In the banking College Light Pavlovskaya undoubtedly stand out among their peers. Sexy, beautiful, smart ... and possessed girl. Obsessed in the best sense of the word. She had a dream of the Stars and Stripes. She wanted to study in the United States. How crazy it "I bite into" in English wonk him day and night. In the subway or on the street, during lectures or at home, in a cafe or diner. She used every spare moment to move towards its goal. Even in her sleep she dreamed of American slang and idioms.
This she impressed the new English teacher Andrew Lucinschi. At one time, it is this determination Sveta he did not have to go to graduate school in one of the American universities. And as Lucinschi recently divorced, this cute blonde liked him sexually.
When his eyes involuntarily stopped on her shapely legs and bulging breasts, he lasciviously licking his lips. When he accidentally noticed the white triangle of her panties, shamelessly peeking out from under a short skirt, he imagined her light - the fluffy pubis. Then a member of the teacher once felt cramped in his pants, and Lucinschi-Humboldt blissfully "I wanted" this blonde Lolita.
Andrew waited for the case to become compressed her advisors and to get together with her better in a quiet and calm environment. And once this case is introduced. Light after school went to the Lucinschi and asked him for help. She wanted to find out the meaning of the verb "root for". Andrew told her. Casual conversation ensued. Upon learning that the teacher worked with the Americans and has good American English, it is sincerely delighted and invited him to be her tutor. Lucinschi for the kind of broken, discuss its fees and agreed. Andrew elated ... he was one step closer to the desired goal.
... Light lived in a luxury high-rise in the metro "Paveletskaya". At the appointed hour Lucinschi crossed the threshold of the luxury student apartments. She met him in a black tank top and blue denim shorts, cropped at the most "I do not want".
" We now no one hurt"- She smiled warmly. - " Ancestors piled on the hacienda to celebrate someone's birthday". - " It's good. Now, the same thing but in English".
He immediately began to communicate with her easy and not by constraint, as if they were the same age. Light accepted rules of the game - they have moved on you. Andrew has revealed its weaknesses in English and began to engage with it. Lucinschi saw that she likes to chat with him. Her blue eyes were burning fire of knowledge, she eagerly scrutinizing everything that he said. A teacher of all cast hungry glances at her alluring bare knees, rounded hips, covered with light guns and her cleavage.
After school hours, and Andrew Light passed into the vernacular. In a playful way. Subject called ... " A restaurant". Andrei posing as a solid client of Light - a young waitress. For more convincing Lucinschi suggested the girl make a real cocktail for his recipe ... 1/3 vodka, 2/3 tonic "Schweppes", Lemon juice and a piece of ice. Pupil gladly accepted. It was a clever move ... Andrew alcohol dulls alertness and enhances female sexual desire.
After a few glasses of cocktails in the movement of light appeared looseness, her blue icicles sparkled fire enlistment of young females. The third and fourth glass finally carried her all the psychological barriers and complexes.
Light resolutely turned toward him as if to absorb it with all my coquettishly asked ... "Do you like me?" - "This is off-topic"- Ironically Andrew looked at her. He was triumphant ... a dream come true. - "You have ink stain". - "Where?".
He gently touched her warm velvety thigh, pretending that erases non-existent spot stroked the inside of her thigh. She froze - she was waiting for the continuation. Light leaned on his shoulders and slightly spread her legs ... His hand slid over the edge of the shorts. The index finger penetrated the thin lace panties and plunged into the bosom of the humid and hot. She trembled all over, burning with impatience.
Andrew found a small pea in her yearning crevice and began to pull at her tenderly. Light often breathed, closed her eyes. His gentle manipulation of the clitoris gave her enormous pleasure. Andrew, too wound up - its mighty trunk was torn out. The teacher pulled the zipper on her shorts and pulled them jerk with shorts. He laid the student on the sofa, spread her legs girl.
His eyes appeared well-groomed silver pubis dissected scarlet ribbon labia. In the middle of the ribbon to expire love juices rose bud. Andrew touched the language exuding a specific smell of a flower, and became his skillfully caress. Light began to breathe more often, its flexible slender body was writhing like a snake. Hands she frantically stroked his hair. Her quiet postanyvanie suddenly turned into a triumphant cry. She quickly finished. For the first time in my life. And with all my heart. Sweet languor spread over her body.
In gratitude for heavenly bliss, she dug her mellow, like cherry, mouth to his lips. Lovers merged into intoxicating kiss. He ripped off her top and, like an insatiable child clung to her breasts elastic trim, with relish sucking pink, smelling fresh, nipples. Pavlovskaya thrilled.
Seducer of girls' souls from the shackles of pants and swimming trunks. His rampant horse throbbing. Light sat down on his knees and took his gentle quivering fingers of his flesh. She put her wet lips of his trunk and began to suck him devotedly. Artful pleased her tongue tickled the head of the phallus and penetrated into the channel. She greedily swallowing his horse. The teacher realized that out of all kinds of sex Light prefers oral. So she skillfully and selflessly processed dignity.
Mentor longer liked genital sex. Andrew blonde nymphet again made to lie down on the sofa. Face it. She took over her slim hips, and if the book is widely opened. And the most interesting place. Her furry animal eagerly opened his mouth, and crimson chetyrehguby lightly poked his red tongue.
Andrew barely squeezed his heated cock in her pussy moistened narrow.
"What a delightful narrow vagina in this girl!" - I admired mentor.
Thick club teacher relentlessly and violently attacked close tunelchik student. His term as a powerful piston in and out of tight pink ring, twisting outward and imbedding into his purple and shiny from the edge lubrication. And her burning tunelchik pleasantly squeezed his cock and massaged.
They changed their position. She got on her knees and lay down on the sofa-feeding, putting on display his mighty appetizing ass. White thread on strings boundary separating the two hemispheres tanned. Between them was the alluring chocolate hole, as yet untouched and undefiled. Just below it - at the feet of the folds - sported curls svetlenkih hair and swelling disclosed slot.
Lucinschi thrust his spear into her hot insides and began to torment him with all my heart. It was delightful! His crotch came into contact again and again with its marble smooth and sweaty hemispheres. Her silvery pussy tickled his pubis.
Twenty minutes later, Andrew felt that he did not like to delay orgasm ... he still inevitable. As inexorably and inevitably spring replaces winter and summer - to replace the spring. Orgasm in full already bashed in the door a cozy cave. Light Lucinschi warned about his imminent finish.
"Not in me"- Begged the girl. - "And I will not go into any America!"
"Then, a little patience, kitty"- Gently asked her to Andrei and took from the table oil "Johnson & Johnson".
Andrew richly oiled his dart and her anus. Also smeared with his index finger, and carefully loaded it into the anus girls the full depth. Trainer began to prepare her anus for the hot battles with his stallion. Soon to come with your index finger middle ... then came the turn of longing for orgasm phallus. Red glossy head of the penis, its shape resembles a mushroom, easily disappeared into the ringlet sphincter. After some time, the men's flesh and completely free entry and exit of a narrow brown stars.
The instructor began to pull at her clitoris. She often breathed. "Gate" him "machine" He slid in a wonderful anus back - forward. Finally, "machine" Lucinschi began firing bursts of pearl girl's close gorge. Andrew moaned with pleasure! His cock throbbed and trembled, compressed closely Sveta "chocolate". A white moisture, meals, all permeated and penetrated into the bowels of the anal girls. Pavlovskaya froze for a moment in a stupor, then shivered all over, zaohala and roughly finished. Without feelings she froze on the sofa, feeling incredible relaxation and thrill!
From Andrew, too exhausted, as if out of it let off steam. Teacher peacefully stood on the young student. For a long time he did not feel this heavenly bliss!
Half an hour later seksobuchenie resumed with redoubled force.
...Light was able to apprentice and sex and, especially, in the American language. She successfully passed the TOEFL and entered the Central University of Arkansas, in Little Rock. The bride, a university, but a dream come true! Univer is shtatovskih! The test results she had sent to the United States in a variety of charitable and scientific foundations. And one of the forked grant funds and paid for her first year of study at the university.
More Andrey and Svetlana had not seen. For a time, they communicated over the Internet, and then, when the girl appeared American boyfriend, their virtual dialogue gradually came to nothing.