I've been married 5 years. And my husband and I are living in peace and harmony. Before him, I was nobody. As a nation we Kalmyks and raised in eastern customs, when my husband told me what he had seen members in the bath, I could not believe it, as a member of he himself was about 11cm. Every year we go to the sea, but this year it is, in relation to work, could not go with me, and the two of us with a married girlfriend Julia flew south. Staying in the hotel we went to the first day of swim. The new bathing suit I looked spectacular, growth 170cm, long legs, breasts third the size and bulging big crotch before when traveling to the south, I noticed on myself covetous glances southern men on my intimate places, but I could not even imagine myself still with someone else. And at this time on the beach, I felt my eyes undressing (sometimes even desirable than ever to hide behind). Especially stared at me kebab seller. Julia and I went home, bathed and dine. She got to the room, and I sat on the bench and fell asleep in the setting sun, I suddenly felt that someone sat next to me, it turned out that the seller kebabs, posing Aram, 5th year student ped. Institute, he asked if I was Japanese, because for the first time sees a gorgeous asian, word by word Aram after a while was sitting right next to me and casually put his hand on my knee, I would ubrar, but I grabbed something, I decided to see what would happen next. Stroking my knee Aram began to slowly lift up my skirt, right hand at that time embraced me. Reaching, I saw with horror my pubes his trousers interesting place lifted the hill.
He stared at my lips and stuck out his left hand edge of the bathing suit and stuck his finger inside my holes, the benefit she was already wet. When Aram plunged three fingers into me, and your thumb to stroke my clitoris, I could not help it and glared at his lips, at which time he right hand has massaged my chest, and I began to unbutton his pants, then I saw scared me black dick about 25-27 cm thick, three times more than my husband, but I could understand nothing, and she sat facing him with one hand and steered him a monster. My lips began to diverge medleeno under his head, resembling a mushroom boletus, and he grabbed me by the waist, he began to push his monster. It was uzhastno painful and pleasant, as the walls of my recording for the first time began to feel a member, like a doctor's sausage, I once poprabovala a stick. Having absorbed all his feeling and uterine head, I involuntarily and my vskliknula pisya threw another Partsa my fluid.
10 Minutes was the similarity jumps, Aram finished a long, growling and biting me. Neozhedanno his sperm hit the poor of my uterus and I once finished. Dressed we say goodbye, say nezabyv your room. The next day, Aram invited us to dance. Sneem was his friend Oleg, tall and strong man, seeing me which immediately flared nostrils. We went to see him he was married hospitable host to the guests. Supper with them and include music, Oleg invited Julia to slow dance. A few minutes later, clutching her ass, he pressed it to his member, Julia was terrified, began to struggle but Oleg lifting it began to enter into it through the hem of her pink panties, minutes after three Julia was ready, she began herself podmahivat him, and I He began coming closer to see how wet a member of Oleg, twisting shameless sponges out of it. Aram could not stand, coming up behind me thrust into the wet hole my cock and when I saw the white sperm Oleg flowed from Julia, we finished with Aram. After a dizzying night after sperm on the lips, after the pain of the pope, after taste Yulia's clitoris and simultaneously konchaniya two members on the outside, we all fell asleep. Two weeks passed quickly. And Cape Julia decided our trip to the south and continue on together.
To be continued...