In the city, after the heat of the day, the evening fell. The sun gilded the roofs of houses, trees covered with foliage evening blue. I slowly walked along the boulevard, enjoying the cool of the evening. His head swarmed thoughts passing day. Somewhere played light music, young people sat on benches along the park. Elderly couple walking, whispering about something close. Sun zakotilos over rooftops and down the streets mild evening. Tabloid lit lanterns. Opened its doors to street cafes. In the air, the smell of roasted coffee and brandy flavor. I could not help but be tempted by this fragrance. After a few minutes I was enjoying a beautiful bouquet of old cognac in prikusku with Arabic coffee. In the depths of a cafe, but rather a summer porch, I noticed a young guy. On the face of an ordinary man, but his face was something unusual. Courageous features a meandering line of the lips, beautiful, expressive eyes and hair dark hair? perfectly complement the Portet. I could not tear his eyes. Sometimes our eyes crossed. I felt awkward and I otvdil your eyes to the side. And then, as an afterthought, he translated his eyes on this guy.
Time passed. I finished my coffee and konyak, got up and headed for the exit. And he thought to himself that evening turned out to be just a success. With this feeling, I went down the street, taking me farther and farther away from the cafes and handsome guy.
The road wound, wound and led me to a dark alley. A more accurate to say quite dark. Probably you forgot to turn the lights on here. Perhaps this was done intentionally. But since it was the only option the way, I decided not to stop. Passing the house, I noticed a lone silhouette of a person. Having caught up with him, he came up to me and held out his hand said hello. I did not even realize what was happening. It was so dark that only the timbre of voice I was able to determine that it was a guy. I did not immediately respond to his greeting. But a moment later, the guy said that he was the same stranger whom I was staring insolently at the cafe. In my mind instantly flashed the thought that today I would be beaten face. Mentally I was going with the spirit. I can not say that I was a weakling, but a broken face I do not really like to have today. Especially because everything is going well. But the guy somehow lingered with his fists. Vice-versa, he approached me and asked if I had a cigarette. But I, too, was no fool, and realized that it usually starts all street conflicts. Fortunately for me I had a cigarette, and I handed him a pack.
He took out a cigarette, struck a lighter, lit, and gave me a light. We made a pair of puffs. In the air, there was silence. The guy handed me his hand. I stiffened. But his hand fell on my waist, and slowly began to slide on the thigh. Then he made a circle and approached the fly. My heart pounded as if something is going to leave my body forever. His hand stopped at my cock and began to violently crush him. Another moment and my dick seemed to tear my pants trousers. This went on for several minutes. Then my hero night, knelt down, undid my pants and pulled my cock and began to suck. I've even taken aback by this turn. But I was so pleased that it is now scattered over the body shivers of pleasure. He sucked furiously. His hand continued to knead my balls. He worked as a language, as a shovel. A little more and I was ready to finish. He he broke the passionate mission. Got up. And continued their actions, showering me with passionate kisses without letting me say a word. I also decided to get into his pants. I must say that there was burning the fire of passion.
I did not think that there are such kinds and sizes. I myself not a little. But such instances I have not yet met. After finishing a prolonged a hickey, I escape from his lips. Kneeling, I unleashed this beast. Leo, it was a lion. With a huge mane and large eggs. He kept trying to break outwards. But I do not mended his escape, holding it with his hand. Then he began to push me hard, trying to break me of my wall of the pharynx. His balls barely keep up with him, hitting rubber balls on my chin. Grabbing his cock stronger your hand, I made it clear that I wanted to get some rest. We began to fondle each Druck hands, showering waterfall passionate kisses. The idea that we are here someone could find was poured into each of us a bucket of adrenaline. At the bottom of the groin have raged element of passion. My mouth was full of love juice. And the language is already numb from the passionate dance. Tension has reached the limit of my penis, and I whispered to the guy that I wanted to finish. He gently took my cock in his hand. And he began to tickle him bridle his jazuka. Then he plunged my cock into the mouth of his volcano with such force that I could hardly keep his indescribable ecstasy. Then his hand was a little push my waist to her. And I began to move my body like a piston in a volcanic crater. In my bowels matured fiery magma. And when I could no longer hold back the pressure, I shot his sperm on the wall of the house a warm stream. We came together. Only his love cocktail fountain splashed on my shoe. But do not worry. The most important thing in this business full confidence in each other.
We even smoked a cigarette. We exchanged impressions of the evening. And continued to every man his way.
I have long remembered the warm evening. We have met several times, but that's another story.