dick is, Gandon torn -
Sasha with Yurkoyu fuck,
sperm fills her mouth ...
here on puzu really flows.
spray fired back,
Drops of sweat pour,
body ... in pairs passion goes -
in the joy of the soul sings.
feet, hands ... like vines -
braided each other - drunk.
in the ass ... just a mess,
and brains - no way, no syak.
lips, whispering something tenderly,
teeth, swinging heartless,
dick, headlong rested belly -
sp¸rtym spirit still carries.
have twisted and turned,
nasopelis, we have suffered,
nadrochil, Shchekotov,
Now tired, they fell,
after the shower on the bed
and hugged again ... Again!
Pushkin - fucked ... ti ... your mother ...