I have many called and asked to continue my story. But until recently, and tell me it was nothing. Ivan I, as promised, got a good job at first he often required to satisfy their fantasies, but little by little it poissyak fervor and he left me alone. I moved to another office, and almost with him vizhus. But the case which recently came to me and I want you to tell. I know that many people consider it a sick imagination unsatisfied nymphomaniac, I myself could not imagine that it happens, but it's true.
Who among us does not make mistakes? So I made a mistake and nearly flew into a large sum. There was no exit. Most likely I would have to resign and return to his Petrozavodsk and all my sufferings - all in vain. From bezishodnosti I went to confess to his boss. Marina was imposing a woman 35 years old, very active, real biznessvumen: As she screamed at me! Nightmare! I swore and bozhilas that will do anything to keep his job. Marina was first nepristupla, but then relented and said:
- Well, go to work. I will try to settle, but I can not promise anything.
I went back home with bowed head, and was already preparing to pack, when suddenly at the end of the day for me includes Marina and sat on the edge of the table he says:
- Well, cuckoo! We decided your problem. So warm up had!
I was ready to rush to kiss her feet. Marina turned already looked empty room (it was Friday and all left early) and pododvinuvshis leaned closer and lowered his voice beginning:
- You know what you owe me? ...
- Yes, yes of course - anything !!!
- Wait you. Well, I think in the light of all this, you refuse to spend the weekend with me:
With that, she reached out and stroked my hair and cheek. God: she was a lesbian. That damn hit, will now have to lick this pervert all weekend. On the other hand, it has saved me from dismissal: There is no choice in any case. In general, not the worst-case scenario.
- Of course. - I said, trying to make his voice more gentle, but not beat at the same time.
- Clever! - Marina again looked around the office. - Go shut the door.
I ran and locked the door cabinet, came back and was about to sit down on a chair, but Marina stopped me gesture, took over pizhdaka sleeve and pulling on it, made it clear that he wanted to I went down to her knees. I obeyed. Marina netoropyas removed pantyhose and panties, she was only wearing a skirt to the knees. She lifted her skirt and opened my eyes overgrown with neat blonde hair crack.
I must say a woman I never excited, although there are pestered me with harassment. I felt like a complete geteroseksualkoy not doubt it even once. I decided to close my eyes in the current situation and do what they want from me forget all like a bad dream.
Marina took me by the hair and pulled my face to his crotch. I began to lick. Though I did it the first time I did it seem to be nice and Marina began to moan. I decided to take the initiative (as well as to quickly put an end to this humiliating conscription), and began to caress her clitoris with a finger.
After a couple of minutes, Marina came. She sat on the table, caught her breath and said:
- Good, now get up, take off your pants and lie on his stomach on a table.
What does she want more from me? I thought I was pulling jeans. Did she want to lick? Strange. Meanwhile, I lay down on the table, and
Marina began to caress my pussy and feet.
Not stopping to massage my lips she reached out and took my table with a pencil. The next moment she was stick it in my ass. I realized that fell. My ass is only oklimalas of entertainment with my former boss - and here again! But I decided to accept. I relaxed and tried not to think about what's going on. Marina also has propihnul pencil in my ass and now I fucked them taking out almost completely and inserting up to the fingertips. A few minutes later she took a pencil, and his place was taken by a finger. The finger went back and forth with double speed, and soon he was joined by a second. My ass has managed to wean itself from intrusions and tightened when the fingers began to stretch the sphincter. I shamefully ran and Marina smeared my ass by my own juices. The hand, which she caressed my cunt already was drowning almost entirely in it. Kokda rhythmic hand movements merged into a single rhythm, I start to finish.
Marina took sweaty fingers out of me and unceremoniously wiped them on my skirt.
- Tomorrow you come to me in a short ubke, thong, without tights. Come to 12.30 and zapromni - if you think about stubborn, I can always turn to your missteps.
She took the panties and pantyhose and left the room, unlocked the door and leaving it open wide open. I slowly got up from the table, pulled on jeans and gathered went home.
The following day, I dressed as stated on padded feet came to the marina. She met me in her robe over his naked body and connections in the room. In the middle of the room stood a chair. Marina sat in it, razkinula robe and slowly began to stroke her pussy. She told me to go to the chair, stand in front of her and put one foot on the arm.
- Raise your skirt, show me your panties.
I raised my panties I wore simple cotton thong, they fit snug my lips.
- Ok, now show breasts.
I unbuttoned her blouse, livchika on was not for me.
- Fingered nipples.
I had to start to caress her breasts. I did this until the nipples are not hardened and swollen.
- Another thing, now caressed herself through her panties, I want to see how you namoknesh!
Namkatya did not want to, I rubbed myself through the panties this way and that, but did not succeed.
- Something you schlock: Okay, I'll help you. Get your hands off my hole. - With these words, Marina protinula hand, held her panties on, between the legs unbent towards the thin strap and put his finger to my anus. Push down and began to push through to me.
- Look, how lovely!
I looked at her panties - for it was to spread a wet spot. Penetration in the ass, though it was not pleasant, but incredibly excited my body.
- Now let itself - skazada Marina removing finger and leaning back in his chair again start masturbate. - Finger fuck yourself in the ass.
I had to insert his finger into the anal. I fucked myself not too usserdno - sorry for yourself. Still, all pants were soaking wet.
- Do not stop a fuck, bend and make me come.
I have not been able to easily without removing the fingers from the ass falls to his knees and began to lick her kitty. Marina soon finished and allowed me to take out a finger.
- Now I want you to clean up, follow me to the bathroom ....
In the bathroom I was stripped naked and subjected to pouring cold water to it put me on all fours.
- Rotten back, bitch!
I got up as Marina ordered. She stroked my crotch, took a shower and unscrew the head, then she took the hose end and put in my pussy. Water flowed. Soon she stopped me and placed in streams pour out. Marina took prepared beforehand brush, ordinary brush for washing bottles, ECTS and scratchy, rough and inserting it into my hole, began to wash it as any pitcher. It was very unpleasant and even painful! Even before the torture was over, I realized that my ass is waiting for the same fate. And so it happened. First Marina filled me to bursting - my anal broke down and fell out of the hose, and the water flowed from the holes. I struggled restrained water inside, and drove my tormentor brush in my ass and poke them.
- Okay, I run to the toilet - she said, pulling the brush.
I was relieved freed from water and trudged back to the marina. She took me into the room, dragged a large ottoman and put me on him, on his stomach. My ass has risen high, legs parted.
- Now we will work out your ass, did you get such Sensitive: Valium.
Marina brought from the kitchen long cucumber, he came up behind me and to my sphincter braced the cold end of a cucumber.
- Well, hold on, my dear, right now, I love you so fuck: - With these words she began to shove a cucumber in me.
I screamed obscenities good, cold barrel seemed tore my ass. Marina to push it to the full, until it rested on me somewhere inside, causing pain, and took out almost completely. She pulled out of his priests and with the new thrust force. Pain and excitement mixed up, I was dizzy. When Marina cucumber learned my ass for a while and remained open and convulsively reduced. Marina hand fingers stretched sphincter region and began to push through in his hand.
- Do not! - I groaned - I hurt you I will tear:
- Nothing I saw in the film - it was part of a free hand, and then you go down.
She shoved his hand, and that all would not fit. I began to think that if my ass was broken it would not hurt so much. But here is the widest part of the hand slipped into me and sphincter tightly clasped hands. Marina began to fuck me with his hand. In my bowels hodilo something huge, spreading all around. I chuvstvoala that pour out of my slit just flows. Finally, the hand began to appear out of me.
I lay vyebanaya with sore ass, unable to move. Marina also took me by the shoulders, lifted her to her feet. Then he went back to the kitchen and brought out a stool. She turned her feet up, put on a condom and told one of them:
- Come on, sit on top! Ass, so she does not relax until I go to a neighbor for surprizom.
I was so cold cuts, I'm not interested in absolutely no surprise, nor a neighbor. Marina dragged me to the stool and napravir foot hand sat me on top. I was squatting in the middle of the room, in the ass, I had inserted a stake, ass throbbing pain.
Marina looked at me, picked cucumber and particularly unceremoniously shoved him to the refusal of my slit. Now he and foot stool with my every breath rubbed, causing tingling.
- Do not go anywhere. - He quipped Marina and retired.
Not ten minutes later she was back driving on a leash rather large dog Giant Schnauzer.
- I read a lot about how women and dog fuck me something hard to believe, try? Lord, not again !!! I tried to resist as she could. When I took off the stool, I began to kick, even bite trying to Marina. That apparently was ready for such a turn, and his hands in his pocket pulled out a Taser. The next moment I ached and I fell to the carpet. Back pain, in the region of the hip. I screamed and froze.
- You something is not understood, bitch - his voice sounded Marina threat, but there was no malice. - You're my toy, you will do what I want, okay? - And he shook me shocker.
- Yes.
- That's clever. Now you stand with cancer and be submissive.
Then it was all as in some nightmare - yastoyala cancer on the carpet, and Marina parked on me dog. With the move she did not work - he was growling gut-wrenching and certainly not excited. Then she decided to go the other way. She sat next to him, soothed and called me, ordered to poke his nose in the crotch rizena. It helped - cable brightened and began to lick me. Soon Marina without too much trouble put it on me. His cock, meanwhile, leaned out. He began to poke them in all directions, moving so frantically that did not got me. Marina herself disdained to take up his hell, and forced me to take his instrument and paste. Went Fucking.
Cable just walked shaking - first there was nothing special - his cock seemed thin, but suddenly he was swell, and soon it fills my hole. Another minute and my bosom fill it with seed. The dog got off me and went into the kitchen, where there was a bowl of food. Marina, who stared at the whole scene came to me and slipped me a bowl, nadovila on his stomach and poured out of me like a dog juices. After collecting all you can put Marina vase in front of my face and the male lead once again. He was fed up, and it seemed ready for a fight.
- Now we will please him your ass.
The operation was repeated, only now I put a tiny dick in her ass dog. When he began to swell, Marina pulled me a bowl of dog semen
- Eat! - She ordered.
I began to lick begins zhidet weight and my poku already tearing male member. This humiliation, shame, pain and excitement, I have not yet experienced. I felt so dirty whore, that was ready to sink into the ground. I wish I was back in Petrozavodsk.
When the cable is finished, Marina took me into the bathroom and gave a wash.
When I came out she said:
- Okay, you've been a good girl today, and I will have compassion, you can go home and not come tomorrow, will continue next week. Today Tuesday, Marina came to me and said that on Saturday I will try to horse! I'm a little afraid. But I hope through Marina I can please you with a new story next week.