I am 26 years old I live in Tashkent, Alisher call me, I would like to tell your story or how to express time in my life that changed the direction of my sexual life.
Everything happened in 2001, I graduated from Law School came to one of the organizations, which needed an expert on legal issues, I took on the position of the lawyer. When I worked in our sector was cleaning woman (the cleaning lady) years 42 her name was Galina, one of the most beautiful summer days she came to my office to wash the floor, when she came in, I was busy with some document and have not noticed, it came when I looked up, I saw that she was looking at me. She was dressed in a white T-shirt and denim skirt, and I noticed that in a T-shirt peeking her nipples breasts were a little hung over the stomach but rather large and exciting, and she saw me looking at her breasts but did not let on and asked to get out there in the office? So I said, of course, necessary, but in fact the office was clean, I just wanted to admire her breasts and when she washed the floors, then watched on his chest heaving. It lasted about a month I could not she say something. We in management have been taken to give the cleaner money tucked away office, and I always give her more and then we became friends with her, began to frequently talk, she often start to come to my office just to talk, and when she left, I specially came down to the lobby as the if I buy cigarettes and say goodbye to her.
One day, one of the lawyers asked me to leave her home, and when we left, she told me, go ahead on the road zaber¸m Gallus her on the road course, I agreed, and now I know where she lives.
After that day, I have sometimes suggested Gale leave her home and one day I asked her phone she gave me a home, and in the evening when I called her, she suddenly offered me to come to her the next day, I was just delighted with this proposal.
I arrived she met me warmly when I went home, she offered me a red wine we drank and talked about everything, and then she invited me to sit next to her, I sat down, I was excited and gave me a kiss, I said to her liking, and then her hand down under my trousers course my boy had already been at the ready as the bull before the fight. She pulled off my pants and started me to make such a blow that I felt dizzy, then took off my shirt and started licking my whole body with his playful tongue, then he said that he wanted me to play Madame, I agreed, and she ordered I take off her clothes, I took off, and then she sat down on the sofa and took me by the hair poked my face in his crack that was already quite wet and licking her clit labia automatically biting her klitorok, and she said to me moan:
- Come on boy, Slizhov all out, satisfy his mistress.
My face was covered in'll end it, after which she became a cancer and told me to lay down face to her little girl, and she took my boy in the mouth and we started to deal with it head to toe it was just something. Then she told me to your Hercules shoved in her pussy when I put my macho in her hole. She groaned, and said how big. After 5 minutes, when it is the final came to an end, I pulled it out and finished it right back, she asked me that I smeared his semen on her back, we lay in bed around 20 minutes, after which she bathed me and told me that if I want it, it will always be waiting for me.
The next day we greeted her for as usual, but when she came to me in the office she closed the office, took off my pants and made me a blowjob, and so every day to this day.
After such an event I have the desire to older women that I do not notice the young pretty girls their same age and I like it.
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To be continued!!!!