Hair splashed on the clean white sheets. Fiery red, very charm and sensuality - like their owner, is now experiencing some of the most vibrant and juicy minutes in my life.
-What's, Ah ...
All red, the girl seems to be added in the paint even more - had only my finger to touch the clitoris, and my tongue to make more active as A, as I call it unofficially, all trembled like a butterfly, by issuing a new batch of sweet sounds:
Feeling quick discharge of a girl again return to the place of your finger, trusting business already less active language, common, unhurried rhythm causing a noticeable sigh of frustration.
Red-haired beauty opened her green eyes. Not fully aware of what is happening, as if deprived of a favorite toy, just to think of experienced in the last moments of her life is still very young. Virgin, that You take from it?
-What?. What are you…
-Vspomnil Here something. - I raised her on her sweet bosom, licking his lips like a cat, and breathing with nothing compared the smell of fresh, still virgin pussy. - What do you rejects me. In my time. How to ignore me at work, and not only. In my time…
-How Do, drove me crazy. - The fingers of his left hand gripped the nipple to the breast, while the right has once again started to dance on the pussy, painful, so occasionally touching the clitoris, to the beat of asking questions, the pulverizing L, on the contrary, throwing it from the peak of pleasure - down. In the realm of dissatisfaction, and only ignite more excitement. - In my time.
-No!. I did not mean ... - And again the frustration and pulling itchy abdomen. Only increase.
It is still fun. Highly.

After a rough, wet tongue on her pussy, do not forget about the left arm and nipple for him, I again and again annoying girlfriend, tugging and tweaking it, extracting sounds from her very soul, like a radio station in ancient. Working with your fingers, but do not forget about the ingenuity, and have some experience - a little to the left, to the right, listening to the sounds of the iridescent beauty and native voice.
I looked up at her eyes. Sensual, coral sponge will bite, cute nose is going to folds, then relaxed as the mouth, as well as the entire face - crimson from embarrassment and surging, but such indecent, and at the same time an incredibly sweet, treats. Even came into view under the spill on the sheet flame-red hair flame, ears gained steadily red. Green eyes opened beauties, meeting with my - and killed on the spot. Just as it has been in my life, and more recently. Devil!
Roth is completely covered pussy. Hands - now free as the wind, enveloped breast girl, having been engaged in delicate berries nipples. And here is his Majesty, the clitoris.
And further.
Oh-oh, yes ...
That's my girl.
My hand met her, taking as no one did not take her life. Light fingers. Soft skin. Love sweat. Giving my girl.