We work together. Already well. And what's interesting, kind of like each other did not show the interest of all (and even now it is difficult to imagine why). Once the New Year, namely the year 2005, we celebrated it at work, famously sat, drank ate and began dancing. Here in one of the dance, my mind seemed clouded by her sexuality, and I kissed her, and she took it and said to me. So spun very rapid OUR novel that continues to this day. And very cool that we have the same feelings for each other, we think, talk and generally live with it the same way, on a horoscope we cancers. Well, something must have distracted me from the fact that he wanted to write, but to start a story without foreplay as something not quite as interesting.
Our her first sexual experience was not very good, I think about it is not even worth writing. But about the second really want to write, because he was not even traditional, but extreme and classy. Everything happened in the spring, once again, accompanied her to the house, we went together to the subway. Well, as always, we went about something talked, laughed, hugged, kissed and naughty. Well prank, this is what we are in spite of the people standing around, still managed to touch each other's private parts. Well, here. We drove drove and just decided to go out early to stop, and sat down on a bench to catch more moments of happiness. We sat hugged, chatted, and of course was assigned to each other. And so it turned out that we seem to have argued that it is sitting on a bench, with a number of passing trains, will not dare to climb into my jeans and touch it live. And that, I lost our argument, it has been made very easy, just ready. Just had to be covered at all times by passing trains, and at the same time to sit and laugh. This went on for some time, the pose was not very comfortable, but my excitement was extreme, I think, if she did two or three quick hand movement, I would have just picked up and left off his pants. Excitation was too extreme, from the ears steaming, so I wanted her madly, and she wanted me, she said, all flowed and there was so much moisture. What could drown together. We decided to just go in and go out and look for a hiding place. First, of course, it was hard to shove my Red warrior back into jeans, and catch his fly. Well anyway contrived, even when standing next to the girl. And here at a furious excitation head and jeans both in love, we raced down the street to a nearby house to run to the entrance. I do not know whether at the behest of God, or simply a case of helping, at the approach to the entrance door opened (and immediately all the doors on the codes and do not you come), there came out and we ran back and Shasta.
And quickly went up the stairs, I think we stopped on the fifth floor, probably, on the staircase was dark, the light is almost absent, but that did not stop us, throw things, and be kissing. The mind is all dizzy, hands slipping on the body, by the pope, on the chest, according to the most intimate places in the total of both lovers. Well, I'm still in this day brought with him a gum (condom), and placed just so in any case in the back pocket of jeans. Our Pats peaked, her hand slipped down, undid my belt, button and zipper on jeans, and all that was launched down. Her words, I WANT YOU SO, were the last thing I heard before our intimacy. I asked her to kiss my cock that has been done so willingly and affection, she bent over in front of me, and my cock slid into her mouth. It was just magical, crazy and fun. I held back the last effort to not finish. I pulled the rubber band, pulled her standing on his penis. It is at this time, quickly pulls off her jeans and panties together, at the same time asking me how we wake up to do so, in what position. They decided to stay on. so I sat down on the steps and she would have sat on the top of my cock. But it was not very comfortable, we do not feel each other. We do not feel the most important, as it is part of it. And it was the easiest course pose behind. She leaned over to me, leaned on the railing, he has placed little legs, and waited for my intrusion into itself. I certainly do not have to wait long, and quickly fell in behind, and went into it.
As it was cool, I want to tell you, it never put into words, it should feel. Sex was great. What upset me only course that I finished very quickly, not allowing her to finish, for that I once again ask her forgiveness. But I really could not bear all this, I was so violently ended, so it was a lot of sperm, it is not describe. It flowed from the will I have more, but unfortunately, with him there was only one gum. So, our first and ended with her crazy sex in the stairwell. We got dressed, went outside, we sat down again on the subway and went home. Thus ended one of our evenings with her. But that's not all, it was only the beginning of our intimate life with her, was still to come.
Thank you my dear, that you've got. This crazy sex such voltage such ekstima I have never in my life experienced. And most importantly, I love you very very much, to this day, to this hour, this minute. And I love you so very much want. I want crazy sex with you. You are the best, Smack.