I always wanted to play with several men in the game, in that they offer themselves to me. Be them completely, their thing.
And so I had the case. I was in another city, and there came across on nerimetny club, on which was written "Restaurant for wealthy men". Well, if a wealthy man, perhaps they need a beautiful, available women. I opened the door a man, stared at me, not knowing what I need from him. Finally understanding, and naturally very surprised by this, I opened the door and invited me to enter.
Having me in a room with mirrors one he left. Door closed on the lock of course, that such a curious girl as I did not go where it is not necessary. It took half an hour, and no one came for me. I decided to look around: mirror, mirror, mirror. As in the interrogation room ... I imagined that I was on the other side looking man that it was not one or two, and four. That so many men at the same time I wanted to fuck.
Now I need my nonexistent men to prove that I'm a real female, which can satisfy all of them ... As luck would have it in the room there was nothing but my happiness at the window there was a small basket ... anything can bylo..nu there as if someone specially laid back everything that I dreamed potorogat and poispolzovat. Oh, my God, everything is new !!!
Dressing up the stockings and panties (panties is it because one of the bars and a couple of lace, which absolutely nothing to cover, on the contrary, invite), I have small breasts, but uprugaya..nichego in this pile of rags I have not found a suitable, had to throw man's shirt that hid only my hips.
A separate heap lying vibrators ... Oh my God ..
I quickly began to excite yourself ... grease quickly flowed out of my pussy ... and here it is mne..bozhe as hoped, that someone saw it all.
"Bravo! Bravo! - For a first-grader is not bad". I turned on golos..v door stood two men, who all eyes staring at me. imagine: "Before their eyes, I sat devushka..mezhdu legs sticking vibrator in her hands wandered over his chest". "God !!"I was ready to sink into the ground.
"You're coming with us"He said the man, in a voice not terpyashim objections. "You yourself come, you no zval..nauchit you can give up a lot ... too late now, at last, and take this vibrator".
Obeying the man, I went after him, had to take out a toy ... but oh how not like.
We walked in the next koridoru..dveri, doors, signs on them "1 class". "2 class".
"Young people, where are you taking me? This is the school?"- I asked.
"Yes, school. For women who will serve our customers"- He told me that he was on the cute. "You, as I can see, have not virgin, so go directly to the second class".
When I asked how many total students are now in the second, he said three.
The atmosphere in the classroom was still-ta !! One big bed and vse..pusto.
"Get down!", -prikazal I am a man,"And wait for teachers". Time passed very slowly, finally he went. Yes imennno it, I wanted it at first sight. It happens that a man of such a vicious look.
"Good afternoon! My name is Maxim, I'll be your coach for cocksucking. I think that time will not wait, look at what you can do"
I took in her mouth his cock slowly began to drive on his tongue ... and then I heard laughter Maxim.
"What are you, who is it does blow, why so soon into his mouth and tease?" And he began to teach me.
At first I just licked his balls, and then had a chance to touch the breast of his penis, and then accidentally touch his lips, I saw how it gets it (oh how pleasant it was that kind of power over him).
Then I began to slowly lick his bridle, and finally took his unit in his mouth. Secretly I was excited myself, my movements were faster and faster. No..on ordered me to stop. "Now hold it between her breasts, and about his up and down, and when he will naverzhu take it in your mouth". So I did as he walked between my breasts, I quietly from him touched her nipples (I was not allowed to initiate itself, for each excitation yourself without permission were to punish me). Member easily entered my mouth, and also went down easily.
Max stopped me again, surely he does not want to finish a thought flashed in my head (probably not). Now you'll have to make a blow two men at the same time, the first lesson is over, he pinched my breast and gone, but in less than 5 minutes, he returned with another man, which I liked a lot less. But this is the second lesson, expect to continue.