Hello everyone, I want to tell you a story, I often think and masturbate. I'm pretty tall guy meter eighty, blonde, have a nice straight dick and ass cool, and it so happened that I was interested in my friend is not a joke, this was a period in my life and continues to this day.
We are familiar with a bit of childhood. Lived in the same area, we were walking together, running in football, playing with toys. Our mother was still closed together in the kitchen and we spied them as they smoke. It was twelve years old. I do not know why, but we were drawn to each other, I instinctively clung to his naked body, at school we were in different classes, and went out with a lesson in the toilet at the appointed time, there held each other's members and kissed, licked armpits, we discussed uchilok we leaned against each other, rubbing ass, suck each groomsman fingers ass sniffing, licking feet and dressed in women's clothes.
Tolia was a guy not very prone to such games and had to persuade. But on the other hand, I dreamed how to quickly stay in his house, or when I have no one and undress him.
Years passed and published the first VCR. That's when we found a treasured cassette with the film, dreamed by pornokartam. After school Shreds called me and was quite taken aback, saying that he had something to eat. We got back and he turned on the movie. On the screen a few men paw a girl of sixteen. It was clear that it hurt a little, but still nice.
Then my friend did not have to wait, he instantly threw the clothes and dragged over my shorts. I understand what he wants.
"I watched it already"- Said Tolik-" there is ....."
And he threw me on my back and overclocking swallowed my balls in her mouth. From this I have already cried. After releasing them, he stopped for a moment, thinking is clear about something, and took me by the hand to pull himself became tongue licking my lips. Then I could not resist, caught him, threw on his stomach and seeing how does the girl in the movie stared him in the ass for the most cheeks. Eagerly thrusting his tongue in the ass, oh how I dreamed of this.
Come out of her, I turned to his mouth and spat at him, he spat in my face and we began to kiss hungrily. That's all over.
Fuck, we did not know how, so playing together here in such games.
One day I went out with the lesson just to go to the toilet, unbuttoned his pants and sat down to defecate. And then suddenly appeared in the doorway Toljan who do not know where I waylaid, but after pants came up to me and my genitals lapaya hand that began to grow. Then arose he pushed his penis to my lips and commanding tone of a teacher forced to suck. So my zhopka strelyalya secretions in the afternoon and my friend moved her hips holding me by the hair, fast paced dick in my mouth, and champing plyamkaya. through forty seconds I knocked on the dirty floor, on his back and sat on my ass
Tolia became her fidget in my mouth. licking his ass and balls, I podrachival your dick. God forbid we caught somebody. Already goosebumps, but then we did not think about it. arched, he put his chlenchik my mouth and began to do push-ups on my face. From us smelled of sweat, urine, by shit and passion. my hero began to finish and pulling dick filled me with his chin on his nose. He got up and went to wash under the tap, and I crawled to the bucket leaning on her masturbate finished second on the toilet. Shreds seeing it, jumped up and licked all with darling, then we kissed all sticky in hot semen.
As the years passed, we grew up, our body becomes firm and rounded. He liked blondes, brunettes and I, and the role of the blonde just suited me. And once I did not have one at home, my mother had gone to the sea, I'm not thinking long called Shred and invited him to tea, we were already 16 and we are well aware of the meaning of "tea". He came, we entered the room, quickly undressed and lay down on the sofa. By that time we already had a girl and we were quite experienced.
podrachivat we have each other, kissing at the time, then he got up on the bed and turned his back to me picked up the pace and framed her pink mouth in front of a star to me, saying that he had seen it and did so with his girlfriend.
I had no choice as the `s mouth in his hole and hungrily kiss her in zasos.V this time he jerked off his dick. God has been pleased to lick his ass, he moaned, his buttocks were wet with sweat. He turned and held by a dick in my mouth, I could smell and swallowed it. This was my second minet.On moved buttocks and saying, more precisely pristanyval, oh you suck very best damn ...
I could not believe it, Tolia for the first time showed the initiative!
Charter to move in the same position he bent down to me, we kissed and it was my turn to get a buzz. I got up from the couch, turned him to her, seated and offered his cock to his mouth, which he hesitated, they say I'm not gay, and took my dick in her mouth began to suck. He drew a very strongly as if a vacuum cleaner. I loved it, I spit in his face while playing with him, he was smiling and sucking like a bitch. Then I spread it cancer, leaning on the sofa, he realized that would spread round ass.
We have two skinny slender guy, brunette and blonde, was in seventh heaven. How did you did well to fuck with my friend, or rather with his bitch. I entered his ass and finger poked a little bit, then stuck in the second and third finger, while podrachivaya your dick. I brazenly took his hand and put his whole hand in his mouth, greedily licked from her.
We moved into the bathroom to brush his popki.Sperva we wanted to use an enema, but to my affectionate brunet had an idea. Shreds bent lekonko and I stuck my dick standing him in the hole, and began to piss. Filling the ass, I took out the cock and sprayed urine on his back. Tolia took the bath, bent down and forced a liquid, so done to me. Having washed in the shower we went out of the bath.
Attach little, I put pressure on him and he is a member of the sphincter with some difficulty, but entered.
I started to move in its narrow warm moist cave, Tolia did not resist, and I chimed gently ass, moaning softly and licking his lips. Banging we probably ten minutes until my lover yelled from irritation. Then I came out of him, bent over licking irritated anus, down the leg to the calves, he understood the game and turned in my mouth gave her toes. Poshurudiv foot in my mouth, we got up and went into the bedroom to her mother, my mother found out there panties and I put them. Shreds shone with excitement, his purple dick stood like a pillar, curly black hair curled on the pubis, he was not much thought put me on the bed with cancer.
- "Wait I'll fuck on the bed, where the fuck your mother .." - Hissed the boy
- "Oh yes, I want you to hurry Bugger my ass ..."I -promurlykal
He vskorabkalsya on top of me and slowly entered me. God, what a thrill to feel the hot cock in my ass. He began to move and nibbling my ear, whispered to me what I am a sexy blonde. We fucked and take a look in my mother's mirror, as well to contemplate the face of my passion thoughtful brunette.
Dotrahav me with tears and lay on the bed. I went to Jack and we began to suck each other. Suddenly he jumped up and nasev on my face began to bleed in my mouth. When he finished and licked his sperm to me, he sat on the floor in the pose of the Sphinx and opening his mouth beckoned. I did not have to persuade, I sat down beside him, and tanned body enjoying my lover, looking at his ass began to masturbate in front of his face. Tolia showed resourcefulness and put my finger in the ass. Then I immediately felt a stirring in his groin, and shot him in the forehead, moving closer to trying to hit him in the mouth.
After lying a little arm in arm, we got up and wandered into the tub, holding each other's ass. Yes I walked continue our usual day. We are already for 22 years and we sometimes meet to massage each other prostatku and mouth.