Today was the second day of the summer holidays and woke up at 11 o'clock in the morning, Alina was going to go for a walk. Her boyfriend Ruslan had not long to go to the next town on the grandfather's funeral, he asked Alina did not get bored.
Taking a shower, Alina thought it would be much to go, that would comply with the request, Ruslan. She had called two friends and agreed on a joint outing, when she received a call TOT, whose ring she least wanted.
- I'm waiting in the yard of your house. - Said coldly cruel voice.
- And what do you want? - Alina asked in confusion.
- Topal here rather than idle talk! - He demanded the caller, and Alina was forced to comply.
This is all due to the fact that a group of skinheads force forced Alina to make them all blowjobs, and filmed it on mobile. Now Alina under the threat of blackmail. It passed almost a year, but the threat is not over.
Alina went out and met in the courtyard of an old friend. In summer, it did not go in a leather jacket, it was hot, it was on the jeans jacket, jeans, heavy boots with huge high lacing. The head was very short swifts and gray eyes as always cold and cruel.
- Come on. - He ordered.
Alina followed him.
- Where are we going? - Demand for the course Alina.
The leader of the skinhead group went a step, but Aline had to run.
- Soon you'll know. - He promised.
They walked a couple of blocks, went to the nine-and were locked in an elevator.
- Remember this house. - Said Skinhead. - Here is your new owner lives.
- What? - Alina was stunned.
- I sold you to him. - As in anything, had happened, he said.
- But how? - Alina could not find the words. - How can I sell?
- I gave him a video with you. - Explained skinhead. - He gave me the money. And I sold.
- But, this is ... - Alina was beside herself. - But now I'm ...
- Now you do what he says. - Answered the cruel voice.
- But if he is to me something do? - Alina was ready to cry.
- His right. - Shrugged leader of the skinheads. - The person who decides how to deal with his property. Be willing to sit down chain, wants condemns you. I do not care.
Tears were in the eyes of Alina, she wanted to throw herself into his arms to the person who it "sold", To cry, make him sorry that he had stopped it all.
- Eyes dry. - Ordered the leader. - More presentation lose.
The apartment door was opened by a man of medium height, looked about 35, medium build, unshaven. In a fascist, he was not like it was a regular on the face of the person.
- Everything is as agreed. - Said Alina skinhead and pushed into the hands of its new owner, and went away.
- Come on. - A man's voice was low and heavy, but soft.
- Good morning. - Timidly said Alina and entered.
- My name is Gennady. - Introduced a man. - Come on.
Alina even surprised his calm and peaceful tone.
She took off his shoes, and he led her into one of the rooms of the apartment. Gennady sat down at the computer and Aline have a second chair.
- Look at this. - He ran some video, and Alina was horrified to see myself doing blowjob. Man could not be seen, but its members are well imprinted, and the person of Alina too.
- The quality is quite good as you can see. - Said Gennady. - And, considering that was removed from the phone - simply excellent. Everything is clear and understandable. I myself cut up and edited these videos, made of 5 pieces, lasting from one to three minutes. I chose as it best.
- Look, I'm not easy, from what I have got in this situation, but can you understand me. - Vzmolilasi Alina. - I can not serve the whole life of a prostitute, I want, what would it stopped, at last!
- I do not care about your problems. - Posted by Gennady. - Clips are stored in my mailbox, even if you throw my computer out the window, I can get to them from any other. So do not dream, it will stop before I decide that enough is enough.
Aline felt hurt and sick. She did not even know how much it was sold, I was not sure that now it will be.
Alina thought should be done quickly so that the Gennady thought that enough. She climbed down from his chair, knelt down and reached out his arms for a member of the new owner.
- It looks like you are in life is not worse than the recording. - Said Gennady not hindering, Alina and soon she pulled out of his pants and took his penis in her mouth.
Member, he was a little more average, but for Alina it was not a problem. She diligently earned mouth nasazhivayas on cock and letting it occasionally licking the head. Gennady, keeping calm, put his right hand on the head of Alina and rhythmically pressed her head, sending a cock in her throat. He breathed calmly, and Aline felt that he did not like what she's doing, otherwise he could not stay quiet. But Gennady quickly finished, holding his head in his hand Alina this climax.
Alina is easy to swallow, but it was a lot of sperm. Perhaps Gennady refrained few days.
- Excellent. - Said Gennady, removing member in the pants, and Alina sat on a chair.
- Go to the bathroom and pomoysya just in case. - Gennady ordered. - I'll give you a bathrobe.
Alina understood what goes affair. He's going to do with it and the usual sex. It Alina and afraid.
- Look, I'll give you this as many times as you like. - I started to beg him to Alina. - But please, do not ask for more!
- I do not understand you, it is not do not want to listen to? - Gennady rebelled. - Well went to the bathroom!
Alina began to cry, unable to restrain himself.
- Now I call your provider. - Gennady threatened. - I'll tell you rebelling, and demand the return of money!
Alina quieted down and wiped her tears.
- Am I forever your property? - Alina asked.
- Nothing is eternal. - Philosophically said Gennady. - From I recently left a wife, I do not have enough women. Maybe in another situation could only restrict suction devices. But not now!
Alina realized that doomed.
- You'll be in good faith to try, available in 2-3 months. - Delighted its Gennady. - Probably.
Alina obeyed and went to the bathroom.
- The feet move apart. - Ordered Gennady went into the bathroom, where Alina has already taken hygiene. Alina shamefully complied with the requirement.
- Here you are. - He gave her machine. - Sbrey hair, not like when pubic something to eat.
Alina was offended by these words - the hair on her pubic hair was a little Ruslan, such as never to have said nothing. But the choice she did not, and soon her pubis was completely naked. Finished with taking a bath, Alina wiped and wrapped herself in a dressing gown. Dry the hair dryer and, trembling with fear, was his master.
- Ready? - He smiled slyly. - Well, come here. Mind you, I do not like condoms, when you will go home, buy something contraceptive that can be taken after the act.
Alina completely lost the power of speech. He's going to rape her, and even without a condom! And he does not care that she was in danger.
Of course, Alina took pills because of Ruslana, but, nevertheless, she was beside himself with resentment.
And Gennady was not care, he removed her robe, he threw off his clothes and knocking her to the bed, spread her legs. Member, he had time to harden after a blowjob and now rudely tried to break into the body of Alina.
- What a close hole. - Gennady admire. - I love these!
In fact, the vagina Alina was not so narrow - just fear her muscles tightened. Even worse was the fact that Alina was completely dry.
Gennady stabbed in her own ram and began to move quickly and rhythmically. Alina felt pain and gritted her teeth. He entered deeper and deeper, Alina already dizzy, it seemed she was going to faint.
- No! - She cried, trying to push Gennady. - You are welcome! Stop !!!
Gennady grabbed her hands and pulled them out of bed. He kept going, ignoring the screams ... Alininy. But how long he tolerate them was not intended.
- Shut up, whore! - He stopped, let Alininy hands and gave her a slap in the face. - If you want, what would the neighbors heard?
- It hurts! - Reply Alina. - Very painful!
- Be patient. - Just said Gennady. - 10 minutes, and I finish, what are you afraid?
- I dry. - Reported Alina. - Let me fix it, please!
Gennady moved and Alina village. She naslyunyavila hand and lubed the entrance to the vagina, and then clung to the member Gennady and began to lick it from all sides, trying to put it more saliva.
- Clever girl. - Gennady praised. It seems that he liked the touch of the language to the member, and Alina decided to use it to their advantage. She began to lick and suck dick, hoping Gennady finish in her mouth, and will no longer break into her vagina unhappy.
At first, everything went according to plan.
- Enough. - Suddenly it snapped Gennady like guessed what she was getting at. Alina reluctantly last licked member naslyunyaviv it stronger, and dutifully lay on her back, legs spread.
Saliva has helped, and this time Gennady entered her not as painful. Aline still hurt, but you can tolerate.
Gennady began to move, pressing his unshaven cheek to his neck Aline. Even his beard caused Aline pain, it was for her solid epitome of rudeness and aggression.
- Who is your owner? - Said Gennady, quickened breathing.
- You, my Lord! - Alina feigned servility as she could, and he seems to believe.
- Who is your master? - He asked again, his voice is already distorted by the approaching orgasm.
- You are my Lord! - Alina concealed contempt for this idiot. - My Lord!
Perhaps these words have accelerated ejaculation, and Gennady, vprysnuv with Alina solid number seed, broke into it and froze. If it does not swell the chest when breathing, could decide that he's dead.
Aline was hard under his body, but she has always endured.
- See how well turned out. - Smiling, she said Gennady, coming to himself. - Can you go to the bathroom.
Alina has not said it, he would need to in the bathroom - it was sweating during the act. She quickly ran to the bathroom, carefully substitution, as if she wanted to get rid of, so from experience. When she returned, Gennady sat on the bed, leaning against the back, and his hateful Alina member aiming at the ceiling of his large head.
"He has a month that there was no sex?" - With horror, I thought Alina and climbed onto the bed, is located between the master's feet. She quickly started to blow, hoping that this time it all and limited.
- Do what we playful! - Gennady grinned. - But we will play, in my opinion! Get on your knees!
If Alina previously frightened, then only slightly. She was horrified!
Unable to argue, she obeyed. Gennady fell in behind, roughly parted her buttocks, but to the delight of a member Aline introduced into the vagina.
Alina tried Ruslan posture on all fours only once, and it somehow did not like - member entered too deeply, she was hurt.
But now it hurt a hundred times. Alina gritted her teeth and endured, trying to relax the muscles that they were not broken brash onslaught Gennady member.
- You, when shrinks as keyhole! - Gennady laughed.
Even worse was the fact that Gennady moved very quickly. Everyone who likes to pose "the man behind" He knows that it is possible to reach a decent speed under certain circumstances.
Gennady all accelerated and accelerated, and Alina thought how much more it will stand. Torture was not short, but not infinite. Gennady puffed, pulled out a member of Alina and grabbed her by the hair long, pulled over. Alina realized what was happening, and, before he could turn around, neatly planted on dick mouth.
- Ltd! - Exclaimed Gennady, and Alina felt a real geyser in the mouth.
Gennady Alina kept his head and his cock remained in her mouth while not calmed down.
Then Alina stayed on the bed, and Gennady went to the bathroom. When he returned, his cock still remained calm.
- We'll have to, darling, to work. - He said and sat on the edge of the bed, and Alina dutifully settled on his knees on the floor. She took the flaccid penis into her mouth and began to gently suck it, licking on all sides, pull at his lips. she did not notice the effect. Now Alina was ready to pray that this would be a damn dick got up at half an hour ago wanted the opposite.
She put all their skills and finally felt in the mouth hard thick rod. Gennady himself was delighted and took Alina her head, let her know that it's time to stop with tenderness, they will have to come brutal intercourse in the mouth.
Alina began to move more quickly, allowing the host Member penetrate deeper. The head was pressing on her throat, Aline was afraid that her sick. From the eyes flowed with tears, and Alina did not see anything. However, nothing to see, and she could not - members included, so that coarse curly hair Gennady poked her in the eye.
- Do you know why pubic hair curly? - Gennady found the strength yet, and talk at the same time. - What would not poke out your eyes!
Aline was not funny. Gennady held her head in a situation where a member has been completely swallowed up, but did not finish, as she had hoped, and continued in a wild pace to shake her head.
Unable to restrain himself, Gennady got up and, holding his head Alina, moved his hips. It was the most real intercourse in the mouth, what here a blowjob! The pace accelerated everything, but it seems it did not promise a quick end. Gennady all thrust into her throat member, and it seemed, did not think to stop. Alina guessed what was happening, even being able to think in such a situation. She admits cock in her mouth freely, and very little irritation for Gennady.
Alina and her lips strained throat, swallowing quickly and often when Gennady movements. He immediately felt the difference - they processed the hole was narrow and tight.
Gennady began to breathe more often and louder with excitement, he began to move faster and rougher, but Alina knew she was on the right path and kept struggling. A few minutes of frantic speed, and Gennady Alina finished in the mouth, driving his furious ramming into the very depths of her throat.
Alina, swallowing with difficulty, kept vomiting. Another such deep penetration, and her vomit. But Gennady no longer had any. He pushed Alina and collapsed on the bed, leaving his slave to lie on the floor.
For Alina this actually was the best option - she wanted to be closer to this disgusting man, far more pleasant to lie on the floor and relax.
- Well, enough for today. - Said Gennady, lain on a bed for about 10 minutes - Get dressed and scram home. You'll need a - call.
Alina silently get away. She wanted only peace and privacy ...