.... Then went on vacation in the spring, an island in the South of Europe. On the week. During this time there were only three, but what !!!!!! no one compares to the south this holiday.
First day - "Bar acquaintance", Portuguese - young such neat - my favorite age 18 .... !!!!!!!!! she screamed, my God, I think we will break her bed (single), and wake up the whole hotel .... she fucked me in full, and had finished so rapidly and was so wet inside that I wanted to drop everything and steer in Portugal .. ..ugostila bottle of whiskey and asked to show how they drink in Russia, for which he has been subjected to an attempt of anal sex, but both lack the time desire of a member, and the complete absence of a cream or ointment attempt failed, but finally mentally licked my genitals . I like the professionalism, especially at that age. Believe me, I have not seen anything like almost here. The next day I lick their wounds ... :-)))))
The next day I drove to the girl-in manageress gostinka she sucks know Inglish, but smiled and shot eyes. It was plain curious, and perhaps for the first time saw the Russian. I invited her to drink a beer after work, she refused, I invited pogulyat..ona was almost a head taller than me, a blonde with small breasts (sorry) ... not all at once, and after two hours of festivities on trezvyak (already dark) I poukromney chose the place and climbed under her skirt, she began to break down - there's nowhere to retreat - either the Kings or blow up ships in the harbor (it happened that break off and short-lived, but then worked cleanly). Without lifting his right arm - I had almost reached her cherished goal, he left abruptly turned his back and began to knead her breasts (Fu, well, I do not like small) .... lo and behold - she stopped the resistance, a few moments later began to breathe (I catch IT breathing ...) and threw her head back, exposing the neck and parted lips (also did not like me) !!!!
Everything! ... Russian reached the final! (I was in a tracksuit with an inscription "Russia")
I tore off her panties (faster, faster, until he came back from the other world :-))), forced to stand rachkoms (oh, uncomfortable in the sand) sportivki pulled up to the knees and threw her on the same thing. Sorry, there was no gum on hand (in the pants somewhere, it was not up to ... and lass got the right kind of - checking confirmed), so finishing the (not quite managed to pull out, and pulled her skirt - probably recalled when washing) immediately ran to the hotel for miramistinom ... she did not care, she arched her ass to me, dropped her hands and lay her head on the ground and often panting ... Funny, but security is more expensive .... so do not to kisses it was .... who knew what was in it. The Long Goodbye - more tears .... Then only I realized that I was a fool and could supply it under the locomotive to the end of the week ... I looked up to her and fucked it ... It's always a good idea ... She came, violently, but almost silently, arching toward me and clasped hands my hips ... she did not smile ever again, and watched sadly as that .... When I came to be discharged to the reception desk, she defiantly somewhere retired ....
The third was Russian, the day of departure .... I just missed the Russian language as it is - very little Russian !!!! - So after two coffee immediately went to fuck me in the room ... it was about 32-35, three times finished, she "Pearl Well finally can not childish": "what did you do to me" and similar exclamations and cries during each approach, .... tried to climb a finger into my ass !!!!!!! for which he was exposed to matyugami out ....