This summer my Relatives, finally decided to leave the former Soviet republic and moved to my city. The apartment they bought not far from me, and as I was with them always in good otosheniya, I was often at their guest.
One of the reasons was their daughter and then my second cousin-Do, then, there still is some what-if's sister, then, whether niece Olga. In general, the complex degree of kinship. Last time I saw her two years ago, when I was their guest, she was thirteen. Now, therefore fifteen.
This young lady had a wonderful figure, pretty face and a heck of a start stervochki character, however, is quite moderate stervochki that only added to her charm in my eyes.
As I said, I was often at them. When I came in the evening, we used to play cards all four of us, we are with her parents drank a beer, then I Olga went to her room, where she had a computer, and or just sitting in the internet or I taught her the basics of web design. Education was the official reason for them to come home when Irina and Oleg, Olga's parents were at work.
In one of the coldest days of May, I left early from work and on the way home came to him to show Olka some new programmulinu.
Her parents were at work, and she wrote some essay, which she gladly and postponed. I put that thing on her computer, boasted new features, then she went into the kitchen to make tea, and I stayed at the computer.
After reading the new jokes, I'm out of curiosity began to look through the list of sites and that it went the last time, and to his surprise found there Femdom sites directions. Then I specifically started to dig it in the cache of the browser to search the subject of recent review her pictures. There were pictures of a girl sitting on the face of men, the girls ride them, and even a couple of pictures with a girl sitting on a portable toilet which is man.
I was, to put it mildly, surprised her by such interests. Climb on her drive, I found a catalog with great selection on the same topic. My doubts were finally dispelled - no one will be so carefully select images and sort them by topic, if he is not interested in this.
Here are my researches were interrupted Olka, which brought the tea. I quickly moved to the jokes page, as if they were reading the whole time. She sat in her chair at the computer, and I sat next to a small chair. She began to show me what she had done with prshlogo times, and I sat next to her and could think about was that I had only just learned about it. I must say that the apartment was quite cold, and she was sitting in a jacket, but in a short skirt and some pantyhose, even without socks, and all the while trying to hide his feet. But if one leg is to buckle under him, the second remained on the floor. She was shivering and Olka my feet all the time. I climbed down from his chair, he sat on the floor at her feet and took her foot in his hands and began to knead it lightly to warm.
She obviously liked it, and a moment later, she moved over again and gave me the other foot. I sat beside her on the floor in front of my eyes was her wonderful legs, mini skirt open almost the entire length, and hands I massaged her foot. it was too much for me. I bent lower and began to warm her foot with his breath. She did not oppose this, but instead leaned back in his chair and murmured:
- Wow .... I feel just like a queen!
- I am glad to give to you pleasure, Your Majesty! - I said jokingly.
She continued to sit all well, and I slowly began to kiss her fingers on his feet. Seeing that she did not mind, I began to shower kisses on the whole foot. Then I began to lick her fingers covered with tights. Looking at Olka, I saw that she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes in pleasure. Then I stopped and lay down on the floor face up. My face was close to her feet. I saw that she opened her eyes and looks at me. Olka then lifted a leg and looked at me. I did not move. Then she put her foot on my face. I began to kiss and lick her foot from the bottom, but she continued to sit in the chair. Then she got up from the chair and put it on my other foot, I too began to kiss. Olka stood and looked on, as I do.
Below me opening a wonderful view of her legs in thin flesh-colored stockings. Somewhere in the vastness of the sky began skirt, and really quite high guessed pretty ass.
I do not know what would be the end of it this time, but then there was the sound of a key in the lock - returned Irina and Oleg. Olka sat in the chair, and I sat on a chair beside him. Irina looked into the room and said that after half an hour to dinner. Oleg asked how Olkina success, I replied that, as always, perfectly, and he went to change clothes. We Olka went to the kitchen to cook Irina to interfere and wait for dinner. Olka held as usual, as if nothing had happened, but once she looked at me and winked.
After supper, I said goodbye to the Ira and Oleg, and looked into the room Olkina. She sat in her chair. Seeing me, she showed me the sign to close the door, and when I did she held out her leg, which I kissed, kneeling. Then he handed me another, which I also kissed. Then, hearing a noise in the hallway, I loudly said goodbye to her and left.
When I got home, I turned on the computer and find your favorite picture, where the guy sitting on the floor, leaning on his hands behind him, I am a girl sat on his face, I sent her Olka by e-mail. In the morning, check the mail, I found the answer from her. It consisted of one word: "Want!".