Hi, my name is Vic and I want to tell you my story. I was then 12 years old. Dad's birthday, and my mother sent me to the store for a drink, as we lived in the village and I sold liquor without a problem. On the way I met my classmate Vlad, he was handsome and strong for his 13 years.
We were headed to the store and bought 4 bottles of vodka. On the way back he asked me pivnut a little bit, because the parents are drunk and not notice that we otpili from the bottle. After the first sip I sparked his throat, but I wanted to Yeshe and so we vylakali half bottles. Drunk as hell, I did not dare to go home, and went into the woods to breathe fresh air. Vlad followed me. In the grove, we lay on the grass and talking
- Vick and his peep show!
- no
- and why?
- because of that I'm a girl and you're a boy
- Well I did not tell anyone not
I lifted her skirt - there were children under the panties with hearts and pushed them to the side so that my pussy was visible. He began to consider. Pants had become a tent.
- and remove them completely
- what for?
- I want to get a better look. I took off her panties.
- Do you want my watch?
- Yes
He quickly took off his pants, and he turned out to be 13 centimeters count.
- and stoop down please
- what for?
- I'll see your ass
Rising cancer, he lifted my skirt and licked my anal. Then he started to drive his hum and suddenly drove me to it completely. I screamed, I was very sick but he Prejean me to the ground and said that I would have liked. I cried, and he began to slowly introduce your dick in my ass. A minute later, I was used to, and I really liked it. Ten minutes later he pulled pussy and offered to take by mouth.
- I will not you to them I sikaesh and my ass was
- yes to in your ass as he was a native means - take fear not!
I took in his mouth and felt like running out a thin stream of something warm.
- you paper written in my mouth!
- and you're drunk! He laughed wildly
- Well take again
- will not you wrote
- I will no longer be honestly
I again took in his mouth and began to suck dick. A minute later, my mouth hit something. He took a dick, and I began to chew what he told me later.
- but at least you finished?
- no, and this is?
- you want to show? He spread his legs and began to lick my peep. Soon juices flowed out of me and I felt pleasure
- Only you do not who do not tell, okay?
- I'm not stupid, I know
- get dressed and go and that we have lost.
Drink all came I dressed quickly ran home. So was my first time.