Chapter 1. "Start"
Getting started my sex life? So just hard to remember, but what is certain is the fact that it started early. I was eleven little girl with brown curly hair, scarlet lips and blue eyes. On the dark pubic hair came down, and the breasts were designated as two hillocks with pink buds in the center. It all started when my mom caught me masturbating. The warm water while I loved to caress her clitoris with a finger, lying in the bath. One time I was so absorbed that the appearance in the bathroom mother was a complete surprise. So I lay there with widely divorced feet and dismay on his face.
-Well, what are you afraid dur¸ha? - Gently whispered my mother. - Let me help you!
At the same moment her hand plunged into the water between my legs, and his hand gently covered pussy. Circular movements she began to gently stroke my pussy lips. Then these movements gradually focused on the mound clitoris excited. The other hand at this time began to caress my little protruding nipples, twisting them slightly. After some time, her finger and gently parted lips came into my cave. A warm wave of pleasure swept through my body, up to this point I still do not shove yourself into anything. My mother managed to make a few circular motions with a finger inside me as I arched from all falls on me to orgasm.
-Well, that's slavnenko! Come on, dochechka, domyvaysya and will have dinner, and then very soon the pope will work with.
-Mom, you're really not angry with me?
- Of course, my doll! The sooner you know everything about sex, the better, especially if you know it from me. Tomorrow after school, I'll still learn something, unless of course you will study hard and listen to us with the Pope.
-Thank you, Mom! - I put her arms around her neck and that there are forces pressed it to her.
The next day at school lasted unbearably long for me. It seemed intact eternity before I heard a call from the last lesson. Not being distracted by gossip with girlfriends, I rushed home.
-Mama, Mama, I'm home! - I cried at the door, not even having time to take off our shoes. - Do you remember yesterday you promised to teach me?
-Of course I do, and there is no need to shout! My hands had dinner and then we will learn.
An hour later, she called me from the audience:
-Helen! Come here!
-First, let's you and I get undressed - she suggested, when I appeared in the hall. - Now lie on the couch and spread your legs.
Only now I could see what a beautiful figure was my mother. At the time she was thirty years old, and she kept herself in good shape: her small breasts sticking out in different directions, resulting in little excited nipples, slim waist smoothly into the rounded hips and slim legs, pubic present only a narrow strip of little black silky hair. Mom sat down on the floor next to me, bowed her face over me, and I immediately felt her tongue pleasantly tickled my sisechek mounds. At that time, when her tongue went from one nipple to the other finger hand gently crawl along my sexual sponges. Gradually my mother's face sank lower and lower along my body until I approached my pussy flowing already. When she entered the language between the lips, I have covered all the hot wave of ecstasy, and he just started to tremble on my clit and finger went inside, and I cried with pleasure and finished. Such rapid orgasm, I had never experienced. Mom pulled out his finger and tongue licked my juices stand out. After a while, she lay down in front of me on the other side of the sofa.
-Now my girl you need to consolidate your knowledge. - She spread her legs and my eyes opened gladkovybritaya, dripping love juice Kisochka - You have to caress her mom and give her as much pleasure.
I, as a diligent student, began to repeat all my mother's movements. To me it was easier to caress her mound, she fingers spread her labia, making it more affordable pink entrance.
-You just have done me! - She whispered eagerly, - Now shove me more finger. No, better to shove all my pen!
I put in a pinch of all fingers and slowly brought them into the mother's vagina. When all my brush disappeared inside, I felt like the vaginal walls gently cupped her. Inside, it was wet, warm and very nice. Mom grabbed my hand and began to guide my movements inside.
-Squeeze the handle to the cam. So, my dear! - Her body was moving towards my hand, helping to penetrate deeper into it - lick my mother! - With these words, she put her hand my head to the groin, and again my tongue fluttered on her mound.
A few minutes later it was all over. Mom strongly bent back, and I felt that compresses and decompresses the walls of her vagina. I pulled the wet juice from her hand and licked it. Salty taste of mother's secretions somehow strongly aroused me and I literally began to bleed.
-Mama! Again, I want to! - I pleaded. - Caress his little daughter, please!
-Well, not capricious. Now I'll work on your ass, but I warn you once, to carry out all my orders!
-I'll do whatever you say.
- Sit on the sofa and caressed herself, and I'll be right back.
My mother came in a few minutes. In his hands it was a tube of a cream, and I literally could not believe my eyes, the rubber man's penis. She ordered to stand facing the sofa, stretch it arms and legs spread apart, and then carefully smeared cream my little hole. Pododvinuv chair, it is strategically located on it in front of my protruding ass. One began to caress her hand, as well as some time ago, I pussy and middle finger of the other hand, she wiggled in my ass. Finger is coming out of me, then again immersed in my depths, then I made a circular motion inside, increasingly expanding the rear opening. Soon Palchikov added another, and after a few minutes, three fingers scurrying in my ass. But the mother took her out of my fingers and I felt in me boils down to something big and round. I realized that it was a dildo, and at the same moment my ass literally split into two halves, when all at once he entered me. I screamed in pain and tried to get rid of him, leaning forward, for which he got a good slap on the ass and a strict mother shout:
-Stop and tugging, and then the patient will be!
-Mommy! Rodnenky! It's too painful for me! I do not want any more!
-Be patient a little bit, my sweetie, everything is good now. - With these words she sank to her knees behind me and snapped her lips to my clit.
Rubber member powerfully moved my ass and, oddly enough, soon I really felt a surge of pleasure from these movements. My orgasm lasted probably forever. Mother freed me from the member, and I literally collapsed on the sofa. She did not bother me, knowing my condition, and she put a member of her vagina, strong shock will drive it as before to drive it into me again until finished.
Since then, day by day I began to comprehend ... the sweet science of sex. My dear mom was a huge collection of dildos of various sizes and colors. As it turned out, my mom was a nymphomaniac. She always wanted to go and she always excited by. By becoming her and were her friends, which I always thought how Decency ladies until they joined in their narrow circle. This happened a couple of months after my first sex lesson. That evening dad left on a business trip for three days. Mom immediately phoned her friends and invited them to visit us, promising to make it a huge surprise. As you might guess, I was surprised. First came Aunt Tonya - thirty-five beautiful blonde with protruding ass and big breasts. Behind her came Aunt Val and aunt Nadia. They were the same age as my mother. Both were burning brunette, though that's where the similarity ends. Aunt Val was a magnificent woman with a huge butt and Aunt Nadya was a figure of a boy with a little ass and flat chest (she later undressed, sticking out forward only swollen nipples). My mother led them into the hall, where he was served a festive table with wine and snacks. I have all this time was in her room and sat quietly, so as not to spoil the surprise. My room is right in front of the hall, through the open door so I watched everything that happens there. Emptied two bottles of wine, my mother and her friends stripped down naked and moved to the sofa. When they are already inflamed, my mother stood in the middle of the room and announced that it will now be the promised surprise. Then she led me out of the room at the center of the room. Minutes lasted dumb: three naked women sitting on the couch and stands naked teenage girl, which is on the head stroking her naked mother in front of them.
-Girls, do you know my daughter Lena. - I decided to take the initiative in the hands of soybean mom - she was old enough girl, and a very capable student of what you currently make.
She pushed me back towards the sitting. I walked over to the couch and knelt down in front of sitting in the middle of Aunt Tonya.
-Girls! Enough to be ashamed! Come quickly pushed his feet! - I commanded mom.
The order was immediately executed. I immediately buried in the crotch of Aunt Toni, and while caressing her tongue excited lips, hands free, I started rubbing the clitoris at the sitting on each side of Aunt Wali and aunt Nadia. Mom left the room, and when she came back with her collection of dildos, we were quite excited. My tongue gently fluttered Aunt Toni on the clitoris, and my hands were deeply immersed in the vagina of women sitting next. I myself just flowed juice that ran down the inside of the thighs moss. Mom put "toys" on the table, and she climbed onto the couch and legs spread wide, was the person in front of Aunt Toma, who immediately launched a tongue in her vagina. After a while our figure broke up and formed new. Aunt Nadya laid her back on the sofa, I umostilas from above so that we can caress each other tongues. Aunt Val lifted her to her feet and pulled her boyish introduced in the ass huge rubber cock. From this aunt Nadia moaned heavily and deeply stuck in my tongue. A few inches from my face huge cock literally tore the little ass, and I could not understand how he was able to penetrate at all. At this time, my mother picked up the two-way crotch dildo, one end stuck in the vagina itself, and the other, perched behind the vagina aunt Wali. In this way, it is often fucked me in the ass, give the most violent orgasms. At such moments, she imagined herself a huge, hairy guy and very excited. Then I felt two fingers penetrated my ass protruding. This Aunt Tonya decided to take me. After a while she replaced the fingers on the vibrator, turning it to a maximum speed from which I instantly came. Aunt Valya pulled out of ass aunt Nadia rubber member, and I saw at the site of the anus huge hole around which muscles throbbed excitedly. We all needed a rest. Not dressed, we sat at the table, animatedly discussing the incident. I was told that they each play in meeting slave. Each of them in turn becomes a slave and fulfills all orders of their girlfriends. Today was a slave fragile aunt Nadia, well, as I arrived back and all under a lot, I'll be a permanent slave. After resting, they were ordered to go back Aunt Nadia on the table and spread her legs wide. Aunt Tonya picked up the empty bottles of wine and put her first one in her ass and then another in the vagina. Alternately moving them, she began to fuck hard aunt Nadia, who grabbed hold of the edge of the table and bit her lip, trying not to scream. Mom climbed on the table and sat down on her face, forcing her to lick the perineum from the anus to the clitoris.
-Helen! Come here. - He called me Auntie Valya. - Take the bottle and shove it in himself. I want to see you, little whore, you will fuck yourself.
-But my mother does not allow me to shove anything in pussy. - I tried to argue.
-Why so?
-She says that this will be a gift to Pope for his birthday.
-Sit down at her ass and that's enough to argue! - I cried to my mother.
I put the bottle on the floor and spread her half and slowly sat down on it from above. The neck is easily entered my ass, but more in any way. My ass was still too small and not developed. In front of me were the tears of pain.
-Okay, do not suffer. - I took pity on me Auntie Valya. - Come here and shove me better in a lovely pen.
I did not have to beg twice, and my hand disappeared into her wet depths. There was much larger than my mother, so I ventured to put in the hand of another. Aunt Val literally howled with delight and began to move forward with my hands in such a fury, that they were almost to the elbow into her vagina. A few minutes later I was joined by my mother and put her greased palm something, aunt Vale in her fat ass. I felt my mother's hand through the thin partition, and it is somehow much excited me, so when Aunt Tonya stuck me in the ass three fingers, I immediately came.
For the next two days my mother asked to go to school, so I instead learned to humor my precious mom and her friends.
In the next chapter I will discuss this with my mom dad gift of birthday.

Chapter 2. "Day dads birthday"

Birthday my dear daddy was four months after described in the previous chapter events. By this time I realized the joy of gay sex and just languishing on the willingness to feel within themselves a living and a huge male member. Once parents spent guests mom to a predefined scenario retreated to the kitchen, and I sat next to my father on the sofa.
-Daddy, I want to give you a gift. Can?
-Of course, dear. - And here I'm not giving him time to recover, deftly she unbuttoned her pants on him and grabbed his lips a member.
A member was small and full of some wrinkled, I was surprised, but after a few moments he was the impetus to grow in size and soon did not fit in my mouth. Father tried to push me away, but I firmly grabbed his waist. He soon abandoned his attempts to free himself, and even began to guide my movements, grasping his hands behind his head. Papin was a member of a specific ... salty flavor that excites me greatly. I sucked strongly moving his head to the members to his head fell into my throat. Soon Dad growled, strongly pressed my head to his groin and finished. A powerful jet of sperm hit my palate. It was so much that I almost choked, but still swallowed it all without a trace. At this point my mother came into the room.
-Did you like honey? - She asked. Dad was so stunned that I could not utter a word. - This is only the beginning! And now our dochechka will give you the most precious thing she has - her virgin pussy.
I sat on the sofa, with his legs apart and wide to be clearly visible my already swollen pink lips. My finger plunged between them oozing pink depth and began to rub a pea clitoris. Mom knelt before his father, took in his mouth his limp dick and began to initiate his tongue. The first time I masturbate himself before men and that burning gaze turned on so exciting that soon I literally shook in orgasm. Moisten fingers in his grease, I began to caress her ass brown hole with his back first one and then two fingers. Our mom efforts have paid off - my father's member took fighting shape again. Now I could see it well. The impressive size literally shook me: about 25 cm long and in diameter - five centimeters. Shiny red head is very large, and the veins bulging on the barrel makes it enjoyable rough.
-Take me Daddy! - With these words, I parted fingers vagina, opening his eyes full depth of my languishing pussy.
-Yes, dear, fuck it for the full program, see how she was tired of waiting !?
It was no longer necessary to persuade my dear daddy. The head of his cock parted my lips sex, push, and he half walked into me. A sharp pain, as if from a burn, shot through my body, but that member was moved, and instead the pain came a pleasant feeling of fullness, which I never could reach the fingers. Pope acted very carefully and plunged into me only half the length of its members understand that need to develop my pussy slowly. Mama hastened his face to my pubis and began to process the language of that part of my father's trunk, which did not fit me. I, in turn, podmahivala Pope hips as she could, and our efforts were not in vain: after a while I felt like a member vibrated in me, jerks vbrasyvaya sperm. It was so wonderful that I strongly arching his back, too, I came. When a member has gone out of me, out of the vagina began to flow a cocktail of a mixture of my juices, blood, and my father's sperm. I ran to the bathroom to bathe, and her mother, seated father prostrate on the sofa, washed away his body language and the scrotum. When I returned from the bathroom, my mother continued their occupation, working hard with one hand on the penis, and another - between your legs. She was very excited, because the three of us did not she just finished. Seeing that I came in, she was not letting his mouth a member, fell sideways on the couch and spread his legs. I understood her without words. Kneeling in front of her by a pussy flowing, I soaked in the juices of her hand and put it into the vagina. The walls of the vagina gently clasped my hand, and I began to move it forward - backward, while still scrolling through the brush to the left - right. Mom's orgasm is not long in coming. I felt the pulsating wall of her vagina and grease generously allocated. Now dad took the initiative in their hands and began to guide our actions as the real director of porn films. He forced my mother to stand up "cancer" on the couch, turned his head to the back and putting us on a review of two hungry holes. I'm standing behind my mother, put her in her pussy, first one and then the other arm. Thanks to the abundant lubrication, my hands were moving quite freely. His father climbed onto the couch and straddled his mother, a member of turning to me, so that I could handle his tongue, which I immediately complied. Squelching and smacking sounds filled the space of the room, which will soon add to the groans again graduating mother. He pulled his hands out of his mother's vagina, I began to liberally lubricated secretions brown ring her anus. At first I operated with one finger, then two, three, and soon I gently immerse the entire brush in Mamochkin ass. When I put her second hand on her vagina and began to move them one by one, my mother already cried with delight. Dad was at this time a number of hard and masturbate watching my manipulations. Soon he could not resist and asked to pull his hand out of his mother's backside and scope scored once during the entire length of his handsome in extended red hole. His huge cock furiously earned in her anus, and I stroked his hand through the thin partition that separates us. Before my eyes open a beautiful picture in my mother's ass scurrying member. Dad often his bobbing and throbbing ring anus is not had time to completely close, drives the back. Soon, he pulled out a member, quickly turned to me and put it in my mouth. Strongly pressed my head to his groin, he finished. Sperm was no less than the first time, but it was more salty. I was not taken by surprise, as in the beginning, therefore with great pleasure that swallowed it all without a trace. Mom has not yet finished, therefore, not removing his hands, I ducked under his mother and began to caress the tongue strongly bulging between the spread apart jaws clitoris. After my mother came, we all showered and tired but happy went to sleep.
The next night my mother called me into the parents' bedroom, where they have a large bed, completely naked, lay with her father.
-Yesterday your dear daddy did not have time to enjoy your ass - my mother said, stroking my breasts with one hand, and the other - a small hemisphere of my ass.
-Yes, my little girl, bring us pleasure again - said the father.
-Suck his stallion, and I will prepare your hole to go.
I quickly took off her dress and panties and hopped into their bed. The father, with his hands behind his head, lying on his back, and his already excited member, trembling, hung over the stomach. I settled down on all fours between spaced father's legs and began to caress his handsome. I first drove his tongue over a rugged trunk, pausing slightly on the head. Then, alternately licked the testicles, swallowing them whole, caressed the wrinkled ring anus, and only after all these manipulations plunged his hungry flesh deep down his throat. Gliding along the barrel, I gently poddrachivala member at the base, sometimes sticking out of his mouth and tongue caressing the small hole at the tip of the head. At this time, Mom intensively farmed both my holes tongue and fingers, paying special attention to my ass. She first developed her two, then three, and after some time, adding a little more of my discharge from the pussy, began to attack all five fingers. My ass was still small, so the fingers are immersed only to the knuckles and my mother tried to shove me brush, helping himself with his other hand. It was very painful, but I bravely endured, knowing the imperious character of his mother. (Then, in a separate chapter, I will discuss how to punish my mother, when her father was not at home.) The Pope at jerking my head knew that my mother's insistence I did not bring happiness and, as always, stood up for me.
-So, dear, leave the ass of our little girl alone and better substitute my own. I want to fuck you first, and then, for dessert, our Lena.
-Well, dear, how do you say. - Mom only with other behaved imperiously, she bent under his father unquestioningly.
-Lie down on your back, and Helen will be on you so that you can caress each other out ... language.
I got up at four points, mom was under me and started licking my clit, sometimes thrusting his tongue deep into my vagina. I responded stuck to her pea. Pope knelt in front of my face and waved his penis very close to my mouth. I spread my mother's legs wide, exposing her swollen labia and tied with pink anus, then took in her mouth cock and smeared it liberally with his saliva. The Father sent the wet from saliva member on her anus hole and gently pressed his head back. Mom little tense. He pulled the head out of her ass, but only for a moment to re-enter into it, but deeper .. With each time deeper until his dick is not plunged into her ass completely. And she took it with pleasure, now that the muscles were stretched. She started to move toward him, toward his cock, which had already fucked her in the ass so hard that it seemed only to prevent further penetration of the egg. Sometimes he would put out a member of my mother's ass, I thrust into my mouth, took a few deep movements and again insert it into the stretched hole. Once a member starts to move in the mother's ochke, I again worked her clitoris. Mom put her in my anus and two fingers resumed raiding his tongue in my clit glassy. Our joint efforts with the pope soon led her mother to a strong orgasm. She brought her legs so far back that his father was forced to pull back on its steep. I, to his delight, lapped up from the surface all the sperm and suck his dick so vigorously that he again hardened.
Dad really wanted to tear off my ass, and I physically feel his lust. A little after watching how mom licks my pussy and my leaky point fingers, he clutched his hands over my buttocks and spread them widely, providing better access to its members so desired hole. He pulled out of her mother's fingers probe and offered to his impatient cock. My mother grabbed him and pointed to my swollen pussy sweating, demanding that his father first fucked me there, and then in the ass. He began to tear the soft and juicy depths of my pussy and my mother again began to lick my clit until I was faced a wave of powerful orgasm. Mom grabbed member, installed it on my ochke developed, wider spread halves and Dad drove it for the most eggs. I was seized with an unforgettable sense of pleasure when his hot huge cock began to gently rub on my colon. I do podmahivala him, helping as much as possible to penetrate deeper into me. Mom put her in my pussy and two fingers stuck to my clit. I felt like it massages their father's penis through the thin partition wall inside of me, lowered her head and shoved his tongue deep into my mother's vagina. Soon I felt my father's dick twitching inside me and poured it pushes warm sperm. By the time I finished twice and barely held on to keep from falling. Dad, supporting me under the arms, arranged over my mother's face, as if I was going to pee. My fuck holes were located just above its mouth. Ring my anus gradually shrank by acquiring an initial size, forcing out papa "stuffing". Mom eagerly catching mouth arising from my ass cum and swallowed with pleasure. Then she licked clean my two holes.
Dad told me to sit on the edge of the bed, and he stood in front of me and put his limp dick in my mouth. Mama is located behind him and deftly licked his father's ass. She captured the testicles mouth, then moved apart his father's half, trying to shove the language as deeply as possible into his hole. Soon tremors in my mouth heralded the resurrection of my father "fighter". A little fuck me in the mouth, Dad lay on the bed, legs dangling, and drew me to himself, seated knackered pussy on his dick. I started to jump, which was led by his father, clutching my hips with his hands. At this time, my mother went to the closet and pulled out from both sides to the crotch dildo. Reaching into one end of her vagina, she fixed the straps around the waist and crotch, ensuring reliable determination dildo in her pussy. Then he came up to us from behind, stuck in my point the free end of the dildo and slowly guided it into my anus, trying to accommodate all twenty centimeters in length. The feeling was simply stunning when my parents began to move synchronously in me. It seemed to me that I simply turn inside inside out. Dad sucked my little chest and drive in my eyeballs and my mother, my arms spread wide halves, thoroughly was operating in my ochke. We finished this time we both fell asleep quite exhausted all together on the big parent's bed, which is now, rightly, become my own.

Chapter 3. "executions"

As promised, in this chapter I will talk about the punishment that I subjected my loving mom. Until that moment, she caught me in the bathroom, the most severe punishment was this: I lay down on his stomach on the stool, lifted her skirt and panties dangling, and my mother whipped me with his hand on the buttocks. Sometimes I strongly battered and had to sleep on your stomach, as ass literally burned by fire. After my mother took my sexual education, punishment took brightly colored sexual character and began to occur much more frequently than before. A little later, I realized that making fun of me, she got a strong pleasure and could not resist it. In time, I also had finished some executions, and the feeling of pain and describe the buzz is simply not possible. Most of all, I had finished, when my mother thrust her to me in the vagina with a mop handle and made in such a way to clean floors. I walked around the apartment with a mop shoved in pussy and my mother periodically changed her cloth. Mop penetrated quite deeply, bringing a sense of pain and buzz at the same time. When she wanted to punish me stronger, mop inserted in another hole, ie, in the ass. It was much harder, though somewhere in a year, my holes so designed that the mother ebala my ass has a baseball bat. Ring anus before it had narrowed when from there with cotton jump out a bit, and in the place of my ass gaping big hole, which puts all sorts of items.
In 13 years, I fell in love with his friend and classmate Olga, and she answered me in return. I often lingered in her, and my mother, knowing from my holes designed that we do there is not learned always cruelly punished me for it. One time I came home long after midnight. What are we doing in Olya's apartment, I'll discuss in another chapter, but now that I have received for their nighttime adventure.
My mother opened the door and silently retired to her room. I'm glad that she has a good mood, and I got off easy. How wrong I was! The next day I remember all my life like a nightmare. At seven in the morning my father went to work and my mother pulled me more sleepy out of bed and dragged by the hair into the hall. There is roughly laid me back on the table and widely spread my arms and legs, tied them to his legs. I tried to apologize, but she did not seem to hear me. About fifteen minutes she was prepared, bringing all sorts of items in the room and putting them on the coffee table, and then the nightmare began! For a start she took off her panties and they stopped up my mouth as a gag. Then, firmly tied with a rope, and my breasts Prischepa on each nipple clothespins. Almost immediately, swollen nipples and doubled. A sharp pain shot through my lower abdomen - this mom Prischepa clothespins on my labia. Then she opened my vagina, pulling to the side of the clothespins and shoved to get a huge cucumber. With one hand she delayed the ... my nipples, and the other - was operating roughly a cucumber in my pussy. Mom did not use specifically during faloimitator punishment, because they are very similar to a real penis, and she wanted me to fuck and make fun of me, so in the course were any means available. When it was the turn of cucumber beer bottle neck and if it somehow belonged to me, then bottomed forward not climb my mother I did not try. Realizing this, she decided to change my posture, placing me on the sofa and tied my hands and legs to the ends of the squeegee. I was lying on his back, with his up widely divorced his hands and feet. In this position, my holes are more available for penetration, so a bottle, with difficulty, but still was in my pussy. Thrusting my ass a couple of candles, my mother retired to the kitchen, leaving me on the couch. My two lower holes just bursting with pain, nipples, I almost did not feel, and scored cowards mouth breathing very difficult. In the end, I fell into a state of some kind of prostration, from which I was led strikes, hail sleeping on my feet in no way protected, buttocks, abdomen and pubic area - a mother, freeing my holes, thoroughly processed my father's leather belt. The most severe pain was when the belt gets on swollen lips sex.
- You will know how to not obey their parents! - Mom kept saying, carving strap red stripes on my body - Take that! The little slut!
Once tired of whipping, it set me free from the ropes and as I gave way feet and I could not go, literally dragged the me in the bathroom. There she sat me in the bath, and she became me so that her vagina was right in front of my mouth. I hard earned his tongue between her sexual sponges. After some time, my mother strongly pressed my head to her, and then hit me in the face a strong stream of urine.
- Keep licking! - She ordered, and then covered her powerful orgasm.
She was shaking all over, continuing to urinate on me. Salty stream flooded my nose and mouth, making it difficult to breath. Finally, it dried up and I was able to breathe freely.
- Vymoysya well, - she said, getting out of the bathroom - and it will soon be a father, and you stink like from the bucket.
That evening, Dad came back tired, and so the band from the belt on my body, he noticed the next day. He did not say anything, but I soon saw the same band at my mother's feet. She never flogged me, but I scored a hole thoroughly.