I lost my virginity at age 16. But it was purely by chance during menstruation tampon. Ever since I was very interested in trying to have sex, to know what he was so fond of.
I love the boy to a nearby house. He was 24. Now I am 18. A year ago, we began to communicate with him. I really wanted to be the first man I was. But we were friends purely because he has a girlfriend. I told him many times that I wanted it. And he answered me that he loved me like a sister and did not want to spoil. A month ago, he was very much a row with his beloved and called me, said, wants to meet, invited me to her house. Of course, I agreed. I thought to be sex. Preparing hour. To wash, trim.
She came to him. But we just watched TV and went to bed. I left home in the morning. A few days later, he again invited me. I again spoofing smoothly Throw (because I think that guys like a lot shaven girls) and went to him. She came back and we just went to bed. In the morning he was awakened by a mosquito. I decided to put a remedy for them. It spreads mosquitoes he was not paying attention to me. And then still she saw me sleeping in shorts and a T-shirt on the bed than not veiled.
It's very start. I was lying on its side facing away from him. He lay down beside her behind me and started stroking my thigh, waking me with this. At first I was angry that he would not let me sleep, and then I was embarrassed when I guessed what he wants from me.
-Sergey, please take away the hand .....
-Let me give you just poglazhu. I in fact you have never touched, - he said and continued to stroke.
I stroked it is not easy, but as something with passion. Once again I was convinced that he was not just to be ironed. I stroked it first to the top of the thigh, and then began to descend to the inside. I continued to get nervous and ask for clean hands. He began to get angry, I'm not allowed to touch themselves.
He started stroking my thighs Intermedia, sometimes touching my pussy through her panties. I was filled with a lot of emotions: insecurity, embarrassment, and finally a desire to experience your favorite in itself !!! Then he pushed her panties to the side and have directly started to caress me. I'm all institutions do not know what to do. I knew he was in love with another, and he does not want me, just my body. But I really wanted! She wanted him for a year! Why did not resist.
Caress me for a while, as lying sideways behind me without removing me with no shirt, no pants at all, but simply pushing them, tried to go to me. I lifted my leg like a dog adjust to a tree to pee, but it did not help. I was embarrassed because the experience I had and I did not know what to do.
He decided in a position not to go:
-Come on, I'll be on top. Lie down on your back.
I obediently lay down. It turns out while I perevarachivalas on his back, he had to remove his pants and was completely naked, unlike me. He began gently removed my panties. I am very embarrassed !!!! Because it was already light. I'm even afraid to see him naked. And I visited the idea, and not ridiculous to him that I am completely shaved ?! I was lying on his back in a t-shirt. He pulled me to him and began to re-enter. It was very difficult to do so because his dignity - a dignity with a capital letter "D"And I have there still has not been.
He came at me, leaned over to me and started sovershet reciprocates. I could feel it. I felt it in himself. It hurted me. I could not focus on the pain process.
-Sergey, hurt me - I hugged him and dug her nails into it because of the pain.
-Now, wait - and changed position.
He sat upright and pulled my legs. But I was still hurt. I am almost in tears asked to stop, but he continued his movement. With each thrust, I felt more and more as he rests against my head somewhere. I groaned. But not moaned with pleasure, and by unrealistic discomfort. I covered her face with her hands and thought WHY he did not kiss even once?!?!?! Not even kissed !!! I felt like a whore. They, too, do not kiss, but simply stupid fuck. Sergei was great ... He repeated all the time:
-You have so narrowly !!! So cool!!!
After his words "I'll finish" I tried to jerk sharply, because he did not wear a condom !!! I do not want to then kill the baby before birth !!! But he held me so much and still continued its process. I was filled with fear. I opened my face and began to see what he would do. After 15 seconds, he lifted my shirt, pulled out a member and finished on my stomach.
I was surprised and very hurt occurred. How so ?! Why is he came at me !? Not only that, it made me sick, but still smeared me his unhappy with sperm! I caught the scent of semen. Judging by the smell, it was brackish. I just did not like the smell and I was disgusted. I got angry.
-Fu! Why did you do that!?!?! - I looked sternly at him.
He made no reply to this, got up, and walked carefully saying:
-Now I'll get you a towel.
I sat on the bed without panties with battened down vest, such as trying to cover up their "girl" and I looked at obkonchenny stomach. He has brought a towel, but dry. Again I psihanula even bring a towel normal can not. I went into the bathroom, closed and began to wash.
While I was in the bathroom, I struck up an alarm clock on your phone. Sergei thought, I decided to call and bring me the phone. It is with such frightened eyes opened the door and stuck his phone, if only I did not swear again, because he prevented me. But I again started to swear, but only because I did not call, it was just an alarm clock.
I got dressed and went home. I went in the taxi and roared. I felt really davalkoy. After all, he did not kiss, not really a section stupid fuck, without inquiring liked me or not. Also felt great disappointment. I do not like sex ... sex with a loved me a man ... Most likely because he did not do it with love and with a pure animal instinct ...
P.S. The next day, he made peace with his beloved and completely refused from me. Now he did not even greet me in the yard ...