Anatoly I celebrate birthdays at the same time odnoprostranstvenno. Usually a lot of people come, get drunk, and in the morning forget present what actually happened. This year we decided to do something about the daily ... Anatoly called two girls - the first (IRA) to communicate with us for a long time, and on the other (Eugene), he met on the Internet.
First of all, a good eat. Ira began to suck me right at the table. At this time, Anatoly told me that he had an affair with Eugene on the network. Presenting, how was the show, I'm welling fruit, washed down with wine ... Ira did not stop. Anatoly put her on all fours and lifted her skirt, took a special tube and, after some manipulation, planted in a chubby pink ass. Ira could only mumble that the plant Anatoly even more ... he was shouting spells and worked at a furious pace.
Jack sipped a glass of wine, climbed hand under her skirt, and continued to watch us. I barely freed from the sharp teeth and picked up the guitar. Very handy new song with the chorus ... "fuck me in the ass" .
Ira moaned Jack broke down and pulled from her purse a simulator. Here he was invaded by red fishnet panties. The situation escalated - I crept up to his wife. Boomed call, we did not react. Trezvon increased, it was necessary to open the door ... Peter and his girlfriend, Danish, staring at my cock, I apologize for the sudden intrusion ... "we do not for a long time".
Throwing something I had guests in the hall. Dane did not understand anything when we filled a hundred of vodka and winced. Then another. Anatoly disappeared. Peter was irresistible ... sprinkled toast, and we almost fell on the table. I seem to have lost consciousness.
I woke up, leaving the toilet. Anatoly fucked in the hallway a Danish, carrying bookshelves. She resisted, but was silent. In the room, Peter was lying under the table, holding his pants; Ira Eugene satisfy completely stripped. I initiated this picture and I began to masturbate. Then Zhenya pushed to the wall, lifted a thin leg and powerfully planted. I hammered since half an hour, then it was the turn of Ira. Again she wanted in the ass. This thick bitch bully proved more difficult .. Anatoly Dane retired with a walk ... still my friend - an incurable romantic. I tore up, tore and tore. Peter woke up and took out a package of vodka ...