The story is dedicated to my friend Ira and her children.
I jumped up from the kitchen table. Children boy, Dima, 19, and 14-year-old girl, Alina contend, since they woke up.
"You are both close their mouths" I cried. "I'm so tired of your constant quarrels, conflicts and fights. If you two do not stop, you can get out of this house this instant."
I abruptly stood up and left the kitchen and went into the bedroom. All this clearly did not improve my mood, which is my favorite husband messed still in bed in the morning. He suddenly came into my pussy, I'm anticipating the holiday, immediately gave way to nemu.Odnako it was not enough, and for a moment he left me satisfied left for work. I was still wet, and although sex.
House was quiet as a graveyard, I guess, because I never threatened to expel them before, but my patience is exhausted. I had to throw the tension and somehow relax. I slipped out of his robe was left completely naked and lay down on the bed, after taking out my favorite vibrating dildo from the nightstand drawer. Turn it on, I just touched her clitoris .Orgazm was only a faint echo of that I had to get this morning. I opened my eyes caught a movement behind my door and realized too late that I had left the door slightly ajar. Damn it, I thought one of them was staring at me? As soon as I thought about it, my pussy beginning to throb again, and I'm sliding the dildo in her wet pussy switched it to the maximum. Buzz could clearly hear in a quiet house. I closed my eyes, but not completely leaving yourself the opportunity to watch the door. I could not believe that I was excited at the thought that my children watching me while I fuck you.
With your right hand, I continued to fuck himself and left to rub her clit. I served hips forward whenever hammering a dildo, breaking the head who is looking at me naked, I did not notice the two muzzles leaning out of the corner of my door. Dima was his sister, and it was obvious that their bodies tightly pressed against each other while they watched their mom masturbating.
My bed stood in front of the door so that they could see me in all my naked glory, I spread her legs even wider. I - not a beauty queen, but for 42 years I was very good.
Knowing that my children watch their mother like a bitch nedotrahannaya satisfy themselves have done their job. Loud cry I experienced a stunning orgasm. Do not fully come to himself, I still continued to quietly potrahivat themselves.
Pritihnuv I heard the labored breathing of my children, I also noted through my closed eyes that Alina's head rocked slightly back and forth. What they were doing??? Trahan? !! My kids are fucked, while they watched their mother ends?
I opened my eyes, their heads immediately disappeared, the sounds, I realized that they all haste rushing into the hall. Getting up, I was still shaking from the force of my orgasm. Putting on a robe, I did not even bother to properly tie a band, I have to make sure what they were doing. I returned to the kitchen, my kids are sitting at the table, I noted that both brought down breath and red faces. They tried not to meet my eyes.
I grinned and walked along kitchen, cleaning the table from breakfast residues and dirty dishes. The aroma of my wet pussy, filling the air in a small room, and I knew that they both could not help but feel it. My pussy throbbed at the thought that my children saw me, to say the least not with the best (maternal) side, but what could I do when I'm excited ... I'm just turning into an insatiable whore which is still with whom, where and how to fuck . I could not wait any longer. I need just need to know they fucked, or it's just my idea to spur herself "Good." I smiled as I sat down at the table and spread her legs wider to let the flavor of my pizdyulki more freely exposed to the air."I hope you decide to stay and to stop their endless quarrels."
"Yes mom." They both responded almost in unison.
"Good." I said wider opening your legs and holding his tongue over dry lips with excitement "I'll let you stay, but you should be ready for some ... eeemmm changes in the house. It is clear?"
"Yes mom." Both whispered.
"Good, because I'm going to be the mistress of the house, and if you still want to live here, and yours, too. I will require you to unquestioning obedience."
Two pairs of eyes stared at me with undisguised amazement.
"But what about Dad? " Alina asked quietly.
"What dad? " I asked.
"So in fact he is the chief of the family." Alina went to a whisper.
Loud laugh, I looked them straight in the eye."Your father was never the head of the house, ever since we were married, and to this day I run this house, as well as your daddy."
"Yes, this can not be " Dima's voice was skeptical.
Giggle, I looked at him gently."Dima, your Dad was my toy since we started dating. Do I love him? Oh you can not even imagine how. But in the bedroom, he conquered me. Has been and always will be, by the way, to talk about my bedroom, not a good thing that you were spying on me. I had to close the door, but you had no right to spy."
I laughed again, looking at them slack-jawed, as I told them about the sexual proclivities of the Pope and I knew that they were watching me."Yes, kids, I know that you have seen how I masturbate, and I also saw that Alina's head was moving back and forth, as if you were fucking ..." I looked at their faces reddened suddenly ... this fact told me everything I need to know.
"Soooo ... and how long you have sex?" I have no doubt that I was right "Well! Alina? Dima? How long?
None of them did not want to answer, so I got up and quickly went into the bedroom and returned with one of the straps of my hubby. I put it on the table."Now if one of you does not want me to answer I will vsyplyu so that you can not sit the week. Well, how long have you fucking whore? "
Dirty words seemed to have shaken them, they both stuttered. "Well one of you tell me. Alina, tell mom ... Quickly".
Uh, yes, Madame." She stuttered." Approximately 6 months. We caressed each other's arms, kissing each other, but never doing it for real. Usually Dima shoved it between my thighs, and so moved back and forth. His ... Boy ... I slid over my daughter and I was also very good. But he has never been in me."
"What kind of childhood! Since he had never insert his penis into your pussy? " They were again shocked that their mother knew such a dirty word.
"No mommy. Never."
"Say it Alene, tell Dima never fucked you in your lustful pussy."
She was red as a lobster, and looking down, mortally Dima sat quietly beside her. I took the belt and slammed it on the table standing next to. Alina startled.
"No mommy, Dima ... never ... not fucked me in my lustful n-p-izdu."
"And anyone except Dima" I asked.
She swallowed nervously. "I - not a virgin, if that - what do you mean my mother."
I nodded and smiled. I was happy that she was not a virgin, because I decided it was time to include my children in their parents' world of sexual pleasure. Why this particular solution came to me, I have no idea, but I'll do it. I was going to make them the same sex-slaves, as he was their father.
I looked at Dima. "Are you - a virgin? I do not think masturbation or oral sex how you lost your virginity. Have you ever fucked somebody ... boy?"
"I am not a boy." He blushed.
"Oh yeah." I lowered my voice just as when I was talking to his daddy-slave. "You're just like my father. Cute little slut toy that must be trained to please a woman."
His face flushed.
"No mother. I've had sex before."
"Tell that to your sister."
He blushed again. "I fucked before, Mom."
I smiled, took a belt and got up from the table. "Well, I like that you're both virgins. This greatly simplifies my task. Follow me. We have a lot to get done before your dad comes home from work ...