unbutton sconces, come on, it's just for the camera, no need to do this kind are concerned, do not worry, in the end, you stand back to me. Okay, now just take away the straps from her shoulders, fantastic, look up, and crooked smile, super. OK throw bra top blouse. Oh, come on, there's just you and the camera, no one will see. Good girl, now the smile, just put your hands on your hips and look straight at me. Sorry, we need to change film.
OK ready to continue? Just turn to me a little bit, even a little, no, do not close, keep your hands on your hips. Go on, come on, just you and the camera, remember? no one else here. Come on, continue to turn, even a little bit, and still, well, that's all. Well, you see, that's unfolded, keep your hands on your hips. Shrugged, no need to hide it. You know I'm not mistaken you're really very, very beautiful, for your complexion such large breasts, perhaps the third dimension? No? more! nearly a fourth, 32D just right? amazing. With such a physique such excellent form. And how many in your growth? 164 cm fine. She is delightful and perfectly keeps its shape, the most beautiful creation of the nature of what I had just seen. Now a little smile, come on, for the camera. Your teeth are ideal, you must constantly smile now, just unbutton her skirt, well done, unzip to the end, remember, you are one with the camera. Super now pull the skirt down a bit, so that the camera could see your belt. And now even lower, just show the elastic of her panties from under her skirt, and now even lower and still lower now put her down to the knees, remember only you and the camera. Now just let it fall to the floor, and will remove leg to the pile of his clothes. Wait so a couple of seconds, it is necessary once again to change the film.
You do not often wear a belt with stockings, do not you? No, I do not think so. You should skip braces on the inside of her panties, so much more convenient if you, for example, it is necessary to use the toilet, and so they look more natural. Could you just detach them and skip inside, come on, it will make the picture much more erotic. Great, now we can go on, do not hesitate, come on, now, just turn your back to me. Right now podden thumbs gum panties and pull them slightly down and still down, and even slightly down, no, you should keep your knees divorced Arrange the legs, even a little, remember you're here alone, just you and the camera. Below, rotten ahead and let them down to the knees, and smile. The OK, fantastic, now the damage to their ankles, so now pull out one leg, and continue to bend down. Ok, now just Establishments hands behind his back and put them on the belt. Super. Now take their buttocks, fine. Well done, now just a little pull buttocks apart, there you have to keep your feet apart, again and again. The OK, super, and now just need you to be pulled in different directions halves, stronger, come on, even stronger pull, so stand still for a few seconds. Well, relax, we have to change film.
OK, ready to continue? Let's do the following, simply sit in this armchair, no, we must not close his hands, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Come on, smile. Now spread your legs apart. I know, I know, it's your first time and you are not sure whether you want it, but you know, you're really very beautiful, and I think you're just divine in the pictures. Okay, spread your legs, clever, and now a little bit more. Now BOAD left leg on the arm, clever. Well, now your right leg, come on, just you and the camera. Now put down the down the right hand and shove your index finger in the crack.
Sorry, Nastya, but nothing happened. You're really beautiful, but you have there is just too much hair. No, I'm sorry, but we can not continue with all the hair down there. I think you should get dressed and go home. Sorry, but I just do not have enough good pictures to sell them, which means that it makes no sense to me to continue and pay you your $ 500. No, of course, if you want, we can remove the hair and continue; Yes, I have the necessary equipment in the studio. OK, so unless you really want it. Have you ever used to shave down there? In this case, you need my help. The easiest way is if you stay sitting as you sit with your feet on the arms, let me just put this towel under you.
Now, first of all remove all the long hairs, this elektrotrimer just perfect for this; I'm sorry, it will vibrate, but it did not take long. Sorry, but I have to touch your cunt, I need to be able to move your lips to remove all the hairs. So, I'm sorry if he pulled a couple of especially long hair. Now rise up, turn around, stand up knees on the chair so that I can get to your popochki. Well, get up on my knees and spread your buttocks as widely as possible. Oh, sorry, that made you jump, but I should be able to touch the back of your holes to remove all the hairs.
Well, that's fine, now again ... sit in a chair, put his feet on the armrests, so that I can shave off the remaining stubble. I just squeezed the foam in the required places and vzobyu bit. Sorry if the process seems to be too intimate to you, but it's worth it and it is necessary. I'm sorry, but I need to be able to touch your private parts to shake up as it should. Come on, do not look so scared shave one of the most common processes in the world, millions of girls do it every morning. You see, that's not so bad, do not worry, I'm going to use a new blade and I promise you I did not hurt you there. Now I need to push your lips and insert there a couple of fingers to allow the blade to capture everything.
You see, not all that bad, especially if I'm doing like this, no, do not be clamped, just relax, just let it happen. You see, it is not so unpleasant, I see, you begin to like it, especially if I start to get a finger from time to time. Well, just let me continue to thrust and take it out, and now a little faster, and another finger. Come on, do not limit yourself, just let it hold you. You know you want it, just relax. Well, I like it when you scream with pleasure, I'll just continue to do that, but a little faster. No one has done this before, is not it to you? No, I do not think, but I'm sure you would get such pleasure often, clever, you have got after today, and now chill, otdyshites, I slow down and even slower. Good. I see you've got your pleasure serving, now once again turn your back on me, we need to finish.
You know, it really looks great, now just need to lubricate all massage oil to remove the redness and give the skin shine, the photos it looks great. So let's all good ... smazhem. I'm sorry I scared you, my finger just slipped into your own ass, and by the way, have you got there everything is so natural, and not crowded. Okay, okay, relax, I'm just going to use your other hand to lubricate your Kisochka ... and the clitoris, just so they do not feel deprived attention. No, do not pinch, oh I'm sorry, I thought you uncomfortable, I did not realize that you started to enjoy my massage. For now, just let me stick my first, well, and the second finger a little deeper, you see, I knew you'd like it. Now let me add there is another finger, relax, there is still plenty of room. See, I told you, there is still room. And you really started up from my massage, and you like it do not you? Now, with the addition of extra lubrication ... Ya think. I can. To thrust. In your. Ass. Another one. Thumb. But I'm inside ... I know, I know, now there are actually several tugovato and your ass a little bit uncomfortable, just relax and discomfort is reduced, while I'll work on your clitoris. Well done, umnichka, come on, stop, just let it happen. And even faster, and more, come to an end. I bet you have never cum so good and sweet in your life. Keep shout. A. So far. I just. Want. Stick. It. Yet. Hardly. Farther.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it hurts, but I've already finished my hand inside to the very brush. Yes, I know that I fucking bastard, but you just relax and decrease pain, and you may be able to cum again. I know, I know, it's not something for what you came here, but you've already finished a couple of times, did not you, and if you relax I'll help you finish again. Okay, just relax the muscles, and I will fuck you hand. Well, no, of course I'm not broke, I used a lot of grease. Come on, just relax, I promise you'll like {someday, may be}. Clever, you see, she relaxes, now I can move my arm again. No, I swear I will not shove it on, I'll just be a little move it back and forth. Yes, I know, I know, I have done for a bastard, but you must admit that you are once again excited and I think again you are going to come, is not it?
See, I told you, you can scream if you want, I'll just add a little oil. This very strong, much stronger than the previous ones. I knew you'd like, just let me go a little faster and do more long broach, I want a little bit more to bring you to the final moment. Well, cry and make a noise like you please, just keep ending. OK, i'm not going to rush, relax. Mother of God, my hand got into you almost to the elbow! Okay, okay, just relax, I stop, I'm sorry, maybe a little bit sick, I just. I'm going. Get. His hand. Okay, well, that's it, just relax. Well, you have a hole there! Five centimeters less. Yes, I know, I'm sorry, I just could not resist. Yes, yes, I know that you can call the cops and tell them that you "In my ass stuck his hand up to the elbow"An hour later it will know the whole city, all your friends and neighbors, in addition you also sign a release form, which among other things you have agreed to participate in sexual acts.
Just sit here for a while and rest, until I make your cocoa with milk. Here, drink this, you should just get better. No, no, I promise, no damage for life. Yes, of course, you have a hole there now, but all recovered, she was just three centimeters in diameter. By the way let me make a few shots, they will sell like hot cakes, and you will earn a few extra hundred. That's right, and so, now turn around to me popochkoy, cave in the back, smile, well done. Now put your hands on your buttocks, just push the them stronger, you have a great hole there turned out. Buyers like the young and seemingly naive angels with rastrahannymi asses. Now shove your index and middle finger of his left hand into his hole, removed. Now push the jaw with his right hand, well done, now added to his crack a couple of fingers of the right hand, clever. So, now sit in a chair, feet on the armrests, and then shove two fingers in the ass, and now in the pussy, massage the clitoris, clever. Now let a couple of shots standing. Turn back to me, Arrange the legs wider, look at me now rotten, lower hands on the buttocks, divorce, more broadly, clever, now again two fingers in the ass, and now two fingers of the other hand there, pull, we need the space between fingers, pull, pull, do not forget to smile, I know, I know, it hurts, but we also have professionals clever. The pictures doubly hole will look awesome. Everyone can sit down to rest.
Do not worry, it is not so big and is not used to you it seems that it is a huge, think four fingers. Do not worry, your ass is completely closed in an hour and a half or something like that. Just next time you will be much easier to take away the palm. Yes, yes, I know that right now you're thinking, no next time, never in my life and all that. But when you reflect on everything in a calm head, you realize that such a comprehensive orgasm you never get with the help of only one member. Wait, I have, by the way, there was another little idea. No, no, it has nothing to do with your long-suffering ass. Just sit back, BOAD feet on the armrests and push the jaw wider. No, no, what are you, I promise, I'm not going to thrust his hand into your pussy, only a couple of fingers. You see, you're excited once again, ready to cum again? Relax, do not hold back, just let it happen, you can moan. You see, once you have finished, but the truth is it was not as bright as compared to hand in your ass, do not you? No, I promised that I will not shove your hand there, just push the its jaws wider, while I thoroughly grease the it. Sorry, it just chilly ... I had to heat it beforehand, but nothing, now it will heat up inside. Come, kindle your lips even wider, relax, relax, just let's do it. Well, you can yell, almost inside, and a little bit more, a good girl, we are in now, just relax and it will go on as it should.
No, it is not the hand, and not a dildo, a bottle of beer, but do not worry because it is small, 0.33, Budweiser. I know, I know, I'm daffy bastard, but when you once again to finish, I think you're a little bit to change his mind, does not it? I think so. I am convinced that the best way to make a girl cum after a great anal fisting, it's good to fuck her bottle like this. Your moans like music, now just get on your knees, on a chair, while I take off my pants. Okay, just relax and push the buttocks, while I grease the his penis. Of course you can, there is not a crack, there is a bottle in the ass. Of course, fit, fit the hand well, no, he is not fat like a sausage, a larger than normal. No, I promise, you will not be hurt, let's put his head back in his chair, relax and push the wider buttocks. Till. I'll try. To thrust. Him. Inside. Here I am. No, I promise, if he did not stop, I'll get a bottle of your recording. Come on, relax. The head is already inside. Shit, he still intermeddle. I know, I know, my mom fucking with a horse, and I have a rare bastard, just relax, and I sneak on. Before. Himself. Grounds. Thank God. I fully inside. Sorry, I know it's a little painful, but the worst is over. Okay, just relax, I know, I know you're hurt, but soon you will start again to finish, especially after I begin to do like this.
You see, I know that you will love it as soon as i can get in, just let yourself delight grab, do not hold back. Even better than a pen, is not it? Yes, I agree, my mother was a dirty pig, but you've already finished, and in my opinion much better than when I fucked your ass handed. You know, I feel the bottle inside of you, why do not you take her and fuck themselves. I know, I know, I fucked a goat, just to please me, okay? Take her by the neck and just move it back and forth. You see, so much better, is not it? Do not hurry, do not hurry, I beg you not so fast, and then you pull it. Oh shit, you drew it. Wait a second, let me pull out his penis and stretch the entrance wider, so that you could shove it back. Well, just twisting it slightly from side to side and it will go now to move it back and forth, but I have heard many times that I am a bastard, but you're still why we continue to thrust it into itself, is not it? Well, the base is already inside, now just pull it and it will go on the same neck, clever.
Now, raise your ass higher, until I did a good grease the massage oil, let's try it again, this time should be easier. I know, I know I hurt you, and it seems that I will tear you in half. But. How. Only. Ya will advance ... Excellent. My hand is on the brush again in your ass now you become a little bit easier, is not it? I feel like a bottle through the septum. Well, you, of course, you can continue to practice with a bottle while I'll work on your anus, but this time, please do not get carried away, and then it falls again. You see, you end again, let pokrichi, if you want, continue to move the bottle, the second hand on the clitoris, come on, continue to finish while I clench my hand like a fist and try to pull it in a way that does not detract, shout, we finish, we finish , a little bit more. All. She is. I got out. Well dyrischa there with you, I told you half the anus inside out twisted. Working. Ends ... Explosion? Fly away? True cool when first so painful and pleasant, and then she was on the loose, so relieved. What? You never had it so good in my life? Unique orgasm? You are not here. Come otdyshites slightly. Lick until my fingers. This. And now this. And this one. And between them, that was pure clean, while I'll get his dick and dotrahayu your ass, I'm the same, too, need to finish today.
I'm going to cum, and I want to do it in your mouth. When I pull it out, simply open it wider. The OK, just a little, little. Open up, I'm ready. Come on, more broadly, you can, otherwise I can not shove it. I know, I know, it is thick and big, but I have to stick only to the head. Good, good girl, now do not you dare to bite me, I konnchaaaayu. Konnnchaaayu. Oh, shit, it was super, you're a real fighter. Sorry, if semen was not very tasty. It Was? Did you like it? Well, in that case let's you still feed residues, so three fingers in the ass, scoop, and now on top of the cream will gather with your breasts and tummy. Open your mouth. What do you think "chocolate pie". Delicious? I'm glad you liked it, a sweet tooth-govnoezhka. However, it is something special? Ready to repeat, super fuck again? Yes, I know that you must first come to life.
Yes, I know that I have not a member, but a monster, I'm sorry if you were hurt in the beginning? but if I did not fuck your ass fist, he would never not you climbed, so that the arm at the elbow, it was a necessary evil, is not it? No, no, the bottle was also absolutely necessary. What for? Well ... You see ... you know ... I do not know, I protect you or not, and no one nalazit condom on my dick, respectively, it was simply necessary to reliably occlude your crack, so you will not flown, but, by chance, one drop of semen has become numb and everything you also do not need it? I also think that this just is not enough, so let's leave the bottle on the ground, just in case. Just sit here and rest while I'll make you another cup of cocoa. Here you are, an excellent tonic and carefully it is hot. You look somewhat worn-out, no, you can not go home like this. I have a rug and sofa in the next room, why do not you sleep a couple of hours, and then accept a good hot shower and then you're in shape. We may even be able to finish a photo shoot. Duval Well, go on, there is a bottle should remain in place, just in case that does not fly, do you remember? Clever.
"Serge Hi !, yes it's me, Alex, my girlfriend is sleeping in the next room with a bottle of beer is still sticking out of her pussy. Yes, yes, she says that she is 18, showed me the birth certificate, but I think it was her older sister. I think that in fact her 15 years, but can byt14 or 13. No, not less, and it looks awesome, huge tits on a teen figure, fly. He says he is D. I know, I know, I should not have to do so with a young girl. But you do not know how beautiful she is and I do not fuck for two weeks, I just could not help himself. Of course, it took me some time, half an hour before the time until she agreed to remove her panties, and even half an hour before I was able to run the first finger in her ass. After that, everything went like clockwork. She came and moaning like a epileptic, a couple of times I thought she would lose consciousness. Well, imagine her peers certainly full of assholes who do not know how to approach a girl, and she has already fully matured, I'm telling you these boobs, hormones play a full, well, seized upon the case, pulled to the full.
Well, if you're interested in the details, then listen. First, we had to do anal fisting, yes I put my hand on her ass. Of course, she was terribly hurt, but by the time she is scared she posed excited, for it to be seen, but ran like a bitch. Well, first fisting, otherwise my penis would never have crawled through the sphincter of her ass, I just had to work out and stretch it to the point ebley. No, I told her the bottle slipped after later, she even helped me to shove it, pulled the sponge in hand ... how bad. Likewise, I say, and I fucked her ass until the bottle was planted in her pussy blunt side. I know, I know, she also told me that I have done for the bastard, but you know what? When I tore up her own ass she fucked herself a bottle. No, I'm not kidding, and even more so when she fell, but no bottle, I threw aside her buttocks, and she tucked it back. By the way, I pulled her anus to such an extent that he could then stick in his hand and pull it back a fist. No, she went during this time to fuck yourself bottle. Neither want to, do not believe. Then I dotrahal her ass quick and finished it in her mouth. Yeah, I almost dislocated her jaw is stuck prick her cheek, but she was all, well, just all in the shit, and she could not care less, lapped up everything and even supplements asked, said that mixed with the sperm is in its tasty and stylish. I do not pizzhu me! Out of his mouth, I still stsal her, well, it could have been too much for the first day, although it is probably mentally was ready for anything. Yes, I think that a couple of weeks of it will be possible to make excellent whore toilet, with the makings of a girl and probably will be able to do everything, and lick the ass, and the golden rain, and chocolate cake.
After all it is, of course, he looked completely zatrahanoy and killed, I think in the end she did was in some kind of trance, and was not sure what to do. She came like a wound, it is difficult to say, but once she had finished seven exactly, very strong, before losing momentum. Yeah, she thinks we're done a photo shoot, after she wakes up. But I think that if you podedesh we can try to fuck her together again. I know, brother, but it's worth it, and so I put her bottle before otrahat in the ass, I think that it is sufficiently stretched, that would take the two of us at the same time. Yeah, you can otrahat it in any hole of your choice. No, it will not fit in the throat, but she can suck your prick and swallow the sperm.
If you want we can have sex with her hands, yes, I think in both holes at the same time, I pulled it right. No, to the elbow in the ass will not fit, I was 15 centimeters from the outside, you do not want to break her insides, otherwise we will end up with a corpse have fun. Yes, I'm sure it will have serious problems with the anus, in any case, probably he would never be able to completely shut down, and ordinary members then it will also be for anything, it simply will not feel in their dyrischah. Well and dick with it, as we will use it, what difference to us. What then? Well, I have big plans for it, I'm telling you, that girl with the makings, but the first half only for themselves. The OK, wait for you in half an hour, and took with him a little more lubrication, well, there is a massage oil, for example, and then I have almost all ended."

Disclaimer, so to speak: All vyshenapisannoe is exclusively the result of a sick imagination of the author, had no meta in reality and in any case can not be regarded as a guide to action. Using the reality of sexual practices described above can lead to irreversible physiological changes and serious injury to a partner. Reader, remember that in any case, the practice of any kind of extreme sex is only possible upon receipt of a direct and unambiguous permission / approval "risks" side.