As it happened, the first woman, opened for me anal sex, became my dear aunt - my father's sister. About once every three months, she had a business trip to our city. The company has paid to her hotel, where we performed a wild desire to spend hours of each other. Aunt's wide hips and a huge ass with childhood attracted to me, and she just caught my eye on her zadik, hidden under a tight jeans or long skirt. I was sixteen when she was under not remember any pretext, for the first time zazvat me to his room, closed the inside door and openly admitted that he wanted me to fuck her in full. She wore shoes with heels, black tights, as well as home-made mask, completely covers the eyes, which she wore before unbuttoned my pants, pulled off her panties and began to suck dick. I was about to finish, when suddenly she stopped.
- Most of all I like men rude, especially when anal - she said. - Now I'll get up on all fours and start and start to caress her breasts and clitoris, and you show me what you all these years wanted to create with me. Do not be afraid to hurt me - there's plenty of Vaseline.
I felt a wild excitement, and weighty Aunt Natasha slapped by the pope.
- Spank me as follows - I'm a bad girl, she whispered excitedly - and then fuck my ass. "Do not order me, bitch" - I said to myself.
- Do what I say - I ordered and said reinforced with heavy slaps on the ass and thighs. Popa Aunt Natasha became scarlet. I roughly took her nipples and pulled to the wall near the headboard. She nearly fell, unable to resist on their heels. I ordered the legs spread apart and push back the hands.
Ten years have passed. Aunt began to second in another city. I got married "in Calculating" the girl with ass figure and the name exactly as Aunt, but it such a buzz, both aunt did not work. Anal we rarely practiced. Vaginal orgasm wife did not receive, an anal I never dreamed of thinking that is capable only my Aunt Natasha. It ends only my half of the "uncle Cooney". In general, our sex was monotonous and boring, what I one day sadly told Aunt Natasha in a telephone conversation.
- Do not worry, we will fix it soon, she said, with the participation of a malicious note in her voice. Next Saturday I'll visit you. Buy in a sex shop anal lubricant, pink dildo sided with one side narrower and the other wider, so - lesbian, - you must have seen in porn, and I'll take care of the rest.
In fact, on Saturday, we visited Aunt Natasha. We had dinner the three of us, drank red Georgian wine and chatted about all sorts of things. Suddenly the phone rang, and his wife went to shoot up. My aunt winked at me and poured some liquid from a small bubble in the glass of his wife, and then said in a low voice: "I want to fuck with you Natasha". The wife returned, we drank wine, and went to the sweet. wife's face turned pink from the aunt's elixir. Aunt gently turned the conversation to the topic "husband wife". Suddenly, she jokingly asked Natasha: "And who do you call? Lover?". Wife does laughed and said:
"No, Aunt Natasha, Sasha and I are faithful".
- The priest is often loved you give? - I brought down at her aunt even more shocking question. Not waiting for an answer, she turned to both of us: "Well, what are you - not tushuytes what so and so? - I wonder the same topic. I for example with Anton (the husband) only on anal sex and cumming".
Few promeshkavshis, the wife replied that she liked anal less than traditional sex.
- Oh, come on, I suppose, we end only by screaming (I'm passed aunt wife with giblets), I was young, my ass is not begun to love.
- Unfortunately yes - sadly, I joined in the conversation, - anal sex, we do not really work.
- What doest it? - Aunt asked, turning to his wife, - you want to Sashulya walk started but infection brought into the house? Do not you understand that he wants to love you in the ass? Not nine times on the tenth. You're a big girl with big - there aunt stood up, lifted her skirt and gently patted her hidden behind black panties pope, continued, - like me, asshole.
Apparently aunt's stimulant already fully emancipated wife, and she willfully-pitying voice said: "I can not be liberated during anal sex, it is for me and embarrassing and often uncomfortable.
- What are you ashamed of, you fool? - It's high. - I'm sure you do not just ass stretched as it should. Come show me your chocolate hole. And I'll show you mine. And everything will be clear.
- But I'm in front of Sasha is shy.
- Do not be shy - all his - a serious question - whether you walk from your favorite or to be faithful until death? With these words, my aunt got up from his seat and walked over to me.
- Pull-ka with me dzhinsiki and demonstrate his beloved disclosed my ass. Wife intoxicated with wine and aunt's potion with bated breath in anticipation of what will happen, I watched me undress aunt Natasha turns to her ass as his hands pushed the ass aunt, as I commonly Spreading the four fingers of her pre-greased ass.
- It is unlikely that your ass as he can. And who does it teach, if rarely engaged in anal sex.
I want to show you what needs to be able to love in bed modern woman - to learn how to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex in all its diversity. Let's go into the bedroom - with a smile, offered aunt, and quickly carried away, zaved¸nnuyu, not looking forward to the news that his wife's hand, behind him. Realizing that his wife has "t¸plenkaya"I slowly began to come up with both her aunt and enjoy to the fullest.
- Bring me out of my bag in the hallway everything necessary - asked Aunt Natasha. I took out a hiding place bilateral pink dildo and anal lubricant, then pulled out her aunt's personal bag sexy jumpsuit with a cut on his ass and tits, high heels and a mask covering his eyes. Also, in a bag lying on the DVD pornofilm "Anal Introductions" which I also took with him.
- Do everything as I ask you, - has warned his wife aunt - to make happy husband, myself, and .. well, me - after a pause, she slyly squinted and smiled kindly, dreamy finished, - I want to have sex all the nephew I adjusted to house all received and not on the side.
- Well, - I have agreed to Natasha, the plant from the upcoming experiment.
Aunt excited helped his wife to wear anything I dragged including mask, then Natasha put cancer on the floor near the bed, so that his wife's head lay on the blanket and ordered to masturbate. Then she asked me to play a disc with porn where the girls engaged in anal sex for the first time, accompanying all the voluptuous sighs, oohs the discomfort!
- This disc will have you in my house is exactly the same there - I love to watch my husband and I, as the front of the camera deprived young sluts anal virginity. By the way, about the masks, thanks to her, all the anus contracts regardless of how well stretched. So you, dear, now have the opportunity to feel like an anal virgin. - Feel the thrill of humiliation and rudeness ... - be a bad girl.
Aunt sat on the bed so that her vagina wife put her in the face and ordered to lick. With incomprehensible to me readily wife started with a zeal for it. Tripped her hidden from me before, lesbian inclinations, she confessed to me later.
Since the beginning of one, and at the end of three fingers at the same time, I rubbed her beloved virgin ass compressed, the campaign makes a strong splashing to the anus rather relaxed.
The porn girl screamed loudly. Aunt with undisguised pleasure watched on the screen and, increasingly agitated by what he saw, with the force pressed Natashkin tongue and mouth in her vagina, holding it with both hands behind your head and hair.
I took the dildo and rubbed his wife's ass lubricated and began roughly matsaya and fingering her large breasts, fuck Natasha with great speed narrow end of a pink tube.
The wife of a sudden grunt of discomfort - dressing did their job, keeping the previous "attempts" to zero.
- Suffer first for once, soon you will start to catch a buzz - Aunt kept saying, without giving Natasha stepped back from its current vagina, even though his wife all kind showed that the double for her sex is now intolerable.
When he had finished in the language of Natasha, aunt offered to change places. Now I fucked my wife in the mouth, pulling up to the neck, as well as Aunt preventing step back. Aunt Natasha Natal'in fucking ass dildo narrow side, quickly inserting and removing it until the end.
- So you have me will soon be over. Anal orgasm in women occurs exactly - with superior experience told Aunt wife, distraught by becoming more and more pleasant and less and less discomfort. At some point, my aunt invited me to look at the open does not close the anus of his wife. - That's the ass should be at pretends to be the only one. Aunt pulled out from his trouser pocket and a mobile phone of his wife Natashkin closeup photographed as revealed her anus.
- In memory of the first time - she said jokingly.
Excited wide open anus of his wife, I began to violently inserted into his term, until the end of removing it. Her anus is now virtually closed.
The aunt of his wife took off the mask and told her to lick her ass tongue, putting it as far as possible. Surprisingly, the aunt's anus widened in this and she wearing a bandage over his eyes, asked me to remove a member from the backside of his wife and continue to Sun-end-take out-to-end is already in her ass. Through dressing, t¸tkin anus constantly compressed and tightly-fitting member. While I fucked aunt, wife lay down on the sofa, caressing her clitoris, with undisguised pleasure began to monitor what is happening on the screen. A few minutes later we aunt, screaming and ahayuschey simultaneously finished, returning briefly in the time of fucking in the hotel. Recovering from a powerful orgasm, my aunt put his wife in the 69th to face the screen with another squeal maid, poured grease thickest part of the dildo and continued to play with her ass wife in the game, Sun-to-end-take out-to-end.
I looked at the screen, at the aunt and his wife, drove bald and appears again was ready to cum.
- Look at it through the eyes of her husband, she told Aunt Natasha, referring to the fat-young blonde on the screen, ruthlessly fucked in the ass Turk roughly zhmakat with her breasts. Be a man and at the same time. His wife held her fingers to her clit and began to masturbate, but the aunt took her roughly with both hands behind her back, and without ceasing to insert and remove the dildo, put his wife of 69 minutes on his knees wide apart in a pose "before the altar". His wife, with a bright look in his eyes lust, stared at the screen. Suddenly she began to growl and voluptuous shudder all over. Guessing what is happening, Aunt quickly stopped frictions. Natasha flopped face in the bed, biting her teeth blanket (probably not to shout in a loud voice) and began to shake all over from the first in her life Anal orgasm; She growled and screamed, then briefly went limp, and mechanically moving the booty then forward it back, in a hoarse voice said: "Lord, have died yesterday, I would not know what is! pleasure possible"; After these words she turned to her aunt and hugged her, and I'm not missing a unique opportunity, generously embraces lowered popped out on their tongues, lips, eyes, hairstyles, lush breasts.
After a shower, three of us had dinner and tired and satisfied, went to sleep.