This year I turned 15, my family moved to my mother's mother in another city. We lived in a small, cozy town. Until we moved, I was very, very happy, I had a best friend, Olga, and the guy Misha. Everything was like in people: he was waiting for me at the door, always with a bouquet of dark red, my favorite and the most expensive in our city, roses. We went for a walk on the evening city, just walking, or going to the movies, or in the ice cream parlor, or to his home. His mother, Margarita Stepanovna friendly, very fond of me, called "daughter" and "Babe". We had tea there and watched tivilizor, fighting pillows ... One evening, as we sat in his apartment and drank tea, and MS was not, he said:"Sveta, love you more than all the world! I thought a long time, but we can try to make love? I do not insist, I'll shy of his desire, but still ... Nurse No, she does not come soon, nu..reshaysya, Svetik!"
I blushed. We never spoke on such topics, and then suddenly ... In general, I agreed, and when he broke my hymen and I screamed a little pain in Picea and descendants through the second, when the pain is gone, and excitement orgasm ... I entered his mother. I dressed quickly, trying not to look at her, and ran to the door to escape, when she grabbed my zaruku. "Sveta and Mishutka you're my, what are you doing here ?! That's right now, I'll call your mom and tell her all about you! You're a dog, a creature as you dare to deflower the Light? And you look like a whore! He did not insist! What for?!!!!!!!!!!! We'll have to teach you guys!" And she took the rope, and I will not go into details, vyskla us, so much so that I cried, maybe the first or second time in his life. Misha kept. He got three times more, but he only zazhmurivalsya, but said nothing, as a hero. He looked very manly. I continued to roar. Then he rang mine, and they, in turn, whipped me, both twice, the first time in my life! I go to sleep in the day could not. In the morning they gave me tea with a bun and sausage, and pulled by the scruff of the apartment door, the bag has already been collected, and I guess where we're going: my granny. I hate her! She kept complaining about my mom when I was little and lived for three years with her. She often gave me the cuffs and put in a corner. And I deprive me caroling with her friends, sweets, and the frequency of dinner for the poor, in her opinion, the behavior. She also put me in a corner and shouted so that all the neighbors know what is happening. Well, my friends, and friends knew about her character and feared, and less like to be friends with me, with me, with the girl, which nothing is impossible, and if it will fit into a puddle, she gave a slap and three days were not allowed to walk , shipping adult books, which she had to know, and be able to retell.
When we arrived, I wrote in a boarding school for girls, and I came home only on Sundays. They put me in a room for five girls. Their name was Natasha, Yulia, Katya, Masha and Nastya. They were my peers. They looked tired and fearful of life, and I immediately thought, nuns and boarding monastery. In general, it was, we did not pray the truth, but were added subjects: French, German, French liter German (in French and German, of course), philosophy, and psychology, training (so-called!) And mysterious OMMID. Which translates:"relationships between boys and girls".
The rules were terribly stringent: Players, fotoparaty, books and food are not allowed pringosit from his home, and the book can be taken only in their library. On the first day I examined it, there certainly were classics on Rusca English and French, and German, but most of them were on the subject of education and the benefits of physical punishment.
I was surprised. Brad some, and decided to take one such book. It describes in detail the methods of physical education, the picture whipping, as well as the pros taih porok.Kogda I looked textbook on education there was approximately the same! I thought that teachers and directors are in the boarding explicitly advocates spanking children. HERE my mind ka if struck: I will be here exactly smack, and very often ... I closed the toilet in a stall and I became hysterical with fear. I pulled his hair and yelled, shaking with sobs and beat her head against the wall ... On why they are clogged! Yes, here they are beaten! My crying stopped when I heard "tsokone" heels and then, like a key in the lock and push the door wide open to the booth, and I remained on kortachkah on the toilet. Mascara, certainly, swam, his hair disheveled, his eyes red and swollen. aunt was thirty-five years in front of me, she grabbed me by the ear and dragged behind him. Then he threw me on the bed and shoved the book that lay on the table in the portfolio. Then he took out a notebook from his pocket, with yellow leaves and asked the name, and write "Light Cher¸mushkina"And then set the date and closed her notebook. Then he followed her to go and wash my face and comb your hair snachala-. I did it, picked up the bag, and went to her aunt. There have been lessons learned, and learned again, and exactly two bell rang, and everyone began to gather. I wandered into the room where I now lived. All the girls undress and told me to change into her nightgown and quickly go to bed, and I did. There came into the room is the same woman with a notepad and looked and left. I asked how much we sleep. I skazali- to five. I asked about the schedule, Julia, lying side by side, said: "Six lift and an ice shower, in the seventh-floor breakfast at half past seven starts lessons finish at two, then to three lunch (just their room being punished for what they were talking during quiet hours, "quiet Time" to five, then dinner at the half of the sixth to the seventh floor, and then whipping up to eight, the ninth-floor -to bed ... Thus began my life in a boarding school.