I have been married for several years. I can not say that it is our wife intimate life satisfies me, my attempts to somehow change this situation much success did not bring, so I never indulged in small pleasures on the side, but the main subject of my worries at the same time it was our health wife . My wife had a girlfriend, they worked together and we often visited her at a party. The younger sister of a friend, her name was Eugene, was low plump blonde with a nice ass, strong chest and lively little face. She was only 16 years old and I have not looked at it at first, as a sexual object. However, in the course of our conversation the floor so that my wife with a friend talking to their professional issues, they were teachers, and we were forced Eugenia to communicate among themselves. To my surprise I noticed that despite almost 13 years difference in age to me it is very easy. At home, she always dressed simply, in the evening she was in a tight-fitting T-shirt and short tight shorts. Myboltali, fooling around, I jokingly put his arm around her ... she did not even opposed to this ... can be anything and would have passed unnoticed, but came short pause, during which I felt her breasts pressed against my loktyu.Bolee in order. ..I saw on the second breast clearly hardened nipple bump ... I spoke at the taut fabric. I gently touched by this miracle of nature ... it touched me so excited that a member of the pulled fabric trousers ... I held her close to Eugene so that she could feel it.
She quickened breathed without saying anything. I bent down and touched his lips to the nipple ... she grabbed my hands down ... it was the overall impression that she did not know whether to push me or hugged her ... It was madness, her sister and my wife sat in the next room, I had the good sense to stop this. The next time we went for a walk with the dog ... it was in the evening, until Shepherd Alpha ran through the bushes, I hugged her and kissed Eugene, she did not resist, just as her lips turned out to be free, I kissed her neck, shoulders, cleavage between breasts, she whispered all sweet stuff that she has great respect for my wife. At the time, we are also able to break away from each other. The third time turned out quite crazy. I can not remember, but something led Eugene to my apartment. We sat on the couch, chatting about various trifles, I suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her. She replied to me with all the fervor of an increasingly m.
Somehow unnoticed Eugene was left without a blouse, then without the skirt, then without a bra. Her young body was delightful, gentle elastic chest with large ranges light brown nipples, the soft curve of the abdomen with a touching dimpled navel, hips smooth line with full cheeks and a light fuzz of pubic hair, which I saw moving in the direction of her panties. I touched her virgin vagina finger, causing shivers throughout her body ... she moaned something, but I was not listening, I fell down to this miracle, felt its taste and flavor ... my head was spinning ... woke up I've Eugene shuddered and went limp, her orgasm was quiet, which gave her an indescribable charm. I undressed, my dick, which by that time had stood like a rock turned out to be near her plump lips gentle, I have not had time to say anything, these jaws closed over my head burgundy. A few minutes later, I stayed on the border between reality and fantasy ... words to describe my feelings at that moment is simply impossible ... Sperm was so much that all the angelic face, shoulders, chest and stomach were splattered swallow everything ... she just did not have time .
Then we kissed for a long time, I was already a little crazy inexperienced caresses her, I put her on her back, legs spread and gently brought his head to a member of her sex lips. She was a woman and because of her groans was difficult to understand her wishes, but I think they were Vesma contradictory. I parted the lips and became head gently on the ball does not penetrate deeper into it. Eugene moaning, it took about two minutes, and I was surprised to come off from the sweet-painful process found that all my cock disappeared into the vagina Eugene, she did not even cry. I began to move all the more ... Eugene moaned ... her orgasm was stronger than the first, I had the good sense to ensure that before the ejaculation pull the dick out of her vagina and pull in the belly ... she smiled blissfully and rubbed semen on her licking her body with his hands, I offered her head, it is also oblizala..Tak we have a little secret ...