In the summer I decided to go with a group to rest at sea.
In the evening I went at the appointed time for the train. When he saw her at the station, I timidly approached and asked her name. Her name was Katherine.
She looked at me incredibly blue eyes and asked where I was going.
When he learned that I was going to rest on the sea she smiled. Coincidence or not, but we went to rest in the same group. The group, in which we were traveling, was of about 30 people, where some 10 girls and 20 boys. When we boarded the train accompanying the group, went to bed, and I was offered, as it start to relax and got a beer. After drinking a fair amount of beer, we went to smoke in the vestibule. During conversations in the corridor, I found out that Kate was 2 years older than me (she was 20), as it is the first time I was going to rest with the group, with her riding her younger sister, who was fairly similar to Kate. somewhere around 3 guys went to bed the night someone alone, and someone, and not alone. I did not go and sleep now and then I went into the lobby to smoke, leaving the vestibule, I was faced with Katya, she took me by the hand offered, to stand with her. I noticed that it was wearing only a top and shorts, under which as it turned out, then, too, was not wearing panties. We were 5 minutes, embracing, and looked out the window. I felt her hand down between my legs. The response to her movement is not long in coming. Being a virgin, I was embarrassed erection and tried to pull away but she hugged me to her, her lips eagerly dug into me. I started to play a big boy, and began to kiss her neck, my arms wrapped around her large breasts, I felt that I still boils between his legs. The first time I told her that I want her. Kate laughed,
- "He could not speak, and so I can see !!!"
I blushed. She saw my embarrassment, kissed me,
We went to sleep together. In the morning the train arrived at the place of our rest. When I opened my eyes, Kate has long been awakened she lay nearby, her hands caressing my body. I said that I would do well to go to the toilet, after yesterday's beer! But Katya kissed asked me to suffer! And now we are in a rest home. I stayed in a room with a guy from my city to see if it would be then easier to negotiate! During dinner, Kate did not take her eyes off me, as in other matters, and I! Getting up from the table, Kate came up to me and whispered in your ear, so I was waiting for her after the disco! When she left, I did not consciously looked at her lovely ass, memories of last night, awakened in me the desire, I felt that the pants in my erect member area. I got the girls sitting at the next table looked at each other and giggled. When he came into the room, I asked my neighbor condoms!
He smiled, handing me two things. I asked why so much ?!
- You're a virgin ?! Then you know why !!! I now do not wait for the night!
He laughed and walked out!
I began to prepare for the arrival! Spread a bed and tucked under the pillow Gandon, I imagined the coming night.
The knock on the door! I opened the door, and was speechless. Kate was still sexy, translucent blouse through which her nipples were visible, and a mini skirt opening my eyes, her lovely slender legs!
"Can I come in" - Demurely she said, and without waiting for an answer she kissed me.
"I see you happy to see me" - She whispered putting his hand in my pants.
I eagerly began to kiss her neck, unbuttoning her blouse, I feel her rapid breathing.
- Let's close the door, you do not want to arrange a free video on holiday ?!
Closing the door! I went with her to the bed. Taking off from itself "clothing remnants." She put me on the bed, caressing it stripped me! The first time I saw a naked girl so close, and he was first completely nude in front of a girl. Her hands so tenderly touched me, that will not will I put myself in the full disposal of Catino. She began to lick my nipples, I did not expect even that it can be fun.
I groaned as she gently bit me. I felt that the abdomen is wet.
"Are you finished ?!"- She giggled - "Well, not that, it happens! Continue can ?!"
Oh sure! - I said, sheepishly wiping cum belly!
After 30 seconds I was petting her back in the ranks!
"Let the condom" - Sorry, I thought, she said.
Wearing a condom, she became immersed my cock in his, has long been wet cunt.
She moaned, more quickening pace! I began to realize that it's the moment of truth when you lose your virginity!
Throwing her head she moaned even louder, I felt like the walls of her vagina are reduced, these feelings made me come. Kate paused, lowered her head on my chest she said she wanted me to fuck her like a bitch!
I was a little taken aback, I asked: "Like this?!"
- You that have never seen a dog fuck a bitch ?!
She got off me and got on all fours on the floor! Such a picture with even greater force initiated me !!! I changed the condom, mentally thanking the neighbor! Fell in behind, I alone entered his penis.
Kate said that she wanted me to caress her breasts. She arched allowing me to freely massaged her tits. Fucking her in this position, I could see that Katya gets one orgasm after another.
Her hands caressed my testicles, at one point redirected wet with grease member to another hole. Kate squirmed more and more himself spitted on my dick, I want you to come on my chest, she demanded imperiously.!
She turned to face me, pulling a member of the condom she became furiously masturbate him on his chest. Cum flying away came over her face. I fell exhausted on the bed and closed his eyes. Kate went into the shower. Returning it to the brow near the bed, began to play with my weary limbs, I felt the warmth of her mouth on his scrotum. Then she began to suck my dick swallowing it all faster !. She takes in my mouth! In my head I was going indescribable, I wanted to thank Katya, I told her that have never lick pussy, and I want to try it. Kate laughed again! She sat on my face so that her mouth continued to respond to me. I touched his lips to her vagina, I do not when you do not forget this bitter taste, it is hard to describe! We licked each other ending time and time again! Kate swallowed my sperm, thanks me for every drop!
All the rest of the night we spent together! Kate has taught me a lot to know about sex! Eo it was like a fairy tale!