- Quiet! There's someone coming? - Rax whispered, stopping and carefully peering into the darkness.
Todd stopped abruptly and looked back, having stood as a minute, he turned to the Rax and, holding his breath he said:
- No one there!
- Todd, what if anybody here go? I'm afraid! I hear all the time steps, it seems to me that we were someone is!
- Rax, well, who will then wander at night in these thickets, well? Calm down please. We are alone here. - Todd pulled her to him and embraced. - Do not worry dear, poždem, there are two steps left.
Rax went for Todd, firmly taking his hand.
- For a long time to go yet? It's so dark I can not see where to even start. Todd, I do not run you.
- Here! - Interrupted Todd raksiny complaint.
- Come after me! - Having said that, Todd veered off the path and stooped, reached somewhere in the dark thickets. Rax did not understand where he drags her. She closed her eyes that the leaves do not fall into his eyes, and he felt like twigs reluctantly parted unpleasantly Schork on clothes Rax somewhere climbed. At least, it seemed kind of emptiness around.
- Well, Raksyush, come! I told you, what's cool at night!
Rax opened her eyes and realized that they are in a certain similarity of the hut. Above their heads was a wide spreading branches that broke off, not even broken off, and broke down about two meters from the ground and bent down, covered their branches this place like a tent. Fracture this was something either wrapped, or knocked down, Rax could not make out, but realized that it strengthened, thus making quite a cozy place here. Branches on land served as the walls and the entrance here was only one place, and Todd knew it, and yet the most important thing on top was a pretty big gap between the branches, in which the moon shone, creating inside the hut light illumination, it was enough at night, to see each other. It should be noted that, approaching the hut, you walk under the branches of trees that do not pass light of the moon, so it's dark, and Rax first did not understand where they climb. Her wariness subsided a bit and now Toda idea to come here, seemed not so bad.
- Todd, how cool here. And who did it?
- Who. Who! Mother Nature, I just won see the break brought down to the branch finally collapsed.
- She clings?
- Do not worry, I've tested it, and hung on her, even climbs on top and jumped. Branch thick, fuck her Oblomov himself. So be sure!
- And to sit here where? - Looking around and not seeing anything like the chair, asked Rax.
- This we have taken into account! - Todd said proudly. - I beg you, Madame.
With that, he walked away, and was an old bench behind him. He made a motion of his hands, as if dusting and pointed to the seat.
- Mercy! - Quipped Rax, crouching slightly, as did the ladies in the old days, portraying gratitude. - It is probably dirty ?!
- We are all sterile, - repeated duster Todd and sat himself - Go sit down on your knees!
Sitting on his lap Toda, Rax gently pressed her to him and wrapped his arms. At such moments, Todd felt like a real defender of his ladylove. He held her by the ass with one hand and put his arm around the other's back, thus expanding the number yourself.
- How nice! So warm with you!
- M-uh, I'm even a little hot - Todd smiled, holding her to him.
- What is there for you? - Rax asked shifted in the lap of Toda - What is here is solid?
- Uh-uh, things got out of control, madam, your movements make me worry.
- So, Mister, please reassure your friend - Rax Todd grabbed his pants for jeans in the area - I do not want here.
- But you see, Madame, your smart ass, which is now in my hands, is not conducive to calm down - a broad smile, whispered Todd.
- So, I said !! - Affirmative vote Rax sounded menacing. - All calm down!
- Well, as always.
As the minute of silence absurd. Todd turning over in my head combinations are screened them mercilessly. Today, apparently, is not to be expected sexual adventures. Todd strain of thought, suddenly Rax interrupted this moment of silence:
-Pisit I want!
From these words Tod somehow breath, heart suddenly began to beat as if he had to cross.
Surprised by his reaction, Todd said:
- You, as always, Rax, you always want to pisit in the most unfitting moment. Come, sit down over there in the corner!
Todd pointed to the far corner of their makeshift room. There was not an angle, but merely dark in comparison with the other portions of space. Todd found this place the best toilet in the vicinity.
- What?! Here! No, I'm not here! - Rax head whirled.
- Look, I'm with you nowhere SOCA, let's sit down over there, and that's that. Are you embarrassed me, because there is just dark, the moon does not shine there. Come on, go already!
- Okay! Do not want to stand, only you do not see, - smiling, murmured Rax.
She got up from her knees Toda, carefully walked to the place, or rather she did just three steps, and was next to a bush that hung a little forward. Todd closely followed her every movement. She turned her back to him. Looking at the ground around him, and apparently making a suitable condition place, start to unzip tight jeans. Todd automatically, you can tell instinctively looked at her ass. For now, it will remove the jeans. When he heard the sound unzips - he caught his breath. His eyes, tense at the limit, trying to snatch out of the darkness all the details of what is happening. Rax, opening his zipper, lifted her shirt up a little, why Tod opened light in the dark waist. Her hands slid to the sides took up the waistband and began to shoot them. Tight jeans reluctantly slipped from her ass, making the movement more desirable. After a moment, waistband, sliding down to the buttocks, let them into the light of day, and Todd saw two white elastic halves of her ass, which stood out clearly in the dark, flowing between a thin white panties straps. Leaving jeans at the knees, I began to take off her panties Rax.
Panties were three thin straps. Two of them stayed on the hips, and a third lay between the buttocks. Two fingers Rax easily pulled down the top two, but the third caught between the serried hips. Rax feet slightly apart, and the strap easily flew to the other two. Now the ass Rax nothing has closed, although before that she was not hidden. A second pause, Rax squatted, holding the hand jeans with panties. Todd is now seen as soon as her ass, slowly hiding in the dark. More could be seen as Rax bent legs spread apart and fell silent. After a moment, in the silence could be heard the murmur. He could not imagine what was written ... Rax will cause a storm of emotions and a burning desire to see this process in great detail. The murmur in the meantime subsided, Rax sat a little more and getting up from squatting, reached into the pocket of jeans lowered, with the napkin. Todd watched her every action. Taking napkin Rax, not turning to Todd, he tucked knees slightly and place them to the side. Todd fidgeted in his place by what he saw pictures. Rax rapid hand movement podterlas and throwing a towel to the side pulled the jeans, zipped and smoothed jersey. All!
- Well here is how relieved! - Rax said, and turned to face Todd.
- What are you staring! ?? - A surprised voice forced Toda step back from their experiences.
- A? What? I?! I'm not-ee, I was not looking! - Todd tried to explain, but it did not help.
- Todd, let you open your mouth, as if you saw a miracle! - He explained Rax - why are you watching?
- Well, uh-uh, it's so beautiful, you have me so beautiful!
- It! Handsomely? What could be more beautiful that I pisila under a bush ???
- Yes, you know, I thought so too until I saw - monotonically said Todd - is everything !!!
Rax settling again on his knees Toda, I hugged him and asked coyly:
- So what you saw there?
Todd, pulling her to him began to whisper in her ear. If it was not dark, we would see how Rax smiled, and her eyes sparkled - Todd learned well that women love with their ears and tried to maximize the use of all his eloquence in describing the recent experiences. Its soft, so dear voice, and hot noisy breathing gradually clouding consciousness Rax and she began to feel hot languid languor in the abdomen, which is spreading throughout the body heat waves.
Todd felt rather heard breathing quickened Rax, her arms wrapped around him stronger, and suddenly one of them went down to his ass. "ABOUT! we are going the right way!" - Tod thought - "It is time to take action!" He began to gently touch the lips of her eye, and then the language. Rax reacted immediately, grabbing him unceremoniously over the buttock, or rather of the part of it that was available. Her other hand suddenly undid the bottom of his shirt, penetrated the stomach and quickly began to unbutton his pants. From these actions in mind Toda already buzzed. He waited for a moment and when she finally gets inside and it happened. Her hand crept unceremoniously in shorts and grabbed the barrel, squeezed it in his hand, which he stiffened even more. Todd showered kisses on her neck and stared at the shoulder like a hungry vampire, licking his tongue. After a moment, he felt like his cock was bred out and her hand still clutching start gently move up and down. Rax whispered:
- I'll give you a very nice!
Then she suddenly stopped moving his hand, stood up and gently dropped into a crouch.
Todd felt his heart beat, it just shook his chest every stroke. Her hand gently grasped at the base member, squeezed it as if checking for firmness and sent over. Todd could not with his hands on the bench about something to think he just stupidly waited, when? Rax hung his head over the rearing member and Tod was to be seen what will happen there. He instinctively closed his eyes, giving a major role in the haptic perception of Rax. Her hand gently moved down, exposing the head. A moment later he felt the head of her breathing. His lips touched the trunk somewhere, gently kissed, then climbed up and kissed again. The next kiss was already with the language - Rax taste its trunk. Next him bolder and long kiss convinced Todd to serious intentions Rax. Remembering that it is possible to see Todd was about to open his eyes, when his cock enveloped something wet or leisure. Todd stopped, it was like, no, perhaps it is not that it does not seem sensations were completely new for our hero, to compare them to something he could not. Her hot tongue so gentle, plump lips, tightly hugged the trunk and this strange sensation of coolness when she released his mouth, forced Toda poskulivat quietly. It is amazingly gentle and carefully made a blowjob, and it's definitely like it. From the height of pleasure, Todd realized that everything will soon come to an end. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the Rax completely absorbed by his occupation, her lips girth of the penis and cheeks, which were drawn when she was sucking it, Todd sharply strained abs and squeezing everything inside began to throw out one, then a second, a third portion, listening as the Rax swallows its nectar.
Conscious experiences, Todd gradually came to himself. A member of his beginnings become soft. Rax, licking his lips, suddenly said: "And it looks like the smell of flowers, which his grandmother everywhere in the country bloom".
While Todd was coming into being said, Rax sat next to him.
- How are you? - Finding nothing more in my head asked Todd.
- Good! - Mysteriously replied Rax - I like to make you a blowjob, it's fun, exciting, did you get it so nice!
- Todd stared at Rax. What to tell her so, he did not know, so I just silently hugged her.
- I want sex! - Her voice was so demanding that Todd knew - he started to fall asleep.
- Listen, I want you to come in, right now! - Repeat this Rax reached into his pants Toda. - Are you ready?
Todd said nothing. He just got up, picked up the Rax hands, then turned her back to him and bent sharply forward. Rax, exhaling loudly, spread her legs, put her hands on the bench. Todd began frantically to pull off her jeans. Before his eyes the image ran naked ass Rax, when she wrote to him.
Sweda feet, I we contract them with you! - Todd hissed, taking his hands Raksiny legs.
Rax dutifully put his feet together and helped pull Tod jeans with panties. Todd took one leg with Raksinoy legs, thus giving it the opportunity to place them. The next step, he dropped his pants and put the rebellious and ready dick between Rax buttocks. She moaned and languidly ass sticking up, caved in like a cat.
- Come to me, I beg you, come! - Rax whispered in the dark.
Todd has covered her pussy with his hand, and felt the hot flesh, introduced her finger into the vagina. Rax moaned loudly and leaned back, trying to perch on him stronger. Todd began slowly moving his finger, feeling the hot slippery walls of her body. Rax immediately adopted this motion long groan and arranged the legs wider, inviting a thumb. But Todd decided to replace the finger on something better. His cock was aimed directly at her. Few occasion it from top to bottom, head lubricating juices Rax, Todd deliberately delayed the time of introduction, anticipating it. Reins so he decided and gently introduced it, pulling Rax hips. I am feeling it all turned out to be entirely in her Todd hesitated, enjoying her elastic shrug, and then went out and brought back, but stronger and more sharply, causing at Rax groan. Then it was difficult to describe anything. It was like a rocking boat on the waves and the noise in my head from the surf of pleasure rushed into the consciousness of both.
The silence was broken only Raksiny soft moans and loud breathing Toda, who with his eyes closed and his head thrown back, sit down with greed ... Rax on his hard cock, juicy slapping thighs of her white buttocks.
Last willpower left Toda, the body will not obey him, it worked in their scenario. Todd looked at everything as if from the outside, he himself pleaded Rax come, because it has remained a second patient. Already preparing to remove it, he heard a familiar sobs Rax and felt the trembling of her body, and even blow it, arched like an electric shock loudly moaned something like "Mama" and her body began to beat the Jets in orgasm. Seeing this, Todd felt his prostate has shrunk. Very leaving the Rax, he pressed himself against her buttocks and having lost touch with the outside world began to pour out of himself the seed portions one after the other.
Spilling the last drop back groaning Rax, Todd carefully tucked his dick in his pants and took a step back. Painting, which opened it was just wonderful. Rax stood in unequivocal pose in the moonlight shining whiteness of her ass, lowered jeans dented accordion, hung on his leg from under battened down shirts hanging down and seemed white in the dark, her two lovely breasts. On the back Raks Tod saw his sperm, which gleamed like a glaze in a poor light of the moon.
After admiring the spectacle Todd pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and began again, gently wipe the traces of their orgasm with Raksinoy back while stroking her rounded ass.
Rax all this time remained silent, as silence, she let Todd put on her jeans. Finally Todd sat her and sat himself, considering everything that happened.
Rax again suddenly interrupted the silence:
- How good have sex!
Todd surprised at such a dramatic statement Rax, but added:
- Yes OK.
- And let's try in the ass !!!
Todd bulging eyes, climbed to seek his jaw dropped out, his cock, tired and calm started to harden again.