Frankly I never thought that one day someone will tell it, but many years after the event that something inside is terribly itchy ...
It was a long time ago in the city of XXX, I was in the 9th grade of high school, and quite frankly was an outstanding student.
I was particularly attracted to the sciences, this fact has contributed a lot to my close and frequent communication with our math teacher. It would be a lonely man in his early 50, with some strange aversion to women ... Okay, enough preamble, once he was preparing our school team to the Olympiad in mathematics. We worked every day for a few hours, my head is already humming of brainteasers. In the evening of the next day to say that I went to his home tomorrow, he will work out with me alone, because He lays it on my own hopes for the Olympics. The next day, after two hours of grueling training, he suggested that exercise and work in his garden. I will not list what we were doing there, the main thing that after work we went into the shower.
Shower him to the manner of the suburban street. High School invited me to bathe together, since little water, and it is necessary to economize. While one would lather -second clean, and vice versa. I was a little uncomfortable to undress in front of a teacher, but I apparently did not hesitate. Figure he was good without abdomen, proper body balance. Most of all I was surprised completely bald shaved pubis, which made his big cock looked like something childish, but very sexy. I missed it the first, spoke disapprovingly about my lush vegetation in the groin. He said it was not hygienic and should shave. I stepped into the shower and began to lather, he almost immediately took my washcloth, saying he rubs my back and my hands slipped a safety razor. "On sbrey their forest". Probably, if I had balked, then nothing would have happened next, but I used to listen to him and began clumsily to free his pubis from the thickets.
He, meanwhile, quite gently soaped me, and that bothered me the most - paying special attention to my ass. I must say that the young man I was then completely corrupt, the word homosexuality had not never heard, and I had not occurred to him about the possibility of sex with a man.
Finished soaping my back, he turned me around to face him and meticulously examined my work. Selected razor and holding my dick almost immediately gets up carefully Welcome my crotch. Rinse with running water and soap my hair. Sam got into the shower. A wet, he silently handed me a washcloth and soap. I knew I had to wash his back. When I soaped his back, and even with a sinking paced the teacher's buttocks, he turned to me torso, but the hand of the sponge is not reached. I froze in disbelief. "Let's keep that stopped?" I began to rub his chest and arms.
"Member of the hands wash, washcloth -Hard". It sounded like an order. Terribly blushing, without looking up, I began to lather his risen member. Whether he was circumcised, or the constant masturbation, but the head of his cock was completely bare. "Egg wash is good: and the ass, that's when you skhalyavil back we!" It said it was a tone he usually reprimanding Losers. So I hand Tereblya his balls and move forward - to the anus. To do this I had to bend down, I felt a hand on his shoulder.
Dasha events developed so rapidly that I have not been able to make sense of them, just following his orders. "On knees!" Before my face sticking out his erection. "Did you know that urine is useful? No? Now you know - mouth open !!!". Poor comprehending what was happening, fearing his rough shout, I opened my mouth.
In spite of everything that happened before, I could not have imagined that almost immediately it starts to piss. "I always want to piss when I'm in the shower, do not close your mouth !!!". I did not swallow his urine, she ran down my chest spattered face. I'm not afraid of him, but there was an overwhelming desire to obey him: That his act almost instantly made me his slave. "Lick!" I forced gulped, awkwardly clasp his penis with his lips. "No shit do not know how, do not rock the boat, I myself". Taking my head in his hands, he was rude jerks began to fuck me, almost in my throat. I started vomiting spasms, so strong, that I began to escape from the grip of his. "Okay, slut, you yourself wanted it". Nothing I did not like, pissed at first, then almost strangled his eldoy. "CANCER !!!" Frankly I not immediately understand where does the crayfish, but received a blow in the stomach involuntarily bent. He roughly turned me into his ass. It was very painful, though he would have rubbed his penis with soap. For five minutes he tore up my ass.
I stood in the classic pose of crustaceans, having rested his hands on the floor. Finally, I felt that he had finished. "Not listening to your thank you, whore!" "Thank you", I could barely squeeze out of yourself. "You can thank him, put your shit, let mouth, mouth". Again I found myself with his cock in his mouth. This time, I tried my best, so that he again did not fuck my head. "Well, young man, how would I call you now male name you obviously do not deserve: Okay, brush up, legs and ass to shaved, I'll be right back". For twenty minutes I licked the wound, washed and shaved the mentioned places. He was not, I did not dare go out of the shower without his permission, besides he took my clothes. He came back with some girlish panties. "On Ira forgotten, and can specifically do you leave? I said that you'll do tomorrow: And you go, I'll tell her that just". I started on my knees to beg not to say anything or anyone, Ira was his niece and my classmate, and admit I liked very much. "Okay, I'm kidding, she threw them in the laundry: Let's go into the house, the whore, the other clothes is not for you". Fortunately, I was limited to a simple home licking his balls while he was watching TV. Timidly said that I must go home. "Yes you are right". "I beg you in school, I do not call a girl". "Okay, baby, run back home, tomorrow will come to school in these shorts, I'll check"
To be continued