One day, he almost completely lain on the bed. Unbridled nights are always long knocked him out of the rut. I was no exception and the hangover the day, a shower, a morning jog and breakfast only pushed coma. He fell on the couch watching television young man lain on it until the evening. Finally, the stand made it bouncy trill call, someone was at the door. After rising and shaking off any passages that nervous sleep, he opened the door. On the threshold stood a young sozdanie.- Hello! - Exclaimed the girl. and added a little wary - I think I do not vovremya.- No, there is no passage. He protested the young man. I'm just a little ... uh ... I do not find the words, he would have all kind of showed nedoumenie.Vrode familiar face, and how it was associated with a hungover visions. Slender figure ... increasing it up to her chin, she slipped into the apartment. It was only the smell of her perfume, he realized. Katya, met at the club. He drew her confident sensual movements on the dance floor. It is fully merged with the music, obeying its predatory rhythm. Then there was a bar, a small green pill, migrated from his mouth into her parted lips. The laughter, the smell of her eyes, there was something he wanted to photograph her ... He led her into the hall, which was actually located studiey.- you here, visiting - he suggested. - But I do give myself to poryadok.- Yep - agreed sozdanie.- Want coffee - Da.Spustya few minutes a young man standing on the threshold of the studio with two cups of fresh brewed coffee. He stood admiring the girl's figure which is interested in its digital SLR Canon. Finally, she felt his eyes and turned around, he grinned to her - your coffee girl came over and took the cup from his hands!. She wanted to step back, but he held out his hand and drew her to sebe.- Hey. She breathed into his grud.- I remember your scent - he nuzzled her crown - and not only - a free hand slid down her spine.- We spill coffee. The girl raised her head and looked him in the eye Not on your nelly - he saw them in amusement, and clung to her responsive gubam.Kogda they broke away from each other, that would be a breath of air, their bodies pressed against each other even silnee.- We seem to be going to spend it and fotosessiyu.- We conduct. He fends off the young man. - Photographing the process even more intimate than sex and more intense. It is very important, sincerity and ponimanie.- You say it all - it's just my podhod.On lifted her chin and pressed his lips to the outstretched. She lowered her lashes, enthusiastically kissing. His hand rested on her chest, and he felt under a thin sweater on it nothing. Seamlessly enjoying her elastic compliance, he found a firm berry nipple howled and mentally. She was sweet and groovy. The creation of a particularly enjoyed, closing her eyes, she was thrilled at his hands. From oblivion she left, feeling the tension in his hips, jeans clearly something narastalo.- Hey - she pushed off his shoulders. Shining eyes glowed from podlobya delight - what are you doing Her cheeks burned, she was beautiful?. With boyish cry, he ran for the camera. The model is seated on the window sill, thwarted a last kiss, and that the shutter clicked. Becoming light, change clothes and make-up, which includes music, the mood created. Finally, he caught another shot, he said: - UV, and lowered the camera, - Let's take a break, and then I have nothing that I vizhu.- zhe.- It flashes by - he dragged her to tea and smoke kuhnyu.Vypiv they just looked at each druga.- Drink - he handed her a glass of brandy. She threw him a questioning look, but he only nodded ey.- Go to the bathroom and take a shower - The young man gave her another job. - I need you wet, so just wipe the head and body just pat. I'm going to prepare is studiyu.V room he took off background, exposing the bare concrete wall. And I moved to the opposite wall piece kovralin, which covered the same concrete. He needed contrast, harsh light. Outside, it was getting dark, but he still decided to lower the blinds. By the time there was a girl dressed only in one towel, everything was ready. He ominously looked at her, and took off his denim shirt - dress here eto.Poka girl changed clothes he frowned otvernulsya.- All - creation was puzzled by his nastroeniya.Nichego without explanation, he silently sat her down on the concrete. Put a classic pose, when seen naked girl and at the same time nothing vidno.- Do pained face, as if you cheated loved one. I want to see undeserved bol.U girl lips quivered, eyes gone somewhere down in storonu.- Otlichno.- Now Feel proud of yourself, you are strong and independent, he is not worthy tebya.Podborodok slightly raised, lip line became firmer. Minute hurt anything - she knew her worth. "The baby, born actress"- He thought. He needed only to follow the light and shoot, shoot, shoot. She moved her body while playing, as if to be in sight of the lens was more natural than for her to suck his thumb. He could only throw her winning light and teni.- Now show me the desire. Inside you is a fire do not hide it. Any man who you want to be yours, conquer ego.Ona collected in a fist on his shirt, shook her mane of matted hair and looked at him through them. Those eyes, he clicked the shutter, rushing to capture them. Delicate and at the same time rigid and show meanwhile continued. She bit her lip slightly, and added in the eyes of innocence. It was a naked plea. Only a camera in his hands gave him the power to restrain. The girl went into the role, and continued "seduction". Turning his back to the wall, she got up on her knees. Looking at him hungrily she pulled the shirt up floors exposing his ass. Slowly, inch by inch she opens her body, invitingly, almost contemptuously looking at him, she knew how much he is weak. I knew all his thoughts in relation to its body, and they definitely liked her ...- Fuck me. A little voice in his head exploded like grom.Emu seemed to hear the beating of his serdtse.- I want you to fuck right menya.- so zdes.- Kid, put his hand on his kisku.On grabbed the camera catching every its movement. She caught his shirt with one hand, and lowered her hand down to the very source of his desire. Without taking his eyes off him she asked: ...- You want me to caress yourself - Da.Ona bit her lip and moved his fingers even lower?. By the very hearth. When the fingers lay on the bud, she closed her eyes. With a barely audible groan, she plunged the middle finger into the fold. She felt no concrete stiffness or coolness of the evening. Nothing mattered, only the male gaze burned her and her own desire. She wanted to feel the taste and she put her fingers to her lips, her intoxicating desire. She felt free and happy in their freedom. With one hand, she had to hold the shirt up to show all his audience. He was right, it is also party to the process. The hand slid to his chest, weighing her soft elasticity, touching aching nipples, then down again. Stroked between her legs, on if men knew what is sometimes hidden hunger, which treats the cache. Her fingers oglazhivaet crotch strip located over the hot bud, measured the distance from the other, very close, holes. Then, unable to hold back any longer again plunged into the slot. More and more. Her body swayed forward thrusts his hands. Then she broke down and fell back to the floor. Bent at the knees to the camera head, she continued representation. By the fingers of his right hand, who sought deeper, she added, the left fingers that fluttered above the surface. Her mouth fell open, pubis became painfully twitching fingers fluttered all the faster above the vagina. The realization that she was being watched at that moment, gave the girl an extraordinary thrill. Featuring itself such an animal in a paroxysm of delight she found freedom. Freedom to obey nature, just follow your instinct, animal freedom. She felt worthless slave in the harem of the king and queen at the same time, on the throne. That one take and one who takes herself. And she liked it, she plunged into their desires ... The plaintive moan death cry. Hips moved upward arching her body into a spasm of pleasure. Palm pubis covered ledge. Long seconds vzdyblena girl was at the peak of orgasm, illuminated by flashes of lightning. Then she gently lowered to the floor, thighs closed by pinching together the brush. His head leaned back in a relaxed way. No one noticed her eyelashes tears. Her body and soul discharge voltage storm, and rain poured. She burst into tears. After a moment, she had clung to his chest, lifted his strong hands. He whispered something in her ear soothing and gentle. She put her arms around his neck and pulled his lips. Gentle childishly sincere potseluy.- I love you. - That it has risen iznutri.- think I'll tozhe.Spustya minutes, they have fun chatting in the kitchen, she was again dressed in his usual, comfortable, jeans - sweater and sipping tea. While K. dedicated it to all the secrets of buttons and wheels on your zerkalke.- When you show me snimki.- Well ... the first will be ready tomorrow. They still need to process and all otsmotret ...- In the old lecher, he seduced little devochku.- Rather bad girl, something that showed one boy. He reached out and picked it up from the sofa to the pulling sebe.- Yes I am. - She lifted her face to him and made an innocent face. He covered her mouth with a kiss. Hands slid again on a flexible will, causing her body slabost.- I think I've got something I should? -? - You asked me to fuck tebya.- debts to pay. - She lowered her eyes, but at the last moment he saw in them something that might be a celebration ... He pushed her to the side of the hall, and waited until she went to come after him. He put it in its place against the wall. - So simple. Standing behind her for some time he did not dare to touch it, then his hands were on her hips, and he clung to her entire body. Hands slid between the girl and the wall covering the chest. The flesh squeezed in jeans pressed into her ass. She turned the head and he stared at her parted lips. He again felt the hardness of her nipples showing through the sweater. Looking up from her greedy mouth, he asked: - Your proposal is still in force - Yes. She looked into his glaza.- Repeat ego.- Fuck menya.On pulled up her sweater. And while with one hand he pulled together, the other eagerly seized her breasts. Having finished with a sweater, he turned his hand to her crotch. Pulling off her jeans, he dropped to his knees. Immediately she fell at her ass, burying his face in the hollow of her buttocks, collecting it in her thin panties. After freeing her feet, he took her popochkoy. Clutching her elastic flesh, kissing the velvety skin, aiming for the center of the elastic hollows and down. There where smelled so sweet. Letting her panties he rose expanding her to face him, that would have to kiss on the lips, hugging her hands. Then down with one hand to touch the breasts, nipples aching to pay attention, to make her shiver. Then the young man suddenly pulled back and caught her eye have their eyes on the zipper dzhinsov.- caress ego.Vmesto answer she only licked her lips, not taking his eyes from him knelt. There's something about it. When the girl standing in front of you on your lap, and you towering over her, stroking her head. Dominance and submission recognition. She pulls off his jeans, then pants. Incredibly stressful rampant horn takes place in a few inches from her face. The young man seems that never before had his penis so not standing, he had a feeling as if he inserted into the rail, so it was hard. Girl in doubt licking his lips, then bows his head and resolved to accept the head in her mouth. The young man could not help but groan, so desirable that moment. He barely holding back his impulse to not move the hips to meet her in her tender embrace. She hugs him by the hips, and again immersed in the frenzy of female desire. Her eyes are closed, it's all in the feeling of something heavy in the mouth. Soft and at the same time powerful uncontrollably, warm and at the same time burning. She tries it to taste, cover the lips, tongue holds. He is alive and sensitively responds to her every touch. Hand it takes up its trunk and moves the skin from his head. Stripping her. The wet, red. She opens her mouth and starts to suck it. Instinct tells her how to move, to walk where the language is covered lips - this beast in its power. With one hand she hugs his buttocks and the other starts in way over his crotch. Lasky become more confident in them there is a certain rhythm, which she swings the pendulum of his desire. Thin fingers slipped into his anus, and subtly moved stroked his back, seized strained cores. Sometimes, breaking the sweet torture, she released his mouth. Blowing on it, pressed it to the person who inhales the thick smell. To then again, with even more eagerly, to drop to his mouth. Finally, unable to bear the caresses, he takes out a member of her captivity, abruptly drops to his knees to kiss her moist lips, takes in his arms and carries in the other room on the edge of the big bed. It pulls off the blanket, and now it is already on the cold sheets and pillows. Hard to breathe, waiting for when he leaned over her to seize that. He turns his girl on her stomach and leans towards her ass. Feet apart. Here it is like a peach, always desirable finally in his hands. It is accepted that ... for her to explore the length and breadth. Tongue, lips, and hands do not miss a millimeter this tempting flesh. Calling it the plaintive postanyvaniya and trembling. The heady scent of her bud tempting him, and then he crouches to his mouth, his fingers teasing, pushing the quivering flesh and gouged. It compresses cams sheet bends her body in painful convulsions. he spreads it over its entire juice crotch. At the entrance to another very close her hole. He found her tongue parted her firm buttocks with his hands, and she told him that the touch-sensitive there. She languished in his hands, biting her lip. No one has it so caressed. He turned it this way and that, getting to the most hidden corners of her body. Her body was fed treacherously towards him, he shamelessly exposing his hole. Kate grabbed his hands pillow, dropping her her head, and even more bent substituting his ass. Thanks to her knees apart elastic hemisphere parted, revealing a close hollow. The temptation was too great that the young man did not use them. His mouth fell at this basin, enjoying its gentle sensitivity. He especially liked going down her tongue to touch her tight holes. Lick the hollow hiding a rose condensed ring. And I feel in response to all the cherished girl freezes captured this intimate caress. Her body was covered with perspiration, a random light of the lantern, ass glistening moisture saliva and juice, which he generously smeared on it. Moisten your finger in his mouth, he gently stroked her close circle. He massaged her elastic ring, seeking her attention and focus it on this finger. And when Kate dutifully froze, he finally entered her. Immersed in her tight hole by two Phalanx he paused, enjoying the sensation of tightness and elasticity of her ass. Katya also stopped, exhausted exhaling as he firmly and at the same time gently into her. Not having time to understand all the sensations of this step, it is already "floated" from the realization that it took the same way. The feeling of amazing content and strained TAM made her bite her lip. He shook and twirled his finger in it, enjoying the elastic resistance of her ass. It was too chilly to go further, and he drew his finger while bending to her ass and let the saliva into its hole. He shivered involuntarily parted licking the edges. This little baby was in its power. Whatever he wanted to do to her, she would give him obediently. Slipping her hand over her crotch, he wet his fingers in her hot juice. Firmly closed their two fingers, he put them to her anus, stroking and soothing her back again penetrated into the ass. Kate bent and shivered. Her head fell back and his mouth fell open in a silent scream, his fingers, stretching her virgin ass penetrated into it until the end. She was shivering, gasping mouth wide open. He went to her head and prosheptal- hurt you - little ... no, do not go ...- so ... - He moved his fingers in her ass and she moaned: - sweet ... He moved his fingers the depths of her body, sipping her elastic ass, making her moan in response shamelessly. She was beautiful rearing on his hand, with his head thrown back and his mouth slightly open in a grimace. Submissive his every movement, she moaned loudly in response to his fingers. Finally he broke down and pulled her over. Lifting her shoulders, he sat in front of a girl. She released his fingers from the ass and threw back his head ecstatically kissed him until he captured her breast. Kate has got his hand behind his back and found it glowing trunk, which began languidly stroking. Until he flunked her on her back, that would be dispersed between the legs swollen cleft find and appoint its member input voltage full-depth, enter into it. The girl is no longer holding back, filling the room plaintive cries until he had her. Without taking his eyes off her face distorted by the pleasure she repeatedly thrust into her own rod. One hand was tight around her shoulders, which would break deeper into it, crumpling the second tender breasts. Immersed in the heat of her passion, he ruthlessly watched it countless orgasms as she tried unsuccessfully to halt its rhythm, embracing him with her shapely legs. Finally, the heat of her bosom, burn through it thoroughly, rolled his spine and exploded in my head, melted ball. He cried when the earth went from under them, even more pressed himself to the girl and dropped her into the abyss, losing consciousness into oblivion.