The story does not censor expression - but only these words fully correspond to the reality.
This story is from my personal life, I'm typing is not for popularity, but research fellow in the correspondence. I would like to share their experiences of long-term "De - Troyes" continue ascending. It is desirable to find a companion with an experience of over ten years (at least).
Breakneck debut "exit" nly in my "people", Was our visit to my employee, no longer young master, in my shop G. Ivanovich. But before you tell the story itself - tell her "before".
We lived then in a residential area - a third of a kingdom of a state capital. Out of the abundance of hormones, and in the national "spermatoksikoz", Fun evenings that were photographed on an old camera down their sex life. But to do so during fucked, without help, somehow not very comfortable, so I told Mr. Ivanovich (as older friend - years, so 52-55) on our poser. Especially because "about women"We often hang out with him at his workplace.
He told me a lot about his turbulent youth, complained to his wife, saying: "Does not understand"! I am saying how interesting with a new girl (younger), boasted dimensions (orally). Drawer his desk was packed with all sorts of pornographic postcards and photos. We often saw them, I particularly liked the series of pictures where the three soldiers (foreign army), in the early bind the girl, then - is inserted into her pussy glass tube (dia-p 6-8cm.) And throw it caught mice: Brrrr. .. !!!! Sends shivers down my spine, but for some reason it was nice !? I understood that the pipe on the very fact that a bottomed, and as the girl stuck - fairly deep, and the mouse, such as hiding in the pussy, but the living is not crawling. He understood everything, but Nraaavilos !!! Then came pictures where soldiers fuck this lady into all the cracks, but this is a classic and not so interesting. But the mouse in pussy - it is - something!
After telling Mr. Ivanovich about his difficulties in "photo art"I received good advice, use a tripod for the delay and its 80 personnel camera. Given the complexity of its technology, Ivanovich, generously offered me and my development with a printout "erotoshedevrov".
Already after a couple of days, I and my wife spent the whole weekend in bed. Running away from the camera to her pussy, I gained shortness of breath and nafotografiroval full film - wife pussy, wife in the mouth, in the ass - had not yet fucked (! Fool naive) Giving film Ivanovich and agreed with him on the Non-Proliferation gallery, schedule an appointment day his home, where he received his fucking in gloss.
Day "B", Has arrived.
Here begins, the story itself.
Along my Olka could not boast so limited sundress under which were - only cowards. Olka, morning, tried to make up and asked me to fix her hair (between the legs), was ready to go to "Breaking Bad"...
Another area, the apartment, call, Oh, it's you !!!
And I was tired of waiting! Come into the kitchen, I'll bring kofeek with cognac.
Well, here ya Oh, and a wonderful wife, you, Alexander ...! Beauty! Clever! You drink, drink: No, no, I drank while waiting for you: What have your legs Olka, simply class !!! And you, girl, that blushing ?! The beauty of the hide - Sin! You shave myself, Sasha or help? Instead of tickling - when you walk? And now - also shaved?
No! I do not insist, just curious to see live, my do not shave at all: Ah! What legs! Oh Brother! I envy you! I have a girl try even just once, I would have a lifetime !!! Forty mine like talking Olka - breathing intermittently, constantly licks his lips, throws his head and straightens her hair: all said that my wife - very excited: Sanya! And you - do not hesitate to pour, and then won Olka, everyone can relax. Come on I'm Olga, back massage will do, you do not mind - Sasha !? Yes, No, I Do not mind: A nipples, nipples that look Sanya, tense! I touch, softly, a little: A belly - a flat, not like my! Oh! Look - Sanya! Her hair is through word prick! Well Arise girl, turn around, oh good and Masha - but not ours! It's a pity! Alexander and I can see her naked? I did, and so have all seen the pictures? Ivanovich! You and so its entire Fingered! Olka - how are you? Do not mind? Come on! Che those - sorry !? Here, my darling wife, takes the hem sundress and takes it right before our eyes! I so nearly bursting pressure, in Hue, and in my head, but I saw it in his shorts just OHUELLL !!!!
I say, Mr. Ivanovic - can I - you fuck her from the house !?
No problem!!! And I'll take pictures, if Olya not mind !?
I look at my wife - do not know !!! Flushed, stands with one hand like a pussy currently covers, and the second nipple t. I approached her, I kiss all of it, and she told me so softly whispered: "With zade zade with stand:". I'm behind her began to stroke his hands over the body, one is already in the pants slipped, and she (bitch) bent back and leg Ivanovich - handed! He began to kiss the foot, hand to her naughty pussy smooth. I took off his pants while, he pulled the panties to my wife in the pussy and a finger stuck - Fingering her, as if by a dick fuck. I then pulled off her panties and push the chair, like iron Hui (Gudit already!). Ivanovitch ran to another room for fotikom, Olka become cancer spread her legs, bent like a cat: I drove into it, and there "Sea-okiya!", Fuck - he was sweating, you fucking well feel - beautiful, but not limited to planting speed and brakes. Olka moans, ass podmahivaet when I pull on the entire length - as much squeals a little! PIZZDETS !!!
On Ivanovitch - just forgot, then watch it (reptile) with a side chair sat down, took out a dick and fingering - only the camera down on the chest loose.
Olka I fuck, and he told me - turn it, turn to me ... I understand what he wants to fuck her in the mouth! But, once in my plans are not included! Though his dick really huge and stands as a number, but it's not the fucking fuck !? And maybe - FUCK !!! Damn! And who am I then fuck? If not - damn, whore married, lustful bitch! IN - Thoughts !!! And all this without ceasing to pull on my dick, pussy - this poblyadushki ...
His head swarmed thoughts ... "A wife can turn to Ivanovich, let him pososet - Practice !?". I took a dick, he sat on a chair, turned her to face him, as if to show - TO TAKE IT !!! He walked over, her breasts crumples, and the finger began to pussy by a dick to thrust where I am working. I felt! Olka, too - as much howled! Head tilted back and whispers to me ... "Do not Stop! I beg you - do not end!" Normal application !? I have and so, at the finish line - and then did not finish! I took a dick, and his wife, and has placed his feet on his finger and cha jump start! He came closer to her, with one hand her pussy fuck, and the second fingering themselves ... twenty seconds to pull, She moan, grabbed him by the shoulders and began to wag forward by a pussy - back, I-ych his huyaru in her stomach and put his finish I began, long and hard. Here and Olka - I squeaked, jerked, her legs buckled, and she had fallen on me. Kisses, whispers in his ear ... "You're not offended Sania? I'm so cool, it has a huge dick and hard! But I will - most love in the world! You're my vaschsche !!!" Zaebis you! AND WHAT ABOUT ME...!
Well - Boy! You'll finish - you will not want to Pat ... And I would also - do not mind ... That bitch! I have eggs, you can hammer nails ...!
Then, I came out of Nirvana ... and Mr. Ivanovic. Well, Olga, Oh girl, well, you just (thought blyadyuga - said) clever! Come to me, touch what he is hot ... and she's my wife! She got up, and (just as a prostitute) povilivaya ass towards him! She sat on his knee, took his dick hand and began to rub it on your foot!
I see Yves-cha bolt is not yet ready, and he himself, leaned back in his chair, his eyes closed - yells. Cognac We all drank, and it was - half the banks ... I say ... "Ivanovich! There is a drink that not be?" It I ... "Drove to the store, I'll give the money ... And if suddenly the wife pripretsya, you tell her that you will say?" It is logical! I quickly I cover shirt and pants and a fly flying in the shop ... In the back of his wife screams ... "Buy champagne!" I HATE !!!
I went to the door of the grocery store with the idea that Mr. Ivanovic, fuck my nly not have time for five minutes, dick that he no longer is, and once she has finished - it means a little weaker ... goddamn it !!! Deli for lunch! Until the end - 15 minutes! And What are they doing !?
Running back without liquor, will think that I am jealous - inconveniently somehow! Wait for the end of the afternoon? So after vyebet Olka, my wife, this - the master of the shop!
Dear reader! Remember please that I think about it all with clinking eggs! (You will understand!). Everything hurts! I think that if you do not buhnem (ysho was young), explode, need to calm down ... I look forward to the opening, anticipating - vodka "Moscow"Champagne Sweet - I HATE !!!
Total - 30 minutes, and I'm at the door.
Tink-tink. Discover pig - Bear come!
Ivanovich, in sweat pants and a t-shirt, carefully hiding his erection ...
Well, where is you !?
Shit! Yes, I've been captured enemy, barely escaped, that's trophies, and how you're doing here ...? In the room, naked Olka sitting at a coffee table, in the same shoes. Legs crossed, hands rest on the sofa seat, back bend over backwards "chats" foot shoe with semi-skimmed. Judging by how hard she fights with a blush on the cheeks and lustful tremor in her fucking body, to think - It's not a look at magazines.
Pour - drink - not take - drink - do not take!
Olka ... Suck, so I beg you, do not be an asshole!
Yves-h ... "And I, too (laughing) ".
Olka, gets up and goes ceremoniously ... "I'm gonna take a shower" - Through his teeth.
Pause - silent ...
I... "Ivanovich, you fucked her?"
Is he... "Sanya as possible! We talked about you".
I... "Nuu"?
Is he... "She loves You!".
I... "Come on!"
Ivanovich (looking away) ... "True true!".
Well zaebis.
Olka in shower washes her charms, is not ready, then, calming himself.
I Ivanovich in the room, quietly drinking vodka ...
Well it - you !?
PIZDETS -Devchonka! I asked her to suck me, she said that if you let - She do not mind ... You like?
I do not know - Ivanovich, yet somehow wife ... And to fuck her - will? I can ask from her - where she wants ...
If permitted, I - her, all the holes drag, you'll see how people like her - It's like ...
C'mon - Ivanovich! It's not that you have it and a great ... I bet it on a bottle of champagne sit !?
You Che - Sanya! Invites its Olka bottle in pussy stick !? Let me - her best fuck in the ass, but yelling will not get off with a dick ... I wish, when that one damn fucked - ass, so she then, on the other, and did not ask!
Not Ivanovich, in the ass - your ... by a dick! It hurts to be ...
Our intelligent conversation was interrupted by his wife.
She was in a sundress, like under it - nothing. Blush has passed, but it looks lustfully and strongly bulging and his blyadovitost.
Olka ...! Ivanovich said that you want him to suck ...
But you want it...?
Not! You are my teeth not try, I first asked ...
Who first said, it does not matter! Suck it - I'll ... (startled) - if you want it ...
I want to propose a toast (it got Ivanovich).
(Speaking of the Rose, comparing it with the woman, and assuring that the dissolved - it (to be understood - the woman) is much nicer Olka - hrenyachet champagne, vodka, we - like stuck ... Ivanovich - Olka,. And let's dance!
I - Th dance! I want to fuck, and after a day in the yard ...
Olya - and you podrachit and see us ... ohuel !!! Ivanovich includes a tape recorder, and under "Here Ken ah do"They begin to emit dance ... Ivanovitch, quite unashamedly, licks with my wife, lapaya - Her ass. Olka rubs his dick and squats on his knee. He pulls up the dress and with both hands holding the two halves of her priests, stretches in different directions, in front of me. His wife, without panties - the bulge ass, then pressed to his dick. I begin to understand that the most likely - now my wife, Ivanovich still vyebet ...
I console himself with the fact that he is old, will soon die, and I have a whole life ahead, that he (my wife - at his dick) memory for a lifetime. Inside I stared up with this idea, it is necessary - to make all beautiful ... I went over to him, curled in Olkina back, hands on her breasts, she turns around and dancing - have been going on with me. Dress already almost on the shoulders, Olka kisses my neck and says Sasha ... and you honestly do not mind that I gave him, Do not be afraid, it's not cheating. I feel like she was trembling with desire. And where do you want him to fuck you? Yes, let him choose - I want to He - He slipped me ... Ivanovich (without pants), quietly coming up with zade, pressed to Olka, then with one hand pulls her, hips against me, and the other slobbering currently Hui .
I look alternately in the eyes of his wife, to him.
The Olina eyes, I see prayer and lust. He is busily pushing her ass (I do not see, but feel) like it rests his dick in her pussy, he raises his gaze on me, and gently podmargivaet locality starting sticks cock in my wife !!! That started it - Fucking My Wife! Ivanovich, smiling a little slowly but persistently sticks his dick into her, making a few jolts He begins rhythmically and with gusto Olka thrust between his legs. Taking her by the hips, as if he stretches her, thrusting as deep as possible, while looking at me with dumb words - Oh! I told that it - damn - my cock like ...
Olka eyes closed - moaning and clinging to my hands, I go down on the sofa, as if it falls on me - open your eyes and quietly whisper: "I'm not hurt, I'm glad you do not mind? He is affectionate and he gets so deep, he poebet me and then you, I beg you! Do not bother him, though sticks to me, I really want this, you drag my ass - Let It all be pushed his dick in me:" I stretch: Ivanovich, moans - Damn, damn, how well !!! Deflection takes Dick and poshlepyvaet for Olya's ass - (OH NO HE really GREAT!).
Ivanovich looks at me and says - you want to make it howl? I blinked ... and nod approvingly. Holding Olina shoulders, I see, as he begins to pick up the pace, his punches are strong, and the hands just pull a young body of my wife. In front of the Parliament, there are tears, but she continued to whisper: "I want you to fuck me so he does not pay attention, I am pleased, though puts it, look - he sticks it completely? I love when I was so fuck can he me finish, let poebet - do not lose anything from us, do not worry - he let me vyebet, let all who want me vyebut, I'm still more than anyone else I love, oh! How nice, if not takes, tell him - he let me come down, let him fuck and takes".
Her whispers become louder and she was in a loud voice said - I like him I fuck, I want him to fuck me, I know that I - you bitch, but I love you, and you tell him not to bother: Here, the voice Olka breaks not to squeak, not to whine (Did you hear that voice more than once), the whole body to her swinging ass - in the front, hair spread out, she tries to catch her lips my standing stake Hui - misses and from this, all her face - in my secretions, eyes rolled, and from her mouth, I hear only: "I hochyu, that he fucked me even finished with me, I love you, even if he thinks I'm a slut, let vyebet like a whore, I Fuck podzabornaya I bitch promiscuous, blyadyuga your:" Apparently lost control, my wife - moans, squeaks and with eyes closed, showing his beautiful teeth - after each push - shouting: "Come on boy! Well zasun stronger, deeper him, I beg you, I break you want - Well Tear Me, stronger, harder, get down on me, let me be a whore, though I like to Fuck you, I want you to - I wear out !!! ... Ivanovich, from such words, not paying any attention to me, slightly overseeding under Olya, grabs her by the hips and starts - just to fight !!!
Olya - howls, and he shouts - on a branch, on blyadyuzhka, like !? Like!? I'll still fuck in the ass, I want to Fuck you in the mouth, hochesh- say !? Do you want me you fucked in the mouth, let all see the way you bladyuzhka! And my wife, weeping and whining, yelling: YES! YES! YES! I want, I want everyone to know that I'm your fucking Could you to fuck me when and where you want! I want to be a whore, fuck me like a whore, No- I just - your real whore! Ivanovich, Olka missing hair, face lifts to the top - full of saliva mouth spits in her open mouth: "Fuck YOU promiscuous, I'll have to suck Dick when I'll have you, and you in the ass, I'll fight with your husband, you want me to thrust and tore your ass, fucking Ebannaya - Arrange wider legs - blyadina !!!"
Olya clutches his ass and stretches with curves: "I will do everything for you, all my life I'll be your whore, if you say - I suck'll YOUR PRICK - where you want and when you command, let everyone know - I'll be your whore of a lifetime, I swear to be your whore, but do not remove it, I swear to you! I give myself to anyone - to whom you command, I have them and we all suck, and you - I Dash suck his dick! I ask you - let me in the mouth, and if you want to descend into Me, I love you! Just shove in me stronger, after me, in the mouth - wherever you want, if you want to fuck me in the ass, yes! Fuck Me as his whore, whore ass to mouth - wherever you want !!!"
Olka is not looking at me, her eyes from the real tears flow! I understand that the control of the situation, I lost another 20 minutes ago, and yet, I know that can never and will not want to stop her - such a buzz!
Do I still have in the eyes is this picture where my wife is probably the first time in my life (and perhaps never more) receives fucked, like - great fun.
Reminding her that day and our fucking, I'm Pat often ask her - she felt she swears that nothing remembers and laughs when I tell her that she cried when Ivanovich tore it. And you know!? I believe her!
I always wanted to tell someone not to be - this story: It was at that moment when Ivanovich, one hand holding Olga's hair, and the other for her shoulder, with swollen veins and covered in sweat, again pulled my wife and ZAHUYARIL a screw between her feet, shouting -NUuu BLYADYUGA-, and she sagged so that almost took his head back to screaming OYBLYaDMAMAaaa Asshole!
I felt no - I felt physically how in my head something clicked and I realized - as a variety of GOD in His manifestation!
The world is so huge - we are so small in Him - and we'll take so little time Mother Nature - under the sun: If I - I can control our entertainment with Wife - WHY - NO !!! ??? YES - YES and YES again !!!
I watched as my wife finishes, frozen dick on my employee Mr. Ivanovic, as he with bulging red eyes and pulled her to his bolt and holding it, as it were lapped to her, merges into a young whore - my wife - his seed .
I do not feel jealousy, envy, I have ceased to control the time and your body I have - over - not even touching his dick. It was the only time in the entire follow-up, my life, when I had finished brains and not in the process of friction.
They are not simply, cease to fuck! They both fell to the floor and froze moaning. Dick Ivanovich slowly crawled out of Olya's pussy and "zdulsya" a torn ball, I have not seen that from Oli something poured out, as soon as "bridle" Ivanovich was in the blood. And then, I said the words after which we long to move away from the laughter: "Gennady Ivanovich - and where our photos?"
Coming with Olga on the street, from Gennady Ivanovich, a different world greeted me with cool eyes graying of the day.
On Calvary naive guy named Jesus - sprinkled his ashes.
Moses, not fearing the burning of Tabernacles - cast in tablets with the commandments of the fire.
Prophet Mohammed - shaved his beard and burning near the madrasah.
This world is trying to whisper to me in the face: "Oh no no no!!!"
I replied to him: "Fuck you Fuck !!!"
I was - PROEBOM - His opinion:
(Picky reader above, can doubt: "But how! He remembered not lost for so many years, the details of that day !?"
My answer is simple: "And it happened to you - you have FORGOTTEN !!! ???")
With respect. We will wait for your letters to the address: [email protected]