Nina went to the station just in time: the train went through 5 minutes. Very sexy conductor checked her ticket. Nina himself noted that the second conductor, as her colleague, had a sign on his chest with the same name. Husband and wife. A pity - a very nice guy.
Her compartment was, oddly enough, is free: the train was formed in her city, so that the companions were to appear later - at the other stations. I wonder who will get it in the fellow travelers .. If I could not some deranged blind grandmother with grandchildren! Well, now you can enjoy the solitude.
It was almost completely dark when the first companion entered the compartment. It was a man in his forties. Fit, nice to look at. He took the top shelf above the shelf and Nina immediately ordering a wire two cups of tea, began to treat Nina tea with chocolate and all kinds of bikes. Alexander Petrovich as he introduced himself, I went on a business trip. His work has been associated with a lot of travel, constant travel.
Half an hour later, Nina has fun laughing at his stories of life, totally enchanted charming storyteller.
The street was dark, lit only by the dim compartment light the top of the lamp. The man's eyes glittered mysteriously in the dark.
- Oh, I forgot: my mum in the road gave absolutely awesome jam! - Nina cried and jumped up and picked up the shelf and began to pull out of the box for the luggage bag of groceries, which she gathered in the mother road. Suddenly the train jerked, Nina, do not stay on his feet, swayed, and immediately turned on his knees Alexander Petrovich. She wanted to immediately jump to apologize, but strong hands held her in his arms. One hand companion immediately felt left nipple of her breast, so tempting to allocate a silk sundress, worn by almost naked body. Excited skillful fingers, nipples stiffened, rose slightly. Nina has not tried to escape from the clutches of Alexander Petrovich. She softened in his hands, starting a little moan of pleasure. Here he had both hands caressed her nipples, separated from his fingers with a thin silk sundress. Alexander Petrovich pulled sundress straps so that the release of her breasts and Nina turned her head and now her mouth busy passionate kiss his hot lips. Alexander Petrovich stood up, turned the lock, that no stranger could not enter the compartment. Nina stood. He eagerly embraced her, covering her face with passionate kisses, shoulders, bare breasts. When he started to drive his tongue around her nipples, gently biting them, Nina moaned, unable to restrain himself. Soon sundress fell easily to her feet, revealing her companion's body in some small panties, not really hid her charms. She is trembling with excitement hands unbuttoned shirt Alexander Petrovich, he helped her, eagerly tearing off her clothes. His body was fit and strong, making it more exciting Nina.
Hard deploying it to his back, he ran his hands under her panties, stroking her greedy ass. With his right hand he held over her pubis, and began to caress the clitoris. Nina felt that excitement her panties already soaked, soaked stands out from the moisture of the vagina. She had dreamed that a member, the size of which she has managed to assess entered her vagina. However, a man in no hurry. He slowly pulled off her panties, Nina turned to face the shelf, forcing to kneel. Her round ass was completely at the disposal of Alexander Petrovich. He stroked her, caressed, inserted into the vagina first one finger, then two at once, thrusting them into her deeper and deeper. Hand Nina fumbled his huge cock. She began to stroke him, not looking back, only to touch enjoying its hardness. She was about to enter his penis into the vagina itself, but Alexander Petrovich stopped her. He turned to face him, Nina. She stood in front of him on his knees, contemplating the member in front of him. She knew what to do. Lightly lick the head member, Nina ran her tongue around the head. Partner gasped. He obviously liked her actions. Nina began to lick his cock, licking up and down the trunk, she returned again and again to the head, plunging it into his mouth. The hand she stroked his balls, caressing finger crotch. penis deeper and deeper buried in her mouth, she felt a delicious creaminess of its members, introducing it to itself almost to the throat. Hands Alexander Petrovich lay on her head, guiding its actions. A little more and he would have finished right in her mouth, but Alexander Petrovich suddenly pulled out a member of her mouth and turned her back to her ass.
Nina lay chest on the bottom shelf of the compartment, Aleksandr Petrovich sat opposite, stroking her vagina at first, then one of his finger entered her in the ass. It was a strange, exciting feeling. He introduced a member of her vagina and began to introduce him deeper and deeper .. Nina could not restrain cries. She just had to hope that because of the noise of the wheels in the adjacent compartment of her screams can not be heard. He furiously fucked and fucked her. Breast rubbed on the shelf, that aroused even stronger partner's finger was in her ass, and included a member of it for the most eggs. Again, when it seemed she was about to finish, it took from her his penis. Nina almost howled in frustration. The feeling of loss was unbearable. She madly wanted him back inside her. But a member of her wet lubrication suddenly began to slowly go ... into the anus. In the hole, which until then caressed his finger. Nina was too excited to resist such an action. She was ready to give ground, make everything he wants for him. First, she felt pain. But even this pain was exciting, sweet. Wet member easily entered her ass and the pain soon gave way to a sharp pleasure. It is more and more stretched her ass, she howled from Pleasure Island. Member has been the most eggs in her ass. It was madness and happiness at the same time. She was SO nice to belong to a man. Suddenly he groaned, entering into it very deeply, stopped and hot wave flowed into it, and he trembled in the throes of orgasm, not restraining their cries. Nina, too, could not hold back. Alexander Petrovich entered her vagina with two fingers. She came, her vagina was reduced convulsively, clenching his fingers, pouring on them moisture.
Trying to drown out his screams, she pulled the pillow to the face, covering his mouth with it.
Exhausted violent orgasm, they fell to sleep. Waking up the next morning, she still felt in his ass that big, hard cock. Rather, the fact that he was there yesterday. It was a nice feeling. Outside the window flashed trees and telephone poles. Dawns. Memories of yesterday's incident woke her completely. Nina held her finger on her nipple, he tensed in response. She liked to sleep naked. On the train it is usually confused the need to sleep dressed. But this time, she decided not to hesitate and got under the sheets in the buff. Nina already being fingered her nipple, feeling the exhilaration spreads throughout the body. Her other hand held by a clean-shaven pubis, clitoris touched, held a finger around it. Cleator replied, slightly increased. Thumb entered into the vagina slightly moistened returned to the clitoris and began with light circular movements to massage it. With these actions, Nina always remove excess stress, thus achieving orgasm. But this time it was not enough. Do not bring themselves to the end, she got up and looked at the sleeping upstairs Alexander Petrovich. He was asleep, lying on his side, facing her. Nina put her hand under the sheets. Under the tights she found the term, which immediately began to harden and grow. Nina left hand caressed her right nipple, ... while the right hand stroking dick companion. He was already hard and big as he was yesterday in her ass. Suddenly Alexander Petrovich stirred and sat up, throwing off the sheets off his leotard and go down, releasing his cock out. He moved up closer to Nina, to the member was just before her face. Nina took the cock in her mouth and began to gently suck.
She caressed his tongue, reintroducing in the mouth and rhythmically moving his head up and down, plunging ever deeper into a member in his mouth. Alexander Petrovich gently pushed her away from him and jumped down from the top shelf, fell in behind her, pulling her hands nipples of her breasts. Nina groaned and began to rub her ass on his hard cock, which immediately went into her vagina. Nina enjoying the fullness in the vagina. Having laid it on its side on a shelf, Aleksandr Petrovich went next, moving from strength to strength. A little later, Nina, trembling, already writhing in orgasm. Alexander Petrovich took out a member and began to finish, too, pouring cum right on her thigh. Tired, sleepy, they immediately and disconnected, not even bothering to close the compartment, or at least cover yourself with sheets.
Nina woke up from a strange feeling that someone was looking at her. Opening her eyes, she saw in front of a young soldier. It seems, demobilization, went home. Fly guy was unbuttoned, he looked at her naked figure and masturbated. Nina village. She reached for the boy and took his penis in her mouth began to suck, hands caressing him from below. First Startled, he immediately calmed down and just have fun. Then he sat down, Nina sat down in front of him and continued to fondle his penis mouth. Alexander Petrovich, too, was awake and sitting in front of a new companion, stroking Nina's ass. He enjoyed watching the Nina caress cock and introduced to her ass finger. Pulling her finger, he introduced her dick in the ass, from what at first Nina gasped in pain and immediately groaned with acute pleasure. The guy whose cock is sucked in this time, with surprise and pleasure to watch, as a member of Alexander Petrovich enters her ass.
- You ever tried anal sex? - Asked Alexander Petrovich.
- No
- So, it's time to try. Look, her ass is waiting for you!
Alexander Petrovich put on a shelf, attracted Nina, placing it on his thigh. Nina introduced his penis into the vagina itself, substituting the ass guy.
- What's your name? - She asked him huskily
- Misha.
- Come on, Michael!
Misha fell in behind and began to slowly introduce his cock in her ass. Nina helped him. Already stretched by another big cock, her ass easily accepted member of Misha. Nina began to move, both members went to her deeper and deeper penetrating inside. Alexander Petrovich at this time squeezed her breasts and groping hands Misha her vagina, he was very pleased to know that his partner fuck right in the ass and pussy. Soon, Michael broke down and violently ended, after removing the penis and sperm pouring it directly on the hole. Sitting on a shelf on the contrary, he continued to observe them. Alexander Petrovich took out a member of the vagina Nina 'Nina dropped so that cock was between her breasts, caressing him with them, and when the head came out between the breasts, she caught her mouth, trying to lick. Sperm start to pour it directly on the face, she caught her lips and swallowing.
"Cool was the road" - She thought, stepping out of the car. Through the window she waved Alexander Petrovich and Misha.