Two years ago, after graduating from college, I got a job in a company. I liked the work, the team was good.
On duty, I had to communicate with the leaders of our business units. One of the leaders, his name was Oleg, I liked very much. He was 25 years old, single, tall brunette with brown eyes and a strong constitution. But, unfortunately, all my shooting eyes at him unnoticed. Once emboldened, I invited him to dinner. At dinner we talked to all possible topics. It was very interesting to talk to. Our joint dinners become a tradition. This went on for over a month. But all my hints about what would be, somewhere to go during off-hours, met with a polite refusal or excuses busy affairs. Very soon it has bothered me, and I asked bluntly - can we get something? The answer was vague and unintelligible. Angry, I threw the head of Oleg.
At work, we have continued to politely communicate in work items.
It took more than six months. Our company was the anniversary. The holiday was good. All the fun of the soul. After drinking a glass of wine, I felt dizzy, and I decided to go out into the fresh air. Having stood on the street for 10 minutes, I suddenly felt at his waist men's hands. And my ear someone whispered, "Come to my office in 15 minutes." Sharply turned around, I found myself in the arms of Oleg. He bit me on the mouth with a passionate kiss. His lips were soft and tender, and the tongue is very persistent. Pushing it, I left without saying anything. For myself, I firmly decided that will not go anywhere. I soon forgot about the incident and continued to have fun. Suddenly my phone rang. So how to talk in the room it was impossible, I went into the corridor. As soon as I finished speaking, next to the office door opened and Oleg grabbed me in his arms, dragged into his office, and then locked the door.
On my request to open the door, he just grinned. I asked: "What do you want?" "You!" - Oleg replied, stepping closer, and his whole body pressed me against the wall. He was completely sober. "Why would you suddenly woke up interest in me?" - I asked - "Are you so long did not notice me." "I've been on you go crazy, but I was afraid to come and hear failure," - said Oleg. His answer threw me into a state of mild numbness. He took advantage of my confusion and started to kiss me on the lips. I have not kissed him. Then he began to gently kiss my neck, held by her tongue. Oleg ran my hand under my jacket, and seeing that I was without a bra, smile, began to fondle my breasts. From my chest I broke groan. My knees buckled and I stopped struggling.
Again a grin, he tugged at my jacket and I heard a knocking on the floor torn buttons. Taking off my jacket, he stared at my lips, breasts. He gently nibbled my nipples tickle their language. I could hardly stand on her feet. It was divine.
Grabbing my hand, Oleg took and gently put me on your desktop. Continuing the tongue to play with my nipples, he lifted my skirt and ran a hand through her panties. They are already pretty soaked. Pulling it from me, he ran his finger between my sexual sponges, on the clitoris and plunged them into the vagina.
Looking up from my breasts, he began slowly, sprinkling my tummy gentle kisses, go down. Carefully conducted tongue between lips, kissed the clitoris, tongue penetrated the vagina, bringing me more and more fun.
I was already on the verge of orgasm, as Oleg abruptly stopped kissing me when he saw my astonished eyes, he just whispered that he wanted to extend my pleasure.
Putting my face to the table, he asked me to bend over and place her legs wide. I did as he asked. Oleg started kissing my back, tickling her tongue, I sank lower and lower. Having reached my buttocks, he began to gently nibble on their calling me a wave of new feelings. After playing with her buttocks, he gently parted them, and suddenly began to lick my anal hole. I must say that I was a virgin there. A little frightened, I tried to pull away, but he whispered: "Trust me," and I relaxed. He kissed and licked my anal hole, penetrating into the tongue and finger never stopped playing with the clitoris. My breathing quickened, and I was again approaching orgasm, and then Oleg abruptly entered my vagina. I did not notice when he had time to undress.
Velev me not to stop, Oleg reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled out some kind of jar. I was very surprised, but said nothing. Dipping a finger in a jar, he began to knead my anal hole, then brought his finger back. His cock was still in my vagina and less than a minute I had finished again. Then he came out of me, put his penis into the anus and slowly began to penetrate inside. He did it slowly and gently, trying to cause me the least possible pain. But I could not relax. He again began to kiss her neck and caressing my breasts. I gave my feelings, relaxed and did not notice how he came at me full and slowly began to move. After a while I got used and was beginning to ask myself the pace that gave me the greatest pleasure.
Oleg, meanwhile, started a hand to caress my clitoris. I finished several times. Feeling that he was too tense, and will soon be over, I jumped out of the chair, sitting nearby, quickly swallowed his cock. Stroking testicles hand, I caressed his bridle the tongue, lips, sucking his head and when he began to finish swallowed every last drop. He looked at me gratefully. I got up, got dressed, had her blouse buttoned to the 3 remaining buttons. Stepping into the hall, I called a taxi and went home.
The next morning, on the table lay my boss my application for dismissal.