Her name was Tatyana and she came to serve in our calculation, where I served as a senior engineer, a radar operator.
She was small in stature slender, fast like a little girl than to have married girls 23 years of available child .Dlinnye hair, rarely falling down on the fragile shoulders, often twisted into a bun, a snub nose with freckles, a small barely protruding under her clothes chest, and always sparkling some odd blue eyes shine, so I did and probably will remember for a lifetime.
On it I have not paid much attention over a year, in any case no more than the other girls who served us then. But one day, I remember it was winter, I conduct classes for the study of the material, and it turned out that the occupation had to spend time with her alone. And my mood was good and it was also, as always with a sparkling face .. I do not remember what I explained to her there but we joked and laughed sometimes and when came the turn to fix the theoretical knowledge in practice, we went around the cabin .and that's when showing it how and what to do, for some reason I really wanted to hug this fragile girl, to the same as I remember from it departed so that the smell dizzy. I'm showing a hand on some other unit gently put his arm around her waist, assuming of course that is now followed by a sharp rebuff ..But she just smiled and joked that it was you, Comrade Captain pesters to subordinates? I realized that she likes it and tighter second I kissed her neck and again she even pulled back a little but will likely not due to the fact that it was unpleasant to her and due to the fact that did not expect this from me .. I of course can not be was stopped, my heart is pounding so that she seemed to hear it too, so it probably all a mile around is heard .. I pulled her by the waist and that's already snuck my hand under her T-shirt, feeling its velvety skin and my lips have kissed her chubby cheeks .. she did not say anything and paused and seemed also waiting for what I'm going to do next, she was standing with his hands down and just put his head bowed on my shoulder. My hand gently and slowly climbed up the tummy passed between her breasts, I have noted with admiration that there is no bra, as it turned out she wore it only in exceptional cases. And then I put my palm on her chest magical mound ..I felt like she shivered and sighed and tighter second our lips met. It was a very long kiss, it seemed it lasted for ages, it was a sweetie and gentle, her sweet tongue played with my all around ceased to exist when we were. My palm continued to fondle her breasts, fingers fumble already swollen papilla, and the second arm around the back of it.
Pity on us still had to break away from each other, we looked into each other's eyes and realized that from that moment we begin another life .. course of any employment more and speech could not be, we kissed and caressed each other, I lifted her T-shirt and bared her breasts, they really were almost children, even surprising how she nursed their child .. I clung to him and kissed them, I crushed them and squeezed palms, how it is pleasant. She felt like a got my cock in his trousers clung to him and his little body. The next moment my hand was already fumbled in her panties .On it was fashionable at that time the so-called weeks ..I slightly lowered sports trousers where it was and saw a bunny painted on the underpants. My palm fell below short little hairs on her and she immediately slightly parted legs as if inviting me on. She was mokrenkaya, pisyulka her finger and I touched her feeling she shudders. I even tried to insert her finger into the hole and it was able to me a bit .. We never stopped kissing, I kissed her lips neck tabs, in general, all of which could reach up to .. I want you, I whispered in her ear and she answered me that pressed also wants me.
But it was necessary to descend from heaven to earth, I had to go, service is service .. I stood up that day on duty on the part of, and it was necessary for the briefing to the commander but at that moment I had an idea, we had a cabin where we kept the property and lived during exercise or at night when needed somewhere to relax ..I told her that I'll leave the key and let it go to sleep not in stand-house where they usually slept well there, and I'm about two o'clock at night when everything will be calm and will sleep all come to it .We kissed yet and I'm looking forward to meeting ran.
I will not speak to me slowly dragged on time, but it was night time and well past midnight and a 2-hour, I went to a typically inspect guard duty and he almost ran to her. My heart was pounding again when I came to the cabin, I pulled on the door handle, opened, then it is there, it means waiting. I went and closed the door on the latch, and turned on the light. I saw how she was sleeping curled up on the bed, well, really a child, she was still in her mouth papilla. I approached her and undressing on the move and when it came there was only a T-shirt and trousers. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, she opened her eyes and then hugged me with his hands and we merged in a kiss. Then we undressed, I was shooting pants with shorts and admired it also removes the T-shirt over his head and then he looked at me for a long time already smiling protruding member such as a child also with panties off her pants. We were close to each other and kissed, my hands caressed her, it is now open and bare a sweet and tender. She also patted me but still did not touch my child, unlike me, I have long explored its entire pisyulku all her wrinkles and my finger several times already been inside her holes .. Apparently she and most liked it very much, she I could in those circumstances wider spread her legs to me it was more convenient to rummage in her pisyushke. Then I pulled away from her and went down to her legs spread them wider and pressed his lips to her sugary pussy ..I kissed her, I thrust my tongue in her hole fingered and tongue klitorchik .. This went on until I have hated could and I raised if it had become to climb on her, kissing her tummy then papillae then the neck and jaw, and finally the head of my cock touched her pisyulki I tried immediately to insert but that did not work, and then she palm took it and sent to the right place, I pressed in tighter second I felt something like that impacts my dick .. I thought she squeezes her pussy when I moved there but then it turned out that it's just her such narrow slits, well, just like the girl ..I reached the end it was a fairy tale, she pressed me to her arms and threw her my feet. After a short while I continued, I was part of it until the end, and almost out of her, she was lying with her eyes closed and moaning with pleasure, but I held back as best he could, because even just touching a member of her mink I could immediately terminate ..I stayed and again continued and she also enjoyed it, at some point, I felt like she pressed me to her harder and moaned louder and pisyushka began to shudder, she had finished, finished like the childish almost cried I was so admired that he almost lost his erection, even though it was enough to re-insert until the end felt like it pisyulya impacts dick and he again stood as wood. I stopped and gave her a breath, I just lay there and caressed her body, admiring how it is sometimes with his eyes closed as though sobbing when the body passes another sweet spasm orgasm ..Cherez a while she opened her eyes and turned to me, she again shone and smiled and we started kissing again. I was happy that give her pleasure, and even had time to think that maybe it's all for today. But then she ... she got up, put me on my back and she sat on his haunches right above the member. From only one of this kind instantly became my baby in the firing position, and it remains only palm again to send it to yourself and sit on it .. It was magical again, she put her hands on her knees and closed her eyes and began to rise slowly and fall absorbing a member to the base .Inogda it out completely and then sent it back palm it into itself and I'm once again struggled with himself pushing his orgasm, admiring her, now you could say its a nice little Tanya.
She again became hard to breathe and I can not restrain myself asked if he could put an end to it? She opened her eyes for a moment, paused, then smiled, as if waving a pen can be said, stop, I spiral is, you do not feel? And I like presenting somewhere inside pisyushki costs spiral and thread concerns head immediately began to finish, his head was spinning as if I failed somewhere, I just felt like a portion of a portion of my sperm filled her schelochku. When I opened my eyes I saw that Tanya is also closed his eyes and groans holds a finger at his klitorchik also shudders with pleasure and the second orgasm .. She immediately fell down next to me and we embraced frozen pleasure and happiness. We have lain so about 15 minutes, then I got up and saw on her legs drop of sperm reached for the towel and handed it to her, he stood up and began to dress. I've already put on pants and a shirt, and already wore a tunic when again looked at Tanya, she, too, was dressed, or rather only the beginning of the sitting on the bed and again as something childish, it sticks in turn their feet in the pants and then got up and gently bouncing became their pull, with her breasts heaving and she smiled back at me. I immediately reappeared desire and I felt like my dick was getting up, I walked over to her and gently turned her to her back then behind his back bent it forward. It was as if she expected it and did not resist and holding back of the bed waiting for what will happen next. And then I pulled down her panties and then undid his pants and lowered them too, along with shorts, then took the hand of his child and he directed it in her schelochku .. She was More mokrenkaya and I easily got inside, I took her by the waist and began to slowly at first but then faster and faster moving penetrating into it, I did not hold back and just wanted to finish quickly, I wanted to feel again as a member of shrinking inside her and how it fills their juice ..and I finished again collapsed somewhere and again by filling it to the edge. Again pulling member, I noticed how the sperm ran down her legs and then I handed her a towel. On this we can say that is night is over, but it was only the beginning of our relationship. Then I remember leaving kissed her and wished her good night, and said that I'm looking forward to the next course of our meeting and the meeting happened in a few days.
Arriving in the morning the service knowing that it is now also in place, I hurried to it, I especially liked when the morning was a graphic artist and Tanya was sitting at the indicator .. The cabin was warm and almost dark a dim light bulb so the indicator itself. I came up from behind and hugged her for her neck, kissed ear and smiling when she turned to me and kissed her on the lips. It was usually just wearing a T-shirt under which there was nothing but in sports pants and of course the type of panties week. I there is no difficulty to get right under her T-shirt and squeeze her nipples and in panties, I easily got it just slightly moved apart her legs .. Tanya usually a little sit up from his chair and I went down to her knees down her pants with shorts, then I He lowers a little and took out his or already standing member of unbuttoned his pants, and then I sat down on her chair as she sat on top of his back to me .. sometimes I even sent her baby in her burrow sometimes when he did not get immediately Tanya helped her to handle his stick. . I went to kiss her neck and caressing her breasts under the T-shirt, and she began to slowly sit up and then sit on my baby. Every minute she stopped to count a display information and give it over the phone to manual and then continued again, closing his eyes and quietly moans of pleasure. This was some sort of indescribable romance army, it was very good and we did not think about anything more, just we had these our half-hour every morning, and we used them. Then I no longer able to hold back finished in its narrow and a nice pisyushku and after a while she got up closing the hole prepared in advance with a handkerchief. Then he pulled her panties with panties and ran into the street. It was certainly not always but in most cases, she ran for the cab and took off her panties again sat on his haunches. I occasionally peeping her going to the other side and bent under the cabin, I saw her pisyushku, saw there dripping semen and in the end she still wrote thin murmuring stream beat of holes. She knew of course that I was watching her and she liked it .. And of course we met when matched my night shift and her, I also came to her in three hours and we made love up to 6 on the bed or in the cabin if at this time I had to work.
Was it a holiday and just Tanya was on duty, and I decided not to go for lunch. We closed in Zipovoy cabin and a long kiss, then I remembered that I have to stash a bottle of cognac. I opened it but unfortunately did not have any snacks, and then I got a breath of his mouth and then began to kiss Tanya while giving her a brandy out of his mouth, it was cool and not at all bitter. Then I wanted to play with her pisyushkoy but Tanya pushed my hand from his pants saying that her critical days. It's a pity, but what can you do, we continued to kiss Tanya is not unzipped his pants and pulled out a member of the course for a long time .He stood and she began stroking his palm. It was very nice, I admired how her little hand was moving over the penis, I went to kiss her and squeeze her breasts under the T-shirt is not finished .. Tanya at the last moment held up his palm and I filled it with sperm.
As in the spring, I invited her to walk in the woods around the position posobirat lily of the valley where it was full, she of course agreed, and as soon as we hid from prying eyes, I pulled her to him and kissed her, and she must also stood togozhe hotela..My and kissed and caressed our pens is that they wanted, she undid his pants and pulled out already standing member squeezed his head, I lifted up her T-shirt squeezed her breast and the other handle climbing into her ass panties.
I was looking through the eyes of where we would like to be spoken to settle down and noticed a small bump just went there .. I just sat on his legs stretched out and lowered her panties Tanya squatted back to me giving my baby a moment and swallowed him his already wet hole ..I took her ass and began to help up and down enjoying my cock until the end comes .. and of course a long time I could not stand, I could not wait for her to finish and shivering began to cum in her, it was something, and again it is holding palm pisyushku stood up and immediately next turned to me again squatted releasing the palm. At the same moment of recording almost jet of sperm dripped over it and scored a thin trickle, she began to write and smiling looking childish to me. After that, we still posabirali lily of the valley chatting about any nonsense and joking just like that.
How then, one morning when she was about to go home after the change, I asked whether it is possible for her to run home during or after dinner, she smiled and smacking me on the cheek can be said to be waiting for me. After dinner I told my boss that ... I will not go with them in part, that I need to check the cable line, and I'll get myself and waiting when they otedut I immediately went to his Tanyushka. She waited, and when I called the opened door, it was only a thin robe and he buckled only one button .. We immediately went into the hall and I unbuttoned robe put it on the sofa, then his clothes and just unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a member of the I lay down on it immediately and put forward, we have gone. I kissed her and my cock handles its narrow schelochku. I was not going to delay this case and after a while I finished filling out her usual schelochku. A little breathless, I stood up and she remained lying does not move with the legs wide apart looking at me with her pretty eyes. I was a little delayed admiring her, admiring her from both the sperm dripping pisyushki little feeling guilty that probably will not give her the same pleasure that he received. I leaned over her kissed her on the lips and whispered that she was the most lovely and I love her very much.
Then he went quickly summer holidays with trips and other reasons for which we had to meet very rarely. I remember after the release of the second day I ran to her house, I think it will open up the husband figure something out, but it was very much like to see it, well, there was no longer any strength .. Fortunately we opened it and immediately merged into the embrace, I said that very bored, and she is also the tale, and even said that her husband is somewhere in the yard but after a couple of hours should uehat.Ya said that I would come back later and left.
When I returned it was necessary to wait a little longer, it just walking his dog on the street, I waited for when it will go to the apartment and then went for it .. I pounced on her back in the hallway taking off her clothes and throwing it on the sides .. When we dobralisdo bedroom is on me were just melting, as Tanya was quite naked .. I began to kiss her, I kissed her slowly and gently starting from the cervix gradually sinking down to the papilla, then stomach, then turned her back to the top and kissed her shoulder blades then cleavage then ass then turned her back and kissed her legs, first one from the top down to samyhpalchikov, then the other .. then legs apart, I fell in between them and a little admiring her buds disclosed pisyushki clung to his lips. I kissed and sucked, I licked and kissed again placing his palms under her ass, I felt her trembling and heard the groan of her lips. I did that until she put her arms around my head to him, and I felt like a tongue began to decline pisyushka her, she came and cried, and I was in seventh heaven. I did not let her klitorchik of lips and she squirmed and struggled in my obyatiyah.Potom she calmed down and I stepped lay down next to her, I wanted to hug her and hugged her but she climbed tutzhepodnyavshis me jack, so again it was pisyushka in front of my eyes and vtotzhe moment I felt like her lips closed around my penis. It was magical, it then took him almost to the very end in roti who played the tongue with the head .. I again began to lick and suck her klitorchik .. Now we both groaned as he could, because her mouth was busy as well as in me. After a while Tanya again huddled in the ecstasy of orgasm, released my baby from her mouth and fell next to me. A little breathless again she stood up again and now again climbed on me but now squatted facing me, sending a member, put her hands on your knees began to rise and fall. The picture was awesome, it was clearly seen as a member includes stretching her lips when she sit down, and they are closed on it when it rises. I could not for a long time on a watch, and I struggled, too, in ecstasy, shivering and filling it schelochku sperm portion by portion. And it seems that waiting, paused, looked at me, smiled, and certainly enjoyed as a member of the shudders in her nutria .. When a member has already started to fall she holding palm pisyushku got up and down from the bed went to the bathroom, I headed for the course her .. she sat down on the toilet, I asked that she spread her legs wider so I was still clearly visible. She smile spread her legs so that the whole pussy was open to the more she took her fingers over the sponge and spread them apart. It was something, all wide-open pussy, hole from which it follows the sperm, and when she began to write more and so much so that the trickle down and scored not up at all was something, my cock began to rise again .. And she looked, and just smiled and finished writing began to caress his mokrenkaya klitorchik .. I moved closer to her and she first took the palm began to masturbate me baby and then leaning back slightly in rotik.Cherez took him a few seconds she jumped up and ran into the hall, and when I went over there she stood leaning forward about the tape looking for your favorite magazine, her ass and pisyushka looked right at me and it was so appetizing that I could not take advantage of this, I went back and slightly bent and put his head to the hole immediately penetrated into her, AB then he took her by the waist became what is said to pull it to the member .. Tanya put her pens stronger in the table and continued to be moving a little to meet me .. in this position its gripping member pisyushka more than usual, to the same kind of her back, a narrow waist , popochki member and included in it aroused could not be more .. I could have a minute if you want to finish but I stopped and went a little breathless again. And so a few times until I could not stop and at the same moment I became zaponyat it again and again. gritting his teeth with pleasure and squeezing her ass. Then she straightened up and turned to me, I fell exhausted on a chair. She stood and looked at me, or rather on the fallen member and I watched her on the legs flows from the pussy sperm: Then we got dressed and said that went.
Next was a very memorable meeting next summer, I remember it was hot and she was on duty and I was about to leave home, I wanted to make love, and I thought it better to do it is. I knew that at two o'clock in the morning the station will include a night schedule, and if all of a sudden it does not engage the repair it will come after me .. So I twisted and joined one of the fuses, and went home, knowing that I will bring to my Tanyushka night.
And so it happened, even in my dreams I heard the door slammed in pod¸zde as a soldier and a driver went up the stairs and then knocked. shorter through which the 15 minutes I was already at the station near his Tanyushka. I repeat, it was hot and it was only in a sports T-shirt, even without pants only panties. It has brought me even more and I immediately jumped at it, in a moment, and T-shirt and panties are already lying on the desk next to the indicator as I showered kisses on this lovely naked. We had a long kiss, then I put it on the table and sat down next to the chair, I spread her legs and began kissing pisyushku and she leaned back and groaned, then I pulled away from her, leaned back in his chair and pulled out his penis out of his pants became his masturbate. Tanya also began to play with her clitoris looking at my cock, which shall not take his eyes off her pisyushki, with as its a nice little finger fiddling klitorchik stroking turns sponges and occasionally penetrated for a moment in the hole, it's all very turns me on. I suddenly had a thought in Galway and I took out a pen kakrmana handed her Tanya, she wordlessly understood me tutzhe licking her put himself in the hole so that only the tip remained outside, and then she began to quickly move it back and forth. It was nice for this watch, darling little girl sits on a desk leaning back up¸rshis back of the indicator, it is also on the table legs placed in the hand, the fingers of one hand, it inserts a handle and the other fingers caress ... klitorchik. I looked at the lay beside massage sch¸tku and Tanya again read my mind, she took the pen out of pisyushki and taking the brush and also licked her pen there also put it in the hole itself. Yes, it is probably already more sensitive, it was clearly seen as an expense in the hand when the sponge sch¸tka includes: I continued to masturbate themselves while Tanya has not got off the table and turned back to me she did not sit down on a member by sending his palm. I stood up and began to drive her in her baby and she thrusting his knob between her legs continued to process your Stoney klitorchik. It did not last long, I felt like was the decline of its pisyushka as she began to moan more and was about to finish but that Tanya sharply turning sat down and took my cock in her mouth, she continued her mouth his caress so much so that I felt dizzy, I began to finish she is now expecting to move away but she did not think to do this but only out swallowed a member of swallowing and mumbling something. It was the first time in my life, my head was spinning, I felt like a member repeatedly throws her in the mouth portion of semen and she immediately swallowed it all .. I was happy, and when she was having drunk every last drop I got up and kissed her lips, feeling them tart taste of semen, I whispered that I was the happiest man on earth and now having experienced it I can not die regretting not about anything. Tanya just smiled and said that she is also very good to me .. After a long time we sat and talked, she wore only a T-shirt and sat putting the legs chair childish wife and I sat next to a pen and holding out touching her swollen pisyushku.
I remember the next day, I certainly wanted to do it again, I mean blowjob. And almost his arrival in the morning, I like a boy attacked Tanya and she certainly knew immediately what I want in front of me sat on his haunches unzipped my pants got a baby and began to suck it with relish. I closed my eyes with pleasure again and again I imagined that now I will put an end to this nice little mouth. Perhaps the excitement orgasm Hodel approached and I was a little removed Tanya took her pen and put her well in her panties, she realized what I wanted and became panties to fondle her pussy, which is shed picked up her baby, and in a moment I felt that orgasm I close again pushed to a member of her mouth and she obediently began to suck .. and in a moment I had the pleasure podkasyvalis feet, I again had finished filling her mouth again and she swallowed every last drop: Valid and she loved it .. We made love and I usually began to cum in her pussy but the last drops almost always popodaet in her neck.
After half a year came the order to transfer me to another place of service. There were a lot of tears and rasstovanie was very difficult, but life is life, time heals everything, and healed those wounds. I often think of her, she has remained in my memory of that little snub-nosed girl with freckles, long hair, sweet smile and eyes with children iskrinkoy.