This was our second date. We sat in one of Tel Aviv pub and drank a third glass of whiskey with ice. It certainly was not beautiful, but powerfully built body, and the impressive size of the breast, under a tight-fitting T-shirt and mini skirt did not leave men indifferent. From her and exuded a healthy sex. We were fellow countrymen, around which the first and got into our conversation, but then he is free to spread to the theme of relations. For the fourth glass, I offered to play a game '' The question - the answer '' on the condition that the answers will be honest. It was assumed that it asks but the first thought, and probably not finding podhodyashego question, she gave me a turn. '' Do you want me? '' - I asked, as to lose it was nothing special. In the nascent love our relationship is clearly not pulled. She thought a bit and said the following words: '' You know, surprisingly, yes. ''. Her yes of course I was flattered, but for some reason it had to be surprising, but it has already launched into an explanation. It turned out that it has been 8 years sex exclusively with local, in the sense of Israel, and to the Russian (so-called Israeli immigrants from Russia) she feels aversion, since I was violently thrown somehow unworthy representative. I why that awakened in her the passion is already asleep and, as it turned out, she wants me since our first meeting, even the most surprising. The situation continued to evolve by itself - we kissed at the front of the bar, finishing his whiskey. Errektsii not long in coming. His head flashed the thought - '' One more drink and I did not go out of here. '' She saw an equal footing with me but remained quite sober. '' And if we do not go for a walk? '' - I said and staggered, we moved towards the car, every three steps stopping to kiss. Overcoming this way about a hundred meters, I decided to tell her the stunning news: '' You know, I probably should have half an hour ... '', to which she calmly replied: '' That's what I always act on men. A typical reaction. ''. The next time you kiss my hands themselves have climbed under her skirt revealing her panties there. As I found out during our conversation in a pub, they should have been red. Of course there was a natural desire to verify this information, as I said, and immediately the action. The people around were a bit and sat down, a precise movement, I moved the red rag to her shoes through which she immediately crossed. We went and kissed my hand and squeezed her panties. Knowing that under the mini skirt she had nothing incredibly exciting to me. Flashed the thought - so go with a woman, and you never know that under her skirt.
Once we got into the car, my hand was between her legs, and did not get out from there. We were in the heart of the city, but the streets were relatively deserted. That part of me that was not occupied by the knowledge of the machine and controls the movement of the right hand tried to thrust a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, for some reason she could not invite me. We sat in the car, in the center of the city and kissing. My tongue moved quickly in her mouth and the middle finger between her legs. The situation grew tense. I offered to relocate back, but she said that it's too much, although clearly not to leave in a hurry. I once again moved the cock inside jeans and finally she became interested in it and unbuttoning buttons let him out. I was sitting on his knees on the driver's seat, and my stone body, all wet from the secretions, swayed before her eyes. I said something, such as - how rapidly emptying streets this summer, and she kept her eyes on the penis. Just look without leaving it for a second, she said, '' I'm sorry I can not tear myself away. So many years have not seen Uncut '' member. I thought it was to say something like: '' Of course, of course, do not deny yourself the pleasure '' but refrained. My next move once again led to a slight wiggle. She watched him as if hypnotized, and suddenly, glancing put on his mouth on me. Her face lit up at this point such a pleasure, even passing by Orthodox she would envy, if certainly noticed. Do you want it inside, I asked after half a minute. Without letting go of his mouth she looked at me like that, the answer is beyond doubt. Without long negotiations we moved to the back seat and she straddled him. I was lying in the back seat, to the extent permitted length. Her skirt was on his belt, and she was moving quite actively, exposing the bare ass out the window, then dropping down. I could not stand it long, and finished, but the inner excitement did not pass. We talked a little bit on the fact that that's how it turned out, she had not had time to enter into the taste and has everything and I kissed her on the neck from behind, from which, for reasons unknown to me she got cancer head bowed down on the seat. Her ass is clearly waiting for the second call.
The car shook as potholes. The upper half of her body slid to the floor between the front and rear seats. She rested her head on the floor sticking out his ass up. I held her by the hips, spitted on a member and trying not to pay attention to the people passing by. Fortunately, people have got tactful and passed by without stopping, but when podehal car headlights illuminated us, I broke down and began to change its position. '' You see '- she said -' 'I can fuck in the center of the city is much better than you.' ' Of course, I thought, why do not you fuck, took the position of an ostrich and forth. But I was wrong. We pushed back one seat all the way forward and I knelt on the floor. She was sitting in the back seat pulled up the legs to the shoulders. Finally I saw her genital organ, although nothing special but it was not observed. Our kiss smoothly into the more as my cock entered into it deeper. Here it passed by a rather noisy group of teenagers spotted us through the window. I unconsciously suspended movement but she continued, grabbing my buttocks. So we continued to not paying attention to the world around us.