I'll tell you a few stories that have happened to me in my youth, and that changed my life.
The first story.
It was a long time ago. I was still a kid of fourteen.
Our family had a little - I, my older brother and our mother. We lived quietly in a small, but very cozy two-bedroom apartment. The windows looked out on a quiet, green street, and at night, when the trees swayed in the wind, on the walls of our room with his brother appeared weird and wonderful patterns, which changed its bizarre shape. The glare of lanterns lit mine and my brother's body, and at night when I could not sleep, I quietly looked on the wall, my brother, just in the dark window.
I would also like to talk about your brother. His name was Paul. He was then seventeen years old and, like all students who graduate from the school, dreamed of a new and adult life. We with the brother had a strange relationship. It is not that we used much in love with each other, most likely it's just not manifested in the forms of relationships that usually exist between the brothers. Nov. knew that I had a brother, and I can always rely on him. Our relationship in spite of everything were soft. We lived with his brother in the same room. Our beds were stacked on against. And as happens with all the teenagers we were secrets about which we have not spoken of any other, and neither one another, although guessed. Pasha Life only gets to his feet, there was no relationship of which he was very proud and which I greatly envied. In my dreams I imagined how I would hold her like will be removed from her body and how clothes will shove his cock into her wet flesh. From this my cock swell, it becomes firm and hard, tedious egg hurt, and only masturbation could help me in the same minute. I jerked off anytime, anywhere. I masturbate constantly. I knew that Pasha did not shrink from it, but it was just my guess. Normally, our studies occurred in masturbation alone. Only whitish spots on the black family calico shorts my brother betrayed him onanist, the same as I do. In the bath, when we undressed and his pants, turned inside fell to the floor, I asked him with a smile on his lips:
-Pash, what kind of spots are on your pants, huh?
Look better on svoi- he said, and pulled me with my little family, twisted and slipped me a tray.
And I was jealous of the big and thick cock my brother. In the morning, waking up and getting to school, I looked at him riser. Through the little family could see that his penis was 20 centimeters, and it caused me to worry: When and I will have a?
I tugged at his penis, and he measured the line hoping that he grew up in the time that has passed, but somehow it's not growing. The brother with malice looked at me in the morning and instead of embarrassment just more demonstrated its beauty and more inflames me, thereby causing sometimes lower in the morning straight into the toilet.
That evening we went to bed, and that bothered me. I dreamed strange dreams. As if someone chasing me, catches me, he pulls my clothes, coming down to the ground and tries to shove his huge cock my mouth.
I woke up in the night, my forehead was wet with sweat. And then I heard a creaking easy. Slightly so faintly. What? He looked at Paul, - the darkness is not quite pitch, lights from the street through the window shone a bit - and he is shaking like a blanket. I thought it might, it seemed to me. I looked carefully - it is. Both his hands - under the blanket, and it shakes.
Masturbate Pasha. Well I thought, brother caught. In the outside, it began to play, what is the new sensation appeared unusual, some nice and sweet languor began to flood my body with from the bottom, starting from the groin, and rise higher and higher :. I look, I mean, his brother, and his head ringing beginning.
And I wanted to go to him, get under his blanket. I liked it do much more, almost from the cradle. Here, I decided to grow bolder. In one jump I was in his bed, he even knew it did not, only grumbled:
-Why do not you sleep some, e-my ?:
And I did not stop there. Where courage come from? Hand her, as if by accident, I just - and touched his penis. I feel - it is a stake. I think, whether it would be! He puts his hand into his pants and grabbed. Fedka twitched:
-What are you doing this?
Well, I think, it is time to openly say:
-Fed - say - you masturbate, I have seen. Do you want me to you himself?
-You do not fool davay- he replied, while his voice was not as severe, and it gave me hope for the continuation.
And then my hand-does not clean. I come to drive back and forth, up and down. His cock was like a big mushroom. Thick head did not allow the skin to tighten and I had to drive only on the trunk.
Tight pants would not let me turn around, movements were fettered, and Paschke broke in earnest. Snorting and fidgeting, moving backwards in time with my movements of the hand. What would have been more comfortable I sat on his chest, with his back to his face, he pulled back the covers and pulled off his black calico pants. It presented itself in front of me the whole economy brother. Big dick with a thick purple head trembling with impatience, and eggs in a saggy scrotum bouncing to the beat of my movements. And then hands the brother began to slide down my back, and rise higher and higher. And then he sent a force of my head to his penis. What are you doing? 'I asked.
Let's take it in your mouth, please: .- whispered Pasha.
I do not know where it came from the courage in me. I reached her lips to his cock and started licking the head.
Paul puffed. I began to suck the head, nothing in his mouth to me does not fit, with me as well, was good. Suck, suck, suck I razosh¸lsya, just like a locomotive: Fedor stood up:
-Vasek without smacking: Mother hears.
-Okay, - I say - good for you?
This spurred me even more. I'm really rather tired, but forced himself to still work. Pasha, too much sweating. Feet became fabricate. Curry - it will spread them, compresses:
To see, from this it is better to do more. I feel he is breathing loudly, began to twitch, so I mouth even harder earned. More sensitive, and he almost shouts:
-Vasya, weather is good: Take your breath: What are you: Oops:
Well, you know, in my mouth then poured semen on scientific and in nashenski - just spusch¸nka. Warm such viscous: I mouth-then pulled his penis, so it darling, in the face me shoot, dodge mug, it is - in the neck, chest, end and edge to it in sight. Pasha moaning, I was already afraid:
-Pash - whisper - do not groan so, the mother would not be heard.
Here in fact, the movie what! That he petitioned me, I am his. Finally Paul otspuskalsya, and I ran to the bathroom, to the sink. As a glance at myself in the mirror - the whole face is bathed in a cream like. Already snot hanging and dropped only because of its density. I come to wash hard. A water-the cold! Spusch¸nku only glue turns, but damn is not washed off, the dog. God forbid, the mother to the toilet will arise:
I - enough soap, let your face soap: I remember More soap gets into the eyes.
In short ...- namuchalsya I did. Mother, thank God, did not come out. Otmylsya like, going back, Paul and all the same lies as lying - no blankets, no panties black their family. Member's still the same thick with bare head drooped and glitters. Asleep, or what? He approached me and went right at him. He hugged me with his hands - not sleeping. He spoke with me:
- Very tired?
- There are small - I say.
- I do strongly napachkal?
- There is little, - I answered.
His strong hands slid over me. He stroked my back. Then lower and lower. From this it spilled over my body heat. I was never as happy and relaxed.
We just lay there in silence. Saying there was nothing and do not need. Everything was clear. So it took about an hour. Pasha stood up. He scratched his balls and pulled on the head skin.
He bent down and picked up the panties, straightened them and began to push through his legs in the leg.
Wearing shorts Pasha went to bed, I lay down on his side, and he hugged me back. It is not quite so late, I looked at the clock when returning from the corridor - five hours. In short asleep.
Among the night somewhere again I woke up. It was clear not to sleep somewhere. Why I wake up? Yes, from the Pasha, from someone else? Hands squeezes me in a dream, and his cock in my ass rests. Probably Anka, his girlfriend, he dreams: And to me nothing nice. I let ass something special to turn to his standing member feel better. He probably woke up, too, and maybe not sleep for a long time:
- Vasya, - he says - I let you go?
- Where? - I did not understand.
- Well :, ass.
Somehow I had not expected this, I was not ready. Yes, there is nothing.
- Come on - I say.
Paschke got out of bed. The street lamps light rays I could see his body. Briefs were protruded, and his cock stuck up and while trembling. Podrachivaya Paul, asked me to get out of bed. I did not know. What to do next. I do not see how this will happen, and what I should do.
I got out of bed. Pasha squatted down in front of me and began to pull the pants. What will he - he said, and stroked my cock. Paul stood up and began to pull off his pants. Did he somehow awkward and nervous. After removing the pants, he stood in front of me. There was a heavy pause. After thinking a moment, he turned me around and pushed to the back of the bed. Lean and nagnis- quietly he told me. His hand stroked a member, and I besprikaslovno fulfilled his requests.
Vasek, if it is a bit painful, you have patience. But not only the food, and the fact that mother-we say? Oh, and if you do not force, then tell me, I'm not going.
I tolerate - say - let.
He began to get a job. He sat down a bit, trying to straighten: Not a bit of it. He has more experience in itself-in this case there was no, not speaking about me, kid. Return here :, feel rested his prick into my hole and began crawling.
The pain I felt.
It hurts, - I whisper to him.
He stepped back, spat on his hand, and a member of the moistened - again. Like, more climbed. Ahn, all are the same, it was hard. Ass something at the time I was very small, children, and eld¸nka him - a godsend for any commands! In general, so and so, and syak spun-spun, and he did, poor, not really shove. And then my little minds boyish suggested:
- Pasha, and if grease?
- It is possible, but how?
- Face cream. Those that fatter ..
- Let's try.
He squeezed the cream on the penis, on the hand and began his rasterat my point each and its members .. Gone, gone, gone! Slippery a member of dry no match, and my ass, see, has expanded over time.
His head slipped quickly through something and Pasha stopped. Then he stuck his sharp push me all his dick for the most eggs, so much so that they slapped on my own, and I jumped up and for a while hung on his penis. He leaned on me all body, and whispered:
-That's it. And you were afraid! You Vasek narrow and nutri you so warm :.
Ask - whether I was hurt? It does not hurt as much as scary. Still, such a stick! However, I do not think it hurt me there gras-spleen sorts. And he, you see, has gone so well: he has achieved what he wanted, already trembling trembling petty. He hands me the shrink onto his chest, then - by the neck, behind the stomach. For a long time he had me e: al-something! Or so it seemed to me that then? In short, I have become pokryakivat. He then held out his hand, took my fingers and well pipirku her masturbate. I just became easier. A Fedka ever stronger pushes. A member of his squelching in my ass. I Feel Pasha on the way. Oh, he groaned something! It was really very loud.
I've just realized that the finish will be in me. I imagined then how will drip spuschenka out of my ass.
-Pasha! You just do not end in me - I said.
-Denmark only thing that could squeeze out Paschke.
A voice-he has both shivering! He abruptly pulled out a member, and spusch¸nka whipped my ass, but on the thighs. E-mine!
Pasha staggered over to the bed and sat down. His cock was red and glistening. And I am standing on my legs and buttocks dripping sperm.
-Wait 'said brother - now I'll wipe.
He pulled some rag, wiped his cock, and then walked over to me, sat down and began to rub me.
We did not lay down fully clothed. My brother embraced me and with his free hand stroking my back and stomach.
Fall asleep we have somewhere in the morning.
And he barely dawn, and slammed the door behind her mother jumped up, his cock again stood stake and waving them began to wipe the floor from the night of adventure trails.
Then he took me into the bathroom and began to wash. From his touch my penis began to rise and Pasha became podrachivat me faster and faster. A strong push from me flew jet of sperm, and I groaned. Pasha quickly took up his penis and after a few minutes, too, finished :.
Here's a story number one.