I read this ad in the newspaper: "Young couple wants to get acquainted with pretty boys for hanging. Phone 956-xx-xx. Nastia and Andrei". I do not know why but I responded to the proposal. I called from the machine and arranged a meeting in a cafe with a romantic name "Spring".
When I got there, I immediately recognized them. Nastya kotorotkoy blonde in a skirt and Andrew, of medium height with her hands completely devoid of vegetation.
-Hey, I told them I Aleksey-.
We shook hands with Andrew's hand, Nastya I nodded.
-What he is tall, - said Nastya.
-Sit is Andrew told me - tell me about yourself.
I'm not going too much into detail told about the origin than it is now doing, etc. Andrew listened attentively, occasionally Nastia whispered something in his ear. In the end he told me that I went up to them, but what I have to go through some procedures in the clinic, so they made sure that I'm healthy as they should be confident in me and that they do not use condoms.
A couple of weeks all the tests have been passed, and I was healthy. Well, no wonder! The first meeting was scheduled for Tuesday. We sat in a cozy apartment Nasty and Andrew at the estate. I burned dim light, playing a disc Glenn Gould, some Bach. He spoke mostly Andrei, I looked at Nastya.
-We have to get used to you. I mean, she's a little shy Nastia, and she must first get used to not be shy in front of you. So first you have to just watch if you do not mind.
I agreed without hesitation. Nastya was dressed in shorts, which are closely encircled her juicy buttocks, Andrew was wearing a tracksuit. We drank more champagne. Nastya flushed. There was a strange silence. The silence was interrupted me.
-Well, you do not hesitate. As if I'm not here.
Anastasia smiled and kissed Andrew. He immediately responded to her kiss and hugged her. They rose from the couch and their hands began to wander over the bodies of each other. I just watched. Andrew took off his jacket and started to take off a T-shirt with the present, Mike stood up and exposed the large breasts Nasty. A wonderful spectacle. Then she slowly began Nastia rastegivat shorts, Andrew at this time overthrown pants (both had no underwear). Andreev circumcised dick the size of 15 centimeters was ready, and at its end has hung a drop.
Nastia slowly, as if in slow motion ten times a porno movie, filmed shorts. Unfortunately, she was standing sideways to me and I did not appreciate all the charm of her pussy, but nevertheless I was already working closely in the pants. They hugged each other again. Anastasia looked at me and said:
I quickly undressed and left in shorts, but are protruded red prick, so I took them as well. I sat on the couch.
Andrey and Nastya at this time selflessly kissing. Later, Andrew sat on the sofa opposite, Nastya sat back on him, climbed on his dick and start slow motion. I began to fondle himself, squeezing and relaxing your hand, with a slight movement up and down, I moved in synchronization with the movement. Nastya shamelessly stared at me and my eldu. For a long time it could not continue, and we finished almost simultaneously. The jet of sperm flooded my stomach, and I did not know what to do with it. But then came Nastya, easy movement feline sat me down and licked all. It was magical.
We had fun for a long time in this way, but my pussy Nasty prevented. I stayed the night with them, but could not sleep. Excitation of filmed was not, that I was totally inadequate.
Suddenly, I heard light footsteps - it Nastia went to the toilet. I got up and went to the bathroom with her, they had a combined toilet with bathroom, so there is enough space. She looked at me, I whispered.
-You have to get used to me.
Nastya shrugged and sat down on the toilet, but just could not pee. The pause dragged on, she blushed.
-Well you let me help you.
I sat down beside her and touched warm commands.
-Pee on my hand, nuc-nuc-nuc, girl.
Relief from this was a little bit, my dick was standing like a sentry, Nastya licked shriveled lips. It was getting hot.
-Let's try on dugomu.
I asked her to get up and sat down on the toilet. It is planted to face him, and tightly pressed her belly to her, our stomachs only shared my swollen member.
-Come on, nuc-nuc-nuc.
After a short hesitation, finally, warm stream flowed over my feet, pour over the eggs.
-That done, that's clever.
I raised it and planted on dick. Then she knew what to do. From our movement began threatening rasskachivatsya toilet, even a little, and came to plumbing disaster. But then I broke down and gave her all that I have accumulated over the past two hours.
She said only:
-Thank you...
She wiped her pussy with toilet paper and went to bed. I quickly got dressed and went out into the summer night. More, I never saw them again ...