He came to the restaurant at six, and it still was not. After waiting a bit, I began to worry that she did not come. "Damn it, what had happened to this woman? Detained at work, at home, something happened? In the morning everything was in order. I call, ask? No, it's all her terrible character! The unpredictability of the Russian economy! You never know what she throws. With so hard to break into a business trip, and now, please? What if she does not come? On the drive you crazy!"
Trembled with rage fingers pulled a cigarette from a pack, lit it. A longing look took on a nearly empty room - there and the door. Won it? It seems that the Almighty heard the prayers! Sharply, as if a gust of wind, the door swung open and he literally breathed the heat: in the doorway stood a tall blonde in a dazzling white breathtakingly short dress. She tinkled softly and rolled on the parquet empty salad bowl - it dropped the run past the door and stumbled waiter at the next table, two skinheads mafia-type guys come off their plates and stared at the newcomer.
They left the restaurant and went to the second floor of the hotel. The hallway was empty, and empty hall with table duty. She pushed him to the couch, which stood in a secluded corner, again he looked out into the corridor, and embraced by the waist, pressed her entire breast. "What she does? It was decided to surrender right here? Lost her mind!"
"I just CURRENT, a moment - and the finish, before reaching his room. To hell with all of it!"
He raised his head, listening. No voices, no knock on the door. Floor seemed to be extinct. "Of course, there is no guarantee, but it is all so well formed, it would be possible to try. You never know, maybe because no one will. It is foolish to miss this event"- He thought, feeling in the crotch groping hand and weakening with every passing second. Then she pressed her hot mouth to his half-open mouth in surprise, and his longing boy rushed towards her.
"Wow! She's under the dress there is nothing! Daring! For this, and love! No, I lied, not only for this".
Just to prove this thought she fell to her knees, pulled out a member, which has already been fully prepared, tightly closed her lips around a hard and hot rod. Twisting his lips exactly leeches sucking, licking and biting penis. Calming her, he stroked her hair with your fingers, making no effort to seize the initiative. But this sensible restraint excited her even more.
"Oh, what an insatiable! But, what is it? This someone is coming! It should be washed off!"
He patted his partner on the shoulder and made a movement with his hips back, trying to get a member of his mouth. But it was not there! She squeezed her lips, making it clear that would not let go. Panicking at the same time enjoying, he began podmahivat, hoping that will have time before? At this point, they saw a young cleaner, almost a boy! She did not stop there.
"And, let the looks! I feel good, why stop? Let staring, it turns out, it raises even more!"
She began to work more vigorously mouth, lips, tongue. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in the hand did not take his eyes from them. He face showed that he badly as you want to join the couple. But they did not look in his direction.
"The couple left the restaurant. In this white dress I immediately had his eye. What a good bitch. And hot! I also need to find yourself a girlfriend!"
"Pretty boy, just absolutely green. Will go anywhere in the toilet and will work hands. Sorry, my friend, this woman I share with anyone not going".
He was about to finish, when she suddenly let go of his cock and sat up, looked at the cleaner and laughed. Then he pulled the dress from her shoulders and bared her breasts. Getting up knees on the couch, she straddled a member, and he captured his lips to her nipple. She introduced the barrel into the vagina, and the cleaner thought it must be very hot, wet and tight. A man worth considerable effort to restrain herself, she threw her head back and moaned. The boy nervously shifting from foot to foot, and she noticed that his penis is literally bulging out of his trousers. Then he looked back and smiled, struck a partner all the weight. His solid, long beak-barrel came literally to the end, and she began a frantic leap, rushing to the goal that was waiting for her at the end.
"I was beginning to forget what her vagina. I never thought that it does not bother, when they look at it?"
"Deeper, deeper, more! Pierce right through me! I want it all came to me! Fuck, fuck!"
They finished at the same time, being in seventh heaven unprecedented pleasure. Two bodies, as if compressed with a hot explosion of emotions. Even for some time, they could not razyal embrace, although I understand that it is time to leave, you can not linger. Silence rang bell over the door of the elevator. They turned their heads and saw the cleaner goes into the elevator. He turned and looked at them with a pitiful smile. Only then will they razyal embrace and straightened his clothes. By the elevator came to embrace. He pressed a button and while the lift down, gently kissing her cheek, lips and neck. The cab stopped, the doors opened. And it is gentle but firm hand pushed him into the elevator.
- And how? .. - He only had time to shout.
- See you tomorrow at the same time, - she said, and closed the door.
Returning to her, lovers do masturbation. Everyone was thinking about something else, knowing that the other doing the same.
"Hurry to see it. It is necessary to take a shower and go to bed. And then tomorrow comes?"
"Almost nine! my husband will come soon. Rather go to bed and bainki. And then tomorrow comes! .."