When I was 12, I trudged from the Sherlock Holmes stories. Films about the detective, too captivated my attention. If you remember, the actor wore Livanov for Mr. Holmes, a long gown with satin sleeves. Mom sewed me then the same.
One morning, as usual, I took a shower, ate breakfast, and when the parents went to work, sat down at the lessons. I then went to the second shift, and therefore in my possession was only a few hours to learn the physics and geometry.
But I performed the work in physics, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, I saw on the threshold of his classmate Inna and her friend Irina.
Inna passed to us from the next class only this year. She was a tall pretty girl, which I have often drawn attention, but a closer look, and friends did not dare. Irina was small and homely, I was with her from the first grade, and he sat at the same desk, once even tried the scissors to shorten her nose. For this I was very punished, so many years I have not talked with Irina and generally stay away from her.
The girls came in and asked to rewrite their homework on physics. I noticed how they curiously examine my robe, offered to go into the apartment. As the weather two months of spring was beautiful, on the Inn today was a short skirt and a light blouse. Irina was in jeans and a T-shirt. When Ina village to the coffee table, on which I put a notebook with just what to do physics, I saw from under the skirt seemed white pants with blue flowers. Second delay my sight was not lost on Irina, who whispered something in the ear of her friend, she sat down beside him and start to write off too physics. I went into the kitchen to look in the refrigerator: if there is something to offer unexpected guests for tea. On the way, I think accidentally fell on standing in the cupboard a bottle of brandy, which my father brought home from work the day before. I do not know where I got the idea to offer the girls a drink, but now I do not regret it. Irina, quickly moving the pen, the first answer is yes, as if casually, as if she drinks brandy every day. Ina threw a surprised look on her friend, but said nothing, continued to write off the hard-won me physics.
When the work was done, we drank a glass of brandy, biting cucumber found in the refrigerator. After the first glass girls cheered and began to make fun of me and my favorite bathrobe. At the same time they looked at each other with each other, as if they knew something that I did not know. It occurred to me that they have somehow figured out how I am today once took a shower, I decided not to wear panties under the robe. After we drank a second glass, Irina suddenly dropped to the floor plug, which flew under the table at my feet. Mechanically I bent over with a fork, but when turned on a half under the table, I saw that there, where I saw a half-hour ago, white panties, there was nothing else. Ina was sitting, lifting her skirt, under which in the daylight clearly seen something he had seen before only in porn magazines. Because her legs were spread wide, I was able to carefully consider all of the anatomy of her crotch. When I finally got out from under the table, my animated by what he saw cock suddenly dived between the sexes robe, it turned out. Irina escaped. Both girls stared at my cock, which I would like to thanks to Inna, cover not in a hurry. I got up and completely parted robe, and then offered to Irina remove his shirt. Inna supported my request, saying that it would be not fair, if the accomplished after our striptease Irina remain in clothes. Irina took off shirt, under which, of course, as I thought, there was no bra. When Ina took off her blouse, she took minute pause. We are silent, remaining in their seats, staring at each other. I'm cutting the muscle between his legs, he began to move up and down a member, that the girls amused. Inna, without waiting for my initiative, poured into a glass of brandy and approached me. Holding in one hand a glass of brandy, she grabbed my cock another.
Then she typed in his mouth brandy and sat down next to squat, plunged my cock into his mouth. I felt the sting of my cock, especially in those places that today I rubbed in the shower, doing masturbation. Soon it passed, and I felt his cock nice movement of the lips and tongue Ina. Ginny licking my cock and balls, swallowing saliva and the remnants of brandy, which she was very drunk. Irina at this time already took off her jeans and sat on the couch in shorts, watching us. One of her hand was in shorts and a second nipple on the breast. I do not know why, but I suddenly had a desire to suck Irinin chest. I asked the girl up and get closer. As she approached, I began to kiss and suck her breasts, his hands stroking the buttocks classmates. We stood for a few minutes before I realized that I'd better lie down. When I was in a horizontal position, both girls began stroking, kissing and massaging various parts of my body. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations. On the chest there was a series of kisses, the foreskin of my penis was moving under the action of a vacuum now created already Irinin mouth, in my anus, I felt someone's finger, advancing deeper in spite of the obstacle of my muscles. I felt the approach of orgasm, which moved his hips in time with the sucking movements of Irene. A few minutes later along with a groan escaped me bliss jet of sperm flew into the throat of a classmate, from which she nearly choked. Startled, she began to spit cum on my stomach. Inna, laughing, began to smear it on his body, and Irina ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. We did not notice that two hours passed. Prior to the beginning of school was very little. We began to gather and decided to go after school, walk in the park. Quickly taking turns shower and a bite sandwiches, we were ready for school. When I began to wear trousers, Ina asked me to go today in shorts, who with her words very exciting. I followed her request. In a few minutes the three of us walked toward the school.