Rab quickly crawled to the steam room, the past month, he has learned more bearable move on his knees. He lay on the shelf wet sheets, which lay Mrs. Good steamed, Mistress came out of the steam room and plunged into the pool with clear water. Rab helped Lady out of the pool, threw on it a large towel. She sat in a chair, a servant gave her a glass of cold kvass. With a gesture, she showed a servant, that he fell to the floor. Sergei knew what to do, until Mrs. rest of steam, he began softly and gently massaging her feet. Rabu had to learn over the last month professional massage, he read a lot of literature, as Victoria Pavlovna loved the massage.
She immediately put Sergey conditions that he must learn how to expertly massage. At first, he had not really happened, but more cruel vice, and four sleepless nights, when the Lady's orders it almost by heart, learned allowance massage. And Mrs. tested the theory by looking at the book, and if the answers did not correspond to the slave, should have a strong punishment. Gradually servant moved higher and higher on the leg. He tried not to miss a single millimeter of the divine feet of his lady. Ms enjoy massages and pushed his foot.
- Then went on, they went into the steam room, I was cool.
She once again warm up, it plunged into the pool, lay on a special banquette and slave Mistress began to massage the body. He did about an hour massage, relaxation by Ms. even dozed off. After she repeatedly went to the steam room, then a slave carefully washcloth washed it completely. Then back in half an hour rubbing her body in a variety of lotions and creams.
- I was so relaxed after the bath and massage, I covered the bliss that the most I do not want to go, take me in his arms and carry them to the house.
Rab carefully took the Lady, in her arms as an expensive burden and carried it into the house. Despite the fact that Victoria Pavlovna weighed about fifty-five kilograms, Sergei was not an athlete, and it was too difficult to bring his valuable burden from the sauna to the house, the last meters were given to him very hard, he was staggering with fatigue. Lady saw that the slave power running out, encouraged him:
- The creature, if you damage or put me, sorry, that came into this world.
Sergei knew that Madame was not joking, and he will receive the most severe punishment if it disobeyed the order. He sighed with relief only when put on the sofa Lady.
- Bring dinner, and I was hungry.
- Madam, I had not fully prepared him, I just started and you have arrived.
- Mraz, on what does not fit, your happiness, that I am too lazy today even put a few lashes. Especially today I've already punished, in advance. But the next time the punishment, I will remember you this. Go quickly to finish dinner, and shalt deliver it here. Give me the TV remote. While Madame was watching TV, a servant prepared a dinner and gave it to Lady. Victoria ate, and Sergei stood in front of her on his lap and swallowed saliva, his food was very poor, mostly in the morning, he cooked himself kakuyu-nibud porridge on the water, which is cooled, he places it in the dog's bowl and in the presence of Mrs eaten. By porridge was attached a piece of stale black bread, sometimes a bowl of porridge Lady told her to pour the urine. During the day, the servant sometimes fall to the scraps from the table Lady and Mistress remnants dinner in the evening and then not always.
- Go take the dishes to the dining room and quickly come back here, I want to sleep, otvez¸sh me on his bed.
Slave devices quickly carried her into the kitchen and returned to the Lady. He got down on all fours in front of a sofa, Madame sat on it, as on a horse and it pov¸z her into the bedroom. The most difficult thing was to climb the stairs to the second floor, where the bedroom was a Lady. With some difficulty climbing the stairs, he delivered Mistress's bedroom. Straightening to her bed, a servant humbly knelt and looked down at the floor. Victoria Pavlovna took off her robe and lay down in the soft bed, the slave has covered her with a blanket.
- Crawled under the covers, you know what to do to please me with his mischievous tongue, I have to get the most orgasms.
Sergei quickly put his head under the blanket and immediately reached the hip hostess. She had spread her legs, her pisechka already longed for the touch of the slave language. Sergei quickly mastered cunnilingus and did it masterfully. He stuck out his tongue and began to gently touch the lips sex. Gradually touch were becoming bolder and more confident. Language has quickly ran around the lips sex. He bit his lips, sucking them. The language began to penetrate into the cave of love, circular movements of the tongue, he was coming closer and closer to the tubercle of love. Finally he reached his ultimate goal, he began to suck and pull his tongue. Ms. moaning with pleasure, her pussy oozing juice that servant, also managed to take a. Now he is fully focused on the clitoris Lady, her body was shivering, her hands clutching the slave's head to his crotch, so tugging his hair, he has the pain was getting dark in the eyes, but Sergei was accustomed to this, however, never for a moment stopped caresses clitoris. He knew what a cruel punishment he would wait, if he is distracted, even for a moment at the critical moment. Victoria Pavlovna cried in a loud voice, her body was in the throes of orgasm, and a slave without a moment's distraction, he continued to caress her Mistress. When he had finished a few more times in the mouth slave, Mistress told him to lick everything dry. When the slave has fulfilled everything as ordered Mrs., she stretched like a well-fed cat on the bed.
- I fall asleep, you go and wash the dishes, clean the kitchen and you can go to bed. Sergei wandered into the kitchen, remove it, washed with cold water, lay down on the rug by the bed Lady, she curled up and fell asleep instantly. Ahead was a new day, who could not bring anything good for him.
Chapter four.
The investigator Irina, more rarely appeared in Victoria Pavlovna. They met by chance in a nightclub, then it turned out that they are studying in the same university, only Victoria studied at the Faculty of Economics and Law at the Irina. Both were from wealthy families, though Irina family had no such wealth as Victoria's family. The girls became friends, a lot of time spent together, often visited each other at a party. Victoria was a few years older, Irina, she is by nature always has been the dominant person. Gradually their relationship began to change, Vick appealed Ira as head of a subordinate. Irina was also imperious character, but not the same as that of Victoria. At Vika's father had a lot of friends in all walks of life, and Irina was well aware that she could make a brilliant career thanks to his girlfriend, and therefore suffered all the humiliation. Victoria also knew why she was subjected to Irina and decided to help make it a career, in exchange for that it will be her maid, and she could always be manipulated. And so it was, Ira became a slave through the power of Victoria Pavlovna, her whole nature revolted against it, but she knew that, if he refuses to perform Vikin whim on personal good will. After graduation, Irina wanted to become a lawyer, but Victoria has persuaded her to go to work in the prosecutor's office, she outlined her all prospects of work, during which she typed enough experience to work in the legal profession. Irina agreed completely with her, she knew that her father Quiz good friend, takes a great position in the Prosecutor General's Office and Vic will arrange her career. She settled in the investigator, the work she liked the district prosecutor's office, especially because it could indirectly affect people's lives.
At work, it is not particularly loaded knew under whose patronage it came. On the instructions of Victoria Pavlovna she performed small tasks. One of the assignments was to fabricate a case for Sergei Vasilyevich Nechaev, who worked in the Group of Victoria. What Irina coped well. It is not particularly fond of his role, the maid ... Victoria Pavlovna, however, when it came to the prosecutor's office intern last year at Law Institute, Irina decided to take the opportunity to win back the girl, for their humiliation. She was not that pretty, but pretty nice and a bit battered. She came to learn from a small provincial town, and despite the fact that live for the fifth year in a large metropolis could not get used to the big city life. This it decided to take advantage of provincial and Irina. As already stated before, she rigged the situation and enslaved the poor girl in the literal sense of the word.
Luba rented an apartment, it was first coming servant, maid type, but then Irina decided it would be better if Lyubka will live with it directly. She reveled in his unlimited power and came off on it to complete, especially in the days when Victoria came from or were in trouble at work. It completely broke the girl and turned into a slave and his limp toy. Irina did not take it as a man, for her it was the thing that carried out all her whims.
Irina still less tried to visit his mistress, and Victoria, when started the slave has lost interest in his slaves. She communicated with her mainly by phone, and the voice of Victoria, has heard no such team notes, they again become greater friends than Mistress and slave. And links them more and more business relationship. Irina also felt that Vick, also depends on her, from her work, as she helped her in many ways, settling its affairs and business acquaintances Victoria. Irina discussed with Victoria behavior of their slaves.
At Luba piled all the work around the house, she was cleaning the apartment, washing, preparing meals, doing everything ordered Mrs., except for domestic service, Irina demanded sexual services.
Irina already so accustomed to the status rabovladelitsy that did not want to, have to change their lives. She began to think about how to Luba threw Institute, despite the fact that she left to study quite a bit, only to protect the diploma. She thought, why should I slave with higher education, it is for the rest of her life, she will hold a slave. She decided to talk to her on the subject. In the evening, when she was at home, sitting comfortably on the couch, setting himself a slave to his knees and started a conversation with her.
- I decided that higher education is not what you, you do not care, it does not need. Later in life, you will remain a slave.
- Madam, You promised that I would be your servant just one year.
- I thought so too at first, but after you watch, I realized that you like to be a slave. It is a slave, not a maid. Tell me what I have not the right.
Lyuba was covered with shame embarrassment and quietly, almost inaudibly said:
- You're right, Mrs.
- Louder, I can not hear what you muttered under his breath.
- Madam, I want to be your slave.
- More loudly, bitch, or I on the night I will cover you in the closet, and will make the whole night you utter this phrase out loud, so you will not prevent me from sleeping, put a tape recorder to record, and in the morning listen to and for each false note will greatly punish.
Ljuba knew that Ira can implement its threat to life. She rallied and said:
- Madam, I want to be your slave for life, take me in slavery.
She uttered this phrase, but could not help the tears flowed down her cheeks.
- That's another thing, but I still think about your request. To become my slave, it must be earned. And you have tears flowing down her cheeks happiness ... .or I was wrong.
- Yes, Madam, I really want this.
She had no choice but to do as well to answer, because she knew that Mrs. mocks her and if she answered in a different way, she received a strong punishment. It was broken and mentally and physically.
- See how it all develops successfully, we agreed a year, and I can see that in my heart you want to remain my slave forever, but embarrassed to say this, so I decided to help do it.
- Thank you for taking care of Mrs.
- Tomorrow you will go to the university, write a statement about dismissal, if they ask, what is the reason, say family circumstances. Now proceed to his duties, I do not hold you to talk. Many began to talk, forget the knot.
She took her by the hair and pulled him to his crotch. Immediately I felt like a slave tongue penetrated her wet slit, she leaned back on the couch and started to have fun.
Finished pleasing mistress slave went to cook for her bath. She helped take Irina bathroom, washed her, wiped with a towel, then Mrs. settled into bed. Lyuba was no bed, she slept like a dog on the floor in the hallway, on a bed, without a pillow, covered with only a thin little blanket.
In the morning, prepare breakfast Lady, I fed her and helped her to come to work.
- Let's get ready, too, drop you to the institution as everything is done, call me and report how it went.
She drove up to the Luba University and went to work. Lyuba went to the rector's written statement, the teachers and the dean of the faculty were surprised Lubin act, it was not a bad student, rarely skips classes, all sessions handed over without tails. Especially Study is over, most of the items has been put, with only a few months to defend a diploma. They began to persuade Luba finish college and get a degree, but Lyuba was adamant. Then the dean of the faculty, persuaded her to go into a sabbatical for a while and said that if she wants to protect a diploma, can do so at any time. Luba succumbed to the entreaties and decided to apply for a sabbatical.
Coming out of the institute, she immediately decided to call his mistress and dialed the phone Irene. Irina as if waiting for her call, immediately picked up the phone and asked:
- You took the statement?
- Madam, I would like to do it, but Dean persuaded me to apply for a sabbatical.
- Well, then, you creature to carry out my orders, go home now, come the evening, I'll talk to you.
- Madam, I'll take away the documents.
- It no longer has any value, you get punished today for the full, just do not take the document at once, do not do that right now.
With these words, Irina disconnected.
Luba got on the bus and went home, she realized she had made a huge mistake, not exactly doing the bidding of their ladies. She knew that tonight it is waiting for the most severe punishment, Irina never regretted it, but had no idea how it will be strong at this time.
Irina came after work, went to the apartment in the hallway on her knees met a slave. She tried to help lift the Lady boots, but received a strong kick in the face and fell to the floor, Irina began to strike indiscriminately in the body slave. Causing a dozen strokes, she stopped.
- Get up, cow, take off my boots. You blyadina today seriously guilty, raising doubts about my order, the whole day I was waiting for this moment, I was ready immediately after your call to devour you, you are lucky that I am going away quickly.
She haunted eyes looked at the hostess and started to kiss her boots, then carefully began to remove them. She knew that Irina tells her the truth, and the main front of the penalty. Having dealt with the boots, she helped undress Mistress.
- Cover with my dinner, and I will eat, and then proceed to your punishment, but first let's go to the room to help me change.
Slave Lady dressed and went to the kitchen, cover the dinner. Madame told to put on a short red dress made of latex, it was very short, that barely covers her panties. Dress rested on thin spaghetti straps, chest were open, they were specially made for them the slot. On foot ... he told me to wear boots with laces, across the length and large platform. Irina went to supper with a slave in the room in which it is constantly produced punishment slave.
Velev her to undress completely, she took a thick rope, ordered to climb on a banquette, get on all fours, stretch his arms and legs in the banquette beginning to associate it. Hands she bound at the wrists, but not close to each other, each other, and stretched rope at the shoulders. The hair gathered back in a bun, tied a rope to it, missed it along the spine, coccyx at the level of its spread to the sides, tying her to one and the other hip. Knees it is also linked. Ankle she also tied with ropes. All these she tied the rope between them, a slave's body was professionally made bandage. Slave was completely immobilized and could not withstand the punishment.
- Lift up, bitch, your ass higher.
She took a wide, leather st¸k and began to apply heavy blows on the ass and back slaves. Then she took his fingers with long manicure, nipples on the breasts and began to twist them with a force trying to bring as much as possible the pain slave. After playing with the nipples, she picked up and delivered to the slave boots, lifting her face behind her hair, she struck her a few slap, then pressed her face to boot. Lyuba began to lick it, and Lady, meanwhile, struck at her ass, st¸kom. Slave as I could trying to lick the boots Mistress. Then Madame took the phallus, which is attached to a leather sling, one end of which, as a gag, she put in her mouth slave, buttoned straps on the back of the head device. Mouth slave stuck the other end of the strap. Mrs. turned his back to the slave, parted labia, put in her pussy strap and told her to fuck herself.
- Bitch, fuck me, as it should, please me and see that I liked.
Slave began to make reciprocating movements of the head, trying to make a member as follows, entrance to the vagina. Phallus getting out of pussy Lady a few times, for that slave immediately received several hard blows st¸kom.
- Gently work, do not forget, you have to give me pleasure.
Then she turned to Mrs. front of and behind the hair, taking a slave's head start on her stick. Ms. enjoyed, not forgetting to put on the back slaves, st¸kom blows.
Having multiple orgasms, she pulled out of his mouth slave dildo and pulled it over his head to the cave and told to lick it.
- Lick me, bitch, I'm all CURRENT accept me in my juices.
Slave, Mistress licking vagina, trying to give her as much as possible pleasure while doing it was not very comfortable, but still with his tongue she brought Irene to the next orgasm. After that, Ms. wearing a strap on and went to the back of slave, I put a member into her ass and began to fuck her. Artificial penis was rather big size, but Irina tried to drive it through the vagina slave. She put her hands on the hips Liubka, trying as much as possible to spread it on his penis.
- Podmahivat, such¸nka I, whether that will work for you.
Liubka permeated severe pain, she moaned in pain.
- Scum, stop whining, I have a headache from your moans.
She introduced the term in his victim at a furious pace, Irina was nice mock defenseless girl, realizing their own superiority over the slave. She decided to bring even more torment his victim. To the ceiling was zeroed special bar on which the roller mechanism, connecting rope connecting a slave to each other, she hung her to this mechanism, so that she related, was hanging in the air. Ms hung it so that the back was a slave parallel to the floor. Breast slaves were completely open and hostess took advantage of this, inflicted on him several lashes. Then she put a strap in her crotch and pulling a slave to his strung it on a dildo. She fucked his victim for about twenty minutes. She then decided to go on a slave, like on a swing. Irina sat down on his feet, suspended slave, put a member into the vagina and started swinging her how to swing, to fuck her again. Slave almost fainted from the pain, the whole body ached from the heavy load, it was suspended in the air by a rope that dug painfully into the body, also pressed her weight Mistress and had the feeling that the muscles will break into pieces. So much, Madam, it has never punished. Plenty poizmyvavshis over the slave, Mistress, lowered by a winch slave on the floor, freeing her hands.
- Then untie itself, not enough even to untie me you, I spent so much effort and energy is ebala you.
Irina, sitting on a chair, watching as slave rope unravels.
- Hurry up, animal, I do not want to sit here all night. If you think that the punishment is over, then you are wrong, we are now it will continue, so let's get on the ball.
Slave freed from the ropes, Lady rose from her chair, took her by the hair and bent legs led to the device standing in the corner of the room. This machine resembled a chair, on which the lecture, only on a large scale. Board at an angle of 45 degrees, which were made 2 holes at the bottom of the platform was. Putting the slave kneeling on the pavement, she told her to stick his hands back into the holes. Slaves were uncomfortable and painful to do so, with some difficulty, but she did it and immediately felt the body was stretched on the board. Ms. bypassed machine and snapped the handcuffs on the hands of slaves. If you look from the side, it created a feeling that the slave was crucified on the board, with no hands.
- How are you slut? We continue the punishment. Please insert in your mouth gag order not to hear the cries of your whorish.
Picking up the whip, she took one breast in his hand and began to put on her strokes. It is also made with the second breast. Then he walked away and began to cause frequent blows to the chest and abdomen slave, a long time she beat her until they started to speak bloody streaks. Finished punishment, she freed slave of the machine, it is the Kul slumped at her feet. He pulled the gag out of his mouth, asked Ms slave:
- You understand the creature, how to carry out my orders.
- Yes, Madam, more of this will not happen again.
- I wanted to punish you more, but I see that's enough for today. I went to bed, and you take away here, all bring myself up and crawled into my room. You get up on his knees beside the bed, and so will stand up in the morning until I wake up, and just try to go, today's sentence will seem like child's play in front of what is waiting for you if you disobeyed the order.
Irina woke up rested and in good spirits. What can not be said of a slave, she was on her knees beside the bed Lady. In her red, inflamed eyes from lack of sleep it was evident that she as she could, struggling to stay awake. The naked eye it was clear that she barely held not to fall, affected yesterday's beating and the accumulated fatigue. On it was terrible to look, the whole body was scarred, dried blood on the broken lips. My whole body ached a slave from torture, it was painful to make any movement, once the pain begins to give the entire body. Tomio reached out and put out a leg from under the blanket, lifting her chin slave Mistress said:
- Well, how do you get enough sleep, I hope your dream was calm today.
- Madam, I am for this night could not sleep.
- You're probably confused when I say sleep, then sleep, and you're trying to argue with me again.
- Madame, excuse me, please, I really had a good tonight, I slept.
Uttering these words, Lyuba almost wept with resentment. She knew that she did not say the truth, but she was afraid of another punishment Mistress. Irina felt like, what's going on inside Liubka decided to humiliate the girl to the end.
- So I had a great night sleep. And I, what you ordered, to stand all night on my knees beside my bed ... and not sleep, and you once again violated the order, this time in such a light punishment not get off. You still dare to tell me that disobeys me, creature.
The slave does not know what to say Lady, she was ready to faint from fear. Lyuba knew Irina knows no mercy. She did not even find words to protest Mistress. Seeing that the girl was much frightened, Irina decided to stop the game.
- Do not worry, I joked that she fell asleep - well done, although it can be at night and slept, but I did not see it, the main thing is that I opened my eyes, you are not asleep, and precisely executed my orders. Now come alive to the kitchen and bring me breakfast in bed, and then help wash up, get together to work out what to do next, I'll tell you later.
Liubka not believe his luck that everything is so well resolved, and besides, she was honored thanks Madam, that happened very rarely. She did not get up from his knees, crawled into the kitchen. But her voice stopped again Mistress.
- Crawl back, I did not went to the toilet.
Slave know what to do, she climbed into bed, held up her mouth tightly to power and began to take a warm moisture of his mistress. When the last drops fell into her mouth, and she licked dry pussy Mistress, she pushed her leg, said:
- Now go and bear breakfast and do not stay.
Lyuba brought breakfast in bed Lady. Madame had breakfast, then a slave helped her get dressed. Before leaving the house, when a slave worn on the legs Lady shoes, and Irina, meanwhile, gave her orders for the day:
- Pat the washed linen, uber¸shsya, prepare dinner, and you can rest for a few of hours, before I came to really fell. I must take care of their things, and even if you do not follow them, they will come in unsuitability.
With these words, she gently patted her cheek slave, left the apartment and went to work.