There are in our city one cafe. It so happens that in this cafe, exclusively female staff. Across the street is a private security agency, so that a permanent guard at the cafe was not needed. We sat in the cafe, one day, three women: blonde, brunette and redhead. It was late, and besides them there were no visitors. The waitresses were sitting at the bar and waited for the completion of the working time ....
The door to the cafe opened, and a drunken young man entered. Looking around the room with misty eyes, he went straight to the three attenders. Sitting on the empty chair, he began rudely and clumsily glued to them. The waitress came and asked the guy to leave. But to her surprise, the ladies looked at each other and asked to allow a guy to stay. Surprised the waitress walked away. Soon, however, they called her and ordered vodka. Then the order was repeated a couple of times. Half an hour later, the guy was drunk. The blonde leaned wearily and said:
- To us, it's time to leave. Payback for that drink. The boy's face fell, redhead smiled and said:
- And, there is no money? Well there is. We will pay for you, you only station we strip.
- Come on, come on do not be shy. - Blond Man patted on the shoulder. The guy stood up and began to undress.
- No no. Not so - you laughed bryunetka.- to the music and on the table. Girls can we music. Began to play fast music, man climbed onto the table and began to undress ...
After finishing the dance, the guy jumped on the floor, loudly clicked on the parquet floor bare feet. Covering little hands his dignity, he looked around in search of clothes.
- Looking for your stuff? - Red-haired bad smiled. - Rags you have to work with.
- Girls who leave us, please. We have some fun with him an hour or two, and you have to repay the donations, and this will leave it for his odyozhku lot to do. Dipping something in the street will not go. Waitresses, looked at each other, closed the door with a key, Dim light, took clothes guy and went to the kitchen to drink tea.
- Get up to his knees, he pulled the boy blonde finger and pointed at the guy place his feet. The guy shook his head in response, and mumbled something. The blonde got to her feet, and strongly kicked a guy between the legs. The boy sobbed, sank to his haunches. Redhead immediately kicked him in the back. The boy rested his hands on the floor to keep from falling. Ginger sat on his back, holding his head between his legs and grabbed the guy behind the hair, began to rub his face on the sole of shoes blonde:
- Language vysuni, stronger, harder said. The brunette stared at it, from his seat, enjoying expensive French wine. The blonde took off her shoes and big toes pressed fellow eye. The boy cried out in pain.
- Painfully? And you try to best skis.
The blonde took her fingers Man eyes. Frightened man began diligently working language. - Between the fingers do not forget. For ten minutes the guy licking fingers blonde, then she stood up, grabbed him by the hair, and gestured to his red chair.
Man Putting his foot on the head, she let go of his hair and pressed the sole guy to the floor head. Ginger handed feet shod in shiny black boots to her lips kid, and demanded priudarit them (lips) toe. The guy grabbed her lips toe boot, took it in his mouth as he could and began to suck,
- So good. Now another. - Ginger dramatically pulled out of his mouth Man boot, causing his lips clicked loudly. - We'll break with drink right now, due to the girls, rag grazing! - Redhead stuffed in her mouth guy heels, and began to rotate the foot, knock Man soles on the nose.
- So now, take off my boots. No, do not dare to touch them, you are not worthy to touch her hands female legs Woman Man kicked in the chest. - Work your mouth, teeth. Grasping teeth tongue lock pawl, the guy began to lower his head, undoing the zipper, then clamped his teeth heel, pulled off his boots with his legs, and then also took the other. Redhead immediately put her right foot in his mouth all the way,
- Shire mouth open! Shire said my leg your teeth in the way. Taking out a foot from his mouth, foot stroked his head, and put in his mouth two big toes, stretched lips guy and shook his head from side to side.
- Crawl to me. - Brunette left his glass and put the bare feet (shoes she shot herself). The guy on his knees crawled to a new mistress, received in the course of kicks in the ass by red and blonde. Pausing, the guy looked up at the brunette. She nodded. The boy began to kiss the feet of a girl caressing fingers. The brunette smiled, took off the table a plate of strawberries with cream, put it on the floor in front of the guy down at her foot and wiggled her fingers:
- Let's eat. Bending down, he became tongue to lap up the cream. Brunette pulled the leg out of the bowl, between the fingers was squeezed strawberry.
- Open your mouth! The boy opened his mouth, the brunette lifted to his mouth berry and opened her fingers. - Rui.
To feed a couple of berries, black hair stood up, unbuttoned her jeans and let them down a little with the panties. Man opolz her from behind and put his head on her panties, the girl picked up the jeans loops for belt and pulled up. Man's face tightly pressed against her crotch.
- Lick. The guy became gentle movements led by its juicy, already soaked pussy.
- Language to thrust deeper! a guy got hit in the side. From what he could not see, his eyes closed the entire labia and pubic girls. Frightened, the guy put the language as deeply as he could and began to rotate them, then just sticking out from the vagina, then inserting again. As weary sighs the girl, the guy realized that doing something right. Discharge girl irrigated all his face, they were cut to his nose, a thin stream trickled down from the chin to the neck. Ten minutes later, the lady let pants are down and bared beautiful legs and a flushed face guy between.
- To me. - Ginger patted her leg. Crawling man approached her. She lifted her skirt, it is widely spread her legs, left arm pulling her panties, and pressed his head right guy to her pussy. - Start slowly and smoothly. I love the softness of movements, and then come in deeper and deeper! From redhead pussy it smelled just amazingly well, and before you start to caress her boyfriend filled his lungs wonderful, feminine fragrance. First, the most tip of his tongue, he spent on her slits, then he increased the pace a little, and stuck out his tongue a little more. Redhead released him in fifteen minutes. The boy reluctantly pulled away from the pubis to the shaved hair of the red-haired butterfly. The girls cheered. The blonde grabbed the guy behind the hair, unexpectedly sharply and strongly pulled him to her pussy, put his head chin on the edge of the chair, ordered to put out language and then have it become a pussy in my mouth. At first, her movements were soft, accurate, and distributed only in the mouth. Then, she began to step up the pace, moving more aggressively. Now she has a face like masturbating guy. Before the eyes of the guy swept little scratchy pubis, the juicy pussy. Very sigh lady pushed the guy's face away. The guy does not stand on his heels and fell on his back.
Brunette pulled from her purse starpon.
- No, no, do not worry. We have no interest to fuck you in the ass. We love to receive pleasure themselves. The blonde leaned over and put starpon the guy's head. Then she grabbed a Man introduced sticking out of his mouth starpon her vagina and, leaning over the back, having got his hands behind his head ordered:
- Work. The boy began to move his head, input and output starpon. Ten minutes later the lady huddled in orgasm, then went limp, and gestured at the red-haired guy. Redhead gently taking the strap with two fingers introduced him to himself. Tired man moved his head slowly.
- Something I did not like the way you work. Oksana, can you help him? The brunette stood up, walked over to the guy put his foot on his head and began to push it, then let his head. ... Ginger moved her hips to meet. Soon she began to moan and bite her lips.
- Cumming! - She shouted. The brunette took her leg, grabbing the guy behind the ears, pulled out starpon girlfriend and dragged a chair, put on his head Man. Then he turned his back to the guy, starpon introduced into his anus. Soft she put on him, sitting in pairs on the face. After sitting for a few seconds enjoying it slowly rose up and sank. Then again. Soon her anus widened, and the movement is no longer afforded her former not strong pain. Then she abruptly inflated rate, and began furiously fuck yourself in the ass. Each time with a little slap, hitting the buttocks on the guy's face. Soon she had finished. Rising from starpona girl dressed, peremignuvshis already dressed girlfriends, she called the waitress. Having a girlfriend wad of banknotes, the ladies retired. The boy sighed and tried to get up, but was stopped by a waitress hands.
- Do not hurry, baby. You want my clothes back? We'll have a good try. From the service space left eight naked girls, and with smiles on their beautiful, the people of predators went to the boy, who was lying pinned to the floor of the first leg of the waitresses.