To visit us often visited our distant relative (let's call her Katya). In winter, she came in a sheepskin coat, and with this sheepskin began my drive to the top of women's clothing. While the adults were drinking tea, I masturbated in the hallway of her fur coats, smelled her perfume, and received just indescribable pleasure.
It should be added that Kate is quite a lot older than me and so much more adept between the representatives of different sexes. Then, and now, it is blooming woman with bright taste in clothes.
So, once during the regular orgasm, I did not have time to clean sheepskin sleeve and finished it. Kate seems to have noticed it, but did not betray it.
But in the summer, she asked "take extra fruit with garden" and analyze them.
When I came, I saw a rather piquant picture: Katyusha was omashnem robe, she bares her sexy hips almost to the buttocks, which bulged her beautiful sisechki.
I got to disassemble the fruit, and suddenly Kate came back, hugged me with her sensual and delicate hands and clung to me: "you masturbated my sheepskin coat?" I had no choice but to confess all (especially since I was in such a state that does not really understand what was happening).
"And you've already had sex with girls?"
hearing "no"She suggested a few days ago to go to her cottage "collect apples".
And here I am on Katina country. Without mindalnichaya, she said that her main goal - to teach me the art of love, "so as not to spoil expensive things"
She ordered me to sit on the couch and sit up poulezhachego state.
Then she tied my eyes and saying, "do not move, I'll" I sat on my horse!
A member of my treatment of this stake just stood there, as far as possible in shorts.
Katya also said: "do not open your eyes", I took off my bandage and began to gently kiss. Her lips touched my forehead, cheeks, I inhaled the scent of her perfume and enjoying noticed that softly moaned. Kate took advantage of this, and kissing me gby, tongue plunged into my mouth. I almost did not finish! Her wise and sensual tongue in my mouth maketh complicated pirouettes, Katya was lying on me and I felt that it is nothing but a thin robe. I started to respond to the kiss, and soon our tongues started doing pirouettes with love.
"Open your eyes. Well, as you?"
Katherine again sat on top of me, in an unbuttoned robe, decorated with feathers, and with one hand stroking my dick already pulled him out of the shorts and the other caressed her breasts nowhere grafted rose.
Then she sat astride my cock and began to move slowly as I could. She moved up and down, back and forth, she was beautiful in her dance passion.
Katya accelerated pace, and orgasm rolled on me an irresistible wave. Before we finish, I flipped her onto her back and drove a member of the most eggs, three sharp movements finished this beautiful act.
However, she clearly was not enough: she started very strongly to iron my hair, pushing her to the hot and wet pussy.
I sucked the clitoris, oblizval lips, tongue penetrated as deeply as he could. Kate moaned, writhed, and with a loud cry came, ejaculating on my tongue.
"Kiss me, I want to know what I taste". The kiss was just an angel!
Kate decided to go into the shower, but I wound up again!
As soon as Kate got up, I grabbed her by the waist, put the cancer and drove a stake through her ass, so round and delicious.
Katya moaned, but did not resist the penetration of my cock yv hot velvet of her priests.
This time I fucked her like a man pervobytey female, zhestoeo long.
Here's what I learned from Kayushi the art of love. Then there were other hot meeting, a threesome with her girlfriend, but that's another story ...