I live in the city of Donetsk. I study in the 11m class. I am now 16t years.
The story described in this story took place about 2 months ago.
It all started when I met a girl from my
parallel, her name was Anastasia. She was 16t, of medium height, with a slender
beautiful body. Blonde with beautiful facial features. For a long time our communication
5yu limited minutes in the corridor, but soon we started to talk
via ICQ to, as it turned out, it is not bad owned mathematics, and at thinking with
this subject had no problems.
Before one important test, she wrote to me and asked what I had the next day went to her, and a little help with math.
Here at the appointed time, I am standing at the door to her apartment, she opened
the door for me. Her parents had left on business, and promised to come back later
at night. I noticed that she was wearing a pretty relaxed, short red shorts and a topic that could not completely hide it behind a chest. I went immediately down to business, and began to ask her questions. What she did not understand, but not seeing her face no interest in this subject, I slowly began to tend to the conversation in a different direction, and it is openly supported.
Half an hour later she offered me tea, I certainly did not give up.
Moving into the kitchen, I sat down on the couch. And she started making tea. Turning back to me, she was doing something. I was blown away by the view of her ass, I do not know what came over me, but I stood up and hugged her so that my dick is already standing stared her straight in the ass. One can see she liked it, because She made no attempt to escape from my arms.
By putting a cup of tea, she turned to me and kissed him. I liked this turn of events. He sat down on the sofa and put her on his lap, we continue to kiss, I began to gradually withdraw its topic. As it turned out, she wore a bra, and her beautiful breasts with protruding nipples looked at me. I started to kiss her.
Change places with Nastya, I pulled off her panties, which are already
there was a large wet spot. This gave me the impetus to further action. I took off my jeans and put it on the sofa. Situated on top, I slowly at first, it all began to be faster and faster. She is definitely liked. She podmahivala to the beat of my movements of their booty.
From the understanding that I have a girl that wanted at least polshkoly, I felt that I will soon be over, but I did not want to end so quickly.
Her face was flushed, heavy breathing, I realized that she too
is already close to orgasm. I stopped. Tears from her. It is a clear reluctance to let go of me. Reversed, she already had full power over me, putting his hands on my chest, I began to make rapid movements. I definitely liked this pace.
Here I felt moisture on Glowka my penis. My orgasm is not too long in coming, and here I am making a last push relaxed and felt my sperm fills it from within. She can not stay fell on my chest. After lying so near reached the 10 minutes, she went into the shower, I dressed, made his and her tea.
The remaining time we spent on the conversation about yourself, about friends, about life, about everything in general. The next day I found in the ICQ is
message: "Come back tomorrow, in ETOGES time, I did not quite understand the last subject." Throughout the body immediately ran a wave of excitement and anticipation of the next day.
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