How quickly time passes, it's been twenty years, it was like yesterday.
1985, a month later I was 14 years old. My mother sent me on vacation out of town to her grandmother in a small village of the neighboring region. I did not want to go, but my mother did not argue. And here I am flying from the coastal city to the village where entertainment - club with old pictures, but lake with muddy water. And in this situation, I have to live as long as six weeks. At the airport I was met by my grandmother, with whom I will go by bus to the village.
In the village I was twelve days. My grandmother gave me a private room. As I expected there to do absolutely nothing. For five days the rain. I became acquainted with the neighborhood boys - fourteen Yurka and Dimka twelve years. Several times they came to visit me and we played cards, I taught them tricks. Tosca, can only watch TV and read books. And at home - the sea, the sun !! Today's grandmother received from my aunt a telegram in which it was reported that two days will arrive my cousin Lena for two weeks. "That's great - grandmother said, - you will have fun." Lenka I almost did not remember, she was younger than me by two years, and I saw her for the last time when I was 6-7 years old, she was with mom and dad came to visit us. It was a fat girl, who constantly complained at me adult and constantly ached. So this news I was not particularly pleased.
Grandma went to the railway station to meet Lena. Today I have a half day one "on the farm". Since yesterday finally came good weather, the sun fry for thirty. Yesterday a neighbor Dima and grandmother went to the lake. The lake is small and shallow, but very warm. Today Yuri and Dima invited me to go for mushrooms. I closed the door, put the key in a specified location and grandmother - under the porch, and went with the boys to pick mushrooms. Prolazit we almost four hours, each collected a little more than half a bucket. When I returned, my grandmother was sitting at a table and drinking tea, sitting next to her wonderful creation. I expected to see a fat nasty child, and in front of me sat a thin girl of my growth with white hairs and freckles on his nose, which stared at me, blue eyes and a friendly smile to me. "Meet Jack is your brother - said meanwhile grandmother about me - and it's your sister Helen. Razuvaev, sit down to dinner. We will not wait and already ate". After dinner, I met a kid into the pavilion to play in game of cards, but my grandmother said to me: "Lena arrived today, and you throw her one. Let sit at home today my dear, socialize, play together". "Grandma, I was also waiting. I do not want to sit at home." Lena saved me. - "If you want to go, I'll sit at home alone. And if I may, I'll go with you to play cards". I had to take her with him, but Lena was a normal girl, the boys took her into his lap almost immediately, the whole night she poisoned jokes, telling stories along with other boys. The whole evening I from it could not take my eyes, I had not yet realized that it is love. And to tell you the truth I was even a little proud that I have such an interesting sister. We probably would have sat up in the morning, but my grandmother called us home: - "Sleep is time for the tenth hour".
When it came time to go to bed, my grandmother announced: "Jack as a boy Lena relinquish his bed, and he would sleep on the cot beside him. I'll have a bed.". I frankly was shocked, I thought Lena would sleep in a room with my grandmother. Lena immediately pulled her dress, socks and stayed in some little white panties, add up all your things neatly on a chair and climbed under the covers. I stood like a marble, a girl who I like, but that was in front of me in shorts. In school, we spied on the girls in the athletic locker room, put under the desk mirror so you can see what is under their dresses. But here she was standing in front of me in shorts, no shirts. "And you do not undress, fast sleep," - Hurried grandmother. After removing his shirt, I stopped, I was embarrassed because I was in a girly short white shorts with a white platter. How do I show in front of her in such cowards? How many times have I told my mother that she did not buy me such tr mustache. "Who cares what cowards, I really like these" - She replied. All the boys in the class for a long time walking in colorful boxers, and I in white, blue, pink,: girly panties. And she still buys me only such cowards. Here before leaving to soak it all, I bought some panties in peas, and others with flowers, and even tells me "See what beautiful flowers". In my address constantly showered taunts when we change clothes in gym. And now I was to appear before it, lost all his male pride. I quickly pulled the tights and slipped into bed. Lena giggled: "You wear girly panties ?!". I did not know where I hide from shame.
In the house everything was quiet. My heart beat quickened. Lenka also did not sleep. "You do not take offense at me, but I thought that the boys are not wearing panties. I will not laugh at you". I could not sleep, thinking about Lena, Lena. The panties I have all risen. I thought for the morrow, in the morning it will be again tomorrow in shorts, you only need to wake up before it.
My grandmother woke up.
- I went to the store. And you, when Lena wakes up, eat. Breakfast on the table. I'll come to dinner.
Lena disclosed lying on the bed, face up, a blanket hitched to the feet. I began to consider it carefully. She had already begun to swell the chest, through her panties viewed her pussy. So I wanted to touch at least to some part of her body. A member of my swollen. I waited and when Lena wakes up. Half an hour passed, Lena does not think to wake up. I started to stomp around the room, knocked, as it were by chance in the stool. Finally Lena reached over and opened her eyes. I told her that my grandmother went to the store, and so she sat down to eat. Lena stood up, not dressed went to the yard to the toilet. During breakfast, Lenka said something, and I looked at it from time time. Suddenly she asked me a question: "Do you want to look at me without panties?". I nearly choked. "How could she guess my desire?" I kind of jokingly said, "Of course!"
- "Then you also have to undress before the goal". And without waiting for my answer she took off her little white panties. I also took off all his clothes. -"I've never seen a girl naked older than 5 years. Have you ever seen a boy naked". - "Yes, I saw a father and mother fuck the keyhole". We began to feel each other. My cock stood stake. And Lenka suddenly knelt down and began to caress my pussy mouth. A few minutes later we were already in bed and I knew Lenka first love. I never do not moan and groan heard this from his partner in the first time. Time ran with breakneck speed, and when we focus on the clock then it turned out that it's been three hours in a minute should come grandmother. We dressed quickly, led the bed in order. When it was my grandmother, we as exemplary children playing on the porch in some board game. I was so fascinated by Lenka, he refused to this day to go with the boys to the lake. For the rest of the day we spent with her. I went to the forest for mushrooms, but there we were not up to the mushrooms. As soon as we withdrew from the village, I flunked Lenka on the ground and began to kiss her, about how she smelled, I loved the smell of a lifetime. I put his bloodshot sausage in her burrow. Oh, how nice. I felt at one with it. About Lena, Helen: Oh .. !! Suddenly she screamed and pushed me away. "I am someone bitten". It turned out that the ant crawled and bit her in the ass. I began to kiss her ass. Then I fell in ... from behind and began to caress her with kisses, suddenly my cock into her lair. So we found another position of love. Mushroom we have not scored. My grandmother was very happy that we have become friends. She could not think that it is not friendship.
Since then, every night, as soon as heard the grandmother's snoring, I Lenkina climbs in bed, and we were engaged in their favorite thing. Several times we almost got caught. One night I lay in pink shorts, and she is white. Morning got up, I was in little white shorts, and she is my rose, but the grandmother did not even pay attention. Another time, I washed in the bath, climbed to me Lena, and my grandmother was her look.
Free (sex), we carried out all the children. I, Lena, Yuri and Dima went to the lake to bathe. Boys Lenka also liked. I saw them looking at her, especially when she was getting out of the water in their white shorts and they shine through thoroughly. The boys swam in the family shorts. I bathed in the bathing suit for good reason. Lenka I'm not teasing anymore and kid never told that I wear girly panties.
Today, I have a bad mood. Last night, we did not engage in sex, come to Grandma's girlfriend and they are until midnight chatting with her when she left we went to sleep. Lenka going home tomorrow. I was home for nearly two weeks. I have a longing, how can I go on without her. We agreed that we will write letters to each other, and be sure to spend the next vacation together. We went for our boys and we go to the lake. Lenka with Yuri and Dima go ahead, talk, and I do not even chat hunting, how sad. That's the lake. Lenka with all the guys take off shorts and a T-shirt and flop into the water. I slowly pull together T-shirt and socks. Unbutton his pants, oh shit, I forgot to put on the heat. "What did you dig?" - Yuri yells - "jump to us". "Something's not hunting, I'll sit on the shore" The guys dabble, splash around. Over the water glimpses of blue satin panties boys and Lenkina ass dressed in transparent white panties, so delicious, my favorite ass.
The guys got out to lie in the sun, talking all sorts of nonsense, jokes poison, remember school. Let's go swimming again. Dive, splash. "Zhenya sad enough, climb to us," - Dimka yells. Suddenly the boys jump out of the water, run against me. Yuri with Dima held me by the shoulders, and Lenka pulls off my sandals. I resist but the guys in the excitement. Lenka pulls off shorts me. I stay in white panties in peas with white platter. The boys immediately begin to laugh at me. "About Eugene in girly shorts" "Eugene Girl". And the most insulting, that Lenka also laughing along with them. Yuri begins to touch me for the ass. "On some ass" I'm going to cry. The children immediately calm down. Lenka offers: - "And let us sunbathe naked!" -, And removes her panties. In the boys's eyes bulged, they did not expect such a bold act. Dima first took off his pants, then Yuri. The one I stayed in my shorts, I really did not like that at my Lenka watching other boys. I told her about it and she told me that I fell behind on her, she wants something that does. I was offended and went swimming with Dima. Five minutes later, I looked at the shore and saw Lena standing cancer and Yuri its processes. When I got to the bank Yuri already finished. Lenka offered me sex, I gave up and went home. The more I talked to Lena. The next day she went home.
Lenka I saw with just 8 years old, she was already 20 years old, she studied at the university. When I asked her if she remembered our joint vacation, she replied that she would like to forget, but unfortunately remembers these sexual impressions most vivid.