We have already met with Andrei year, when he decided to make me an offer. But I'm not going to disagree: I was only 19, I wanted to see the world and life. Creating a nest was not in my plans. And Andrew was already 26. As he said, "at that age men start to think about the family." The parents insisted on marriage. It was all about the money - my family will never show off, and Andrei - businessman, and successful. With him I would in no way needed. I had to agree. I myself began to adjust itself to the idea that we will live happily ever after, and that I will love him ... ever.
The wedding was scheduled for October, although the offer was made in February. During these months, Andrew wanted to finish the construction of our house, things put in order, to me then more time left. I began to slowly prepare for the wedding, accidentally met his first love school - Maxim ... We met when I was 15 and he was 17. It was a real romance: ice cream, flowers from the garden, a declaration of love, walking in the rain ... On Andrew everything is different: we went to the restaurants, to the boring buffets, I never could not put under him or his friends sneakers or chew gum. Darkness in general ... met Max, we remembered the old days, he invited me to visit on Sunday. We ate pizza, drank some soda trash, looked old photos and laughing. So much fun for a long time I was not there. Finally, Max seriously looked into my eyes and reached for my lips. I could not resist ... His body matured, his passionate eyes and hot breath ... They are in a moment made me insane! I began to eagerly dig into his mouth and neck. I pulled off his clothes, and when he was left without clothes, asked him to stand up in front of me:
- I want to look at you ... - I whispered and settled back on the couch.
Maxim was impossible not to admire the ... Over the past 4 years, I have not seen him, he straightened up to 180 cm in height, once he had hunched back, flat chest and a soft belly. Now in front of me stood a man. No one would have survived. I sat on the edge of the couch, Max got closer. Looking into his eyes, from the bottom up, I began to kiss his penis and then took it into his mouth and did not want to release. I helped myself tongue, lips, hands, drove head on the chin and lips, introduced the term in his throat and took out sharply, clutching stronger lips. I tried so hard to make it nice, that after 5 minutes my mouth tired, but Maxim could no longer wait. He knelt down, helped me take off my clothes, his passion was replaced by immense tenderness, so was even better ... I lay down on the sofa, and Max, still kneeling already on the side of me, slowly kissed me from head to toe, with without touching the most sensitive areas. I lay there with my eyes closed and moaning with pleasure: this is no comparison did not go with the way it happened with Andrew. Andrew was a passionate lover, but only to my first orgasm ... Then he apparently believed that enough already with me and finished, and I often went into the bathroom and masturbated in the shower, to release the energy that is not found exit of Andrew . And what wonders did Max, when I was doing cunnilingus! This was equivalent to that I had died and was born again!
When we went to the very sex, I was already in poluobmoroke. Max put me on the carpet and lay on top. I cried every time he abruptly introduced to me his cock, and moaned softly when he drove it slowly back and forth. He did not take his eyes off me, all the while staring into the eyes, watching my every emotion. But when I screamed, arched and clung to his shoulders nails, he held me in his arms and pressed tightly against his groin to my pubis. I experienced an orgasm and got a bit to recover. When I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Maxim. He looked at me as if it was the most pleasant female orgasm in his life! That evening, it was not our last sex, and not our last meeting ... On the whole 5 months, I forgot all about her upcoming wedding. All preparations took over the side of my future husband. I had sex with Maxim 5 days a week, and with Andrew only once. Sometimes I wondered why Andrew did not need more, but the thought of Maximus blocked all other thoughts.
Then came the wedding day. By this time, Maxim already knew everything, and even tried to dissuade me from the marriage, but it was too late and my parents would not want to even hear about it. When we drove up to Andrei registrar, I broke down and burst into tears. I said that I betrayed him, begged forgiveness, and Andrew suddenly said quietly: "I know the Light, I know everything. And about your Max, I know, and that out of the last six months it did not get out, and that he fucked you every day. In the evening, you saw me, as if nothing had happened. I know everything about you ... "I was sitting with a huge red-eyed unable to rationally understand what I just heard. And Andrew wiped the tears from my face and opened the car door. The whole evening I was not myself. I caught myself thinking that is not too well I know my husband, as a person ... I was greatly frightened, and for good reason ... The next morning I woke up from a headache. I drank a lot of champagne, not to think that Andrew aware of all cases. However, when I woke up and tried to rub her eyes, I felt pain in the wrist - my right hand has been linked chain, but fortunately, not bleeding. I've been in our new private house, in a room on the first floor, where the trainers were. Circuit looked familiar - it used to be on the neck huge watchdog breed Alabai Andrew home. I remembered Andrew saying that Rex release only when he dies. I'm eyeing the chain to find her weak point, and try to escape, but I found it just dried blood. I was frightened and began to examine himself - suddenly it's my blood? But I was still intact. Later I learned that Andrew had killed his Rex in the morning ... The room was dark, and suddenly from the opposite corner came a voice: "I woke up, Sveta" and turn on the light. He seemed to have blinded me for a while, but his eyes quickly returned to normal. In the opposite corner sat Andrew, as always calm, Business, confident.
- Andrew, what does it mean ?! Untie me!
- That'll show me how to fuck with her boyfriend, and, perhaps, have mercy.
I do not know what to think! His head ached, his hand hurt, the whole body ached from the dampness in the room. It seemed that the worse will be gone, but Andrew showed me the next day, that is just the beginning ... Soon I confidently concluded that Andrew - sexual pervert. You would think that he takes revenge on me for treason, but it seemed my infidelity has only been a way to with a clear conscience to torment and humiliate me after the wedding ... Since that day, I went naked with only a chain attached to his leg, preparing to eat, she herself was forced to have that thrown on the floor Andrey. If you would like, just I came back, put on all fours or on the wall, and was unceremoniously and raped. I have never engaged in anal sex, and when one day Andrew with all their might put my ass in his big already a member, I have bled. Called the doctor, I paid him more than you need, whispering that it should not go beyond the home. The doctor came almost every day for 2-3 weeks to heal me, and get a big overtime. Of course, Andrew did not stop only on this case, and a few more times to force forced anal. I struggled in hysterics, choked with tears, but would not repeat traveled. But he insisted on his and still accustomed to anal sex. More precisely, I had to overcome through force yourself to no longer hurt. However, Andrei as if specially made me worse each time. So week after week. I do several times a day, was forced to drink his semen to tolerate his love for hard sex. I slept in the fitness, also in chains. And when we left the house to visit us or someone came, I wore sweaters with long sleeves ... to hide the scars and bruises. I was very ashamed of the thought alone that I was raped by her own husband. My face did not touch Andrew, he said that "in love once in a person at first sight." I thought it a mockery.
He repeatedly quoted from 1 to 5 prostitutes in advance watered them to the pig squeal, so they did not resist him. They staged an orgy in front of me. He fucked them for hours, but they are just that and asked. Andrew forced them to engage in lesbian sex, masturbation, sitting in front of me. Or he hung hands one of them to a hook for boxing bag in the ceiling, and, without taking his eyes from me, raped for so long and with such force that iznemozhdennaya and semiconscious woman collapses to the ground when it untied. Once one putana tried to involve me in their orgies. She began to touch my breasts and thrust his hands between my legs (I still walked around the house naked or Andrew torn old shirt). Seeing this, my tormentor grabbed by the hair and the prostitute with the force pushed her away from me, shouting: "It is only my! If one more time at least one damn touches to it, I bury alive all together! "After these words, Andrew drove them, drank a bottle of vodka and went to sleep ...
I now and then there is an idea that we should say to him, but I stopped thinking, Andrew - known rich man; I, at the end of it all, very ashamed in front of his family, to the people. How will I look people in the eye ?! So went a whole year ... I for the year 2 times pregnant, but after two or three "sessions" rough sex, was bleeding and I lost the baby.
Once we were visiting his parents. Mom, I must say, was just ducky, treated me as a native daughter. Here it is something and saw my bruises on his wrists from chains and Andreev hands. Thank God, she did not hold intimate conversations with the little boy, and immediately called the police. After examinations by several doctors, psychologists, judiciary Andrew isolated from the society ... the court was, fortunately, justice has been done and money is not played a small role in this matter. Andrew gave (it seems to me, a little) 4 years of strict regime. I rehabilitated during the year. But there was a barren ...
Now Andrew again at liberty. I achieved that he was not allowed to approach me, and within gunshot. His fate do not know. But I have all began to build: we have been married for Maxim 1.5 years, we have a wonderful two-year-girl. We have adopted it a year after the wedding. Maxim does not give me offense, he treats me like a queen and does not do anything that would remind me of the past ...