The disc of the sun went down to a close, pouring their magical glow illuminating the observation deck and standing boys and girls. Down down a steep cliff, which was covered raznotrav¸m. Below were some rickety houses of old. Klyazma played rays, which are reflected on the ribbed surface of the river, and it seemed as if the river was covered with golden scales. On the bridge, as always, it was very lively, people hurried from the city center to the suburbs, home.
Vlad stood and looked at such a beautiful landscape completely empty eyes. She was not up to the beauty that surrounded her, not to the beautiful boys who were standing next to the crowds. Again she thought only of one thing - it is very boring. Peep "ICQ", Vlad habitual movement threw a mobile phone cap, ran his eyes over the message and smiled. He even is not responsible, is not worthy of it.
One guy was separated from the company and moved to the side of Vlada, apparently with some intent. Vlad did not even notice she was absorbed in her thoughts. Man easily touched her shoulder, Vlad turned around, the guy smiled.
-Hello girl! And you can get to know you?
Vlad's eyes looked familiar guy. Nothing special - white shirt, black jeans, a cell phone in his pocket, obviously not very expensive. With this just is nothing to take, and so Vlad portrayed a sour face and said:
-It is impossible, young man!
The guy apparently surprised the answer, somehow discouraged asked:
-And why?
-And so, young man! - Vlad raised her right hand and gestured frantically to her - I'm with anyone on the street do not get acquainted! - Here Vlad made a gesture with his right hand, meaning "get out of here."
The boy bowed slightly, and turned and went back to his company. As bowed, flashed through my head Vlad as if the prince Count or Baron. But what he Baron, an ordinary man, the same as the other, no more and no less. And Vlad did not need normal. She needed a rich sponsor, it can satisfy any whim. And it satisfy itself ... Then Vlad chuckled, lifted her nose and green eyes began to narrow, narrow, giving it a special charm.
Someone put a hand on her shoulder. Vlad has unfolded, intending to give a fierce verbal fight back when she saw the Light - her best friend.
-Oh, Sveta, and what you fates?
Sveta kissed Vlada.
-Yes, I threw up tanker fleet, run up himself, but I turned him down!
Tankers girl's name was a well-known businessman, who recently got into the habit to take care of the world - to fulfill her every whim, to buy in the boutiques of beautiful things, give expensive perfumes. So far, the World kept him at a distance, and more than a touch of her hand, not allowed. But the Light was the one more thing, which means that it will not miss the chance of a higher price to sell his honor. Her understanding of virginity was necessary only in order to sell it more expensive, a kind of trump card in the game of life. And in this game, where it already is a favorite.
Vlad adjusted the long blonde hair.
-You're doing fine, Sveta, the tanker at a distance holding. And if that gets the idea itself is not enough!
-Yes, Vlada, I think so too. - In the light of the eyes flashed flame - and you remember Ivan?
The active work of the brain immediately reflected on the face of the blonde.
-Of course I remember. He's still in jail?
Sveta smiled.
-Of course, where he is still going to go away ... you need to take responsibility for their actions! And then, you know, he wanted for free. And indeed it was some kind of flimsy, he did not like me!
Vlad laughed.
-Well, this tanker?
Light literally blossomed.
-The tanker is simply God! Today he is a full day dedicated to me, I rolled over all the shops, buying everything that I wanted, not even looking at the price tags! Kata me "Nissan", even tried several times pat on the knee, I resolved to him!
-Light, you are very very lucky! - Said Vlad deliberately serious voice and then laughed behind her laughed and light, playfully striking girlfriend's shoulder. - Only you let him clearly understand who is the mistress here!
-Of course! - Light took cell phone and ran his eyes over the display. - I have to go, waiting for Victor to him, I promised him!
Vlad kissed her friend on the cheek.
-Come on, good luck!
Light went somewhere deep alley, and Vlad looked again to the river. The sun almost gone down, only a small piece of red disc was on the horizon surface. Vlad did not think about the beauty of nature, it is not held under the sparkling sun last river, it did not take anything. His head came some that clarity, freedom from everything.
Time to go home, thought Vlad. She glanced at the meadows and went, shaking his hips, toward the house. The blessing was about to go two stops. Passing by the guys constantly looked at her short skirt, under which there was no underwear. Vlad grinned - it was pleasant feeling of inaccessibility and, at the same time, external accessibility. However, several men, apparently hurrying somewhere, not that that did not try to look under the skirt, and do not look at her. Impotent cursed, flashed in my head Vlada.
Reaching Khrushchev, Vlad put the key to the intercom, he squeaked and the door opened. On the second floor were guys drinking beer. Seeing the rising Vlad guys froze for a moment, no one could say a word. Finally, one of them took a sip of beer from the can. Vlad smiled and lifted her skirt for a moment, and then ran quickly to the top, to the fifth floor. The guy who drank beer, choked.
Two key turning and the door opened. Vlad walked into the hall and looked at herself in the mirror, took off her shoes and went into the room, and then sat on the sofa and sighed. Stuffy very outside, and the house is not better.
It is necessary to relax, she thought, and so I went to my room, put some kind of an easy music, I sat in front of the mirror and took off everything.
View your own body is very wound up Vlad.
She ran her hands over his chest, all over his body passed some heat wave as if someone's gentle hands wrap it in silk. She loved this feeling, sometimes it seemed to her that she was like it even more than the orgasm. A little hard nipples massaged, she pulled his hands down and threw a silk sheet that was lying on her stomach. Drawing on his hand, she has once again admired her body, so elastic, soft, warm. Sweet honey poured over her body, his head was filled with ecstasy.
Vlad beginning to moan softly, caressing the soft fingers her pussy lips and tickling the clitoris. Licking his index finger Vlad put it on the hot nipple and gently massaged it, ran over the body discharge, Vlad just cried, and then began to pull at the clitoris more fiercely. It becomes hotter already include body waves sweet lips make loud moans, Vlad strained and then discharged a powerful wave of orgasm. The body bend, Vlad shouts from the surging emotions suddenly becomes very relaxed. One hand is on a hot clitoris, nipples second strokes, and from the open mouth pulled out a groan. She was waiting for this so long ago ...