It was an ordinary evening. I came home from work tired and sat down to watch TV. A bottle of beer and a little relaxed mind and body after a hard day's work. On television, as always, there was nothing. Relaxed thoughts swirled in my head and all swam to the side of pleasure and sex. In my fantasies I had to nurse my neighbor, a pretty girl of sixteen with protryasayuschey figure. I sometimes helped her in school. Something took out for her on the Internet, something is decided on mathematics and physics. I devised schemes and plans as it is put to bed. Some steps I have already implemented their plan and quite fine ...

Every time I helped her, I tried to at least a little, but carry out his plan ... She always came to me as a computer at her sister was not - it was just me ... First, I accidentally touched her feet, then playfully hugging, kissing on the cheek goodbye ... then he began, as if accidentally forget to turn off the porn slides on a computer ... porn sites on the Internet. And noticed that she did not hesitate, but on the contrary showed interest. And while I went for a beer, she tried to look through the slides. Then I showed her where I have them in a computer lie. One day I came out of the store with beer and saw that she was instead of what would have to type essay looks porn photos. When I entered the room, she looked at me, her cheeks were on fire, his eyes gleaming. Julia was excited. I'm an old bachelor and eerie Lovelace this look familiar. This readiness to continue ...
- Beer will be?
Julia nodded, and I offered her a bottle of beer. She took it, and, without looking, half drunk.
- I like to watch porn?
- Like.
- What is most like?
- Yes, like all ...
I was sitting in a chair on the side of the computer table and side saw her sitting on a chair. Short skirt, T-shirt, which is guessed for pretty breasts.
- And I want you to take a picture?
- Naked?
- Well, you can not bare naked ... slightly ...
Julia thought, perhaps a minute, then said ...
- No, not yet want ...
She turned to the screen turning off the porn. Then we wrote the essay, and when she went to her sister, it turned out that I decided to kiss her on the cheek, and she either accidentally, or specially deployed head and I kissed her on the lips. We froze. I'm in no hurry to step back, and she was not in a hurry, too. Then she gently touched again until my lips and went away, leaving me alone with my thoughts ...

It has been almost two weeks. The neighbor and her husband went to the country. Go for a visit not to whom. And now, on Friday, I was sitting at home in a chair, he drank beer and stared blankly at the television, while wandering in his fantasies. Looked in the bottom of his pants, smile, trousers of my fantasies and memories visibly bristled. Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Who could it be?" - I wondered. I stood up, straightened protruding member and went to open the door. When I opened it and stood with wondering eyes, and with a bottle in his hand. Julia stood there and smiled.
- I came to you. I have something to be done on the computer. Can?
- Of course, come in.
Today it was hot outside and she was wearing on the beach. Short skirt, short top and sandals. She kicked off her sandals and walked into the room. She went to the computer and turned it on.
- You holodnenkoe beer there, and then the subway duhotischa?
- There is a refrigerator.
When I got back, she was sitting at a computer and something opened up on a floppy disk. I sat back in his chair and stared at her. It was just beautiful. She looked at me, smiled slyly and again became something to fill. I have an idea. I took a digital camera, and again sat down. Then he began to take it off. First there were words like "enough". " Come on, come on", Then began to turn and smile coyly. Then I went back for a beer. Brought several bottles at once, he would not run again. One gave Julia. I looked at the screen and a little surprise inside. On the screen it was now porn pictures again. The street was getting dark, but it was not yet dark that would turn on the lights. I turned on the desk lamp, closed the blackout curtains and returned to his chair. We talked about almost everything. At the same time, I photographed her, and she watched porn. Unbeknownst to us, we moved on to discussion of the photos. I offered her a little lift topic. She laughed and lifted slightly. Became a prominent lower part of the chest, I took a picture.
- Now turn around to me and raised on both sides.
She took a sip of beer and turned. I got up and took off. So we have made a few frames.
- Now show me the whole breast ...
Whether beer is affected, whether she was mentally ready for it, but she lifted her top and showed the chest. Two lovely ball around the second issue, his nipples looked at me. Julia smiled, and I took this shot. Then she said she will soon, and went to the toilet. I sat on a chair in front of computer. When she returned, she came to the table, took the beer and drank the bottle.
- Move.
- Where do I Move? Sit on my lap.
Julia, without hesitation sat on his lap. I felt her baby her elastic ass, and he began to inflate. We have looked through pictures, discuss them. My baby rested in her ass, and I knew that she would feel perfectly. She began to fidget a bit on it, causing me joy and torment.
On the screen appeared a picture where the man was holding a girl on his hands and sit down on his cock.
- Cool - escaped Julia.
Then with the words "so it is not convenient" she got up and sat on top of me, his back to the screen and to face me. For a moment there was silence. Then our lips met. We kissed for a long time, and I was so excited that he was ready to burst. I began to gently knead her breasts, pinching her nipples through the fabric, which have already been hard. She closed her eyes, and it was evident that she enjoys. I tried to pull up a topic that would take it off, and she raised her hands. Topic fell around his chair. I looked at her breasts and did not believe that my fantasies become reality. I kissed her breasts, and she moaned a little and rubbed her pussy on my hump. Outside it was almost dark, and the room lit only by a lamp and a computer monitor. I stroked her back, down below, walked hand on the ass and lifted her skirt. My hand was on the elastic ass. "It has no panties ... wow ..." - Thought flew like lightning in the head, and a new plan of action was prepared.
- Wait - I said, and, lifting it, she began to pull down his pants.
- What are you doing? - Her voice was low, husky and a little frightened.
- Do not be afraid ... trust me .. - I whispered in her ear.
She fell silent and waited for what I do. I lowered tights, skirts and my boy broke out and slapped on the ass Julia veiled skirt. She shivered slightly, and again fell silent, waiting to see what will happen next. ... I corrected him, pressed to her stomach and began to lower it at him. We both shuddered a little when our bodies touched. I felt what it is wet.
- You're so hot - I heard her whisper.
- And you're so mokrenkaya.
Then I took her by the hips and began to move them back and forth slightly. She began gently rubbing her pussy mokrenkaya about my baby. I heard a groan. Then her arms wound around me, and we met in a long kiss. Under his hands, I began to feel that her movements are independent. I took his hands away. When I noticed that her pace quickens, and amplitude are becoming more and more, I whispered to her ...
- Just do not move much, and then I get inside.
First, it has slowed down, but then again returned to this rhythm and after a few moments was the finish. Her body arched, jerked ... she tried to move again, but she could no longer - the orgasm swept it all. I hugged a beautiful girl, which rapidly had finished sitting on me ... Then she fell silent. My baby was moaning with impatience and I had a desire to get into it and enjoy its depth and warmth. A few minutes later she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked into his eyes, said ...
- Kaif ...
I smiled and, finding the clasp on the skirt, I began to unbutton it.
- Take off the skirt Now we have nothing to be ashamed of each other.
Her smile widened. She got up from my knees, glanced at a number of sticking member and lifted her skirt. Before me stood a goddess. Her body was just perfect. She saw I was fascinated watching her. Gave me enjoy this spectacle.
- What are you sitting down? Take off your pants.
- And you yourself from me, they take off.
Julia sat down to pen me on my knees and began to pull my pants. When the pants were taken off, she looked up at me, then looked at the cock, sticking out like a bayonet, and touched him.
- What is it you got big. Let's measure.
- What to measure it? I'm Meryl.
- And how many?
- 20 centimeters.
- Wow! - It was a cry of delight. - And I want to kiss him?
Just the thought that these young lips will kiss him, my whole body groaned.
- I see what you want, - she said, lightly stroking it - close your eyes.
I for what would my baby was in her in her mouth was ready for anything. I closed my eyes. Soft and gentle touched the head of the penis. Then his lips closed around it, made a timid movement of the trunk. I opened my eyes. Painting, which opened me the mind of the nebula. Young, beautiful goddess made me a blowjob. She closed her eyes and tried to do, as seen in the photo and video. But then her movements changed. I began to notice that she gets pleasure from this. Opening her eyes, she saw me looking at her and smiled.
- Like?
- You just do not know what you are amazing!
- I wish that you were my first man.
- Are you still a virgin?
- No, - she smiled - he found his sister faloimitator and deprived itself of virginity.
I reached out, she filed. I picked it up again and pressed his penis to his stomach put it on top. My body felt again the moist heat. Our eyes met.
- Are you sure you want this?
- I for a long time want to.
Again I lifted it with one hand, while the second has fitted his fellow to her pussy. He began to lower it slowly and felt like my cock sinks into her. Her breathing quickened, she tightly hugged my neck. And here I was all into it. Let sit and get used to it. And then I heard her whisper.
- Seryozhenka, oh how cool you are ... so ... so ... I want you ... I want to, and ready for anything ... he's so ... so ...
Again, I took her by the hips and began to gently lift and lower it ... no more than two minutes it again huddled in orgasm, but now ... I did not stop. I raised and lowered it, as could no longer hold. In the climax I lifted her so that my fellow jumped out and began to fly sperm from my powerful jets on the carpet. When I stopped to finish, Julia has already come to himself and kissed my face ...
- Congratulations, you've become a woman.
- Your woman - she said, and hugged me.

Ahead were two weekend .....