- Alichka, Happy Birthday - sheptom Jura said. Ala ... - but she did not answer. She covered herself with a blanket and quietly wept. Why should I do that? I went with a girlfriend would be better in a cafe on morozhnoe or simply to esteem their lyubimyt love poems. This .. is a clouding of the mind. Albina choked bitter cry, she was terribly ashamed, all she wanted at the moment - it is to be in one room, all alone. Ala heard the door shut, but she still heard voices.
- Acne, but she bezbshennaya, idiot. She also no brains. You are what you like, and here I am no longer held up for a moment.
- Rit, well, no offense. Yes, all you have to do it, just ashamed to admit it. In dnyuha sister, we will lay the table and go to congratulate you. Climbed into a warm bed .... I lick your girl ... agree - the last words uttered by Vitaly accompaniment closing the front door. Acne grabbed his jacket and ran after Rita.
Albina could not cry, tears have dried up. The girl decided it was time to get out of their dens. The room was dim, only light sconces just above the bed.
Alya was completely naked, legs withered blood and grease. Slowly she bent down to pick up a banana, and then threw her disgust "penis" in a plastic bag. Albina felt on someone's opinion, she abruptly turned around and saw that Jura is sitting there - not the guy, and the dream of any 16-year-old sviristrelki.20 tall brunette with green eyes, his inflated body was the subject of many girls and women . Alya instinctively grabbed his shirt and tried to hide behind it, however, it turned out she is difficult, it is young, little kitty volosatenky was well covered. Jura stood up in silence to right to Ale, he walked slowly, it seemed an eternity. Albina is already looking forward to the sweetness of intimacy with this guy in an expensive suit classic.
And here he is close to the high naked girl. Jura hugged her waist and gently straightened the long black hair Albinki. And without saying anything pressed to her lips, he kissed her passionately while gently. And then he whispered:
- I want you ... - Alia for these words are equal icy soul. Alya mastrubirovala long time, fantasizing, but I could not imagine a real sex with a man. It is to escape from the open arms of the Jura and moved back to a small table that was in the corner. Alia felt zagnannosti kitten. Mentally she remained a virgin ...
- Do not do it, Please. I'm afraid. I do not know about.
- Albina. do not be a baby. I want you to be my woman. I like you for a long time very nravishsya and I want to give you a romantic night -. Yura quickly took off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt, trousers and fished rastegnul huge swollen cock podrachivaya it came to the Jura and Ale had a head on her lips.
- Open your mouth, it is tasty, - the guy smiled at all, as a child, and Alya believed him, she obediently bared her white teeth. The girl took the head, carefully obsasala her and tried to take deep, but issued nechlennrazdelny sound, apparently this has caused a gag reflex. The girl blushed, looked down "Sorry".
- Nothing, kitten, it happens. And now you must excuse me if you can - after these words the guy wound on his hand Alkino hair and began to fuck himself frightened girl. He zaosvyval very deeply, and Alia could not do anything, any movement caused terrible pain (hair was stretched). A few minutes later a member of the Jura took breathing deeply. Picked up, numbed by humiliation, Alu in his arms, and threw it on the bed, both hands spread her legs apart. For a few seconds he was admiring the charms of a young body, and then with all his rough went into her vagina.
Despite the fear of the girl was juicy and wet, she cried out softly, then embraced Yura for wide neck, kissed Man, their tongues intertwined in a mad dance of passion. His head was spinning, Alya moaned with pleasure
- Yet yes...
- More telling - and Jura with a malicious smile, took out a member and ordered the girl stand on all fours, he went into the wet, narrow CIMS behind his crotch rested on juicy buttocks, the guy could no longer restrain himself, thinking for a moment whether or not to take risks and to lower the girl vagina, Jura yet made a decision to remove a member. I masturbate a little bit, and poured hot sperm on the ass beautiful young girl Albina.
- Kitten, you finished?
- Not no
Jura skillfully perevrnul Alu on his back and began to lick her clit. He did it skillfully, competently. The clitoris was swollen. Jura ogololil maiden bumps and began vodtit tip of his tongue. Orgasm is not long in coming. A few seconds later, Alina pussy convulsed. The girl screamed loudly and ran from her eyes tears pure pleasure.
- You unmatched, cat. I'm gonna take a shower. Soon again I will be with you, my little girl ...
Alia did not want to go anywhere. She lay and enjoyed the idea that now Jura - her man, now they are always together. In my head for some 10 minutes a giddy girl scrolled script with a happy ending, estevstvenno, wedding. Alia found on the floor Yurynu shirt, wore it and start jumping around the room quite as rebenok.Nakonets a newly arrived "husband".
- Albina, anu-ka take off immediately, you're all dirty. Blurred because -. Girl hurt these words, she pouted and went back to bed. Covered with a blanket, she began to see how odevaetsya Jura as shirt buttons as straightens her hair in the mirror. Then he took the purse and otschitav few bills, went to Albina. He kissed her puffy lips and the words "The next time will be more" Put on the bedside table 500 rubles. Alina's eyes filled with tears. She did not remember how he left, but she knew that with him left her past life. Now she is an adult, and now she will not allow anyone to humiliate yourself like that.
After showering and wearing the most beautiful dress, Albina took the money, podozhila them into a large ashtray and burned. She watched with delight as the yellow flames killing the defenseless little girl ... Suddenly the door slammed. Alya went into the hallway and saw her joyful parents with lots of packages, to failure filled with food and gifts.
-That's ... my daughter. We reminded of your holiday and decided to go back for 3 days before. You have umnichka, excellent student. Vaughn gifts you bought.
Alya forced a cheerful smile, and thought to myself; "You have arrived at several alternatives hours earlier, would have known what zanimayutsya A student in his spare time ... but oh well ..."